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Top 1101-1150 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1101)   eZine.Framework
eZine.Framework is a program built on ASP.NET which can be used by the webmasters to publish news on their websites.

1102)   Deploying and Configuring Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 with Remotely Stored Content on UN
This is an online reference article which contains the information about IIS and guides the users to configure and deploy IIS for using with remotely stored content.

1103)   Webservices with Language Interoperability
This tutorial discusses about web services and the use of language interoperability and it guides the learners to build web services using C sharp.

1104)   Build an Easy ASP.NET RSS Client in Two Minutes
This tutorial describes how to build an ASP.NET RSS Client in a very short time and more simpler way. The author explains the real need of RSS Client and demonstrates the building method of it in ASP.NET.

1105)   XmlLists
This is a simple tutorial through which programmers can learn about how to share the XML list with coworkers. This tutorial gives idea about the process of maintaining large files with several format in XML list.

1106)   DIME: Sending Binary Data with Your SOAP Messages
This tutorial enable the users to gather information about how to send binary data with SOAP messages. Brief description for every task related to DIME has provided.

1107)   Aspose.Email
Aspose.Email is a composing and Smtp sending component with advanced features like Mail Merge, objects embedding, logging, monitoring, smtp configuration.The latest release Integrated all of the features of Aspose.Mime into Aspose.Email;etc.

1108)   The VB.NET Hillbillies
This is a VB.NET article that explains the features of VB.NET and its advantages over Visual Basic. VB.NET helps application developers to build an effective and dynamic application.

1109)   Screen Capturing a Form in .NET - Using GDI and GDI+
Form capturing by using GDI and GDI+ with .NET is the process discussed by the author in this tutorial. This article performs this process with the help of an attribute of C#.

1110)   Using the XSLT document() function in .NET 1.1
It is a simple article in ASP.NET in which author explains about the process of transforming XML documents by using Load() and Transform() method in .NET framework.

1111)   CuteEditor
CuteEditor is a program that helps website administrators to have an enhanced HTML editor. This will be of much use for ASP.NET web developers.

1112)   Riverside Internet Forums
This is an informative article for the .NET programers. In this article the author gives you the source code for creating many custom controls using ASP.NET.

1113)   .NetAds Ad Server
.NetAds Ad Server is a database driven ad management system that comes with several enhanced features. It is possible to display ads to specific country, region and group of countries by using this program.

1114)   Atila TripleDES
This library allows the encryption of strings and files. This is a .Net library, with COM interfaces, so it can be used within .NET projects and has a COM component. This component is ideal to assure confidentiality of data or files.

1115)   wbImage
wbImage is a program built on ASP.NET that can be used by the webmasters to allow their visitors to send their selected images to the server.

1116)   Saving an image with "Web Safe" Colours
This is an article that discusses about setting resulting image's palette for a better utilization. This is an easy to understand tutorial.

1117)   DNN FAQs Manager
DNN FAQs Manager is an ASP.NET based utility that helps webmasters to build and manage a FAQ section on their existing websites. This program supports SQL server database.

1118)   DNN Auto Dealer
DNN Auto Dealer is an ASP.NET based program with which webmasters can create and maintain a categorized auto listing on their websites. Administrators can allow public to post and update their listing.

1119)   Uniforum
This is an .NET based discussion board generator tool that helps web owners to create their site with discussion boards for creating online communities and to enhance the site with online customer support.

1120)   Profit from Web Services
This article really helps the webmasters to collect the details about what are the benefits available in web services and how to consume them.

1121)   GotDotNet User Samples
This is an online communication forum that can be utilized by the members to share their views on different issues related to ASP.NET.

1122)   "Cool" ASP.NET Features: Code Behind
It is a simple tutorial in which author describes about procedure for creating the code-behind, which seperates the code and logic design.

1123)   PortSight Task Scheduler
PortSight Task Scheduler is a ASP.NET application which performs intensive resource and continous process on the server and makes ASP.NET more efficient.

1124)   Track Changes to an XML Doc
This is a simple tutorial in which author gives information about the process of tracking the occurance of changes in XML documents with the help of DOM events.

1125)   Control Statements
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author shows you the sample code for various control statements and conditional statements in C# which helps novice programmers to understand it clearly.

