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Top 1051-1100 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1051)   DevPower Encryption.NET
This is a very simple security tool which uses .NET encryption. users can use this tool to secure their applications.

1052)   DMB MouseOver
DMB MouseOver is a program that comes with the ability to let the webmasters generate link buttons on their websites. They can utilize this program as a tool to create image buttons too.

1053)   Friendsyoulike
Friendsyoulike is a program built on ASP.NET with which website administrators can construct and manage a full featured dating program on their websites.

1054)   Mediachase Calendar.NET
This is an ASP.NET web based calendar component which helps the user to include the calendar support on their websites. Any .NET language can access this calendar and is easily customizable.

1055)   Scarlet Chart
Scarlet Chart is an easy to use chart program that creates various charts. You can add the data through SQL query, dataset object, stored procedure and XML file to draw the charts. This program is written in ASP.NET.

1056)   WinLIKE Web Window Manager
WinLIKE Web Window Manager is an useful application for web browsers. This window-manager displays and administrates various overlapping of windows and no need for any plugins for the users on your screen.

1057)   ComboBox ADD or Remove Items to DropDownList by Dennis West
ComboBox ADD or Remove Items to DropDownList by Dennis West is a web based tutorial which helps you to learn how to add and remove items from the dropdownlist. This tutorial gives you the complete sample code which will be helpful for your web applications.

1058)   DeKlarit 3.5: Model Driven Development at its Best
The new DeKlarit 3.5 features seamless integration with Microsoft Enterprise Library and much more!

1059)   RUHuman (Are You Human?)
RUHuman is based on ASP.NET application used to prevent auto registration from bot or spiders by generating an image that can be readable by human and not by any sofware.

1060)   Professional Validation And More
Professional Validation And More is a ASP.NET based validation system for webpage forms.

1061)   Viascape’s Whois component
This program is used to collect the information about the registrants. It performs both synchronous and asynchronous lookups. It provides notification callback to the users when asynchronous calls occurs.

1062)   Newsletter Signup Web UserControl (ASP.NET)
Newsletter Signup Web UserControl (ASP.NET) is a program that comes with all basic functionalities which are essential to build a Mailing List Manager.

1063)   ASP.NET Tutorial Detect Browser Capabilities
It is a web based article in which author describes the procedure to detect the users browser facilities. The author explains about HttpRequest.Browser Classs and the method of utilizing it.

1064)   Lostinet.Web Rane ( Remote Asp.Net Execution )
Lostinet.Web Rane use system is like webservice but the caller is a script which differ from webservice.It is very simple for the user to use it.

1065)   ASP.NET Documentation Tool
This is a simple documenting program that helps users to document their VB.NET and C# projects. All documents are generated as HTML and also in plain text.

1066)   Dynamically add Event Handlers
It is a simple article in which the users can learn about the methods of adding event handler on the server control by the help of AddHandler in .NET framework.

1067)   Choosing Resource Access Identities -Identity Impersonation In ASP.NET
The author of this tutorial discusses about Identity Impersonation and setting 'Impersonate' function in web.config file. This tutorial will be useful for the readers to gather knowledge about security architecture of Microsoft.

1068)   Ten tips for handling .NET exceptions exceptionally
It is a tutorial in which the author gives ten important tips that has to be followed to create a perfect structured exception handling system, which performs error handling in web applications.

1069)   bmMenu Cascading Menu System
This control system helps the user to create own cascading menu system using HTML code.

1070)   Separation of the user interface and page logic by example
This simple tutorial teaches the procedure for seperating user interface and page logic in ASP.NET. The author gives details about the code and explains it with example.

1071)   Create Custom Error Reporting Pages in ASP.NET by Using Visual C# .NET
This is a tutorial about creating custom error reporting pages in ASP.NET. The author explains about the art of fixing and responding to the runtime errors in ASP.NET.

1072)   Generating Excel XP spreadsheets using .NET and XML
It is an useful article for the programmers to learn about generating Excel XP spread sheet in .NET and XML. The author gives information about various features of Excel XP which can be used in generating Excel XP spread sheet.

1073)   Detecting a Client's screen resolution in ASP.NET
In this tutorial the author discusses about how to detect client side screen resolution in ASP.NET. In this tutorial author makes it possible with the help of a simple javascript trick.

1074)   Providing Content Through Web Services
This tutorial teaches the learners how to provide content through web services. He also describes about portals which provide specialised information like horoscope, weather etc., through web services.

1075)   SmartLinks Framework PRO for ASP.NET
SmartLinks Framework PRO for ASP.NET is a program that comes with TreeLink and MenuLink. Webmasters can utilize this for creating navigation menus on their ASP.NET websites.

