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Top 751-800 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

751)   Pro.Net Session Renew
Pro.Net Session Renew is an ASP.NET based application for user authentication. The usability of this session is very simple.

752)   aspNetPOP3
This is an ASP.NET email server component through which users can send and receive email messages from the POP3 server programmatically with the help of ease-to-use interface.

753)   A Robust Image Gallery for ASP.NET
This is an article that allows users to build a full featured image gallery by using digital photos. This will be of much use for the users to create a categorized image gallery on ASP.NET websites.

754)   RichTextBox
This user friendly tutorial teaches the method of adding RichtextBox for the ASP.NET pages, which helps in adding WYSIWYG text editor along with it.

755)   Mono Scheduler
This script is an ASP.NET based online program which is used to create a calendar and scheduler on users websites. This program better suits groupware solutions and integrates almost with any existing application.

756)   Working with Fonts and the GDI+
This tutorial discusses about method of working with fonts and the GDI+. The author gives details about the procedure for creating graphics by using fonts and GDI+.

757)   Using SQLXML in ASP.NET
This simple tutorial concentrates on accessing and retrieving the SQLXML documents in ASP.NET framework. The author explains about Microsoft.Data.SQLXML namespace, which helps in executing the above said process.

758)   SOAP (Simple object Access Protocal)
This tutorial discusses about the introduction of SOAP, which helps in inter-application interaction and uses HTTP for transporting and XML for transferring data.

759)   WebChecker
WebChecker is a program that comes with the ability to verify ftp, http, gopher and https internet connections continuously with an even interval.

760)   Using the ColorTranslator class
This tutorial deals with utilizing color translator class. Using this article users can learn about performing color translation over GDI+ color structures.

761)   C# to VB.NET Translator
This user frienly tutorial helps you to convert your c# code in to the VB.NET code. The translator tool given in this tutorial does not allow tags or any other HTML.

762)   WordReports
This is an ASP.NET word documentation application which provides all the fuctionalities for generating documents in Word and RTF.

763)   PRB: Ad Rotator Error Occurs When AdUrls Contain an Ampersand (&) Symbol
Among lot of errors in debugging, this tutorial explains the solution for one particular error which is discussed by the author. This error is due to an ampersand symbol in the AdRotator webforms. The author have given a solution to this type of error through this tutorial.

764)   ASP.NET Debug.Assert Handler [VB.NET Version]
In this tutorial the author describes about the Debug assert which is an important tool which evaluates only when the condition is true.

765)   ASP.NET Custom Controls - Client-Side Script Generation
This is an article through which you can know how to create client-side scripts using custom server controls of ASP.NET. Client side scripting enhance the responsiveness of the individual pages and the overall performance of your web site.

766)   Downloading any file to the browser - Part II: using ASP.NET
This tutorial concentrates on downloading files to the web browser. Here author explains about the query string which helps in executing the above said process.

767)   PowerTCP Mail for .NET
This is an ASP.NET mailing component with message stream technology. This component allows sending and receiving email messages and helps in creating, editing, sending and retreiving email messages.

768)   ILDASM or Why to Disassemble
This is an useful article which helps you to know how to perform operation such as assemble and disassemble of the components using the ILDASM tool. This article is more informative and useful to the .NET programmers

769)   Why ASP.NET?
This is an article which gives information regarding ASP.NET. Visitors can gain knowledge by using this article.

770)   DNN Menu Suite Modern Tabs + Treeview
DNN Menu Suite Modern Tabs + Treeview is a two in one type program that enables webmasters to meet out their needs in site navigation by displaying tree menus and modern tab menus.

771)   Part 1: Extending the HtmlForm Control
Part 1: Extending the HtmlForm Control is an interesting article which concentrates on the HtmlForm controls of ASP.NET. The author gives you the solution to the error that arises when running a sample ASP.NET page given in this tutorial.

772)   SupportChat.Net
SupportChat.Net is a powerful customer relationship management tool through which your representatives can communicate with unlimited visitors of your website. This tool provides the firewall protection and generate various reports using graphs. This software is written in C# language.

773)   Xceed FTP for .NET
Xceed FTP for .NET is an efficient class library which helps you to send and recevie files using file transmission protocol. This utility is written in C# and ASP.NET. Using this utility you can view all the files in the FTP server easily.

774)   DNN Real Estate
DNN Real Estate is a program that can be used by the administrators for promoting real estate on their websites. This program is based on ASP.NET and comes with several features such as allowing public users to manage the listing, icon display, facility for the public to post etc.,

775)   Regular Expressions in C#
This simple tutorial is much helpful for the beginners. In this tutorial the author shows you the sample code which helps you to know about how to use regular expression in c# programs.