1126)   Skelta Workflow.NET
Skelta Workflow.NET is an embeddable .NET workflow engine and is built with C# and SOAP that helps web developers to organize their applications by using embedded objects.

1127)   A Windows Forms Introduction
This article teaches the basics of Windows forms and its advantages. The author elaborates about the procedure to utilize various aspects of Windows forms.

1128)   Taking Advantage of .NET Framework Classes - Part 1
This is an user friendly ASP.NET tutorial through which you can gain more knowledge about the namespaces, assemblies of the ASP.NET and how to generate random numbers using the System.Random class. This tutorial shows you syntax for using the namespace in the aspx pages using the import directive.

1129)   Building an Email Notification System
You will be capable of creating the source code to include a form to obtain the valuable feedback from your website visitors from this online ASP tutorial.

1130)   YNet Editor
YNet Editor is a server control and is written in ASP.NET that helps users to generate HTML web pages. They need not have any HTML knowledge to use this program.

1131)   VisualASP MonthView Component
This script is a web based online component which navigates the months and years. It shows the number of months in a single page and shows the present month on every calendar.

1132)   Using Amazon's New Web Services
This tutorial implements an important web service to the users by using Users can build their own web service application and test easily.

1133)   Dotnet Monitor
Dotnet Monitor is a .NET web based program. The function of this monitor is to manage the server via web. It helps to remove the unwanted process which destroys the CPU resources.

1134)   ActivEdit
ActivEdit is a content managemet program and is built with ASP.NET with which web developers would be able to build ASP.NET contents dynamically on their websites.

1135)   How To Dynamically Add and Format DataGrid Column
In this article the author teaches you about building the columns of the datagrid control and format the columns with the help of DataFormatString property of the datagrid control.

1136)   Easy Discussion Web Control
Easy Discussion Web Control is a .NET based robust yet simple web control for creating fully customized discussion boards or forums.

1137)   ASP.NET Sort Array of Classes
It is a simple tutorial in which author describes the procedure for sorting the values in array through the QuickSort or BubbleSort algorithm.

1138)   SlidingMenu
SlidingMenu is a content management menu program built for ASP.NET websites using which webmasters can build navigation menus on their websites.

1139)   DigitsyOnceValidator
This digitsyonce validator helps the webmasters to eliminate errors before they get into their databases due to site visitors mistakes on web forms.

1140) is a program that enables programmers to have an online project management application. This program has the ability to manage tasks on a project-by-project method.

1141)   eDocEngine ActiveX/.NET
Gnostice eDocEngine is a comprehensive, generic, electronic document creation component suite for Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Delphi 8/2005.

1142)   CrazyBeavers SysInfo
This is a very simple tool that runs on a server to display the server information like CPU speed, OS, memory usage etc.,

1143)   Cache Expiration Callbacks In ASP.NET
It is an tutorial which deals with the ability to assign a callback function that triggers automatically whenever an item expires or gets removed from the cache.

1144)   IronDesktop
IronDesktop is a .NET based program with which the administrators can obtain a centralized place for retrieving document, an information portal, work spaces for both public and private and an internal messaging functionality for their low level businesses.

1145)   Tutorials:Using Microsoft Message Queues to built scalable solutions
This article give you idea of how to handle messages, like creating a new message and sending ect., using MSMQ from the .NET base class library.

1146)   Namespaces In C#
In this article the author explains about the C# namespaces. The author covers the description about the namespace, its features and the real need of it.

1147)   KB100013: How to create a secure, stable server-side data access component for a Microsoft Access da
This article walks you through the development of a .NET component that provides secure, stable data access to a Microsoft Access database.

1148)   Demeanor for.NET
This is an ASP.NET application for protecting their website content from other resources. This tool provides security to the users applications in order to make the reverse engineering process difficult.

1149)   Invoking .NET web services from Mobile Devices
This tutorial is for the webmasters which guides them how to invoke .NET web services from mobile devices like Pocket PC using WAP or WML. It also teaches the programmers to create web services.

1150)   HTTP Browser Capabilities with ASP.NET
It is a tutorial in which author describes about procedure for retrieving the browser information of the users using Httpbrowser objects. Users can make use of programme specified in this article.

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