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Top 1351-1400 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1351)   HttpUtility Class
It is an user friendly tutorial which teaches you about the ASP.NET HttpUtility class. This class is used to encode and decode the URLs during the process of web requests.

1352)   Retrieving HTTP content in .NET
This is a simple tutorial in which the users can get an idea about the method of retrieving the content of HTTP by using the functionalties of HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse classes.

1353)   Code Bank
This is an useful collection of XML sample files for the ASP.NET programmers to get details about several XML classes which can be utilized in working with .NET frame work.

1354)   .Net Counter
This script is based on .NET and it uses Access database as backend to store the tracked data. Webmasters can use this script on their web pages to restrict multiple entries from the same visitor.

1355)   Formatting XML with CSS (a.k.a my favorite jokes)
This is a simple tutorial in which author explains about basic method of formatting XML with the help of CSS. The author gives details about cascading style sheet and the method of formatting the XML files using CSS.

1356)   Creating a Login Custom Web Control
Creating a Login Custom Web Control is a simple ASP.NET tutorial in which the author explains you about how to create a custom login web control using the controls such as 2 label, 2 textbox and a submit button control of ASP.NET. The author gives you the steps with a sample source code.

1357)   How To Debug an ASP.NET Application with the Microsoft CLR Debugger
This tutorial explains about the SDK, a debugger for the process of debugging. The configuration of ASP.NET application for debugging and how to add a worker process with the Microsoft CLR Debugger are the contents of this article. Finally the author shows the debugging process in ASP.NET.

1358)   Dotfuscator - the Premier .NET Obfuscator and Efficiency Enhancing Tool
This is a code protecting and enhancing utility for .NET developers. It can protect .NET source code from the compiled programs.

1359)   Understanding and Using Assemblies and Namespaces in .NET
This article deals with the method of generating namespaces and assemblies in VB.NET. This is explained by the author in this online article, through which the users could understand the usage of namespaces and assemblies.

1360)   A Tree View Using IE WebControls
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial for the novice programmers to learn about the treeview web control. This tutorial gives you the syntax for registering this control using the @ register directive and adding this control to the ASP.NET page.

1361)   Using Parameterized Query in ASP.NET
This is a simple and informative article for the developers to know how to create and use the parameterized queries in ASP.NET. The sample code given in this article is helpful for you applcation that needs to use the parameterized queries.

1362)   Passage Portal Server
Passage Portal Server is a program that comes with the ability to merge the efficiency of a content management system and an enterprise portal server to provide web applications to the user's associates.

1363)   Discovering Web Services
This tutorial offers tips to the developers to discover web services and also it gives definitions about the use of SOAP and HTTP protocols for communications on web services.

1364)   AWS HTML Producer
AWS HTML Producer is a .NET based online program that webmasters can use for parsing HTML pages and HTML templates in dynamic web pages or for retrieving table based data from any web page. This is a powerful HTML processor that comes with several enhanced features.

1365)   Introduction to GDI+
It is an easy to understand tutorial in which the author demonstrates the concept of advanced version of GDI+, which offers various tools to draw on the screen.

1366)   More Useful Methods in C#
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author discusses about various methods in C# to perform various task regarding color, dataset, file, network and datetime.

1367)   Absolute Live Support .NET
Absolute Live Support.NET is a live chat utility through which your website visitors can communicate with your customer service department. This software does not requires any third party component to install.

1368)   Xceed Chart for .NET
Xceed Chart for.NET is a ASP.NET based tool which helps you to create different types of charts. You can apply special scene effects and 2D/3D lighting to your charts and these chart types supports XY and XYZ scatter modes.

1369)   NMH - Webmail
An ASP.NET component with DNN 2.x module. This tool helps the registered users to retrieve various email that is stored in various servers.

1370)   Chat Space Community Server
Chat Space Community Server is an easy to use online communication tool which handles messageboards, chat, quened help etc., you can add customizable small icons with your messages and it provides security through proxies and firewall. This chat tool supports upto 1000 simultaneous users at a time.

1371)   Running Stored Procedures with ASP.NET
This is a simple tutorial through which you can learn about listing the stored procudures and its parameter details and execute it with the help of inbuilt system procedures. This tutorial clearly explains how to insert and update the parameter values. The author shows it with sample screen and code

1372)   Role-based Security with Forms Authentication
This is a tutorial that is like a study material to provide information about performing role-based security with ASP.NET for authentication purpose.

1373)   Server Control Form Validation
Server Control Form Validation is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author tells about the procedure for validating the web form using the server control. Here the beginners can learn about various types of validator controls and the method to work with them.

