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Top 551-600 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

551)   Understanding Regular Expressions
This easy tutorial concentrates on Regular expressions and its basic principles of utilizing it. The author gives details about meta character, which has to be mentioned with in bracket in order to search the particular character.

552)   Getting the HTML Web Form Name in Code
This is an article in which author describes about getting the HTML web form name through java script function with the help of clientID property.

553)   Generate Machine Key Elements for Web Farm
Generate Machine Key Elements for Web Farm is a tutorial through which you can learn about the tag of the ASP.NET. The author shows you the syntax for using the MachineKey tag in the aspx pages. This tutorial provides you a sample program to understand the use of the tag.

554)   Tracking Visitors with ASP.NET
With IIS and ASP.NET, the author proves very easily about how to find out the customers or clients who visited the user's site and how long they stayed there and for what purpose.

555)   Inserting Images to SqlServer in ASP .NET
This is an article that will be useful for the users in storing images in the database. In this tutorial the author illustrates about saving images in SQL server database in ASP.NET.

556)   Counting Current Visitors
Counting Current Visitors, is an article in which the author gives information about checking the number of entries visited to the user's site. The tutorial just explains the code for counting the current online visitors.

557)   Web Board
This is an useful component which is used for making a discussion board on the website. Calendar, whiteboard, chat, email, ratings, images and more facilities are avialable with this tool.

558)   WebToolBox.UpTime
It is a ASP.NET component used to display the system uptime. It helps the users known the systems uptime in day, hour, minute and seconds since last restart.

559)   INFO: Roadmap for XML in the .NET Framework
This article deals with the method of utilizing Markup Language (XML) base classes for working with .NET frame work. This road map article gives the programmers an idea about linking several information in .NET.

560)   ITCN ASP.NET Forum
This script is used for generating a forum on the website to allow visitors to discuss their suggestions and doubts about the site and products with represented persons.

561)   Extract Text From HTML
In this tutorial the author demonstrates about stripping out HTML to get exact text by removing unwanted white spaces. This will be useful for searching with ASP.NET.

562)   Greyscale an image
Greyscale an image is an article that guides users in converting an image into a greyscale image. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.

563)   DbCombo
This program is used for creating a combo box on the web page which is used to retrieve data from the database. This component uses postback feature which is used for getting the same result.

564)   Create a Wizard style Data entry Form
With this ASP.NET based utility webmasters can include form in wizard model for submitting information on their web pages.

565)   Serial COM Simply in C#
This is an online tutorial about serial COM port communications. In this article the author explains about how to contact or communicate through a serial port with the help of ASComm OCX.

566)   ASP .NET - The Repeater Control
In this simple ASP.NET tutorial the author explains you about how to bind the XML data to the repeater control with a sample program. This tutorial also helps you to gain more knowledge about the and of the repeater control.

567)   Working with Cookies in ASP.NET
This is a tutorial in which the author explains many functions of Cookies in .NET. The author highlights the task to be carried out while creating and using cookies.

568)   Transaction and Exceptions Handling in ASP.NET
This is a simple and easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial which gives you the method for defining transaction using the BeginTransaction method and catching the error and sending the error messages to the users.

569)   FlexMenu.Net
FlexMenu.Net is a program that helps webmasters in building navigation menus on their websites. It is possible to build both vertical and horizontal menus by using this program.

570)   Encrypting Passwords with ASP.NET
Encrypting Passwords with ASP.NET is a very important tutorial for the webmasters giving solution for the very major issue of safeguarding the usernames and the passwords from the intruders.

571)   DNN Menu Suite N-Level Version
DNN Menu Suite N-Level Version is a program which can be used by the webmasters to create horizontal menus in MSN style on their websites. This will be of much use to let the visitors navigate the websites.

572)   AlbumOnNet WebControls
AlbumOnNet WebControls is a collection of web controls containing slide show, album, navigation buttons and tool bars etc., This will be useful in constructing and maintaining image galleries and slide shows.

573)   Gathering your own site statistics
User statistics plays a vital role for marketing, usability and maintenance which is the main highlight of this tutorial. The author explains about collecting the user's own statistics for the website.

574)   Paging with Repeater control in ASP.NET
In this ASP.NET tutorial the author shows how to add the paging behavior to the repeater control using the PagedDataSource class. This tutorial explains you how to perform paging in the repeater control with a sample program.

