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Top 51-100 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

51)   WebToolBox.DatePicker
This is one of the components for date and time. You can enlarge the textbox web control by using this script. This script gives a datepicker control.

52)   How To Implement Forms-Based Authentication in Your ASP.NET Application by Using C# .NET
This is a tutorial about how to make use of Forms-Based Authentication in ASP.NET Application by using C# .NET. The main task of this function is to save the information of the users into a database.

53)   squishyFORUMS
squishyFORUMS is a very good quality forum software that comes totally for free under the LGPL licence.

54)   The .NET DateTime class
Date time object has many methods and different properties which is shown in this tutorial. The usage of these methods and properties are displayed through this .NET Datetime class.

55)   Customizing Pagination
This is an useful ASP.NET article in which the author explians about the paging functionality of the datagrid control. This article is easy to learn for the users.

56)   .NET Assemblies & Manifests
This online tutorial is all about the .NET assemblies and manifests which is described. The author tells about the guidelines to be followed while generating a .NET component. The article states about the .NET assemblies and atlast merging with the features of manifests.

57)   ASP.NET Global Exception Handling
ASP.NET Global Exception Handling is an article in which the author discussed the various techniques to show the webmasters an attractive error page. Through this article the webmasters could show their clients their custom error page.

58)   ASP.NET Guestbook using MS Access
This tutorial gives an idea to the webmasters about how easy and simple to create a guestbook with the help of ADO.NET and MS Access. The author narrates the background for creating this guestbook along with its sample page.

59)   ASP.NET Bar Chart Graph
This is an article that deals with creating bar graphical charts on ASP.NET websites. Here the author guides users by providing code snippets.

60)   Guestbook in C#
This article is about the art of building a guestbook in C#. Few better features are added in this guestbook which is described in this article.

61)   Create Dynamic ASP.NET Excel Workbooks In C#
This tutorial deals with creating a Excel spread sheet and loading the report in it with the help of two methods that is specified in this article.

62)   Microsoft Jet SQL Functions
This site helps the new learners to learn and know about the functions of SQL. It has different functions with examples to guide the learners in an easy way.

63)   Guestbook for ASP.NET
This tutorial is about a project which permits the visitors to sign a guestbook whenever they visit the website. The author describes about the process of signing the guestbook and viewing the guestbook. The author makes use of XML in creating this guestbook.

64)   ASP.NET Menu
ASP.NET Menu is a program that can be used by the webmasters to build site navigation menus on their websites. This component is built on XML and CSS and it is easy to generate any number of menus and customize them.

65)   Submitting Web Form data from one ASP.NET page to another
This tutorial teaches the method of transferring data from one form to another form in ASP.NET applications. In this article author explains about HTTPContext objects which helps to transfer data.

66)   Using Nested DataGrids in ASP.NET
Using Nested DataGrids in ASP.NET is an article which will be more useful for the .NET application developers. In this article the author discusses about the usage of nested datagrids.

67)   Handling Exceptions in C#
This tutorial instructs the process of error handling by using Exception base class in C#. The author gives details about creating a own Exception class to handle the error during run-time of the programme.

68)   C# Simulating the DateDiff
C# Simulating the DateDiff article displays the method to create Datediff function in VBScript.

69)   Detecting File Encodings in .NET
It is a tutorial in which author describes about file encoding and the method of detecting the file encoding in an ASP.NET application and to read the srings used in the encoded files.

70)   ASP.NET images: Thumbnails
ASP.NET images: Thumbnails is an online tutorial; users can utilize this to learn about resizing images to generate thumbnails in ASP.NET.

71)   POP Forums
POP Forums is an essential tool for the web owners to create online communities and also it helps them to support site customers online easily. Many enhanced features are associated with this forums.

72)   Marquee Webcontrol
Marquee Webcontrol is a tool for displaying a rectangular region of moving text with different movement behaviour. This webcontrol can be used in the area of real time data displaying solutions like news, weather ticker, stocks etc.

73)   How To Dynamically Include Files in ASP.NET
This is a web based article through which you can learn about how to dynamically include HTML and client-side scripts in .aspx pages. You can see the sample code to perform this operation in this article.

74)   Creating Graphics On-The-Fly with ASP.NET
This is an article that contributes to users on generating images dynamically by using .NET framework for the websites. This tutorial illustrates this process by generating simple bar chart.

75)   File Merger and Splitter in C#
This tutorial concentrates on the method of splitting large files into small files and merging them back into a single file. Author offers programme which is written in C# for executing the above said process.

