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Top 901-950 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

901)   Concatenation Performance
It is a tutorial in which author describes about the process of string concatenation and the method of using this stirng cancatenation. This tutorial teaches the method of using string builder class for string cancatenation.

902)   HtmlInputImage Control
This web based tutorial is much helpful for the web programmers to know about the HtmlInputImage Control of ASP.NET. You can create graphical submit button on the web pages using this control. The syntax for using this control is shown in this tutorial.

903)   Viewing Crystal Reports on the web, using the CrystalReportViewer ASP.NET control
This is an article that discusses about displaying crystal reports on the websites with the help of CrystalReportViewer in ASP.NET.

904)   NUnit
NUnit is an easy to use unit testing framework for all .Net languages with which web developers would be able to test the units while generating their applications.

905)   SOAP Test Harness
This article is basically implemented for ASP.NET learners which mainly discusses about SOAP messaging and its related components in detail.

906)   Script Encoder
Script Encoder is an utility that helps users to encode the java script files right from your .NET application interface. You simply click any .js file and select the option to encode scipts. This will automatically create the encoder file.

907)   Advanced Email and News Manager
It is a web based email utility component which help users for creating email campaign and managing system. This tool offers thousand lines of codes and offers more than 50 control line for email campaign and marketing purpose.

908)   BVC 2004
This shopping cart software can be used to generate online stores through MS frontpage and macromedia dreamweaver MX to sell your products on the net. This program is backed with SQL server database.

909)   PWS & IIS Come to blows
This article demonstrates about Personal Web Server and about Internet Information Services server and about its benefits. Users can clear their doubts regarding to PWS and IIS from this tutorial.

910)   Rich ComboBox
Rich ComboBox is a program based on ASP.NET that allows webmasters to build an enhanced combo box on their websites. This will be useful for data listing.

911)   Sending E-Mails using ASP.NET
This tutorial explains the method of sending emails using ASP.NET. With the help of classes of System.Web.Mail namespace, the webmasters could send emails either in Text format or in HTML format.

912)   Counting Records In ASP.NET
This is a .NET tutorial that shows you an easy way for counting the records in a database. This tutorial uses the executescalar method to display the count of the table records.

913)   Dynamically Create Bar and Pie Charts in ASP.NET
In this tutorial the author demonstrates about creating charts and graphs using Microsoft .NET framework's objects and GDI+ classes. This tutorial is covered over bar and pie charts.

914)   Equation Solver for .NET
Equation Solver for .NET is a mathematical tool and is developed with ASP.NET that provides different types of numerical methods such as, secant, ridders, interval bisection method to solve equations.

915)   PortSight Secure Access
PortSight Secure Access uses .NET framework and extends and makes its management and intergration to your web application.

916)   Formatting Base Types
It is a easy to understand tutorial in which author explains formatting base type, which helps in converting an objects into a string representation. Here the author demonstrates methods for using formatting base in various aspects.

917)   Web Cascading Menu Builder
Web Cascading Menu Builder has the ability to generate menus for the ASP.NET websites. This program is based on javascript and uses SQL server or XML file to store the designed menus.

918)   WebGrid.NET
This tool is a powerful data grid component for .NET applications which provides useful functionalities to allow users to control and to work with servers resources.

919)   Object Oriented Programming with VB.NET and C#
This easy to learn .NET tutorial teaches you about the object oriented concepts of VB.NET and C#. This tutorial shows you the syntax for creating the OOP features such as class, methods, overloading, polymorphism, overriding etc.,

920)   Debugging using the TraceContext Class
Debugging using the TraceContext Class is a tutorial in which the author explains about the method of debugging in ASP.NET through the TraceContext Class.

921)   Creating and Using Assembly Attributes
Now webmasters could create and use their own Assembly attributes which is the main theme of this online tutorial. The author explains with an example of an assembly attribute to include in the users application.

922)   POSTing Data with ASP.NET
It is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author demonstrates about using post protocol for converting the page scraping. This protocol allows the users to submit their details in the sites and also helps in retrieving the results from the websites.

923)   J-Integra Espresso - .NET - Java Interoperability
J-Integra Espresso offers software developers a simple and flexible way of coupling applications created on the basis of Microsoft's .NET framework with Java-based systems. It facilitates the seamless interoperability of .NET applications with Java applications.

924)   Programming to Send Emails
Programming to Send Emails is one of the best article to bring out the creativity of the webmasters to think about creating their own email component to send their emails. This article proves the success of programming to send emails.

925)   Creating a Generic Pager Control
Creating a Generic Pager Control is an article which shows users about creating a generic pager control. The generic pager control is user friendly and have first, previous, next and last paging buttons.

