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Top 501-550 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

501)   PDFtoolkit ActiveX/.NET
Gnostice PDFtoolkit is a powerful component set for Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Borland Delphi 8 .NET and Borland C ++Builder to manage, manipulate, enhance, view and print PDF documents and process PDF eForms.

502)   HtmlInputCheckBox Control
This is an useful tutorial for the web progarammers to know how to use the HtmlInputCheckBox control of ASP.NET for designing web pages. The author gives you the syntax for using this control and explains the procedure with a sample program.

503)   ASP.NET Denied Access to IIS Directories
This tutorial is about explaining how ASP.NET V1 RTM executes with the help of least important windows account which is named as ASPNET account. The author also explains the main reason for this deny and how to overcome it.

504)   Manual QueryString Parsing for Server-side Image Maps
This is a tutorial that covers on using ASP.NET in server side image maps. In this tutorial the author illustrates about parsing manual query string for server side image maps.

505)   Data Access Layer based on dataSets
This tutorial gives suggestion for the problem that arise while developing data access layer. Here the author explains about DAL based on datset with respect to performance perspective.

506)   Collection Generator
This is an article in which author describes about collection generator, which helps in creating a collection class in .NET framework. In this tutorial the author gives a form by filling up this form the typed collection will be added.

507)   Using .NET's DateTime object
This tutorial explains you about the working of date time object using .NET. Date time object is created and then designed to suit the present date and time and to display it with full details about the year, month, day and time in detail.

508)   Ultimate Survey
Ultimate Survey is a web based forms and surveys program. Unlimited number of surveys are be created from a web browser. It has different version of survey put in a chart form which gives different output.

509)   Creating Excel XP spreadsheets by using .NET and XML
This tutorial specially concentrates on generating Excel XP spreadsheets through which users can write or read XML documents and data sources.

510)   UPS Package Tracker .NET
UPS Package Tracker .NET is a program that tracks the package with the help of UPS. It is easy to use and customize this program on ASP.NET websites.

511)   HttpCacheValidateHandler Delegate
It is a tutorial in which the author shows you the use of HttpCacheValidateHandler delegate. This method is called whenever a cached item is validated.

512)   Basics of Cookies in ASP.NET
Basics of Cookies in ASP.NET tutorial is about explaining the webmasters about how to write and read HTTP cookies. With the help of Visual Basic in ASP.NET the users could work with the cookies.

513)   FileSystemInfo Class in C# and VB.NET for beginners
This useful tutorial instructs the programmer about principles of FileSystemInfo class, which has several members like methods proprties etc to perform the process of file and directory manipulation.

514)   ASP.NET Email Using VB
This tutorial explains the form validation concept to create an email. The author tells the users how to organize an email with the help of form validation.

515)   FlashMovie WebControl
It is an article through which you can know more about the FlashMovie web control of C#. The author gives you the sample program which shows you how to create the flashmovie control and how to add variables and properties such as AutoLoop, AutoPlay, MovieHeight, MovieWidth etc., to this control.

516)   Integral Accounting Enterprise
This is an .NET account system with the source code for managing accounts and business management in an organisation. This software provides multi-tier design to seperate business management and database layer.

517)   ASP.NET Error Handling Support
ASP.NET Error Handling Support is a tutorial which explains about the error handling support given by the ASP.NET. Tracking runtime errors is much easier in ASP.NET and the method of handling those errors are the content of this tutorial.

518)   ASP.NET DatePicker
ASP.NET DatePicker is an easy to use date picking tool. It is customizable and it gives the date in any design. It displays date in your language.

519)   Secure Query Strings: Preventing the Tampering of Data Passed between Applications
This tutorial deals with securing URL's from tampering with the help of Secure Query String. This will be useful for the administrators to keep the information in a secured manner while passing values from one aspx page to another.

520)   Creating a SAX Parser using the XmlTextReader
It is a simple tutorial in which the author demonstrates the process of generating SAX type functionalities by using XmlTextReader. Through this tutorial the users can learn about SAX interface, which helps to execute the above said process.

521)   Aspose.iCalendar
Aspose.iCalendar is a .NET class library providing classes and algorithms useful for time-oriented Recurrence Patterns, or schedules.The latest version created better Winforms and ASP.NET demos;ect.

522)   DNN Menu Suite Tab + Treeview
DNN Menu Suite Tab + Treeview is a program built on ASP.NET, webmasters can utilize this to build both vertical tree menus and horizontal tab menus on their existing websites.

523)   Encrypting passwords with SHA1 in .NET and Java
Encrypting passwords with SHA1 in .NET and Java is about the tutorial which explains the users about how to create an SHA1 message digest. The author created it in both ASP.NET and Java.

