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Top 951-1000 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

951)   Netscape, IE and client side validation in ASP.NET
It is a tutorial in which author discusses about validating the web forms in the client side itself without moving it to webserver. The author explains about netscape and IE which perform server side and client side validation respectively.

952)   XML, SQL Server 2000, and the SQLXML3 Managed Classes
It is an useful tutorial for the programmers to learn about the method of utilizing SQLXML .NET managed classes to create a XML document with the help of Xpath queries and XML templates.

953)   Accounting Web Services
It is an ASP.NET application which helps in creating web based accounting programs. It can be integrated into the MS SQL server. This tool provides various accounting functionalities for generating account applications.

954)   Syntax and Semantics
Syntax and Semantics is a tutorial in which the author shows you the difference between the ASP and ASP.NET pages. An ASP.NET page supports only a single language whereas an ASP page supports multiple languages. The author explains each of the difference with a sample code.

955)   ExplorerBar.NET
This system helps to add XP style explorer bar to your .NET application. It supports FULL XP theme and custom theme.

956)   Microsoft Jet SQL Declarations
Through this site SQL learners can learn the usage of declarations basically. It is an useful reference tool for every beginner.

957)   HttpCacheRevalidation Enumeration
In this simple tutorial you can get details about the HttpCacheRevalidation enumeration of ASP.NET. Using this enumeration you can easily set the revalidation-specific Cache-Control HTTP headers.

958)   GX-Chat
GX-Chat is an effective online chat system through which you can execute unlimited number of users on a single server without any database connection. This chat application supports HTTP protocol.

959)   DevPower FTP.NET
This is a simple and useful networking tool for the web administrators that permits them to migrate data between various computers. It transfers files and folders using windows API, also they can customize the data as they like.

960)   RFax for .NET
.NET component that sends and receives faxes using a fax modem. It has been developed in c-sharp and source code can be purchased.

961)   ShowHideButton
This program is used for hiding the control or text when the specific button is clicked. It is easy to customize and to setup on the web form.

962)   NetPublisher
NetPublisher is a powerful content management system that is written in fully managed code and runs on both Windows and Linux platforms.

963)   A Powerful Combination--Charting in .Net using SVG
This is an online tutorial that can be used by the users in learning about generating customizable charts in ASP.NET websites with the help of SVG.

964)   Read animated GIFs with GDI+ and ASP.NET
This is an article that discusses about reading animated GIFs by using GDI+ in ASP.NET. The author says that this will be also useful to read TIF files.

965)   Flecto - The MySQL Visual Studio.Net AddIn
It is an ASP.NET database software with VS AddIn and standalone application. This tool helps in accessing MYSQL database, adding, modifying and altering content in the database, adding new tables and fields etc.

966)   Exceptions in ASP.NET
This tutorial gives details about Exception handling, which can be done through System.Exception class. The author gives details about the new features of VB.NET, which can be used in ASP.NET inorder to perform error handling.

967)   OnTime Defect Tracker
OnTime Defect Tracker is an easy to use tool which helps to track the error in the projects during its development stage. This is very helpful for the software developers and testers. This utility is written in ASP.NET.

968)   Debugging ASP.NET with Notepad
Debugging is the common task in all web applications. Here in this tutorial, the author explains the one more possibility of debugging with the help of a notepad in ASP.NET.

969)   User Controls Vs. Templates
User Controls Vs. Templates is an article in which the author shows you the difference between user controls and templates. User control can be created with ASP.NET while templates are created with the web designing tools such as dreamweaver, front page etc.,

970)   Understanding the DOM
This simple tutorial teaches about the basics of Document Object Model API, which is one of the advanced technique for transferring and manipulating XML documents.

971)   OleDbTransaction Class
It is an ASP.NET tutorial which tells you the uses of the OleDbTransaction class in the database application. In this tutorial the author also explains various properties such as commit, begin, rollback etc., of the OleDbTransaction class to the users.

972)   Comersus Shopping Cart
Comersus Shopping Cart is a program based on ASP.NET with which administrators can construct and manage an enhanced shopping cart system with several features.

973)   WebToolbars
WebToolbars is a program, using which webmasters can let their visitors navigate their websites by providing tool bars. They can generate tool bars with texts and drop down items by using this program.

974)   ADO.NET for the ADO Programmer
This is an useful article for the .NET programmers to learn about ADO.NET architecture and its advantages. You can call the ADO.NET objects in any automation languages. Some of the key feautures of the ADO.NET are, explicit control of data access behaviors, integration with XML and .NET etc.,

975)   WHOIS queries the .NET way
This article is about WHOIS query. It is hard to remember the URLs of all the query pages to which this article brings out a solution. Exception handling is an added feature to this tutorial.