926)   Web Services in Action
This tutorial is basically for the ASP.NET learners and for any web developer who need to know more about XML web service and what are the main operations really happens on web service.

927)   InstantKB.NET
Complete ASP.NET knowledge base solution. Rich-text articles, Intuative tree control, Upload and manage article attachments, Powerful permissions model, Comprehensive secure administration.

928)   Rebex ImageGallery .NET
Rebex ImageGallery.NET is an effective image manipulation component which helps you to maintain photos and images on your website. Visual appearance of the imagegallery can be easily customized using templates and cascading style sheets.

929)   Using ASP.NET to Send E-Mail—Including Attachments
In this tutoarial you can learn how to send the email with attachments in ASP.NET. You have to store the attachment file temporarily on the server and after the mail has been sent you can delete it using the delete method of the file class.

930)   Multi-Table XML Processing
This article teaches the method of processing the complicated Multi-table XML processing. From this tutorial the programmers can get guidelines about the method of executing the above said process with the help of examples.

931)   Sharpen an image with GDI+
This is an article that can be utilized by the users to learn how to sharpen images in .NET. In this tutorial the author discusses about using algorithms to perform this process.

932)   Your first ASP.NET Page
This is an useful ASP.NET article that contains more information about aspx pages. The ASP.NET allows the syntax compatibility with existing ASP Pages. You can declare the server controls in the aspx pages using the runat="server" attribute value of the custom tags.

933)   No ActiveX Server Registration Needed with ASP.NET
This online presentation is about the advantage of .NET against ActiveX technology in installing the user's application. The author gives the sample source code with screen shots in this article.

934)   Determine the Browser Version in ASP.NET
This tutorial deals with procedure for determining the version of web browser in ASP.NET. The author tells about the method of utilizing HttpBrowserCapabilities for determining the above said process.

935)   Object Oriented Features of JScript .NET
This is an article through which you can learn about the object oriented concept of Jscript.NET. In this article the author describes the three access specifiers such as private, public and protected of the member functions of the classes.

936)   Creating Assemblies
This is an online tutorial explaining about the assemblies and their creation. This article helps as a developer's guide while building a .NET application. The author covers the process of generating more and different assemblies.

937)   ASP .NET Web Forms
This is a tutorial through which users can learn about using ASP.NET web forms and about control over the button which submits the web form to the server.

938)   C# Intermediate Language Disassembler(ILDASM)
It is an article through which you can gain more knowledge about the Intermediate Language Disassembler tool of .NET. This tool shows not only namespace but also types including their interfaces. This article also explains about some of the basic instructions.

939)   Ping Utility and Webservice in C# .NET
This tutorial is about the ping. The importance of ping is described in this article along with its source code.

940)   Email made easy with .Net C#!
Sending Emails is very simple in C#, which is proved by the author in this tutorial.

941)   Using Network Functions in Visual C#.NET (Part II - Group Functions)
Using Visual C#.NET, this tutorial explains about the usage of platform to handle groups and users. The author describes the task of handling the users on a standalone system. The author also discusses about how efficient the users could interact or contact with these groups.

942)   HitsDownloader
HitsDownloader is a program that can be used by the users to manage their downloads in a perfect manner. This program will be also useful for the users to follow the number of countings of their downloads and links.

943)   Mycos Charts .NET
Mycos Charts.NET is an attractive tool which builds different charts. This tool supports some key features such as scrolling, zooming, tooltips and object rotation of charts. This can be used for both windows and web applications.

944)   Spell Check Web Service
This tutorial teaches the users about how to create a web service with spell check feature and it instructs the users how to access the word automation process.

945)   Professional Validation
This is a web page validation tool based on ASP.NET that helps programmers to create code easily without errors. It validates fields where data entered and send error to the users in a friendly manner.

946)   PRB: Unable to Debug Remote ASP.NET Applications
This tutorial is one of the event of error handling in ASP.NET. When the user try to debug any web application using Visual Studio.NET which is from a remote web server then an error message would be displayed. This article gives solution to that problem with its reason and solution.

947)   CRC Calculator
CRC Calculator .NET Control allows .NET programmers calculate CRC (Cyclical Redundancy Checksum) for various data types.

948)   Databound Animated Slide In, Drop Down Menu
Databound Animated Slide In, Drop Down Menu is a database driven program, using which webmasters can build menus on their websites.

ADXSTUDIO is a .Net based content management system that offers tools using which developers can generate online web applications. ASP and ASP.NET software development kit can be included with this program.

950)   Send Email from ASP.NET
Send Email from ASP.NET, this is the core objective of the author to explain the webmasters through this tutorial. The author demonstrates the main three methods of email functionality in .NET and when to make use of it.

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