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Top 601-650 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

601)   HttpRevealer
HttpRevealer is a ASP.Net program that lets you learn how your browser works with webservers to perform your needs. Also, you will be able to know all the aspects of HTTP protocol through this software.

COOKIES IN ASP.NET C# VERSION is a worth enough article to know something about the cookies. The author explains in a simple way along with its sample code of operation.

603)   AgencyLogic Web Estates
AgencyLogic Web Estates is a program that provides its service for the administrators to build their own websites for running their real estate businesses sucessfully. This is an easy way to generate real estate websites to promote their business.

604)   deloittes.NET ColorPicker
deloittes.NET ColorPicker is an effective color selection tool that displays various colors. You can easliy customize this tool to fit on your webforms. This software is written in ASP.NET.

605)   Design Secure Visual Studio.NET Web Services
This tutorial has the details of how to create a secured web service using Visual Studio.NET. It shows them what are the two mistakes that basically programmers do while coding.

606)   Wintellect ASP.NET FAQs
This is an ASP.NET FAQ site in which author answers for important tough questions about ASP.NET programming. ASP.NET programmers can read this article and they can learn more about ASP.NET.

607)   Color Selector Controls
Color Selector Controls is a powerful tool which helps you to pick colors. This utility has 2 controls such as ColorDropDownList and ColorDropDownList to select color for the images. This software is written in ASP.NET

608)   Amazon E-Commerce Services Search examples
Amazon E-Commerce Services Search examples

609)   File Uploading with .NET
This simple tutorial teaches the method of file uploading in .NET in the absence of additional component. The author explains about HttpPostedFile, a component which helps in file uploading.

610)   Save your UserSettings in an Isolated Store
Save your UserSettings in an Isolated Store, is an article which is more helpful for the webmasters to retrieve their settings back whenever they needed. The author finds the place where the users could save their settings.

611)   Working with Multiple Forms in Visual Basic .NET: Upgrading to .NET
This tutorial teaches the method to work with multiple forms using new methodologies and also explains about the advantages that the users can gain while utilizing this Visual basic.NET form over previous method.

612)   RegularExpressionValidator Control
It is a web based tutorial which deals with regular expression validatator control which helps in evaluating the input control's value for checking whether it has the match with any specified regular expression.

613)   DHL Shipping Components
DHL Shipping Components is a program that performs as both shipping rate calculator and package tracker. This program is supported by both DHL and Airborne.

614)   Add Google Search to Your Site
Add google search to your site is an article, this article explain how to build a google search box using ASP.NET and how can you integrate google search on your site.

615)   EAI and Web Services
This tutorial gives introduction about Enterprise Applications Integrartion and also it shows what are the types available on EAI. This tutorial guides the learners how to maintain data within an organization.

616)   Read a file and print it out
It is a tutorial in which author details about the procedure for retrieving a file, read the content of file and to send the content of the file to print. Beginners can learn this tutorial easily.

617)   Simple Upload in ASP.NET
This is ASP.NET application through which users can upload the files and images to their website. This application can also be used for managing the files in the website.

618)   Gary's Date Picker
This script is ASP.NET date and time component which helps the user to check the selected date on their websites. This script is customizable and easy to use.

619)   Programar .NET
Programar .NET is a website where visitors can find number of ASP.NET resources. This will be useful for the ASP.NET web developers and programmers.

620)   Customize Your .NET Web Service
This tutorial dictates the learners about .NET web services and it helps them to customize their web services in step by step mode. This article deals with three different protocols for customizing web service.

621)   WebBoard Collaboration Server
WebBoard Collaboration Server is a collaboration and forum program. This program comes in two editions one is webboard standard and another one is webboard premium.

622)   DataGrids, DataSets, and XML Strings
This easy to understand tutorial gives details about the procedure for utilizing datasets and data grid to display the data present in XML files and XML strings.

623)   D4Modelizer
D4Modelizer is an effective software with which users would be able to create C # codes from different types of database applications such as, MySQL, Acess etc. This program would be helpful for programmers.

624)   Creating Secure ASP.NET Applications
This is an online tutorial that can be used by the users to build ASP.NET applications in a secured manner. This tutorial discusses about raising the security bar for the web applications, finding out the common drawbacks and overcoming them etc.,

625)   Getting Information on Current Visitor
Getting Information on Current Visitor is an article which helps the webmasters to know about the present online guests or clients on the website using the readymade component called Request Object.

626)   idbmanager for SQL Server
This tool is used for generating a database table on the website to allow web visitors to add their data entries to the database from anywhere. This tool comes with customization facility and it is an user friendly tool to use.