524)   ComboBox With Images
This is an article for enabling ComboBox to display images. In this tutorial the author makes it possible by generating ComboBoxEx class.

525)   Dynamically create Web Forms
It is an article in which author discusses about creating web forms, which has collection of server control in it. In this tutorial users can learn about the procedure for manipulating these server control.

526)   Type and Text in GDI+
This is an easy to understand tutorial comes like a study material to provide information about utilizing GDI+ for type and text.

527)   Building up a Page Using User Controls Dynamically Loaded at Runtime
It is an article on ASP.NET in which the author demonstartes about the process of utilizing user control to develop the content of the page by using Page.LoadControl method.

528)   SmartTasks
This is an ASP.NET information management software which helps in managing, creating and storing several business oriented applications. This software allows users to link, generate several contacts, tracks and notes regarding business management.

529)   .NET Whois Lookup Component
It is used for querying the domain name registrants personal database. It lookups the mailbox, postal addresses and their IP address. It supports synchronous and asynchronous methods.

530)   Forgotten Password WebUserControl
This is a web based application with VB.NET project files which helps in storing files into the visual studio directory and gets control over the full webform of the users website and also helps in sending password for the users when he forgets his account password.

531) is a program that enables webmasters to let their visitors navigate their websites by displaying navigation menus on their websites. They can utilize this program as a tool to generate any number of menus with any number of sub menus.

532)   Farside.ProgressBar Control
FarsideProgressBar is a web based .NET progress bar which can be used in users applications. This progress bar can be drawn in vertical or horizontal format.

533)   Building a Web Service component using C# and .NET
This tutorial is used for referring the information about how to build a web service component with the help of C sharp and .NET. Syntax and sample code also has been given.

534)   File Uploading to Access Database using ASP.NET
This is a simple tutorial in which author clearly describes the process of uploading single or more number of files simultaneously from the browser to MS Access database.

535)   AdMentor.NET
AdMentor.NET is a program which can be used by the webmasters to display advertisements on their web pages. It supports databases to display ads.

536)   ProcessShutdownReason Enumeration
In this web based tutorial the author discusses about an useful enumeration called as ProcessShutDownReason which contains many enumeration values that are used to specify the reason for the process to shutdown.

537)   Passing Data the .NET way
It is an article through which you can learn how to retrieve the objects from one aspx page to another aspx page using session and application objects. You can also define custom method of transferring objects between the aspx pages.

538)   email marketing application
This is an ASP based .NET component that can be integrated into users website and helps the user to develop their own email marketing with in their infrastructure itself.

539)   Posting an ASP.NET web form to another ASP.NET page: who needs it?!
This is an article in which author gives suggestion for the programmers about the inconvenience of using ASP.NET for posting data from web form to other pages.

540)   Chive Apoc PDF Toolkit
Chive Apoc PDF Toolkit is a program that comes with the ability to generate and manipulate PDF documents. This program works with all ASP.NET applications.

541)   Introduction to the Repeater Web Server Control
In this ASP.NET tutorial the author discusses about the use of repeater control, various events and templates supported by the repeater web server control. In this tutorial you can also get idea about binding data to the repeater web server control.

542)   Discuss .NET Rewritten
Discuss .NET Rewritten is a program that facilitates website administrators to construct and run an online discussion forum on their websites.

543)   ASP.NET XML/XSL Transforms
This article deals with XML/XSL transform in .NET framework. The author elaborates the method of uiltizing this user control for transferring XML document.

544)   How To Determine Browser Type in Server-Side Code Without the BrowserType Object in ASP.NET
This useful tutorial teaches the method of detecting the browser type of the users web browser by using server side code in the absence of browser type objects.

545)   Devx Forum
Devx Forum is a place for the .NET programmers to discuss about all topics in .NET framework and other programming languages. Supported modules are: search engine, calendar system, FAQ etc.,

546)   activePDF PDFPrint
activePDF PDFPrint is a program based on ASP.NET with which users can print PDF documents straight away through the client browser with ease.

547)   PayFlow Link
PayFlow Link is a program that enables webmasters or merchants to have a payment processor for credit card, echeck and debit card payment transactions. This ASP.NET program submits transaction data straight to the payment gateway.

548)   3d Pie Chart
3d Pie Chart is a .NET based chart application that helps in generating charts easily. You can easliy change the attributes of the charts using this tool. This tool is simple and easy to use.

549)   Inside the ASP.NET Mobile Controls
From this article you can understand the useage of ASP.NET mobile Mobile controls. The author gives tips on how to create custom mobile controls.

550)   Design Patterns Tutorial
An article that briefly describes commonly used Design Patterns; Singleton, Factory Method, Adapter, Proxy, Decorator, Composite, Observer, MVC, Template and Strategy.

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