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Top 701-750 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

701)   Keeping Passwords in a Database Secure
This is an article that comes like a study material to let the administrators gather information about using database to store users information in a most secured manner.

702)   Get Ready for XQuery
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author describes about Microsoft.Xml.XQuery classes, that helps in querying own XML files.

703)   Convea-Business Applications
This is an ASP.NET business application which helps the user by providing various applications to develop business productivity and management for various business application.

704)   Tracking and Managing Projects
It is an ASP.NET application which helps the user by providing various application of tracking and management services. This software helps in defining, managing and maintaining the various application of projects, resources, timesheets, issues, expenses, documents etc.

705)   Enabling HTTP Compression in IIS 6.0
This article guides the users how to enable HTTP compression in Internet Information Services server and also it discusses about HTTP compression in detail.

706)   A better way to create XML documents in .NET
This ASP.NET tutorial gives an idea about the advanced method of generating XML documents in .NET framework. Here the author describes about XML Document object model, which helps in creating the XML documents.

707)   Editable JavaScript TreeGrid NET
DHTML JavaScript component with ASP.NET wrapper WebControl and DataGrid objects to display and edit data in table, grid, tree view or grid with tree on HTML page. XML and SOAP web services support. Specs: rows dragging, filtering, calculated cells.

708)   BKAudio
BKAudio is a program that enables webmasters to include their ASP.NET applications with sounds. This program is based C# and comes with several enhanced features.

709)   Adding a Hover feature to Button in C#
This is an useful web based tutorial in which the author shows you the method for adding the background style to the ASP.NET button control. This tutorial is easy to learn by the novice programmers.

710)   FlashAdRotator
FlashAdRotator is a program built ASP.NET which enables webmasters to display flash macromedia ads on their websites.

711)   Server.HTMLEncode vs. Server.HTMLDecode
In this tutorial the author explains you the difference between the HTMLEncode and HTMLDecode methods of the ASP.NET server object. The author also explains you the use of these methods with a sample program.

712) is a program using which webmasters can build any type of menus including popup, drop down or scrollable menus in both vertical and horizontal positions.

713)   String Jargon in CSharp
This is an easy to understand tutorial which gives programmatical details of utilizing C# String class functions. Here author offers source code of which users can make use of.

714)   Introducing the Web Services Flow Language
This article describes the fundamental concepts about web services flow language. To make learners understand quickly this article has shown an architectural drawing about work flow.

715)   Web Service: XML Config To C# Class
This tutorial can be used for learning about .NET configuration and it offers several procedures to store configuration data on .config file.

716)   Aivea® eShip Web Service 1.0
Aivea(R) eShip Web Service 1.0 is a SOAP/XML based web service application (download and run it on your IIS 5.0/6.0 web server) that provides real-time shipping charge calculation, service levels comparison and selection from all major shipping carriers.

717)   ArticleLive
ArticleLive is a content management program and is written in ASP.Net that helps users to implement their own content driven web site for administering contents. They can customize contents according to their needs.

718)   ASP Express - DotNet Edition
ASP Express - DotNet Edition is a program based on ASP.NET using which website administrators can build and manage a Content Management System for their websites.

719)   Rerserved Database Keywords for Access, ODBC and T-SQL keywords
It is an ASP.NET reference with the collection of reserved words in three tables which should not be used in any data objects and names of the columns, rows and user defined objects while developing any programs depending on Acesses, ODBS and T-SQL.

720)   What's New in JScript .NET?
This is a web based tutorial in which the author lists you the new statements, data types, directives that are introduced in JScript.NET. The author also shows how to use these new features with a sample code to the users.

721)   Apoc XSL-FO
It is an ASP.NET application through which users can generate documents in PDF format. It offers functionalities for creating documents in PDF.

722)   Dynamically Generating SVG Graphs with .NET
This is an article that deals with creating SVG bar chart graph with the help of .NET framework's XML classes. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.

723)   Auction Portal Software
Complete auction portal website including: advanced shopping cart, user-friendly control panel, unlimited categories, departments and products, photos upload and automatic thumbnails, multiple winners support. Available in Access / SQL Server.

724)   Web site Administration with ADSI and the .NET DirectoryServices Namespace
This tutorial teaches about System.DirectoryServices namespace which offers several classes through which users can perform different task in IIS, LDAP, WinNT, and NDS.

725)   Exploring Winforms
The author bringsout this tutorial about developing a simple address book application using Windows Forms. This article is worth enough for the beginners to learn more about widows forms.

726)   RequiredFieldValidator Control
This is a tutorial in which author discusses about RequiredFieldValidator which helps in verifying the web form fields and checks whether the users left any unfilled fields and if founds throughs error messages.

