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1-50 ASP.NET scripts (listed in alphabetical order)

Scripts are listed afer name.       To display the scripts afet popularity please click here

1)   "Analog" clock in ASP.NET
"Analog" clock in ASP.NET is the tutorial through which the author reveals about the display of an analog clock with the help of system drawing functions and draw line method. It displays the system time accurately.

2)   "Cool" ASP.NET 4: System.Net
This tutorial facilitates the users about how effectively a public time server gets connected using tcp/ip functionalities of ASP.NET. It also could reclaim the exact date and time.

3)   "Cool" ASP.NET Features 3: Validation Controls
This tutorial teaches the procedure of validating users web forms with the help of validator control Here author discusses about several validation controls with brief description about each of them.

4)   "Cool" ASP.NET Features: Code Behind
It is a simple tutorial in which author describes about procedure for creating the code-behind, which seperates the code and logic design.

5)   "Could not access 'CDO.Message' Object
In a .NET page, when the users try to send email, "Could not access 'CDO.Message' Object" apperars sometimes. Through this article the author gives a solution for this issue by opening SMTP server for relaying.

6)   "Fixing" the ASP.NET DataGrid
"Fixing" the ASP.NET DataGrid is an article that gives you the tips for creating a datagrid control and add the values in it from the database table. This article helps .NET developers to get clear idea about the datagrid control in ASP.NET.

7)   "Good" ASP.NET Coding Practices
This is an useful tutorial for the .NET programmers to learn some good coding practices while creating web applications using ASP.NET. This tutorial clearly shows the error caused by ADO.NET connection and Data Reader objects when it is not closed by the programmers.

8)   "Hello World" - the COBOL Way
This simple online tutorial is about creating an application to display Hello World in COBOL.NET. The author discusses more about the multiple language support of .NET which makes this application to be genuine.

9)   "Includelets" - or How to Encapsulate ASP layout includes in ASP.NET Web Controls
It is an tutorial in which author discussus about encapsualting ASP include layout into the ASP.NET web controls. This tutorial deals with method of migrating the functionalties of ASP to work along with ASP.NET web forms.

10)   "Includelets" - or How to Encapsulate ASP layout includes in ASP.NET Web Controls
It is a tutorial in which author describes the method of using the ASP include files to work along with ASP.NET application.

11)   #1 Shopping Cart Software
1-Shopping Cart Software is a powerful program that can be used by the webmasters to build an enhanced shopping cart system on their ASP.NET websites. This software package comes with several features such as customizable designs and layouts, shipping and tax calculating facility etc.

12)   .Net (dotnet) Tips and Tutorials
C# (C Sharp), VB.Net and ASP.Net help, tips, and tutorials from the experts. Featuring message boards and a database of tutorials for .Net assistance.

13)   .NET Anatomy: Creating Templated DataGrid Controls Using Visual Studio .NET : Part 1
This is an ASP.NET article through which you can obtain information about the templated controls. In this article the author discusses about the datagrid web server control which is a templated control.

14)   .NET Applications on UNIX?
This online tutorial explains the possibilities of executing .NET Framework in UNIX platform. This twindles the developers about this concept and helps them to improve in the same path.

15)   .NET Article Reviews
This article reviews information regarding .NET to the beginners. It shows the advantages of Microsoft's .NET impact and the definition of .NET.

16)   .NET Assemblies & Manifests
This online tutorial is all about the .NET assemblies and manifests which is described. The author tells about the guidelines to be followed while generating a .NET component. The article states about the .NET assemblies and atlast merging with the features of manifests.

17)   .NET Assemblies - I
In this article the author defines the 3-tier architecture which is nothing but the number of nodes inside the communication. The author gives more details about .NET assemblies and their implementation.

18)   .NET Assemblies - II
This online tutorial is all about the introduction of .NET assemblies. The author presents this article about the .NET assemblies for code reusability and code management. The main focus of this article is about assemblies with their features and concepts.

19)   .NET Assemblies - III
This is a very simple online tutorial in which the author discusses about the implementation of a simple .NET assembly. He also describes about the implementation of more pre-built assemblies and highlights the flexibility of components generated in the form of assemblies.

20)   .NET attributes
This article demonstrates about the usage of attributes in .NET framework. Users can refer this article to learn attribute easily by using the given sample codes.

21)   .NET Barcode Professional
It generates barcode images for .NET Windows Forms Applications. Linear and 2D Barcode Symbologies. Crystal Reports .NET Support. Save barcode images in image files and in stream objects. Support for Binary, SOAP and XML Serialization

22)   .NET Character Encoding Conversion Component
This is a .NET documents encoding conversion component through which documents of any character encoding can be converted into standard unicode and utf-8. It supports languages like chinese, japanese, korean, etc.

23)   .NET Collection Conundrum
This tutorial concentrates on several collection objects which resides on System.Collections namespace, which has hosted classes. The author gives brief description about each objects with example.

