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Top 1301-1350 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1301)   OnTime 2004 Web Services SDK
OnTime 2004 Web Services SDK is a software developed with SOAP that helps users to generate bug reporting application and to feature requesting abilities into their existing windows or web applications.

1302)   Writing ASP.NET handlers and modules
The main topic deals with handlers, modules and about working of ASP.NET. The author explains about how to write modules, handlers and also explains about the architecture of ASP.NET.

1303)   Array Types in .NET
It is a tutorial through which programmers can learn about array mechanism, which hosts several items as a single collection. The author describes CLR that supports single-dimensional, multi-dimensional array and jagged arrays.

1304)   Make sure to use Page.IsValid when validating
This tutorial teaches the validator control for validating whether the page is valid or not. The author discusses about the function Page.IsValid and AddMe for validating the web form.

1305)   Cassini Web Server
This tutorial teaches developers about cassini web server and its benefit in detail. This article says cassini web server is used for providing a lightweight HTTP server applications.

1306)   StudioSpell
Studiospell is an user friendly tool that helps you to check the spelling in the html pages and the source code. It checks only the source code on .aspx pages such as ASP.NET, VB.NET etc., This tool is simple and easy to use.

1307)   .netUPS
.netUPS is a program using which administrators can have a shipping rates and package tracking system on their ASP.NET websites for their customers in ecommerce businesses.

1308)   DbNetEdit.NET
This is a .NET based script that helps users to make an user interface form on which the users can store and maintain their data easily. It offers several important facilities like browsing, searching, sorting data etc.,

1309)   ASP.NET Web Services or .NET Remoting: How to Choose
This is a tutorial that helps users to understand the potentail of .NET and ASP.NET programmes and their intercompactibility. This tutorial gives users enough knowledge to choose the right programme for their applications.

1310)   ASP.NET Questions
This is an ASP.NET FAQ site in which author answers about various topics related to ASP.NET programming. This site has various questions for example 'in which platform this ASP.NET program will run'. All the possible answers are given, young developers can utilize this article.

1311)   WSH Collections
It is an user friendly reference site which helps WSH learners to know and learn about collections used in WSH.

1312)   Web Services 101
Web Services 101 is a simple ASP.NET reference on web services focussing on the business values of web services and its impact in increasing the revenue of the business.

1313)   "Cool" ASP.NET 4: System.Net
This tutorial facilitates the users about how effectively a public time server gets connected using tcp/ip functionalities of ASP.NET. It also could reclaim the exact date and time.

1314)   Application Architecture
This is an easy to understand reference article in which the author has given the designing application and services application architecture for .NET.

1315)   Stock Quoter
Stock Quoter is an article that discusses about retrieving stock quote from the websites and thereby posting the retrieved quote to any email. This will be useful for the servers supporting number of clients with updated stock lists.

1316)   Introduction to OOP in VB.NET
This is an useful reference for VB.NET framework. VB.NET is an object oriented language which helps the .NET developers to build an powerful and dynamic application.

1317)   Creating Office Managed COM Add-Ins with Visual Studio .NET
The users could generate a managed COM add-in with the help of VS.NET, which is the objective of this article. The process of creating a managed COM add-in using Visual Studio.NET is shown in this tutorial. The author explains this with an example of creating a Powerpoint Add-in.

1318)   Aspose.Total
Aspose.Total is one of the most powerful .net component suites ever assembled. Aspose.Total offers each and every component that Aspose has available.

1319)   Using the ASP.NET Validation Controls with Post Away Pages
This tutorial teaches the method of using validation control for validating the user input while transferring the data to another page. The author explains this above said process with the help of examples and source code.

1320)   RapidSpell Desktop
This is a spell checking software written for dotNET with which users would be able to implement spell checking capabilities into their .NET application for checking text applications such as email etc.

1321)   IIS Manager 1.4
IIS Manager is a specially designed .NET component managing your Internet Information Server; easiley mananges virtual directories, web directories and IIS applications.

1322)   Use DFS for Storing Your ASP.Net Application
This tutorial holds the information about DFS which means Distributed File System that allows the users to replicate content on the server. The tutor of this article steers the users to configure DFS.

1323)   Apex SQL Diff
This is an ASP.NET database comparison tool which checks datas of two database of the MS SQL server and displays the detected changes data tables, procedures and views of the databases side by side with in few seconds.

1324)   .NET Article Reviews
This article reviews information regarding .NET to the beginners. It shows the advantages of Microsoft's .NET impact and the definition of .NET.

1325)   Pro.Net DHTML Menu
Pro.Net DHTML Menu is a program using which webmasters can create navigation menus on their websites. This program allows them to build menus in both vertical and horizontal positions.