76)   Cryptography
This useful tutorial teaches about basic concepts of Cryptography, which performs both the process of encryption and decryption. The users can collect details about cryptographic algorithm.

77)   POP3 EMail
POP3 EMail is the article giving the full details about checking the mails from the web browser. The author has touched the very important part about the capability to retrieve POP3 Mails.

78)   Dropdown list Population
Dropdown list Population is an ASP.NET tutorial through which you can know to populate selection from other dropdown list. This tutorial clearly explains the procedure with an example.

79)   Creating Dynamic Web Quizzes using C# and ASP.NET
This tutorial is quite a simple one describing methods to create web quizzes using C# and ASP.NET. This article explains about generating a web quiz using a database.

80)   Email Form Processor Pro
It is an ASP based .NET application through which any forms can be generated in the users website. This tool provide full control over full layout of the forms created.

81)   ASP.NET Web Counter
This is a simple counter script based on .NET which is used on the website to count number of hits made by the visitor on the website and on each page. The main highlight is it utilizes less memory from the server.

82)   Adding events capabilities to the Calendar App.
The author brings out the idea of creating a new model of calendar for adding event. This is more easy in ASP.NET using the calendar built-in control. The sample code is given along with live demo.

83)   Creating Guestbook using XML and ADO.NET
This is a simple article describing the method of creating a guestbook with the help of ADO.NET objects and XML. Guestbook details could be saved into a XML file and taken back until the user uses the data.

84)   Creating DataGrid Programmatically
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which shows step-by-step process of creating the datagrid control using code in ASP.NET. This tutorial defines a sub-routines which helps you to create a datagrid control on the web forms.

85)   Uploading and retrieving images from SQL Server
This is an article that deals with uploading and retrieving images from SQL server. The author discusses this concept in detail by providing examples.

86)   How to Send Email from ASP .NET ?
This tutorial explain in detail how to send email from ASP.NET. This article covers the area about what is needed and how to send emails. New concepts in sending mails along with attachment is the additional reference in this site.

87)   Active Date Time
Using this script you can select the date and time. It does not depend on any third party control. It is browser independent. In addition to this it can be completely modified to users need.

88)   Creating Bar and Pie Charts in ASP.NET
This is an online tutorial that covers on creating pie chart and bar chart in .NET through computers using the classes from .NET framework.

89)   Slide menu control
Slide menu control is a simple program that creates menus for site navigation purpose. This program can be used to create slide menus using four buttons and the built menus will appear like outlook bar.

90)   Client Side Scripting using ASP.NET
Client Side Scripting using ASP.NET is a simple tutorial in which the author talks about the use of client side script in ASP.NET pages. This tutorial explains how to include a client side script with a sample program.

91)   File Uploading to Server Hard Disk using ASP.NET
This is a simple article in which the author has explained how to upload your files online from a client browser to the server hard disk using ASP codings.

92)   Integrating Macromedia Flash MX and Microsoft ASP.NET
This is an article for letting Microsoft ASP.NET and Macromedia Flash MX to get integrated. Here the author explains about two methods of data transfer between these two.

93)   Password Hashing using C#
This is an article for generating hashed value of the password to store it in a database. This article will be useful for the users to gather knowledge about an effective way to protect the user password.

94)   Text Reader and Text Writer in C#
This simple tutorial gives you the solution for reading and writing (Unicode) character based data through the derived classes of TextReader and TextWriter class. The text information is treated as textual information as a stream of in-memory characters by these classes.

95)   Selecting, Confirming & Deleting Multiple Checkbox Items In A DataGrid (i.e. HotMail & Yahoo)
This is an ASp.NET tutorial which will be useful for the novice programmers. This tutorial helps you to learn about how to delete multiple checkbox item after getting confirmation from the users. This tutorial gives you the complete sample code.

96)   AspMap
AspMap is an effective tool which helps users to create map images easily. Using this tool you can zoom the pictures. This tool is easily customizable and it does not require any third party component to install.

97)   DBNavigator
DBNavigator provides a navigating menu resembling VCR controls. Users will find it very easy to use this tool.

98)   Loading a DataSet with Data from Multiple Tables
This simple tutorial instructs the process of loading dataset with the data of multiple tables. Here the programmers can learn about the method of utilizing ADO.NET objects to perform data access mechanism.

99)   Using MD5 to Encrypt Passwords in a Database
This tutorial discusses about MD5 encryption, which helps in encrypting password in a database. The author gives details about encryption methods.

100)   Introduction to Flash Remoting with .NET
This is an online tutorial, which is an introduction to using Flash Remoting with .NET. The author says that this tutorial will guide readers to start generating ASP.NET Rich Internet Applications.

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