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Top 851-900 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

851)   Code Behind in Web Forms and User Controls
This is an useful tutorial in which author elaborates the procedure for code-behind in web form which separates code and content that helps in securing the codes.

852)   Interactive Mapping Using SVG & ASP.NET
This is an article basically for discussing about SVG's server side manipulation with C# and ASP.NET. Here the illustration is about mapping with SVG.

853)   Conway's Game of Life as an ASP.NET Application
This tutorial is about the Conway's games of life as an ASP.NET application with some user side JScript methods. In this the author describes about the lifecycle of a web page, the life cycle of an ASP.NET request and a lot more.

854)   DbNetGrid.Net
DbNetGrid.Net is a highly manageable and searchable HTML grid component based on ASP.NET.

855)   ActiveX ByteArray object for ASP Net
Works with safearray binary data (bytearray) and string data in VBScript/ASP. Lets you read and write binary data from disk, convert the binary to a string/hexstring, Base64, codepage/charset (including Unicode/utf-8) and punycode/idn conversion

856)   Expanding Data in DataGrids
This article is much helpful for the users to show and hide rows in the datgrid control. You can see a live demo in this article.

857)   ASPProtect.NET
ASPProtect.NET is a .NET based user management system that comes with the ability to enable password security for all .aspx pages.

858)   How to create keys by using Visual Basic .NET for use in Forms authentication
This is an article that can be used by the readers to learn about generating keys with Visual Basic.NET for authenticating users.

859)   An ASP.NET Composite Control for US and UK dates
An ASP.NET Composite Control is to handle the US and UK Dates. When the date was saved in the database, it starts with the confusion of change of dates in different formats. This is a composite control over a user control to overcome the change of dates in UK and US. It works as a validator too.

860)   Pick Color
Pick Color is a tutorial that deals with choosing colors from a web page. The author of this tutorial elaborates this concept by using sample codes and detailed explanation.

861)   Working with Emulators and Browsers
From this article you can know how to use emulators to simulate the operation of mobile hardware and browser.

862)   ASP.NET Website Programming: Deploying the Site
The release of ASP.NET forces us to reconsider many preconceptions about the deployment of websites. For example, we need to get used to the possibility of running multiple copies of the same site on a single server, sharing different versions of identically named DLLs. Another thing that developers might find incredible is XCopy deployment, which allows a developer to deploy an application by simply copying files to the target location. There's no need to use the Registry or any complex COM registration.

863)   Subclass .NET Server Controls To Add Validation
This is an article in which author discusses about validating the users web form in the server side with the help of sub clasess. The author explains this method with the help of examples and source code.

864)   Haneng Charts
Haneng Charts is an attractive chart tool which helps you to generate 12 different types of charts. You can change the properites of the charts easily and can apply special effects to these charts. This tool is browser independent.

865)   HTTP Handlers and HTTP Modules in ASP.NET
HTTP Handlers and HTTP Modules in ASP.NET is a tutorial which helps you to gather more information about the HttpHanlders and HttpModules of ASP.NET. This tutorial shows how to register the HttpHandlers and HttpModules in the machine.config web.config file with a sample code.

866)   Syntax
This tutorial offers list of metacharacters that can be used in context of regular expression. The author gives description about each meta character and the process of using it.

867)   Consuming a web service with command-line tools
This article briefly demonstrates about web services and gives tips for creating a web services based on .NET framework. The author has given syntax for creating web services.

868)   Create Custom Performance Counters
This author helps the users to get the significant presentation and business logic data from ASP.NET applications. The output in this article creating custom performance counters.

869)   Using the compiler to create Code-Behind dlls
This is an article through which users can gather information about creating code-behind dlls using the compiler.

870)   HierCube OLAP library
HierCube Library is a set of components for using by software developers, and designed to create fast, comfortable, and powerful OLAP-applications. It allows to form OLAP-views "on-the-fly", not wasting time and memory for intermediate calculations and doesn't require any OLAP server.

871)   .netBUTTON
.netBUTTON is a program that allows webmasters to create buttons on their ASP.NET websites. This will be of much use for them to let their visitors navigate their websites with ease.

872)   Mapack for .NET
Mapack is a program that that comes with .NET class library for fundamental linear algebra computations that provides support for several matrix properties and operations including Determinant, Frobenius Norm, Cholesky etc.,

873)   Boxing and Unboxing
This is an online tutorial that discusses about Boxing and Unboxing. This article defines that Boxing.Unboxing is the process of transforming value type into reference type.

874)   An Easy-To-Use CacheManager
It is an article which deals with cache manager which perform various caching technique and helps in maximizing the performance of the website.

