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Top 1401-1450 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1401)   StartsWith
It is a tutorial in which author describes about Startswith(str), which checks whether the starting character matches with the specified string and displays the result as 'true' or 'false'.

1402)   Real-time Message Logging Utility - Part 1
This article is about message logging utility creation. In this tutorial the author describes the art of generating a real-time message logging utility. This article explains how the server waits for client's request and what it does after receving the request.

1403)   Naxtor shopping Cart one stop ecommerce solution 24/7
Naxtor Cart is a shopping cart solution that can replace or add value to any commercial Web site. Includes automatic Thumbnail & Resize , unlimited product categories, Auto, orders history, tax and shipping rates calculation, powerful admin back office and our world-class graphical layout

1404)   Using Secret Questions
This is an online tutorial that elaborately discusses about secret questions and its role in user identity verification. This tutorial will be useful for the readers to learn about using secret questions perfectly.

1405)   Displaying Two DataTables In One DataGrid
Displaying Two DataTables In One DataGrid is a web based tutorial which helps in showing the data of the two tables that have a common field in a single datagrid control. This tutorial creates two datasets and bind it to the datagrid.

1406)   iBill
iBill is an ASP.NET component that enables administrators to have a payment processor for credit card transaction. This program uses iBill processing plus gateway.

1407)   HTTP Commander
HTTP Commander is a web based file manager through which you can create files and folders. This utility is written in ASP.NET and it looks like windows explorer. You can search the files easily using this tool and it import and export files upto 1GB in size.

1408)   Art Buttons for ASP.NET
Art Buttons is capable to generate image buttons with roll over images. Using this tool webmasters can create attractive navigation system for their website.

1409)   Introduction to Web Services
This tutorial gives brief introduction about web services in a simple way hence any users can easily understand and work with it. It helps the users to examine about web service completely.

1410)   Scarlet Knowledge Base
Scarlet Knowledge Base is a program based on ASP.NET, using which webmasters can have a knowledge base on their websites in FAQ section. Comes with full admin control panel to administer knowledgebase.

1411)   StatMentor.NET
StatMentor is an web counter tool that counts number of visitors online and number of hits made by them on each pages. Users can create and view the reports of their required month.

1412)   DeveloperLand
DeveloperLand is a website where visitors can find ASP.NET downloads, articles etc., This will be useful for the ASP.NET users to gather information about ASP.NET.

1413)   RapTier - Rapid by Nature
This is an ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET and SQL code generating application for creating various database applications.

1414)   See why VB.NET is the classiest VB of all
In this article the author compares both Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic.NET and explains you the new features that are added in VB.NET. This article describes you about the changes in defining classes, constructor methods, custom property etc.. of the VB.NET.

1415)   Javascript Statements
This site is used for learning the functionalities of javascript statements. Learners can easily perceive and generate their own javascript program.

1416)   DataSets, Web Services, DiffGrams, Arrays, and Interoperability
It is an ASP.NET article through which you can learn about the webservices and DataSets. This article gives you a brief explaination about cons and prons of datasets and webservices.

1417)   LocateIP
This is a networking tool component used to display the proper currencies and proper languages and is used to determine the country of the visitors.

1418)   COM Interoperability in .NET Part 1
This online article is all about the issues of Interoperability. The author focusses on calling DLL's with .NET. This article is very much useful for the webmasters to understand how the Classic COM and the .NET framework could exist at the same time.

1419)   Developing Secure ASP.NET Applications
This is an online tutorial that deals with developing secured applications based on ASP.NET. This will be useful for the developers to learn about creating ASP applications in a secured manner for MS .NET framework version 1.0 and Windows 2000.

1420)   Understanding User Controls - Part 1
This is a simple tutorial in which author describes about user control, which can be used either as an user interface or logic. The user control renders properties and methods for working with ASP.NET applications.

1421)   bonneLab WebSearch
bonneLab WebSearch is an ASP.NET based program that can be used to search, index and crawl websites of small and midlevel online businesses. This program performs searching for even a single web page.

1422)   XML for Analysis Specification
This is an article in which programmers can learn about Simple Object Access Protocol based XML API, which helps in transferring data between client and server on any platform.

1423)   Untangling the Web
Untangling the Web is an online refernce article from which you will come to know the applicability of XML and HTTP on SOAP in defining component interoperability standards on the web.

1424)   A Master Detail DataGrid
This is an ASP.NET article that will be helpful for the .NET application developers. This article discusses about the master/detail data grid using the datagrid derived class.