627)   IHttpAsyncHandler Interface
This simple tutorial explains you about the use of the IHttpAsyncHandler interface of ASP.NET. You can place this handler in the .ashx file and it gets executed whenever the corresponding request is received for the .ashx file.

628)   Binding a two dimensional ArrayList to a ListBox Control
Binding a two dimensional ArrayList to a ListBox Control is a web based tutorial which explains you about how to add the values of the two dimensional array list to a dropdown list box control. This tutorial is simple and easy to learn for the readers.

629)   C# And Cookies
C# And Cookies are the main topics discussed by the author in this tutorial. The author tells about the description of reading and writing of these cookies.

630)   Introduction to GDI+
Introduction to GDI+ is a tutorial that is like a study material for the readers to gather basic knowledge on GDI+. This article covers on three parts of GDI+, using GDI+ etc.,

631)   Aivea® eShop™ 2.5
Aivea® eShop™ 2.5 ASP.NET Shopping Cart provides the most comprehensive and extensible E-Commerce and E-Business solution, powered by industry leading Microsoft.NET technology, offers powerful enterprise e-commerce store solutions that are easy to deploy and maintain.

632)   Website Messenger Part 1 : Design
Website Messenger Part 1 : Design is an powerful article which tells you to create a website messaging system. From this article you can get some idea of website creating.

633)   TrueColorToPalette
TrueColorToPalette is a powerful tool which converts true color images into palettized images easily. This tool uses Floyd-Steinberg dithering algorithm for the conversion process. This software is written in ASP.NET.

634)   Programming C#: Working with Arrays
It is an easy to understand tutorial in which author deals with arrays in .NET. This tutorial teaches the procedure for sorting, searching and setting the values in the array.

635)   Working with Frames in .NET
This article shows how to create frames based website using ASP.NET, the author alos discusses about the necessity of frames on websites.

636)   Convert C# Code to VB.Net
It is an ASP.NET documents converting component which converts the various application of the documents in C# source code to VB.NET source code.

637)   ComponentArt NavBar
ComponentArt NavBar is a browser independent program that helps webmasters to create navigation menus on their websites. Using this tool webmasters can create any number of menus with multiple submenus.

638)   Web File Manager for Active Directory.NET
Powerful web based file manager for IIS web servers. It's been designed to use secure NTLM authentication and it can automatically authorize users based on their security group membership. It provides an intelligent web interface and allows users remotely access their personal or common folders.

639)   WML Script Operators
This site is fully explained about WML operators with empirical reference. Explanation has been given in a simple form.

640)   SweetSuite Content Management System
SweetSuite Content Management System is an ASP.NET based program that allows administrators to effectively perform content management for their web development. This program has several features creating site map automatically, r.a.d. editor etc.,

641)   ASP.NET RSS TopNews
ASP.NET RSS TopNews is a program based on ASP.NET that can be used by the webmasters to display news at real time on the websites. This program displays news after retrieving them from news source using RSS news feeds.

642)   Superexpert DataForm control
This program is a helpful database component that allows web adminsitrators or database administrators to control their database records without using any SQL code.

643)   Perform Multiple Tasks Using Threads
In this tutorial users can learn about executing multithreaded programmes. This tutorial teaches the method of managing and creating execution of multithreaded facility in the programme.

644)   Base64 Explained
It is an article in which the author talks about the use of base64 encoding mechanism. In ASP.NET, base64 helps you to encode the viewstate data for the web pages. The author explains the use of base64 encoding with a sample program.

645)   ABCpdf .NET
This is a web based application that enables your .NET applications to create documents in Adobe PDF format. This tools helps the users to create documentation with less time in the fly.

646)   An Introduction to Custom Attributes and Reflection in VB.NET
This is a .NET tutorial through which developers can know an easy way for building custom attributes in Visual Basic.NET. Programmers can specify about the Custom attributes that allow the programmer to specify details about a programming construct with the help of custom attribute.

647)   ASPX Affiliate Program Script
Advanced Affiliate ASP.NET Script with 10 downline levels, Smart unique clicks, Access/MS SQL database, anti-fraud system, extensive administration tools, chargebacks management, flash banners/popups/campaigns, recurring payments, multiple domains support

648)   VisualASP TabView Component
VisualASP TabView Component is a program, by using which webmasters can generate tab menus on their websites. This program allows webmasters to display several menus on a single web page.

649)   Applying Styles to Controls
Applying Styles to Controls is a tutorial in which the author shows you the method for applying various styles to the Html controls and web controls using the style or the class attributes of the controls.

650)   C# Corner
C# Corner was formed and maintained by professionals, who strongly believe in sharing their piece of code with other developers.

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