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Top 1451-1500 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1451)   AspLib Calendar
This script is the date and time component which is used to select the days and weeks. This supports the date validation. This control runs fast and easy to use.

1452)   Paging in DataList
This is an ASP.NET article in which author deals with the information regaring the custom paging functionality in the datalist control. This article clearly explains the fill method of the SqlDataAdapter object which is used to do custom paging in the datalist control.

1453)   Adventia Chat Server .NET
Adventia Chat Server.NET is a customizable user friendly chat tool through which you can communicate with unlimited number of users. This software does not require plug-ins as well as third party component and it can be easily integrated on your website.

1454)   ASP Folks
ASP Folks is a website where visitors can find number of articles, blogs and forums related to ASP.NET. This website also provides information about ASP.NET 2.0.

1455)   Create a MultiRotator Server Control
The main objective of this tutorial is to create a multirotator server control which could show a number of banners from one source data and prevents the fake.

1456)   ASP.NET - Software Review
This article gives information regarding ASP.NET. It describes about the avant browser etc., in an easy way and more helpful for the visitors.

1457)   General .NET Discussion
Any kind of doubts in ASP.NET programming language can be cleared by using this online community tool. Allows you to post any number of questions under any topic and offers solutions online.

1458)   Rational software
This is an effective solution that helps users to generate business value by enhancing software development abilities. This is an useful tool for webmasters.

1459)   dotNetBB
This component is used for making discussion board on the website which helps webmasters to communicate with their site visitors. It is developed using .NET framework.

1460)   What's In A Namespace
Giving a simple idea about the namespace in the minds of the developers is the main objective of this tutorial. The author clearly explains about the namespace and its requirement while creating a .NET application.

1461)   Enterprise Server
Enterprise Server is a database driven program which is a .NET based object related to query framework. This program supports databases such as MySQL, MS SQL server etc.,

1462)   Code Smith
Codesmith is used for generating code for any languages. This tool generates code based on templates and it allows users to customize the code using properties.

1463)   Displaying Information about the ASP.NET Process
This article is about displaying information about the ASP.NET Process. This tutorial also helps the users about how to read the details in the ASP.NET working process.

1464)   .NET Ways to Get Your XML Into a Database
This .NET tutorial deals with pros and cons of XML and XSLT. Through this tutorial users can learn about the method of storing the data of XML documnets into SQL server.

1465)   10 Syntax Changes in VB.NET Beta 2
This site offers ten different syntax whichever has been changed in the new version of .NET. Those syntax are explained with examples.

1466)   Go MAD for ASP.NET with Graymad!
This article is just the description of some more articles by the author. The author discussed about few other articles with its description.

1467)   ASP.NET Developer Suite
This is an ASP.NET based script and is a news management program with which admin would be able to create and administer news related content on their websites.

1468)   Web Services: The Next Revolution
Web Services: The Next Revolution is a simple article relating on the developing scope for web services and the advantages in developing web services on a MS ASP.NET environment.

1469)   .netExchange
.netExchange permits administrators to let their customers know the product price on their own currencies. This will be of much use for the administrators on their ecommerce businesses.

1470)   ASP.NET Tutorial: Binding a Datareader to a Datagrid using SQL Server and Visual Basic.NET
This is a simple web based tutorial which explains you about binding the datareader object of the ADO.NET to the datagrid to display the records from the SQL Server database table.

1471)   The ASP.NET Web Matrix Project Reloaded!
This online tutorial is about the web matrix project. This is the latest update of the author in which the bug fixes, number of enhancements and more features of ASP.NET Web Matrix Project is discussed. This project is mainly for ASP.NET Web page development.

1472)   Gagnon-Harper Chart
CHART DATA like never before... Create "ch-ART" - your own virtual masterpieces!

1473)   HtmlInputButton Control
HtmlInputButton Control is an useful tutorial for the .NET programmers to learn about the HtmlInputButton control in ASP.NET. The HtmlInputButton control helps you to use three types of buttons such as normal button, reset and submit in the html input tag.

1474)   Common ASP+ Questions
This is an ASP.NET article which offers various answers for the questions asked by several young developers. In this site there is a provision for the readers to post there questions, and read various articles about ASP.NET.

1475)   Instant Associate Store for Affiliates
This is a .NET application with which affiliates can build and manage instant Associate Store. This application supports MS SQL server database.