1425)   How To Use a Calendar Web Control to do Holiday Setting
This is an user friendly tutorial in which the author discusses about setting the holiday date using the calender control. The author also explains about the two arguments of the DayRender Event of calender control.

1426)   Web Services, Part 2
This tutorial discusses about how to build .NET based web services and this article instructs more details about web services and the features availble with that.

1427)   Hassle-free Cryptography In .NET
Hassle-free Cryptography In .NET is a tutorial that guides developers to obtain cryptography with ease. This article will be useful for the developers for security purpose.

1428)   Xml Edit Grid
This is a data grid tool which is helpful for the users for editing XML file. It uses very simple code and it is easy to setup.

1429)   NavMenu
NavMenu is an ASP.NET server control which can generate small client side code. It can support browsers like IE, Mozilla, Netscape etc.

1430)   HtmlInputRadioButton Control
This is a web based tutorial through which you can learn about using HtmlInputRadioButton control in web pages. The author explains you to create a group of radio button controls using the common value in the name attribute of each of the radio button that exist in the group.

1431)   Formatting DataGrid Columns
Formatting DataGrid Columns is an article that explains you how to format the data of the datgrid columns in ASP.NET. This article explains it with an example.

1432)   COM Interoperability in .NET: Part 2
In this online tutorial the users could know the procedure in creating and deploying managed code. These managed code would be used from COM applications. The author describes the steps involved while creation is also explained along with the task of installation.

1433)   DockStudioXP
DockStudioXP is a program that provides users a collection of tool bars for the .NET applications which are similar to the Windows office tool bars. Users can also find dockable windows in this program.

1434)   SSW Link Auditor
SSW Link Auditor is a program that comes with the ability to separate the broken links apart from your website to keep running it with fully functional links.

1435)   New JScript .NET Data Types
In this tutorial you can gain more knowledge about the data types of JScript.NET language. The author also explains you how to create an user defined data type, automatic type conversions, data type constraints etc.,

1436)   What languages will developers be able to use to create ASP+ pages?
This is an article which shows what languages can be used by the users to create ASP+ applications. It gives the number of languages that are used.

1437)   BUG: Debugger Skips Client-Side Breakpoints in ASP.NET Projects
Setting breakpoints in server side code and client side code is posssible in Visual Studio ASP.NET. This is explained in this tutorial in detail along with discussing about the error caused by the debugger, because of not stopping at client side breakpoints.

1438)   Rich Chart Server
Rich Chart Server generates captivating dynamic Flash charts from ASP.NET.

1439)   Building Secure ASP.NET Applications
This is an article that deals with creating ASP.NET applications in secured manner. This tutorial covers on authorization, authentication and secured communication.

1440)   Who will test your Web service clients?
This is a simple and useful reference article where you will find some useful and valuable guide lines to test the quality of your web services.

1441)   Using ASP.NET to Create Multi-Page Custom Reports
This is an article through which .NET programmers learn about generating reports in ASP.NET with the help of databinding. The author briefly explains the procedure to the users. You can download the sample source from this tutorial.

1442)   TopicBar
TopicBar is an easy to use .NET based software that can offer topic bar functionality using which users can create topic bars on ASP.NET pages. This program also consists of .NET components developed with C#.

1443)   The Gold Inside the Web Services Wrapper
The author of this article narrates on the substantial characteristic feature of web services in terms of its intuitive interface and the servicing technology.

1444)   RSS Feed Project in .NET
RSS Feed Project in .NET is a very simple tutorial that tells about the demonstration of writing code to consume RSS Feeds from the net and updating it back in the database for future usage.

1445)   Mimsware Menu
This is a menu generating software for ASP.NET applications that can provide menu capabilities using which users can generate menus and submenus on their ASP.NET pages.

1446)   Smilla .NET Communication Library
Smilla's NNTP is a news transfer protocol which enables the webmasters to facilitate their site with newsreading feature. This utility is based on .NET applications.

1447)   HtmlTableCell Control
This web based tutorial is useful for the web developers to know about the HtmlTableCell control. This control helps you to create data cell control in the web pages. The HtmlTableCell control enables programming of the HTML and elements.

ADXSTUDIO is a program that enables webmasters to generate intranet, internet, portal and extranet applications in a faster manner. This program will be essential for the development of the websites supporting ASP and ASP.NET

1449)   Humanity Portal
Humanity Portal supports business oriented services for the deployment of web-based application and content management. It provides complete single-sign on and application integration solution for any organizaion.

1450)   Ultimate Caching: Output and Fragment Options
This is an ASP.NET tutorial through which users can learn more about output caching and fragment caching technique. The author demonstrates these techniques with the help of sample code and examples.

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