1374)   4ASPNET Parole Lite
Pronounceable Passwords Generator .NET Component

1375)   How to bind multiple resultsets into a DataGrid control
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which briefly describes about how to fill the datagrid control with multiple results of the database table. You can use either dataset or datareader object to get the result of the SQL query.

1376)   Host a Remote Object in a Windows Service
From this tutorial web developers can learn and easily host remote objects under ASP.NET applications. Easy steps have been provided for the beginners to follow.

1377)   TransKing
TransKing is a program that comes with the ability to transform VB and VB.NET projects, COM Controls etc., into C#.

1378)   powerKNOW
Web-based Knowledge Management Solution to save and share structured knowledge.

1379)   General Concepts
This is a web based tutorial which provides you more information about the datagrid control and how to bind it to the database table using various ADO.NET objects.

1380)   Inserting a New Row
Inserting a New Row is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author gives you the solution for adding a new row to the datagrid control using DataSet and SqlDataAdapter objects . In this tutorial a text box is used to gather information about the new row.

1381)   Aspose.Pdf.Form
Aspose.Pdf.Form is a .Net Pdf document reporting component which allows developers to read all the fields of the pdf documents, including its name and value;fill the field through the specified field name; etc.

1382)   AyloChart
AyloChart is an easy to use tool which helps you to develop pie, line point and bar charts. You can provide data for these charts manually. These charts are easily customizable.

1383)   wodSFTP.NET component
This is a .NETs networking tool which is basically for transferring data to and fro from other systems. This FTP component is enabled with SSH that helps the users to transfer their data with full security.

1384)   Internet Security
This is an useful tutorial for the learners which helps them to know more about securing their internet applications from hackers. It is an user friendly tutorial for the web developers.

1385)   ServerMonitoR
ServerMonitoR is a program that allows users to view the CPU usage, network traffic etc., status of the server. This program display the status in graphical representation.

1386)   A walk through of Windows Service Controller
This article gives details about the Windows service controller. This tutorial explains the users about the service controller class which in the .NET framework can help the web developers to generate instances and connect with any windows service specifically.

1387) Portal Portal is a portal system that allows users to construct and manage database driven websites with ease. This portal is built for ASP.NET applications.

1388)   Bullseye for .NET
Bullseye for .NET is a program that can be used by the webmasters to include their ASP.NET or .NET based web applications with zip code searching capability.

1389)   IBS Feature Pack
IBS Feature Pack is a program based on ASP that comes with a collection of features that help administrators in performing content management. This program sports features like desktop portal footer, Lost Password Mailer etc.,

1390)   InActiveUserModule
InActiveUserModule is a system that redirects inactive users to a ‘close down’ page in an automatic action. This will enable additional security to the web applications.

1391)   ASPXpand
This program is helpful for the web developers to generate their web pages. It offers huge user friendly functions for data input.

1392)   Intro To .NET Business Objects - Part 1
This is a very simple article dealing with the .NET business objects. The author shows how to write business objects in .NET application, by which the webmasters could use it in their web applications.

1393)   Database Access Within an Assembly
This simple online tutorial explains about how the database is accessed in assembly. This article is explained by its sourcecode given along with it.

1394)   Generating native Excel spreadsheets
This is an simple article in which the author gives details about the two methods of creating Excel spread sheet in .NET framework. The author gives procedure for generating the .NET Excel work book.

1395)   Leverage VB.NET's Object-Oriented Features
This tutorial is much helpful for the novice programmers to learn about Visual Basic.NET. VB.NET is included in the .NET framework and it supports object oriented concepts and it is platform independent.

1396)   .Net DataAccessLayer
This database tool helps user to manage both data input and output services. Supported databases are Oracle, SQL server and supported requests of this database are, GetData, savedata, excutescalar methods etc.,

1397)   Exceptions and Exception Stack
It is a tutorial in which the author discusses about error trapping, which is termed as exception. The author gives idea about error handling, which can identify any error while executing.

1398)   Beginners Introduction to ASP.NET
This article describes about the brief introduction of ASP.NET. This article also explains the advantages of ASP.NET in a simple way.

1399)   KCommon's FTP Component
This FTP component is usually for transferring files and folders from one system to other systems globally or on local network. Both synchronous and asynchronous methods are supported by this tool.

1400)   AnyFieldRequiredValidator
It is a tutorial in which author discusses about AnyFieldRequiredValidator, which helps in validating the web forms. This validator control helps in evaluating collection of elements in the web forms.

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