1076)   ImageIN
ImageIN is a program that comes with the ability to produce number of graphics in a quicker manner. This program resizes images on the fly.

1077)   INFO: Configure .NET Remoting When the Remoting Client Is an ASP.NET Application or the Client Is An
This article gives information about how to configure .NET remoting tool using another remoted component which is hosted by IIS or by remoting client of ASP.NET applications.

1078)   Web Server Controls
In this turorial the author discusses about the various web server controls of the ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author defines all the elements and properties of the web server controls.

1079)   How to highlight special rows in a datagrid
This is an easy to learn article for the readers. This article clearly examines about the highlighting of the special rows in a datagrid control.

1080)   An overview of Web Service development with C#
This tutorial is helpful for the beginners to build their own web services with C# and also they can view the procedures how it works. It also shows the way for the users to build web service client.

1081)   r.a.d.designer
This is a browser component for .NET framework and is a content management system that helps web developers to build and administer web pages and web applications.

1082)   NewTech ASP.NET Training
NewTech is a technical training organization that has trained over 63,000 developers since 1993. The ASP.NET course is conducted for 4 days with the name ASP.NET Bootcamp by the experienced instructors.

1083)   Build Flexible, Lightweight XML-Based Images for ASP.NET Using Scalable Vector Graphics
In this tutorial readers can find information about utilizing Scalable Vector Graphics to generate images with more flexibility in ASP.NET. This will be useful for the users to create graphs and charts on their ASP.NET applications.

1084)   OleDbSchemaGuid Class
This is a tutorial in which the author shows you the use of OleDbSchemaGuid class. You can get information about the schema table with the help of the OleDbSchemaGuid class.

1085)   Caching Portions of an ASP.NET Page
It is an ASP.NET tutorial which deals with fragment caching which cache portion of an ASP.NET page which works in .NET frame work.

1086)   Tracking File Downloads
This is a web based tutorial in which author discusses about the procedure for tracking downloads.

1087)   Mark Anders Answers your ASP.NET/.NET Questions!
This is an article of ASP.NET in which various important questions in ASP.NET are answered with detailed description. This article will be very helpful for young developers and the programmers of ASP.NET.

1088)   Collective confusion: Using collections in .NET
This is a simple tutorial in which author gives suggestion for the VB programmers to utilize VB6 collection in which programmers can access objects from it to perform particular task.

1089)   XML Server and Client
This simple tutorial deals with XML server and client. The author teaches the procedure for sending the XML documents from the server for the client request.

1090)   Focus Manager
Focus Manager is used for focus the cursor position on the specific field in a webform according to the code developed by the web developers. It is based on ASP.NET. It is used to validate any number of form elements present on the web page.

1091)   dotEtive Socket
This networking tool is helpful for the users to make .NET program compatible with sockets like 4, 4A and 5. It has very simple source code and the users can easily transfer their data to any sock enabled application.

1092)   How to implement a "Render this page in PDF"
This simple tutorial teaches the method of creating PDFs from HTML through HTML templates.

1093)   String Class Examples
It is a simple tutorial through which users can gather information about string class examples. Here the author specifies several string examples, which perform various functions.

1094)   How To Automatically Scroll To a DataGrid Row
It is an useful article for those who want to enable their users to scroll to the highlighted row automatically in the datagrid control. This article shows you how to highlight a row based on the given input.

1095)   List Transfer
This program is basically used for reordering and transferring data from one list box to multiple boxes. It navigates the users by using arrow keys.

1096)   Publishing Crystal report as a Web Service
This tutorial is covered with detailed description about how to create crystal report as a web service with simple explanation. It helps the users to show graphs or reports in web applications.

1097)   Building Mobile Web Applications with .NET Mobile Web SDK & ASP.NET
This is a tutorial which helps the webmasters to create mobile web applications with the help of ASP.NET mobile web SDK and ASP.NET. Webmasters can provide solutions to their website visitors to get connected with their websites using their mobiles.

1098)   Update Server Data Through a Web Service by Using ADO.NET and Visual J# .NET
This tutorial describes the learners how to update server data via web services under ADO.NET and Visual J#.NET. Users can also get guidance from this article for creating their web services.

1099)   Implementing .NET Passport Authentication in Web Applications
This is a tutorial explaining about implementing .NET Passport Authentication in Web Applications. The author also highlights the measures needed to be taken while dealing with .NET Passport Authentication.

1100)   Creating custom collections
It is an article in which the author gives suggestion for the programmers to create own custom collection. In this tutorial the author gives information about data abstraction which supports enumeration.

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