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Top 1251-1300 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1251)   XPath Analyzer
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author describes about Xpath analyser, which indicates the specified nodes in XML documents. In this tutorial the author gives details about Xpath string and Xpath Query which helps in analysing the Xpath analyser.

1252)   AspLib Input Date
This script is an ASP.NET based online component. This script helps the user to enter the date on their websites. Using the calendar option button you can set the date.

1253)   Binding a two dimensional ArrayList to a ListBox Control
Binding a two dimensional ArrayList to a ListBox Control is a tutorial in which the author explains you the process of adding two dimesional array list to the listbox control. The author explains it with a sample program.

1254)   Frequently Asked Questions for System.Web.Mail
Frequently Asked Questions for System.Web.Mail is the main core of this article. This article gives out all the posssible frequently asked questions and unsolved problems with System.Web.Mail and its solutions.

1255)   ADO.NET Datatset Programming
This is a simple tutorial in which the author explains about the benefits of utilizing ADO.NET datset features in database application. The author explains various features of ADO.NET dataset.

1256)   Working with Single-File Web Forms Pages in Visual Studio .NET
This simple tutorial concentreates on procedure for working with single-file web forms page and the procedure for converting single-file web form pages to code-behind web form page.

1257)   IP* Works! .NET Edition
This is a .NET based network application tool which is used for making communication between various systems by enabling protocols. The components contains with this tool are based on C# codebase.

1258)   NeoScripter
This is an ASP content management application with code editor. This tool offers code statements, controls, tools and scripts for developing various content in the .NET web applications.

1259)   Accessing COM and COM+ Objects Within the ASP.NET Environment
This is an online article narrating about changing the COM and COM+ component within the same environment. The author proves the way to move the ASP application to ASP.NET without altering the components.

1260)   StoreFront
This is a powerful shopping cart component using which you can generate e-stores for selling products online. You can manaeg your merchant accounts and payment services through the powerful back office administration.

1261)   ASP .NET - The Repeater Control
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which helps you to gather information about the repeator controls. Repeater control helps you to show repeated list of items in it from the database table, XML file etc.,

1262)   Upload / Retrieve Image to MYSQL with ASP.NET/VB
This is a tutorial in which users can learn about how to export and get the images to and from the MYSQL database using ASP.NET. Users can get the source code from this tutorial.

1263)   Building XML Web Services Using Industry Standardized WSDLs
This tutorial offers complete descriptions to the developers about how to create XML web services by their own by using industry standardised WSDLs.

1264)   BK Traceroute
This is a .NET based networking component which is used for tracing the route of network communication between different systems. It traces the route in both synchronous and asynchronous form.

1265)   Adding latest KnowledgeBase articles to the IBuySpy portal - part II
This is an article that discusses about including latest knowledge to the IBuySpy portal from In this tutorial the author discusses about saving Technology name, Technology ID etc., and configuring admin interface.

1266)   Retrieving Images from a Database - Introduction
This is a tutorial in which you can get an example code for retreiving the images that are stored in the database table. This tutorial shows you the table structure for storing images.

1267)   Progportal
Progportal is a software development company which develops internet based applications. It develops search engine link manager and custom poll control applications with enhanced features for commercial purpose.

1268)   The Common Language Runtime - Overview of the Runtime Environment
This is a powerful article that discusses about the CLR environment. CLR forms a runtime environment that helps Intermediate Language code to execute. This Intermediate Language supports 14 standard types.

1269)   access2asp
access2asp is a program that can be used by the users in generating ASP.NET code and also to create a WYSIWYG editor text or memo fields.

1270)   Building an RSS feed made simple
This is about a tutorial which tells about building an RSS feed is very simple and easy. The author outputs some XML to the website and the rest of the sites could use it and display it.

1271)   HtmlTable Control
It is a tutorial in which the author tells you about the use of HtmlTable Control. This control helps you to display the database data in row and column format. The author shows you the sample code which creates a table with rows and columns using the HtmlTable Control.

1272)   The SQLTransaction Object
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which shows you how to handle manual transactions. This tutorial also discusses about the local and distributed transactions. The author offers the sample code which will be helpful for the novice.

1273)   dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine
dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine is a program that can be used by the webmasters to include their web applications with text searching and retrieving capability.

1274)   Validate XML With a Web Service
This simple tutorial concentrates on validation of XML documents. The author gives details about the process of sending the XML documents to web service for validating these documents according to the schema.

1275)   Stop Hijacking .NET by Modifying the Source
This is a powerful article that clearly demonstrates security vulnerability of the .NET code and explains how to modify and recompile a BCL within the shared source CLI (Rotor). This is an useful article for all the readers.