875)   ASP.NET Tutorial: Working with Dates and Time in ASP.NET using Visual Basic.NET
This tutorial is prepared to fulfill the need of web masters working with Dates and Time in ASP.NET. Date and Time could be manipulated in the format which the webmasters like after going through this tutorial.

876)   Octane8
Octane8 is a content management program using which administrators can build and manage enterprise level websites. This ASP.NET based enables administrators to maintain client extranets, personalized portals, product specific websites etc.,

877)   Convea
Convea is a collection that comes with business utilities and tools and above nineteen applications. In this collection users can find applications and tools like calendar, instant messaging module, site manager etc.,

878)   Namespaces, using Keyword and Referencing Assemblies
Namespaces and its features are the main content of this online tutorial. The author clarrifies more doubts regarding namespaces through this article.

879)   User Authorization in Sub-Directories
This article is about the User Authorization in Sub-Directories. The author shows how to design this structure and shape of the security system using web.config file.

880)   ASP.NET File Upload
This useful tutorial teaches the process of file uploading through ASP.NET pages. Through this tutorial users can learn about creating a form, in which they are allowed to select a desired file to upload.

881)   ASP.NET Security
This tutorial is helpful for the web developers from which they can learn and create their own secured ASP.NET applications swiftly and easily.

882)   Browser Sniffing in ASP.NET
This user friendly tutorial teaches the method of collecting the visitors browser capability in ASP.NET. This tutorial explains the method of utilizing the HttpBrowserCapabilities components for retrieving the details of visitors browser information.

883)   CCTranMan.NET
CCTranMan.NET is a program using which webmasters can have a credit card payment process system for their ASP.NET applications. This program is supported by AuthorizeNET and which can be also used for echeck transaction.

884)   Active Data Online SearchEngine
Active Data Online SearchEngine is an effective program that comes with the ability to search by keywords over a website’s content. This will be useful for the websites with numerous web pages.

885)   Differences between ASP and ASP .NET
In this web based tutorial you can get the difference between ASP and ASP.NET as well as you can know about the features of ASP.NET. This tutorial discusses about various new features such as compiled code, better user authentication, supports languages such as VB.NET, C# etc.,

886)   SparseArray for C#
This article deals with storing the data in the sparse array table with the help of SparseArray class in C#. The author offers source code to execute the above said process.

887)   Passport Authentication Provider
Passport Authentication Provider is a tutorial mainly useful for the webmasters who owns a member sites. This article tells about the centralized authentication service which allows only one sign-in and profile for the paid sites owners only.

888)   Performance Tips and Tricks in .NET Applications
It is a web based tutorial which deals with describing the tips and tricks that have to be adapted to increase the performance of the ASP.NET applications.

889)   Build A Non-Zero Based Array In .NET
This useful tutorial teaches the method of creating non-zero based array in .NET. The programmers can learn about building multi-dimensional zero-based array objects.

890)   Standardize Your .NET Namespaces
This online article specifies the importance of setting up a standard naming structure for namespaces. The author explains about how the namespaces helps to organize user's .NET source code.

891)   Sending HTML-Formatted Email
It is an ASP tutorial that explains to send emails in HTML format in an easier method. SMTP service / MS Exchange can be used for this mailing purpose.

892)   Use .NET To Migrate Delimited Files Into XML
This simple tutorial teaches the method of transferring the delimited files into XML file or a dataset in .NET framework. The author explains about the latest advantages that the programmers can gain from the converted XML files.

893)   ViewState: Restore after Redirect
In this ASP.NET article the author gives you the solution to preserve the values of the controls in a web page when you redirect to another web page. The author gives the source code and shows you a live demo.

894)   Building Application Framework with C# - Introduction
Building Application Framework with C# is more simple proved through this online tutorial. The author discusses about the implementation of frameworks for application domains.

895)   Active Pager
Its a web controller tool which review all processing logic of repeater paging system, data list etc., It is included with navigation tool and several controller to add paging tool to a data grid.

896)   Drawing in 3D: Plotting Points
Drawing in 3D: Plotting Points is an article that clearly explains about converting a 3D point into 2D point. This will be useful for using GDI+ in 2D.

897)   SiteSearch Indexer
SiteSearch Indexer is a program which can be used by the webmasters to enable their websites with search functionality. This program will be essential for both server side and client side searching.

898)   VB.Net Online School
VB.Net Online School is an online community with which learners can gain more knowledge on VB.NET technology. This online community offers online lessons for the learners.

899)   Web Forms Events and Handlers
This is an ASP.NET based tutorial which basically teaches about the web forms events and event handling method with simple example. The author describes about Event handling method briefly and simply.

900) is a website for programmers of .NET to read related articles, leave and read messages in the boards, and there is a newsgroup.

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