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Top 101-150 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

101)   Forms-Based Authentication
Forms-Based Authentication is a tutorial which describes about the task of ASP.NET authentication. Form based authentication allows the applications to give the logon UI and finish their own document verification.

102)   How to avoid error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"?
This is an article explaining about the errors and how to avoid it. The author describes about each components to build a web application. Through this article the users could get more knowledge about the proper usage of cookies.

103)   Write a Simple Web Service
This article briefs web services and helps the programmers to write a simple web services and guides them to consume and compile web services.

104)   Storing Passwords - done right!
This is a tutorial about creating and storing passwords in ASP.NET. Using salted hashes, the author renews the method of storing the password in a different way.

105)   ChangeRequest
It is a web based change request application through which the users can specify any changes in the developing projects and helps the developers to know about the changes done in any management projects in the internet.

106)   .netCHARTING
.netCHARTING is a simple and flexible chart tool to create different types of charts. This tool combines data aggregation, database access, date handling with chart representation. It supports automatic drill down feature.

107)   Understanding Include Statements
This is a tutorial which helps you to know about the include files. Include directive is used to add a file to the ASP.NET page. You have to specify the file name with its path in the include statement.

108)   TimeZoneConverter
This script is generally represented by number of hours. Classes are secured and are able to generate reference of time zones and it can convert to present time zone from any time zone.

109)   CodeBox for .NET
CodeBox for .NET is a software that helps users to store C# and Visual Studio.NET codes into different types of databases such as, SQL Server, Access etc.

110)   Building a Basic ASP.NET Web Form
This tutorial teaches the procedure for constructing ASP.NET web forms, which help in getting the information of the visitors.

111)   Simple .Net Chat Application
Simple.Net Chat Application is a chat tool which helps you to communciate with the people in your chat list. This tool remove all the old messages and it monitors all the users activity.

112)   WebServices and passing a user-defined Object
This tutorial helps the users to send an object through web services by following two different steps discussed in this tutorial.

113)   Viewing and editing file and directory attributes in ASP.NET
It is a tutorial in which users can get details about System.IO.FileAttributes class, which has several attributes and the author explains each attribute with brief description. Through this attributes users can view and modify the file or directory.

114)   Build CAB Files In .NET
This is an article in which author explains about the methods to be followed for generating the CAB files using Cab objects with the help of ASP.NET application. And also the author describes about the procedure for adding the files in the CAB file.

115)   ASP .NET - The ArrayList Object
This is an userfriendly tutorial in which author demonstrates the array creation through array list objects, which is a cluster of items stored in a single data value.

116)   Learn to read and write XML with .NET's XML classes
It is an article which deals with the process of writing and reading XML files in .NET, with the help of XML database. The author gives details about XmlReader and XmlWriter classes which perform the above said process.

117)   Aspose.Pdf.Fo
Aspose.Pdf.Fo is a .Net Pdf document component which allows developers to Convert an existing XML file (.xml) plus a style-sheet file (.xsl); FO file stream; ect to a new PDF document or a PDF file stream.

118)   ASP.NET: Dynamically set Text and Value fields for a DropDownList
The author of this article shows a sample code, from which you can learn how to set value and text fields for a DropDownList using ASP.NET.

119)   "Could not access 'CDO.Message' Object
In a .NET page, when the users try to send email, "Could not access 'CDO.Message' Object" apperars sometimes. Through this article the author gives a solution for this issue by opening SMTP server for relaying.

120)   Date Validator Custom Web Control
Any user's date could be validated, this is the speciality of this tutorial Date Validator Custom Web Control. DateValidator controls the missing user inserted dates. The necessary JavaScript code to perform client-side navigation is built using ClientScript function.

121)   Using Server.Transfer and EnableViewStateMac to Preserve Form State
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial in which the author gives you two methods for transferring the control from one form to another in ASP.NET. The author shows you the syntax for the two methods and gives you the source code also.

122)   Date Time Picker ASP.NET Web Control
This script is a web based tool which helps users to select date, time or date and time values. The date is displayed in the month, date, year format. This program runs on any browser and is simple to install and use.

123)   Read files from a directory
In this tutorial you can find the way for acquiring the name of the files in a directory using the Directory object. You can copy the sample source code given in this tutorial.

124)   obout Calendar
obout Calendar is an ASP.NET based program that can be used by the users to create calendars. This program supports all languages.

125)   Logging Unhandled Page Exceptions To The System Event Log
Error handling is the basic objective of this tutorial. The author describes about a new method to catch Page-Level exceptions by creating the HandleError Method. Atlast through this the clients were redirected to a error page created by the webmasters.

126)   Parse XML Documents Efficiently
This tutorial concentrates on Xpath navigator, which helps in navigating through XML documents. The author gives details about API used by XPathNavigator to move through XML documents.