1276)   Creating a Stored Procedure for Custom Paging with the ASP.NET DataGrid Control
This is a web based tutorial which is useful for the .NET programmers to know about creating custom paging behaviour of the datagrid control. Custom paging helps to have complete control over the paging behaviour.

1277)   .NET Character Encoding Conversion Component
This is a .NET documents encoding conversion component through which documents of any character encoding can be converted into standard unicode and utf-8. It supports languages like chinese, japanese, korean, etc.

1278)   Dommelen Slide Menu
Dommelen Slide Menu is a program that has the ability to generate slide menus on the ASP.NET websites. This program allows webmasters to use CSS style sheets to customize the look and feel of the menus.

1279)   EasyPush
EasyPush is a database driven content management with HTML editor and is developed with ASP.Net with which writers would be able to publish contents on their websites without HTML knowledge.

1280)   Performance Optimizations for XML Data Type in SQL Server Yukon
This simple tutorial teaches the process of improving the performance by optimizing XML data type in SQL server. The author gives several methods to work with latest technology in .NET framework.

1281)   Realtime Stock Quotes into Excel using .NET
This is an article for displaying current stock quotes in Excel with the help of .NET framework. This tutorial comes with sample codes for a better reference.

1282)   CRM
CRM is a program built on .NET with which business administrators can build good relationship with their customer by fulfilling all their needs perfectly. This program sports several enhanced features like scheduling and reminding, team maintenance, report production etc.,

1283)   Authenticating Active Directory user in ASP.NET
This article teaches about how to authenticate active directory user through ASP.NET pages and how to validate the user in any sort of code.

1284)   Monitoring your Web App
This tutorial deals with performance monitor which checks the performance of the ASP.NET application which can be done by writing a perfect coding that minimize the execution time of the applications.

1285)   XTune
XTune is a .NET based website performance tool. It provide an efficient and easy performance settings for the users. It has many enhance features.

1286)   Label Web Server Control
In this tutorial the author discusses about using the ASP.NET label web server control. The author provides you the sample code which shows how to assign borderwidth, tooltip, backcolor, forecolor, text etc., to the label web server control.

1287)   Easy Projects .NET
It is an ASP.NET application which provides solution for managing and tracking software development projects. Users can manage a projects from anywhere through a browser based interface.

1288)   Sending Email with ASP.NET
This tutorial explains the users about sending mail with ASP.Net. The main intention of the article is to show how you could send emails from text form to HTML form.

1289)   nIPN
nIPN is a program that can be used for ASP.NET websites to add a paypal payment processor. This program will be useful for ecommerce businesses.

1290)   lockNet Client
LockNet Client is a ASP.NET based user authentication program. This web service provides remote interface for customer authetication.

1291)   4ASPNET POP3 .NET Component
A powerful, cheap and easy to use POP3 .NET component, which allows you to download/parse emails from POP3 server, save attachments, retrieve custom headers etc. Great help with examples (C#), free updates and support.

1292)   Real-time Animated Graphing using Flash MX
Using this tutorial users can learn about performing animated graphing on Flash. The author explains the advantages of using Flash to create animated graphs over third party COM components in detail.

1293)   BrowserWindow custom controls
This tool provides three methods for opening hyperlinks in IE windows with the given attributes.

1294)   Advanced Email and News Manager
This is an ASP based .NET customer service application for generating email campign on the websites. This tool offers multi threading facility for linking all the customers with in the email campaign.

1295)   Internal or External Web Services
Internal or External Web Services is a simple and easy to understand online ASP.NET refernce article where the author has given an account on various types of web services.

1296)   DualSelectBox
This program is used for transferring data from one form field to another form field. It offers several controls that helps users to replace selected data or to replace whole data.

1297)   WebColorChooser
WebColorChooser is an ASP.NET based tool that helps you to choose colors to apply for the items in your web applications. This tool provides various color options to the users. This is a simple and easy to use tool.

1298)   PortSight Secure Access 1.1 for .NET
PortSight Secure Access 1.1 for .NET is a tutorial that explains about the necessity of the security in web development and discusses about PortSight Secure Access -a product that can be used for securing the website and ASP.NET applications.

1299)   White Paper - Web Browser Window Events: A Cooperative Framework for DHTML Controls.
It is a tutorial in which author elaborates about DHTML event handling technique which offers solution for DHTML control for working along with window events.

1300)   Migrating from ASP to ASP+
It is an article that deals with migration of ASP to ASP+ application and how it can run along with the existing ASP pages and also various limitations that exist while migrating the ASP pages to ASP+ application.

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