727)   Building a Custom Validator Using VB.NET
This is an ASP.NET article in which the author shows you how to create your validation control to check whether there is blank data in the text box and to find out whether the length of the string entered by the user exceeds the specified length. The author shows how to register this control.

728)   Search Databases the .NET Way
This is a tutorial which guides you to search the database. In this tutorial the author creates a search tool which lists all the tables in the database and if you select the particular table it will list all the columns belongs to that table. You can search for the data in a particular column.

729)   Gain threading control in C# with the Interlocked and Monitor classes
This tutorial gives details about interlocked and monitor classes which helps in executing multi threading process in .NET framework. The author explains about multi threading process.

730)   Using the ASP.NET Validation controls.
In this tutorial the author explains about validation control, which helps in validating the web forms. This article tells about various types of validator control and their advantages.

731)   ExpenseTrack
This is a powerful financial tool using which you would be able to minimize much of your incurring expenses. This script can work both off and online with a simple window interface.

732)   Working with Arrays in C#
It is a simple tutorial through which ASP.NET programmers can learn about the method of working with arrays in C#. The author offers source code which can be utilized by the programmers.

733)   WebTimer
This script is used for updating or refreshing the web pages with new events, contents and without losing old events. Elapsed events are occured on the server.

734)   Absolute News Manager .NET
Web site content management system and news publishing software for publishing news,articles, events,press releases or any content to your site. Template driven,unlimited users and zones, Online HTML Editor, RSS Syndication features and more.

735)   Gemini
Gemini is an web based project issues tracking tool. This utility is written in c# and ASP.NET. This tool tracks your project issues from the version and component information of your projects.

736)   Create a PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Handler
This article is about the development of a paypal instant payment notification handler or IPN Handler. This helps the webmasters to accept money or payments and answer to transactions. In this article the author tells to use this code to check payments to ASP.NET application and reply atonce.

737)   HTTP Commander
Powerful web based file manager for IIS web servers. Main features: CUT, COPY, DELETE, PASTE, RENAME, EDIT and Advanced: DISK QUOTA, ZIP/UNZIP, UNDO, VIEW, DOWNLOAD, UPLOAD with progress bar (Include XUpload), SEARCH and much more.

738)   Censoring User Comments in a Guestbook/Forum Setting
It is an ASP tutorial which deals with generating a function CensorStr which blocks nasty messages before being registered on the guest book and message board.

739)   At Your Service: Performance Considerations for Making Web Service Calls from ASPX Pages
It is an article which specially deals in solving the performance problems with regards to web service calls from the ASP.NET pages. All possible problems are discussed in this article.

740)   Setting the ASP.NET Page Title and Meta Tags
This is an article that discusses about setting page titles and meta tags. Here the author makes it possible with the help of simple code.

741)   State Management in Web Forms
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author shows you how to preserve client and server side information of the webpages using various methods. The author lists you the advantages and disadvantages of these methods.

742)   Extend the reach of SQL Server with SQLXML classes in .NET
It is an useful tutorial for ASP.NET programmers to learn about SQLXML, which has extended features to reach SQL server. The author also describes about the method of utilizing SQLXML classes in .NET framework.

743)   Simple .NET ReportLibrary
The main highlight of this tutorial is about printing in ASP.NET which has improved a lot. The author demonstrates about the usage of the reportlibrary function which could be helpful for the users in generating simple reports.

744)   IT4ce SpeedCal Calendar Control
This script is a .NET based online calendar control which allows to add the complete functional calendar. This script is customizable and it is easy to use.

745)   Smtp.NET
It is an ASP.NET email application in c# for generating email system on the users website. This offers various important features like sending merged mails, authentication, and more.

746)   Netatrack
This is an ASP.NET software solution which will be helpful for those users who are intrested in developing applications for wireless devices. This application provides all the aspects that helps in developing real time projects of wireless applications.

747)   Placing a .NET assembly in the GAC using MMC and sn.exe; a step-by-step Guide
This article gives a step by step description about adding a .NET assembly to the Global Assembly Cache. This article helps the users to know about the MMC and sn.exe utilities which are used in this to check the assemblies and generate key pair sink files.

748)   Sending Mass E-Mails using ASP.NET
In this web based tutorial you can learn how to send mass email messages both in text and html format to the list of email addressess using the Blind Carbon Copying technique in ASP.NET. The author also explains you about how to validate the user inputs using various validation controls of ASP.NET.

749)   TextBoxPro.NET
TextBoxPro.NET is an ASP.NET based content management solution with which users would be able to modify text contents with ease on their websites.

750)   Personal .NET Portal
This is an article that contributes to ASP.NET users on creating personal portals without using database. The author illustrates this process by creating a portal with modules and tabs.

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