976)   Working with Mobile Web Forms in ASP.NET
This tutorial deals with constructing mobile web forms. In this article author explains about designing the output control according to the requesting device.

977)   Supporting Database Cache Dependencies in ASP.NET
This is a web based tutorial which specially concentrates on database cache dependencies which can cache data of the SQL server using ASP.NET application.

978)   Other ways to stress test
This is a tutorial in which author elaborates about stress testing with the help of Application center stress, which is a tool that provides all solutions for VS.NET application.

979)   Pivo POP3 Component
A high performance POP3 component enables ASP/ VB/ VC++/ C#/ VB.NET/ ASP.NET or other COM environment applications to retrieve email from mail server based on POP3 protocol. Pivo POP3 Object supports all operations.

980)   Hangman in ASP.NET
Hangman in ASP.NET is a tutorial about generating hangman game. To generate this game the author used VBScript. This article is a good start of the webmasters to organize and built a new codes and to develop new games.

981)   Graphics Server .NET
Graphics Server .NET is program, using which webmasters can meet out their needs in developing charts for their web applications. Any type of chart can be created with this program.

982)   Chilkat MHT
It is an ASP.NET email component which converts the HTML email messages into EML, MHT and email objects and the emails can be sent through web mails or mails.

983)   .NET ICMP & Traceroute component
This is a powerful traceroute component which is used for tracing the route of network path. It offers three models they are, traceroute client, traceroute reply and traceroute reply connection.

984)   Uploading In ASP.NET
This useful tutorial teaches the methods of uploading a file from client side to the server using server control. Here the programmers can also learn the procedure to add the functionalities for creating the uploading directory.

985)   Multi-select ASP.NET datagrid
Multi-select ASP.NET datagrid is an useful tutorial for the novice and advanced .NET programmers. In this tutorial the author explains how to select multiple checkboxes in a datagrid control.

986)   Exploring Machine.Config - User Security and More
Through this tutorial, the webmasters could analyse a lot while exploring Machine.Config and through this article the users find most of their doubts get clarified regarding User Security and More.

987)   Validation in ASP.NET
It is a tutorial in which author discusses about validating the form elements with the help of validator control. In this tutorial author discusses about several validator control and the procedure for using this validator control for validation process.

988)   BUG: Debugger Skips Client-Side Breakpoints in ASP.NET Projects
Setting breakpoints in server side code and client side code is posssible in Visual Studio ASP.NET. This is explained in this tutorial in detail along with discussing about the error caused by the debugger, because of not stopping at client side breakpoints.

989)   GotDotNet User Sample: Charting Class
This is an article for creating pie chart and bar chart in .NET. In this tutorial, C# class is used to create graphical charts.

990)   Xceed Binary Encoding Library
Xceed Binary Encoding Library is a program using which Windows developers can encode files and binary code into text and decode them back to binary code and files which are text.

991)   Process and request identity in ASP.NET
This tutorial is helpful for the beginners which explains about process and request identity in ASP.NET. This tutorial implements and describes several topics related to ASP.NET identity and how to process that.

992)   ASP.NET Ad Server Management Control
This tutorial is about Ad Roatation. The author explains about the built-in banner management system in ASP.NET. This is really more helpful for the beginners to use this built-in function in their website.

993)   XML Web Services: Part 3: Using with WML
This tutorial helps the developers to overview of mobile toolkit that helps them to transfer data between mobile devices either with WAP or WML.

994)   dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine
The dtSearch Engine lets developers add dtSearch's "industrial-strength" (PC Mag.) text retrieval to applications. See for more products, evaluations, hundreds of press reviews & case studies. In Win & .NET and Linux versions

995)   EasyMail .Net Edition
It is an ASP.NET email application which provide various functionalties for performing email services in the users website. This component supports SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 for sending emails.

996)   Encrypting SOAP Messages
This article briefly explains about the use of SOAP in encrypting messages for security. Sample source code for quick reference has been given for the beginners.

997)   Regular Expression Information
It is a web based tutorial in which programmers can grasp information regarding with regular expression, which helps in string searching, replacing and matching.

998)   eShop
eShop is an useful e-commerce shop featuring several advanced functions to sell your products online. This program uses MS access or MS SQL server database.

999)   ChitChat.NET discussion forum
This script is used for generating a website with discussion board and it supports SQL server only. It offers several features and supports unlimited forums for discussion.

1000)   Preparing your ASP Pages for a Transition to ASP.NET
It is an article through which the programmers can know the difference between ASP.NET and ASP and also how to build ASP pages that can be easily converted to work with ASP.NET.

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