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Top 1151-1200 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1151)   Aspose.Pdf
This is a web based .NET application with .NET pdf reporting component through which users can generate pdf documents with compression, hyperlinks, images, security, text etc.

1152)   FTP library for .NET Framework
This network component is used for transferring file from one system to other system synchronously or asynchronously. This tool is basically for .NET framework applications.

1153)   Adventia Chat Server Pro .NET
Adventia Chat Server Pro.NET is a customizable online chat tool which handle multiple chat rooms. This tool helps to create distance learning program, seminars, virtual meetings, conferences etc., Using this you can obtain feedback from the visitors of your website regarding your products.

1154)   IIS Cron for .Net
IIS Cron utilize .NET components which allows webmasters to access task scheduler on windows server rather they use coding to do site monitoring, data retrival, mailing list, customer notifications etc.

1155)   EndsWith
It is a tutorial in which author discusses about Endswith(str), which helps in evaluating and check whether end of the instance matches with a specified string.

1156)   CMS2003
CMS2003 is an ASP.Net content management system that can be used to add, modify or delete contents and distribute them on the web pages. Users need not have any programming knowledge to use this program.

1157)   Introduction To Regular Expressions
This simple tutorial teaches the procedure for System.Text.RegularExpressions Namespace classes for parsing the text.

1158)   Upload a File to a Web Server in ASP.NET by Using Visual Basic .NET
This tutorial deals with uploading a file to a web server using VB.NET. Here you can learn about creating a ASP.NET application and its code-behind files.

1159)   PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET
PowerWEB LiveControls for ASP.NET, a suite of 20 Web Controls, each of which has the capability to update selected form elements without refreshing (flashing) the entire page. The controls are cross-browser compatible with no security warnings.

1160)   What's In a Namespace?
The top to bottom description about namespace is the total summary of this online tutorial. The author explains about setting the web service namespace with the help of .NET.

1161)   Mad! Widgets ASP.NET Validator
This tool is used for validating web applications and it supports more than twenty validators. It offers maximum features and it is easy to use.

1162)   Build a Versatile .NET Code Execution Timer / Logger
It is a web based article which deals with creating a code execution timer and logger. Here author describes about various steps involved in generating code for setting execution time for particular ASP.NET application.

1163)   ISAPI URL Remapper
ISAPI URL Remapper is a program to provide virtual host, it is possible to have several websites under IIS servers with the help of this program. This program comes with two mapping schemes for the benefit of the administrators.

1164)   Slide In Banner Ad
Slide In Banner Ad is an ASP.NET based utility that can be used to display ad banners on the web pages. This program displays the ad banner until it is clicked.

1165)   Why I Chose C#
This simple tutorial helps novice programmers to learn about the C# language. The author discusses about various features of C#. C# coding is easy to read since it uses hard brackets for elements of arrays and parentheses for method parameters.

1166)   iCalendar SDK
This script is a web based online calendar which parses the icalendar data and manipulates properties and parameters. This is a simple and easy to use application and it a handy tool for the webmastes.

1167)   Easy Projects .NET
Easy Projects .NET is a program that facilitates programmers or web developers to develop their software. This program is based on ASP.NET and provides an intuitive interface.

1168)   Documentor for .NET
Documentor is a program that comes with the ability to allow users to edit the XML documentation snippets before including them to their C# source files.

1169)   What's New in Internet Information Services 6.0
This tutorial instructs about Internet Information Services and also gives description for the features available with IIS. It helps users to deploy web sites easily.

1170)   SkipJack(GeoTrust)
SkipJack(GeoTrust) can be used by the administrators on their ecommerce businesses to have a credit payment processor on their ASP.NET websites.

1171)   Scheduled Email Reports
This tutorial is about scheduling the email reports. The main highlight of this article is that this application can work according to the webmasters configuration to whomever they wish their email reports to be sent.

1172)   Ontranet FileUpload
A .net component for uploading files to a web

1173)   Multiple File Uploader
Multiple File Uploader is designed to manage file uploading to web server within your ASP.NET application.

1174)   Setting and displaying cookies
Setting and displaying cookies in ASP.NET is the core objective of the author to present it through this tutorial. This might be useful for the learners to use cookies while building their sites.

1175)   Analyze Source Code With Regular Expressions
This is an useful tutorial for the programmers to process the files and directives. The author gives sample application, which analyses the source code and gives information about elements and comments it have.

1176)   ASP.NET: Connection Strings
It is a tutorial which concentrates on method of storing connection strings. The author discusses about various options for storing the connection strings and also he suggests the right choice for storing the connection string in a right place.