1476)   Counting Records in an SQL Table
Counting Records in an SQL Table is a tutorial which helps you in displaying the number of records that exist in the database table using C#.NET. This tutorial defines a funtion which counts number of records of the table.

1477)   dotEtiveFTP
dotEtiveFTP is an useful .NET based networking component which is used for transferring and customizing the file between the systems remotely or locally.

1478)   Patch Management
Patch Management is a program based on ASP.NET with which users can perform checking for either network patches or system patches.

1479)   Creating Controls Dynamically in ASP.NET
This is an easy to learn tutorial which teaches you about adding a web control dynamically to the controls collection of a web form. The sample code for this procedure is easily understandable by the novice programmers.

1480)   Data Binding Internals
It is a simple tutorial in which the author offers details on data binding internals. The author offers details about data binding syntax and the procedure to use it in data binding.

1481)   A ComboBox in a DataGrid
A ComboBox in a DataGrid is a web- based tutorial which guides in placing a combobox control in the data grid control. This tutorial explains it with an example.

1482)   Visual Studio .NET Editor Malforms HTML Tags
In debugging the users might come across several errors which should be dissolved. In this tutorial the author discusses about a parser error. The author also shows the symptoms and its resolution.

1483)   How to Use VB Component in C#?
This is an useful tutorial for the .NET beginners. In this tutorial the author gives you the sample code that creates a dll file in vb and include that file in C# which displays the 'Hello world' output on the browser.

1484)   Security for Downloaded Code
This is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about securing downloaded forms. This tutorial will be useful for the readers to learn about some of the security features available in .NET framework.

1485)   ProcessInfo Class
This is a tutorial which gives you the method for obtaining information about the currently running process using the ProcessInfo class in ASP.NET. The author cleary shows how to create instance for this class using the two types of constructors of the class ProcessInfo in C#, C++ VB and JScript.

1486)   Web Services: the Next Big Thing
Web Services: the Next Big Thing is an editorial approach meant to give an introduction on the fundamental of web services. You can gain knowledge on developing XML web service.

1487)   KolorPicker
KolorPicker is a .NET color selection component which can be integrated in to your web applications.

1488)   Custom editable Datagrid with paging and sorting
Custom editable Datagrid with paging and sorting is an useful tutorial which helps you to learn about how to perform various operations such as add, edit and delete in the datagrid control. This tutorial also explains the sorting and built-in paging behaviour of the datagrid control.

1489)   Custom AppSettings using Web.Config
This is a web based article through which you can know how to place the DSN connection string in the ASP.NET web coniguration file. The ASP.NET web configuration file is an XML based file.

1490)   GDI+ : Brushes
This is an article that explains about Brushes of GDI+ (.NET framework's class) and the functions of Brushes.

1491)   Introduction to JScript.NET
This is an useful tutorial for the programmers to know about writing programs in JScript.NET. In this turorial the author gives you a sample program to demonstrate the use of OOPS in JScript.NET.

1492)   How Web Services Came to Be
This is a simple editorial publish briefing on the historical trends and the driving force that leads to the development of web service.

1493)   Securing Your ASP.NET App Against Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Attacks
This tutorial deals with preventing ASP.NET applications from Cross Site-Scripting attack. This will be useful for the administrators to secure their visitors information.

1494)   WebToolBox.CountDown
This script is a time count down component. This .NET based program help users to display the timer count down on their websites numerically.

1495)   Aspose.Chart
Aspose.Chart is an effective charting component which helps you to generate 21 types of charts both in windows and web based applications. You can change the properties of the charts easily. This software is written in ASP.NET

1496)   MenuLink for ASP.NET
MenuLink for ASP.NET is a menu building program, with the help of this program webmasters can allow their visitors to navigate their websites by displaying effective menus.

1497)   Excel as a datasource in ASP.NET
It is an easy article in which the author gives information about the method of utilizing Excel spread sheet as a datasource. The author gives details about Extended Properties, which helps in making Excel spread sheet as a datasource.

1498)   Building the IIS Infrastructure
This tutorial briefly gives description about IIS and about its infrastructure. Users can use this article as guidance for configuring IIS easily.

1499)   SWAT - A simple Web-based Anomalies Tracker - Part 5
This is an online tutorial that can be utilized by the programmers to learn about implementing bug-editing page in ASP.NET application.

1500)   Evolvesoftware Template Engine
Evolvesoftware Template Engine is a tool with which users can separate ASP.NET web forms and template.

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