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Top 1001-1050 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1001)   TimeZoneConverter for .NET
TimeZoneConverter for .NET is a program that can be used by the webmasters to add a time zone reference system to their ASP.NET websites. It is possible to refer all time zones with the help of this program.

1002)   deloittes.NET Image Gallery
deloittes.NET Image Gallery is a program built on ASP.NET with which users can create and manage an enhanced image gallery on their existing websites.

1003)   CodeDOM: How to achieve code generation in .NET - Part 1
In this tutorial the programmers can learn about codeDOM, which helps in code generation. In this tutorial the author explains about the benefits of codeDOM and the method of utilizing it for code gneration.

1004)   EBA: Web ComboBox V3
An AJAX based JavaScript autocompletion control with extensive cross browser and cross platform compatibility. V3 offers six unique search behaviours including 'fuzzy' substring searching, and a robust cross-browser DHTML rendering engine.

1005)   Modify XML Schemas in .NET
This tutorial concentrates on the process of creating and altering schemas by the help of classes present in System.Xml.Schema namespace in .NET framework.

1006) - Generate online ASP Scripts
This is the site of Satyapal Bhardwaj who is an ASP programmer. In this site author provides various facities for the registered members to generate various scripts on the fly.

1007)   BarcodeNET
BarcodeNET is an attractive tool which helps you to create barcode images. This tool is browser independent and it supports various barcode symbologies. This software is written in ASP.NET. This tool is simple and easy to use.

1008)   Form-based Authentication in ASP.NET
This is an article in which author explains about creating a form based authentication in ASP.NET using C#, which helps in securing particular part of website and prohibit the visitors to access that area.

1009)   Filling a ListBox Control with a File Listing
This is an easy to learn tutorial for the readers. This tutorial explains about displaying the filenames of the specified directory in the list of the listbox control.

1010)   Professional ASP.NET Web Services : Asynchronous Programming
This tutorial briefly explains about asynchronous programming on ASP.NET web services. It also shows the comparision between synchronous and asynchronous processing.

1011)   IIS Authentication Filter for IIS
IIS Authentication Filter for IIS is an effective sofware with which webmasters would be able to host their sites on IIS and to protect files and directories without generating accounts on windows.

1012)   PowerASP Form Creator Wizard
This is an article in which author describes about the wizard that helps in genearting a form, which saves the form content directly into the web server.

1013)   Web Forms Syntax Reference
This tutorial deals with the web form syntax elements, which is essential to include the web forms on ASP.Net pages. Here users can learn about eight syntax elements and their uses.

1014)   SystemInfo for .NET
SystemInfo for .NET allows obtaining a wide range of information about your local machine within your .NET application.

1015)   Sending Email from an ASP.NET Web Page
The method of sending email from ASP.NET web page is described through this article. Through this the author has demonstrated the art of sending emails from an ASP.NET web page.

1016)   StringBuilder
This tutorial concentrates on string builders, which is a class that is present in System.Text namespace. Through this string builder programmers can perform various string processing.

1017)   Neodynamic ImageDraw
Neodynamic ImageDraw is an effective tool which helps you to create images such as charts, diagrams or any graphical application dynamically. This tool supports all types of browsers and it is written in ASP.NET.

1018)   GotDotNet User Sample: JustinIO
This online tutorial is about accessing the serial ports with the help of win32api in C#. The author describes this concept with a neat description.

It is a database driven auto complete application to view information from the database using integrated combo box. It is an useful script for the webmasters to integrate into any custom active websites.

1020)   .netCOUNTRY
This script is an ASP.NET based online component which converts the IP and browser information to country information. Using this script, the users can determine the location of the site visitors.

1021) is a website for people who have a interest in coding, mainly devoted to Microsoft .NET Framework. Has tutorials, message boards and more.

1022)   DNN Business Directory
DNN Business Directory is an utility that helps website administrators to build a categorized business listing directory with search functionality on their ASP.NET websites.

1023)   activePDF Toolkit
activePDF Toolkit is an utility with which users can dynamically generate and manipulate PDF files. This program has the ability to automate all PDF manipulation tasks.

1024)   ResourcePool.TransactionEndDelegate Delegate
This is a simple tutorial through which you can handle the ending of the transactions using the TransactionEndDelegate method. You must import the System.EnterpriseServices namespace if you want to use the ResourcePool that contains the TransactionEndDelegate method.