1326)   Weaning Developers from the CommandBuilder
Weaning Developers from the CommandBuilder is an article which helps you to know about the disadvantages of the ADO.NET commmand builder object. The author also discusses about tuning delete and update command.

1327)   Fluent.ControlFocus
This script is used for focusing the error after the full page has been loaded. Its a invisible function to focus form fields and it is based on .NET application.

1328)   Adding a CheckBox column to your DataGrid
Adding a CheckBox column to your DataGrid is an easy to learn tutorial which shows you about placing a checkbox column in the datagrid control. This tutorial explains it step-by-step to the users.

1329)   The First Step in Debugging ASP.NET
The First Step in Debugging ASP.NET is an article in which the author shows how to enable webmaster's web application for debugging in the CLR. This tutorial teaches the users about debugging any specific page at any time.

1330)   AspLib component library
AspLib component library provides a full featured, accustomed Windows UI to the web-browser. 18 components allows you to build an application with high usability.

1331)   Introducing Generics in the CLR
This is a simple CLR article that discusses about the new feature called generics in the Common Language Runtime. This tool also explains the benefits of the generics in the coding.

1332)   Editable JavaScript TreeGrid NET
DHTML JavaScript component with ASP.NET wrapper WebControl and DataGrid objects to display and edit data in table, grid, tree view or grid with tree on HTML page. XML and SOAP web services support. Specs: rows dragging, filtering, calculated cells.

1333)   Active Data Online GroupCalendar
This is a powerful script which helps the users to administer events, tasks, schedules, etc., for both the groups and individuals. This program supports unlimited entries and requires MSSQL or MSACCESS database.

1334)   ASPLib Checkbox
This is an based web form controller by which web developers can add their web pages with diffent models of checkboxes for input.

1335)   DNN Real Estate
DNN Real Estate is a program using which users can build websites for their real estate business. This program allows users to customize the websites in several aspects to suit their all demands.

1336)   Document Library
Document Library is a program that enables administrators to manage and organize the documents on intranet or internet environments. This program allows users to access in a secured manner.

1337)   ASP.NET News for Lazy Developers
Latest news from best community sites and blogs.

1338)   Exposing Web Services
This is an online guidance article which elaborately discusses about the methods which provided the users to expose web services. In this tutorial webmasters can overview web service briefly.

1339)   RSS - in a nutshell
This tutorial is meant for the freshers to know about RSS and its appropriate usage. The author gives out the real definition of RSS and about how it could be helpful to the webmasters.

1340)   BaseValidator.EnableClientScript Property
This is a web based tutroial which you some details about the EnabledClient property of the ASP.NET validation controls. You can use this property to mention whether the client-side validation is enabled or not. This property returns boolean value.

1341)   Using WebRequest and WebResponse classes
This is an easy to learn tutorial that gives you some explanation about the WebRequest and WebResponse class. This tutorial tells that you must import the System.Net namespace on your aspx page in order to use these classes.

1342)   .netSHIP
.netSHIP is a ASP.NET based program, with the help of it administrators can enable their customers to know about the delivery cost of their product. This program supports six shipping companies to provide shipping details about more than fifty shipping services.

1343)   TreeView - Programming an Explorer-style Site View
From this Article you can clearly know how to create a popular explorer-style tree menu containing all of the folders and specified files from within a web site, including Navigation links from files appearing in the tree.

1344)   .NET Security in C#
This is a tutorial that can be used by the administrators to learn about preventing the users from accessing, if they have no rights to do so.

1345)   Merging two Datasets into a single Datagrid
This tutorial discusses about the process of merging two dataset in a single datagrid by using merge method in .NET framework. In this tutorial users can learn about bindgrid method which helps in binding datasets with datagrid.

1346)   Programming ASP.NET UI server controls
Programming ASP.NET UI server controls is an article which deals with the information about the UI server controls of ASP.NET. The author explains the procedure with sample screens.

1347)   How To Retrieve Column Schema by Using the DataReader GetSchemaTable Method and Visual C++ .NET
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial which helps the novice to know how to get the schema information for the columns using the GetSchemaTable method. The GetSchemaTable method of the DataReader object obtains the Column schema information from the ColumnName property of the DataTable object.

1348)   Data Transfer between two ASP.NET ListBox Controls
Data Transfer between two ASP.NET ListBox Controls is an article in which the author explains the procedure for displaying the items selected in a list box in another list box. A sample screen is shown in this article to explain this task.

1349)   Resource Bookings
Resource Bookings is a program built on ASP.NET that allows administrators to maintain booking access for any resource as they want. This will be useful for any organization that wants to take control over resource booking.

1350)   Using UDDI to Add Redundancy to Web Services
This article is for referring about UDDI of web services. Users can view UDDI's purpose on web services and its main functions from this article.

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