575)   Building Dazzling Charts With Office Web Components
This tutorial covers on creating charts by using office web components. The author details about office web components and its usages and demonstrates about generating charts.

576)   ASP.NET ExpertMenu
ASP.NET ExpertMenu is an effective program that can be used by the users to create menus for ASP.NET applications. This program is built with CSS and XML.

577)   Discussion Forum Board Beta2
This article is to show an example of discussion forum board in ASP.NET. This would encourage the webmasters to know much about creating a discussion forum.

578)   Chop Function
This tutorial teaches the method of chopping the text string into equal right and left portions using a common string function which can be used both in java script and VB script.

579)   Google Search, Blogger and Click Link Report modules for DNN 2.x
Search your site without ever leaving it or have an extensive blogger or view tracking url summaries...

580)   Job Board 2.0 IBS
It is an ASP based .NET application through which customer service for organisation can be created on the users website. This application provide various attractive applications.

581)   Message Board
This tool is used for creating a message board on the website to communicate with others and it enables users to generate online communities, place of work, online customer support etc.,

582)   Wilde Technologies
It is a web based online business enterprise which offers various solutions for business management applications. This center provide guidance for the architects, designers, software development managers and developers for generating various critical applications with regards to business management.

583)   Build a Touch Utility with .NET
This is a tutorial in which author describes about managing the files in large organisation. The author explains the method of determining file version.

584)   Appointment Book WebUserControl
Use this Appointment Book WebUserControl to track all your appointments. Very easy to integrate into your projects and webforms.

585)   Whois search using C#
This tutorial is about searching the owner of a domain. This is possible through WHOIS Query. The author explains about the task of WHOIS search with the help of C#.

586)   Def Gallery
Def Gallery is a program that allows webmasters to build and manage a web based image gallery on their ASP.NET websites. This program also facilitates thumbnail view.

587)   How To: Create GenericPrincipal Objects with Forms Authentication
This tutorial deals with creating and utilizing the generic principal and form identity objects for using it in form authentication. Users can learn more about GenericPrincipal and form identity objects.

588)   C# Regular Expressions
This easy to learn tutorial deals with regular expression in C#. The author gives description about classes of System.Text.RegularExpression, which helps in matching and replacing the strings.

589)   devMail.Net
This is an ASP.NET email component which can be integrated into users website and through this application users can send and receive emails with the help of SMTP, MIME and POP3 mailing applications.

590)   Selectively Enable Form Validation When Using ASP.NET Web Controls
This tutorial teaches the method of validating the clients web form before submitting to web server with the help of advanced object-oriented features of Visual Basic.NET.

591)   iisPROTECT
iisPROTECT is an ASP.NET based authentication program. This helps the user in password protection, web authentication and user management solutions etc.

592)   Writing Secure Code using CSharp
This is an online tutorial in which the author discusses about permitting resource access for the users. Here the author provides explanation about the role of the Code Access Security mechanism in this process.

593) is a database driven forum program for ASP.NET based websites. This program comes with the ability to support several databases.

594)   Introduction to attributes
This online article states about the attributes and the author explains all about them. This article proves how these attributes are effective in carrying the users values in metadata.

595)   InOutZoom
InOutZoom is a program that shows the provided images and photos with simultaneous zoom in and out effects. It is easy to use this program on ASP.NET websites.

596)   Service Manager .NET
Service Manager .NET is a database driven program that allows administrators to have system for managing customers and employees. This program requires .NET framework.

597)   Active Link Engine
Active Link Engine is a program using which webmasters can build a search engine and link management system on their websites. It has the ability to function as pay-per-click system for searching keyword per category.

598)   Create a PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Handler
This article is about the development of a paypal instant payment notification handler or IPN Handler. This helps the webmasters to accept money or payments and answer to transactions. In this article the author tells to use this code to check payments to ASP.NET application and reply atonce.

599)   Active Data Online WebChat
Active Data Online WebChat is a customizable live chat tool through which you can create multiple chat rooms. This tool supports HTTP, OLE DB and ODBC database connection protocols.

600)   Net Technologies ActiveForums
ActiveForums is a program which is built for DotNetNuke 2.0 for creating online forums on the websites. This program allows administrators to build forums on their websites.

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