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Top 451-500 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

451)   Dynamically Loading Assemblies
This online tutorial shows about loading an assembly from the group directory. The author explains about the assembly loading with the help of a control component. The article defines about the System.Reflection namespace also.

452)   Developing ASP+ Pages Using JScript.NET
This is an easy to learn ASAP.NET tutorial through which you can learn about the 3 new features of JScript.NET. The author shows you the sample code for building aspx page with the help of JScript.NET.

453)   Create Dynamic Banners Using ASP.NET
In this tutorial the author contributes to users on generating dynamic banners in ASP.NET using HTML. This will be useful for the users to create simple banners.

454)   ASP.NET File Upload Example
This is a simple tutorial in which beginners can gather information about uploading the files with the help of HtmlInputFile classes. The author discusses about two objects that helps in uploading the files through browsers and from servers.

455)   Designing and implementing a versatile data access tier for an ASP.NET application
The main theme is about the design of a n-tier architecture and also it discusses about the data access tier. The main objective of this article is to design and induce a proper data access tier for web application.

456)   Read from and Write to a Text File by Using Visual Basic .NET
How To Read from and Write to a Text File by Using Visual Basic .NET is an article in which the author gives you the method for reading the contents of a text file as well as writing a text file. In this article you can get the complete source code to accomplish this task.

457)   ADO.NET Series - Populating DataSet
It is a tutorial through which users can get guidelines about the method that have to be followed to add data to database data. From this tutorial the programmers can leran about concepts of datset, which has stored data in a data table.

458)   Chat80
Chat80 brings totally new and superior approach making your chatting easier and faster than ever! Chat80 is fast, intuitive and reliable chat that will fulfill all your demands, whether are you administrator of professional business site or home user running your own web site.

459)   Adding text to an image in memory
In this tutorial users can find information about creating text on a Bitmap in memory with the help of draw brush and System.Drawing.Bitmap. This article can be utilized by the users to generate navigation buttons dynamically on .NET.

460)   Send Email - ASP DotNet
This tutorial gives the webmasters the method of creating their ASP.NET page and then describes the art of sending emails with the help of ASP.NET.

461)   Date Formatting in ASP.NET
Date Formatting in ASP.NET is an online tutorial in which the author discusses about how to format date and time with ASP.NET.

462)   Traffic Monitor
Traffic Monitor is a .NET based component which monitors traffic on web servers and logs several traffic related details. This program allows user to customize the data that has to be logged.

463)   ASP.NET Validation: Selective Validation
It is an article in which the author demonstrates the method of validating the web form by using selective validation controls which can be disabled or enabled according to the input of the web form.

464)   Setting up your ASP .NET server (IIS)
A guide that shows you how to install IIS server and configure it to work with ASP .NET, not just with ASP.

465)   CreateFile
It is a web based tutorial in which author discusses about the procedure to open a file, read the content of the file and displaying the content of the file into a newly created file.

466)   ASP .NET - XML Files
This user friendly tutorial gives information about the process of binding an XML dataset to a list control. The author describes about the procedure for creating a dataset for the XML files.

467)   Building a custom web control: a textbox and validator in one!
In this tutorial you can get the solution for creating a custom text box web control that will automatically add a required field validator at run-time. The procedure is clearly explained with source code and sample screen.

468)   CodeSmith
CodeSmith is a program using which developers can produce code for ASCII based languages. This program allows users to utilize VB.NET and C# languages in their templates.

469)   Absolute Live Support .NET
Sophisticated eCRM Live customer support Help Desk system.Increase your sales by providing live chat customer support on your site.Supports unlimited users and departments,proactive chat,visitor tracking,call transfers,detailed reports and stats and more.

470)   Color Table
This tutorial offers the programmers details about various colors Hex values and color property, this can be used as a reference, while programming.

471)   FusionCharts
FusionCharts is an effective tool through which you can create animated charts. It does not need any installation and it runs on all scripting languages. This software is written in ASP.NET. FusionCharts requires only flash plug-in and does not need any third party component.

472)   DNN Classifieds
Using DNN Classifieds website administrators can display any number of products under any number of categories. It is also possible to upload images of the products.

473)   Fade In Banner Ad
One can use this Fade In Banner Ad to display ad banners on their ASP.NET websites. It can be used to display fading ad banners.

474)   Detecting Browser Capabilities
It is an useful tutorial for the programmers to gain knowledge about the procedure for detecting the visitors browser capabilities. The author explains various properties of System.Web.HttpBrowserCapabilities.