127)   Create ASP.NET pages from XML data
This tutorial gives information about the procedure for constructing ASP.NET pages by using XML data. The author gives information about XSLT transformation, which helps in manipulating and transforming the XML data.

128)   Display the character count from a Textbox Control
Using this program webmasters can display the number of characters used in a textbox of the web forms. This is an easy to use program built with ASP.NET.

129)   Custom Data Paging in ASP.NET
Custom Data Paging in ASP.NET is an article in which the author gives you a brief explanation about how to perform your own paging functionality in the repeater control. The complete sample source code is available in this article.

130)   ASP.NET images: Manipulation
ASP.NET images: Manipulation is a tutorial that explains about rotating, flipping, cropping and copying the images in ASP.NET. This article illustrates this process by using three commands.

131)   C# Error Handling
Error Handling is a common task for the webmasters. In this article the author explained about error handling through C# in ASP.NET. Error occurs anywhere in the site, but the duty of the user is to rectify it atonce. This article helps the users to reach their easy ways in error handling.

132)   Processing XML Documents in C#
This is an easy to understyand tutorial in which author describes the procedure for writing an XML document from a database query and process of reading the data from the database content.

133)   Creating a simple, threaded forum
This tutorial brings out the author's idea in building a threaded forum in ASP.NET which is easy to understand. The author describes each and every task in detail while creating this threaded forum.

134)   Transforming datagrid content to Excel file
It is a web based tutorial in which the author describes the method of exporting datagrid content to Excel file. This tutorial gives information about StringWriter, HtmlTextWriter, Reponse and HtmlTextWriter objects, which helps in executing the above said process.

135)   Send HTML Email using ASP.NET and Visual Basic.NET
This is an online tutorial that elaborates in sending HTML Email using ASP.NET and Visual Basic.NET. It is very simple and easy which is now proved by the author through this article. Now you could use ASP.NET for sending your HTML Emails.

136)   Custom Error Pages and logging errors
Custom Error Pages and logging errors are the main highlight of this tutorial. The author tells about how to handle custom errors. The author here places some sample codes for the users to create their custom error pages while building their website.

137)   Sending Mail with CDOSYS
This is cool tutorial that clearly tells the reader about the new CDOSYS that is available with Microsoft IIS.

138)   Event Handling Between Dynamically Loaded User Controls
This useful tutorial teaches the method of providing the user control for event handling. The author gives step by step procedure for setting up the control.

139)   How to set focus to a MS ASP.NET TreeView on form load
This is a simple ASP.NET tutorial which helps you to know about the tree view control of ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author gives you the solution for the problem of setting focus to the treeview control.

140)   ASP.NET Dating Software
ASP.NET Dating Software is a program that enables the webmasters to run a dating program on their websites with online payment gateway interface. It comes with several enhanced features and powerful searching functionality for the users.

141)   Accelebrate ASP.NET Training
Accelebrate conducts an interactive ASP.NET training program with low cost. They conduct the courses with highly qualified experts. This training program is more informative for the students.

142)   BugTracker.NET
BugTracker.NET is a powerful error handling tool in which you can enter all the bugs of your application. You can generate various reports using pie and bar charts from the error informations. This tool is written in C# and ASP.NET.

143)   Enhancing Inserting Data through the DataGrid Footer
This simple article is easily understandable even by the novice. In this article the author shows how to insert the data in the datagrid control by placing a dropdown list on the footer and typing data in it.

144)   Installing an Assembly in GAC
The art of installing an assembly in GAC is the main output of this online tutorial. The author explains briefly about the GAC. The difference between GAC and the group directories are explained in this article. The complete process of adding an assembly is shown.

145)   Close Browser Window From Button Web Control
This useful tutorial teaches the method of creating click event on the server side for closing the browser window of the users. The author defines the method of creating the web form, inorder to put a button control for handling the button click.

146)   Introducing ASP.NET 2.0 Master Pages
It is an article that helps you to learn about the master pages architecuture. In this tutorial the author shows how to create master and content pages in the web applications. The master attribute of the Page directive in the content pages is used to configure the master page.

147)   In a Class of its own - the .NET Zip Library
It is a tutorial in which author details about .NET Zip library and about the method of zipping and unzipping the files in the zip archieves using ASP.NET.

148)   Windows Calculator in C#
This simple online tutorial is windows calculator. Now the webmasters could also create a calculator application. The author gives the sample source code in this article.

149)   Dirty Forms and The UserData Persistence Behavior with XMLDocument Property
This is an ASP.NET article through which programmers can learn about the method of combining form checking 'isDirty' and 'onBeforeUnload' events for providing already unfilled form to the users while they return back to the website.

150)   Calendar of Events Web Control
Calendar of Events Web Control is a web based tool which helps the users to drag and drop the controls to have calendar with events on their websites. Web applications can be adjusted by this control. This script is simple and easy to use.

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