1177)   BK Ping
BK Ping is a .NET applications networking tool which is helpful for the users to ping the hosts using IP address either synchronously or asynchronously. It offers several ping classes to work with network.

1178)   HOW TO: Add ASP.NET Server Controls to a Web Form and Change Their Properties
It is a tutorial which deals with procedure to include server control to the webform and the method that have to be adapted to change its properties.

1179)   Track and Report Server Attacks Quickly and Easily with the .NET Networking Classes
This is a tutorial which tells the facilities in Microsoft .NET Framework which provides DNS and WHOIS information. The main task of this article is to help the webmasters to controls spam and stop the viruses.

1180)   Code Render Blocks
This tutorial deals with code rendering block, when the page is executed this block defines inline expressions. The author explains this topic with the help of sample code.

1181)   Sending Emails with ASP.NET
Sending Emails with ASP.NET is much easier is the statement of this author through this tutorial. The author explains the detailed description of how to make and send emails in ASP.NET.

1182)   emagiC CMS Enterprise edition
emagiC CMS Enterprise edition is a content management program and is written in ASP.Net that helps users to implement XML applications and to manage contents on their websites. An useful tool for large organization to perform advanced task.

This script is a web based online tool for adding a full featured link directory. This script can generate traffic for your websites.

1184)   OleDbParameterCollection Class
It is a tutorial in which the author gives you more information about the OleDbParameterCollection Class. This tutorial shows you the use of this class with an example code as well as it describes the properties, methods and constructor of this class. This tutorial is helpful for the novice.

1185)   Resource Directory Manager for DotNetNuke
Resource Directory Manager for DotNetNuke is a content management system that can be used to add contents dynamically on the websites and to split contents into several pages. This is also a directory and image gallery software.

1186)   Control To String
This is a simple tutorial in which author explains about the procedure for converting ASP.NET control into a string. Here the programmers can gather information about advantages of using it in several process.

1187)   Email Validator
This is an ASP.NET email utility component which analyze the list of registered guests invalid email account. This tool warns the visitors by remainding them their emails are invalid and allow them to register again.

1188)   dtSearch Spider
dtSearch Spider is a search engine program and is built with ASP.NET with which users would be able to search texts instantly on their websites or desktop.

1189)   MenuSuite™ - ASP.NET Menu Server Control And Visual Designer
ASP.NET Menu Server Control and Visual Designer Suite for Website Navigation.

1190)   Creating a Weblog using JScript .NET and ASP.NET
This simple tutorial gives an idea about creating a own web log, which is web page that displays the personal journal in it. In this tutorial author gives information about generating this blog using jscript.NET and ASP.NET.

1191)   Chilkat Email .NET
It is a web based email component which helps the users by sending, managing and receiving emails. This has several attracive features like providing MHTML for sending HTML emails, allowing merging emails etc.

1192)   ASP.NET ListEditor in C#
It is a simple tutorial in which author describes about ListEditor, which helps in updating, loading and saving XML list in the file system and also helps in data transformation between server and client by using data-transfer format.

1193)   4ASPNET POP3
4ASPNET POP3 is a .NET POP3 Component. Users can have access to emails using the POP3 protocol.

1194)   DNN Menu Suite Round Tabs + Treeview
DNN Menu Suite Round Tabs + Treeview is a program which is in capable of generating two types of menus for site navigation. One is tree structured menu and the another one is round tab menu.

1195)   Understanding XML Web Services and the .NET Framework
Web developers can refer this tutorial to know more about web services and about .NET frameworks. This article displays architectural layout for quick reference.

1196)   SetFocus .NET Training
SetFocus .NET Training is a place where people can gather more knowledge about .NET framework. This will be useful for the learners to develop their knowledge right from the fundamental issues of .NET.

1197)   Directory List
Directory List is a program built for ASP.NET websites using which webmasters can build a little directory for existing web pages. This program allows webmasters to build directory in both vertical and horizontal positions.

1198)   HOW TO: Enable ASPX Compression in IIS
This tutorial briefly describes about how to compress .aspx files by configuring Internet Information Services. This article guides the users how to edit metabase.

1199)   XML Counter
The visitors could be tracked using counters. In this tutorial the author introduces about the XML Counter. This counter also finds out the viewers trend.

1200)   Migration : QuickStart
This is an article that deals with various steps involved in migrating various applications to .NET applications. This article will be helpful for the programmers and the webmasters.

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