1025)   Create Snazzy Web Charts and Graphics On the Fly with the .NET Framework
This is a tutorial that elaborates on generating dynamic database charts and images by using the drawing classes of .NET framework with C#.

1026)   Replace() In .NET
This easy tutorial teaches the method of using replace() in .NET framework. The author gives details about the process of including this Replace() function in ASP.NET applications.

1027)   SupportChat.Net
SupportChat.Net is a live chat application written from the ground up for the .Net platform. SupportChat.Net allows companies of all sizes to add live customer sales and support to their existing Web sites.

1028)   Codejay - Code Generator Tool
It is a content management system with code generator that generate thousands of code lines for the applications. This tool offers various types of source code for developing various applications.

1029)   Creating Skinned Controls for ASP.NET
This is a web based tutorial in which you get the method for creating skinned controls using ASP.NET. Skinned controls. Through the skinned controls you can seperate the code and presentation into seperate files.

1030)   Two Tier Data Islands with Expanding, Collapsing Child elements
It is an easy tutorial in which author describes about the process of utilizing XML data in IE to display XML for displaying the XML documents which have parent-child relationship.

1031)   C# & JAVA Socket Programming
This tutorial teaches the programmers to establish a C sharp client web applications in a socket connection by using java server applications by enabling TCP/IP protocols.

1032)   Regular Expressions and the MatchCollection
It is a tutorial in which the author demonstrates the procedure for utilizing MatchCollection class and the Regex class, which resides on System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace to search a string for using it in regular expression.

1033)   GDI+ : Brushes
This is an easy to understand tutorial in which the author demonstrates the procedure for utilizing this GDI+ brushes to fill the images with gradients and color.

1034)   bmFileManager
bmFileManager is a web based tool through which web administrators and web developers access their file management tool over the internet. You can easily download and install this tool on your website.

1035)   Building Basic Mobile Web Forms
This is an article in which author discusses about creating a mobile web form in ASP.NET applications using selective set of .NET mobile server control.

1036)   ASP.Net Calendar++
This script is a web based tool used to choose the range of date. This script shows the previous and next year. Using this script you can select the list of days in the year.

1037)   searchdb
A site crawler and indexing system written in VB.Net

1038)   Interactive Event Driven ASP.NET User Controls
This simple tutorial teaches the process of creating event handling user control in ASP.NET. The author explains the method of creating a single page with two or more user controls in it with the help of example.

1039)   Decouple Components With LCE
This online article explains about how to decouple user's applications in .NET with the help of Loosely Coupled Events. The article continues the narration about the uses of LCE.

1040)   Server-Side Caching Options
In this article the author discusses about the server side caching techniques available with ASP, he also tells about the advantages of using cache.

1041)   Search Pages using Data-bound Controls, Index Server, and ASP.NET
Search Pages using Data-bound Controls, Index Server, and ASP.NET is a powerful article for ASP.NET beginners. From this article users can gain ability to develop a new search engine binding with XML control.

1042)   Using XML and XSLT in VB.NET Jeopardy
It is a simple tutorial in which author gives details about VB.NET Jeopardy, which utilizes advanced tehnique to retrieve the XML or XSLT in the .NET framework.

1043)   How to add a sequential order column in a datagrid
This is a web based article through which you can learn how to add a sequential order column in a datagrid control using ASP.NET. This article shows you an easy way to do it.

1044)   .NET Delegate Event Model vs COM Connection Points
This article can be used for learning how .NET delegate event model helps the users to handle event model using COM connections. Tutor has given example for the learners.

1045)   Dual List Box with Re-Ordering
This program is basically for selecting and reordering the lists from the given list box. It provides two box, on which one has detail listed from database and other box is used to store selected list for reordering.

1046)   Server-Side Comments
In this tutorial author explains about the commenting server side coding with specific tag. Any lines commented with this tag will not be considered by the server.

1047)   Displaying an Image from an XML Element
It is an easy to learn tutorial in which author gives an idea about creating an HTML tag from an XML element inorder to display an image from it.

1048)   An ASP.NET Rating System
This is a tutorial through which the author tells about the rating system in ASP.NET. The author describes about creating an utility to find the rating of the site. The functionality of this utility is described in detail by the author. Planning and designing are the two aspects discussed here.

1049)   GotDotNet User Samples
This is an online communication forum that can be utilized by the members to share their views on different issues related to ASP.NET.

1050)   deloittes.NET DatePicker
This script is one of the date and time component written in ASP.NET. It shows up todays property and date. It reminds the previous date selection. You can view all the month or year in this script.

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