24)   .NET Common Type System
This useful tutorial teaches about Common Type System which supports multiple language in .NET frame work. In this tutorial users can learn about value type and reference type and also about boxing and unboxing of data types.

25)   .NET compilation demystified
It is an useful .NET article through which you can gain knowledge about the Microsoft Intermediate Language. The MIT suports multiple platforms and interlanguage operatability. The author also explains you about the JIT compiler of .NET framework.

26)   .Net Counter
This script is based on .NET and it uses Access database as backend to store the tracked data. Webmasters can use this script on their web pages to restrict multiple entries from the same visitor.

27)   .NET Data Caching
This article concentrates on data caching which helps in improving the performance of the .NET application. Here author explains about data caching and its advantages.

28)   .Net DataAccessLayer
This database tool helps user to manage both data input and output services. Supported databases are Oracle, SQL server and supported requests of this database are, GetData, savedata, excutescalar methods etc.,

29)   .NET Delegate Event Model vs COM Connection Points
This article can be used for learning how .NET delegate event model helps the users to handle event model using COM connections. Tutor has given example for the learners.

30)   .NET Development Strategies: Is COM Dead?
This CLR article discusses about the status of the COM object when the .NET CLR is arrived. .NET depends on the Common Language Runtime to generate the common Language called Intermediate Language. This is an useful article.

31)   .NET Disaster Recovery: "Safe Computer", Best Practices, and Spyware
ASP.NET Disaster Recovery is a very suitable title for this tutorial as the author explains in detail about how could the users recover their computers from disasters. The author also projects the real essence of a safe computer and getting rid of the spyware.

32)   .NET DropDownList Combo by Dennis West
This is a simple and easy to learn tutorial for the users. This tutorial helps users to create a dropdownlistcombo in ASP.NET.

33)   .NET Email & MX Component
It is an ASP.NET email application for providing email address validation. This application performs four level of validation such as syntax, MXRecord, mailbox and SMTP.

34)   .NET Enterprise Servers Launch
This tutorial discusses about .NET enterprise servers and about its features elaborately. This server is helpful for internet based business solutions and for enterprise integration.

35)   .NET Framework and Web Services - Part II
This article describes the users to create a web service with the help of Visualstudio.NET. It teaches the users in step by step method.

36)   .NET Framework and Web Services - Part 1
This tutorial discusses about web services and .NET framework also about CLR in detail. It instructs the learners with web services architecture to understand easily.

37)   .NET Framework and Web Services - Part III
This tutorial teaches about methods that have to be followed to establish web services. For each task example code has been shown on this site to allow users to test on their system.

38)   .NET Framework Essentials
This tutorial briefly discusses about web services and its main functionalities with examples. Learners can collect entire details about web services from this article with examples.

39)   .Net iCalendar
.Net iCalendar is a .NET iCalendar library, web developers can use this to generate iCalendar data in different formats. This program enables developers to create iCalendar data in their selected format.

40)   .NET ICMP & Ping Component
This tool allows users to permit their .NET applications for delivering packets with internet control message protocol. It helps them to ping any host, route etc.,

41)   .NET ICMP & Traceroute component
This is a powerful traceroute component which is used for tracing the route of network path. It offers three models they are, traceroute client, traceroute reply and traceroute reply connection.

42)   .NET Image Gallery - Frunder Gallery
Frunder Gallery v2.1 can create a fully functional, dynamic on-line image gallery, with no programming knowledge necessary. You can easily control key Frunder Gallery features with the change of a variable.

43)   .NET Interop for Visual FoxPro Applications
It is an article that deals with the migration of Visual foxpro applications to .NET applications. Here the author discusses about some common steps involved while migrating Visual foxpro to .NET applications.

44)   .NET Interoperability - Calling a .NET Component from a COM Component
This online tutorial helps the users to show the art of calling .NET component from COM client through this project explained. The author also shows the way of inducing events from the .NET component.

45)   .NET Interoperability with COM
This online tutorial is about the method of using COM components in .NET code. The users could also know about how .NET components mingle with COM compatible tools. The main highlight of this article is that the .NET accepts to use the COM components in .NET.

46)   .NET Logging Network
This networking tool is used for logging the .NET framework application to notify, login into the remote systems to view the special events like debugs, runtime exceptions etc., from any systems.

47)   .Net MatchGame
Number matching game.

48)   .NET Memory Profiler
.NET Memory Profiler is a program that enables the memory of various .NET languages to restrict the leakage of memory. It gathers perfectly all instance allocations which are implemented and located on the garbage collected heap.

49)   .NET Migration Case Study: Using ASP .NET to Build the Web Site
This is a web based tutorial through which you can learn how to develop dynamic, attractive and efficient web sites. In this tutorial the author explains the procedure with diagrams and sample code to the readers.

50)   .NET MIME Parsing Component
It is an ASP.NET email application which can be integrated into any web server for performing various process like processing emails, accessing various email messages programmatically, parsing emails and more.

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