776)   Introduction to Exception Handling in Visual Basic .NET
This is a very fine article which highlights the solution in handling exception in VB.NET. This article gives the full description about the structured and unstructured exception.

777)   pinEdit
pinEdit is a WYSIWYG editor and is an ASP.NET application with which users can modify contents on their websites. This program comes with many enhanced features.

778)   4ASPNET POP3
4ASPNET POP3 allows users to get full access to E-mail messages using POP3 protocol.

779)   Securing ASP.NET with web.config Part 2
This tutorial explains about Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET. This article helps the webmasters to check about in what criteria they could allow and deny the users entering into the site.

780)   INFO: Determine the JPEG Quality Factor by Using C# .NET
This tutorial explains about setting the JPEG quality factor. This tutorial starts with a simple introduction to JPEG quality factor and guides users to determine the same with C#.NET.

781)   OleDbParameter Class
OleDbParameter Class is a tutorial in which the author shows you how to pass the parameter value to the OleDbCommand using the class OleDbParameter. These parameters helps to get the data from the datasource and add it in the DataSet object.

782)   Writing ASP.NET handlers and modules
This simple tutorial teaches the method of writing modules and handlers. The author explains about the working function of ASP.NET by using this handler and module.

783)   Activity Class
This is an online tutorial which describes about an activity class. This tutorial explains about generating an activity to do batch work which could use COM+ services.

784)   Security SmackDown
In this tutorial that author provides some tips for providing security easily in ASP.NET applications development.

785)   Simple GDI+ Graphics
This is an article that can be used as a reference and guidance for learning about basic functions of GDI+ in graphics. This tutorial covers on drawing shapes and including colors by using brushes and pens.

786)   TierDeveloper
A content managemnet tool that helps to generate codes and mapping with object-to-relation. This tool helps in generating any enhanced .NET applications. This tool offers several features.

787)   HOW TO: Use the RequiredFieldValidator Control with Other Validation Controls to Handle Blank Entrie
This is an useful tutorial for the programmers to know about RequiredFieldValidator which helps in detecting the unfilled form fields. Here author discusses about the method of utilizing this control in the web form validation.

788)   DotNetNuke
DotNetNuke is an effective portal which helps to maintain a dynamic and interactive data-driven web site and intranet applications. This is an open source hybrid of the IBuySpy portal.

789)   The SQL Server Transact-SQL User-Defined Function of the Week
This weekly newsletter produces an article that elucidates the creation of user defined functions. These user defined functions are very helpful for the database administrators and developers. These functions helps to save the memory space.

790)   Peter's Date Package
This is an ASP.Net component that is used to collect the information from users which are oriented with date and time. This program has an easy to use intuitive interface.

791)   ListNanny.NET
It is a web based ASP.NET email component which handles bounced mails and take suitable actions on them. based on the reports of the bounced mails, email list managers take appropriate actions to improve the efficiency of mailing lists.

792)   A Native .NET Content Management Solution
This is an ASP.NET application which helps in generating content management system in the users website. This application provides XML content management solutiuons to work in .NET frame work and it has several attractive features.

793)   Determining the Windows Users for Web Forms Applications
Determining the Windows Users for Web Forms Applications is about an article explaining how to use Windows Authentication for ASP.NET Web Forms to collect the identity of the guests signed in.

794)   Template and menu hot sauce
Template and menu hot sauce is a program that enables webmasters to build vertical and horizontal menus and tree menus on their websites. It allows webmasters to manage and customize the built menus by rearranging, adding or removing items quickly and easily.

795)   WebCombo.NET
This program is used for making a combo box on the web form which is used for getting input from the users. It has user interface tool for ASP.NET applications.

796)   SweetSuite Learning Management System
SweetSuite Learning Management System is an easy to use program based on .NET that helps users to create course materials in a quicker manner.

797)   ASP .NET - The ArrayList Object
This is an userfriendly tutorial in which author demonstrates the array creation through array list objects, which is a cluster of items stored in a single data value.

798)   How to write your first web service in C#
This tutorial is helpful for the webmasters which guides them to create codes by their own for web service in C sharp. Sample code snippets have been given to the users.

799)   Data structure: Builing Linked-List Class
This simple tutorial provide guidelines to the programmers to construct dynamic linked-list in which unlimited objects can be inserted and also objects can be removed by using Self-Referential Classes in .NET framework.

800)   PRB: "View State Is Invalid" Error Message When You Use Server.Transfer
This tutorial is about an error message which occurs while using HttpServerUtility.Transfer. The author describes the reason behind this error and the possibility to overcome this error.

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