475)   Classified Ad System
Classified Ad System is a program through which webmasters can allow their users to post their ads themselves. This system has the ability to dispose all the ads as soon as the time duration finished in an automatic action.

476)   Directory Browsing the .NET Way
This is a tutorial in which author describes about the two objects of System.IO namespace, which helps in performing the basic operations of file manupulation like reading and writing the content of the file.

477)   Integrate Message Queue With Excel, XML and ADO.NET In The Enterprise
Integrate Message Queue With Excel, XML and ADO.NET In The Enterprise is an article useful for users who want to build call center like applications.

478)   ASP FormMail
This ASP learning resource teaches you how to create a web based form to receive automic emails from your visitors, users etc., All email components are given in detail from which you will be able to generate the coding for form based mails.

479)   User Account Impersonation
User Account Impersonation is a tutorial through which a webmaster could allow the server to go on with the task using the identity of the client.

480)   ChattyWays: A.Net application
ChattyWays:A.Net application is an easy to use chat tool which use Microsoft data access application Block to access the database connection. you can easily integrate this tool on your website.

481)   Daily Quote WebUserControl (ASP.NET)
Daily Quote WebUserControl is a ASP.NET based program with which website administrators can display quote of the day on their websites.

482)   Creating a simple File Reader
This is a tutorial in which author elaborates the method of reading the content of file using the list box control, which has to be created to execute the above said process with the help of codes that the author provided in this website.

483)   3-Stage Color Picker
3-Stage Color Picker is a program that can be used by the webmasters to include a color picker to their ASP.NET websites. This is an easy to use program.

484)   Windows Authentication in ASP.NET
Windows Authentication in ASP.NET article is about safeguarding a website. The author explains about the security of sites in two main categories and its processing. The main highlight of this tutorial is windows authentication.

485)   Tree View DNN Layout Version
Tree View DNN Layout Version is a program that helps webmasters in building navigation menus in tree structure for their .NET web applications.

486)   SightMax
SightMax is a live chat software program providing live website monitoring, live help and live support to visitors for sales and customer service. Written in .NET and using the latest Microsoft Technology, SightMax is cost effective and easy to use.

487)   Total Grid
This is a .NET based data grid component which is used to create a reporting utility and it performs to show subtotals. Users can change the design using the given wizard.

488)   Generic JMAIL
This online tutorial teaches you how to send emails using Jmail component. All the functions are available with syntax and examples.

489)   DateRange.NET Class
This script is an ASP.NET based online calendar which can be used to select the range of date from the calendar. This script is a handy tool for the webmasters.

490)   PrintPreviewDialog
It is a web based printing application through which users can preview the content of the documetation application before sending it for printing. This tool has various features for users needs.

491)   CustomValidator Control
This is an article in which author elaborates about custom validation which helps in defining custom validation code. The author explains about server side validation and client side validation functions, which helps in validating the web form in server side and in client side respectively.

492)   Web Calendar Control
This is a web based online calendar which shows the calendar data in a different way. This script is used to generate the professional calendar applications.

493)   CuteChat - No.1 ASP.NET Chat application
This ASP.NET Chat Application allows you to organize chat-events, collaborative work sessions or online meetings.

494)   Xceed Zip for .NET
Xceed Zip for .NET is a powerful .NET class library which helps you to create customizable zip files. This utility is written in C#. you can easily rename, delete, copy and change the properties of files and folders in a zip file using this utility.

495)   Migrate Classic ASP To ASP.NET
This is an article which deals with the various steps involved for migrating classic ASP applications to ASP.NET. In this article author gives some statements for converting classic ASP to ASP.NET application.

496)   Introduction to DataTables: Part I
This tutorial discusses about basic concepts of database table and the database objects. The author gives detials about the process of utilizing various database table objects to perform several operations.

497)   Creating HttpHandlers and HttpModules
This is a simple tutorial in which the author shows how to create classes which implement HttpHandlers and HttpModules interfaces. The author also tells you about the use of these interfaces.

498)   Message Board & Threaded Discussion Forum
This tool is used for creating a website with message board through which the web visitors can communicate and send their suggestions to others. It has database for holding data.

499)   Handling Timeouts in Web Services
Handling Timeouts in Web Services is a tutorial that explains the webmasters about how to eradicate the timeouts in web services. A working sample to overcome this issue is given along with this article.

500)   Building a Full-Featured Custom DataGrid Control
This is a web based article which contains information regarding how to build your own custom datagrid control with paging behaviour. This article is more informative to the users.

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