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Top 1501-1550 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1501)   C# and it's Features
This is an effective article that describes the features of C# language. C# is a simple and an object oriented language. Developers can build applications on the .NET platform easily and quickly using C# that is derived and combined from c++, Java and Visual Basic.

1502)   DataList vs. DataGrid in ASP.NET
In this article you can see the features of both datalist and datagrid control and the difference between them. This is an useful article for the readers.

1503)   EasyProjects.NET Professional
EasyProjects.NET - the Web Project Management System based on the Microsoft .NET.

1504)   The lowdown on Web services
The lowdown on Web services is an article intended to give a better introduction on web services and the component elements involved in developing web services like UDDI, SOAP, WSDL etc.,

1505)   TierDeveloper
TierDeveloper is an effective software for .NET with which users can generate complex database applications, map objects to relational databases and can test the generated objects.

1506)   Nevron Chart for .NET
Nevron Chart for .NET is a program that allows users to generate effective charts and graphs with ease. This program can be used to create unlimited number of charts.

1507)   ibuyspy portal news feed for google news
ibuyspy portal news feed for google news is a program that enables webmasters to display news on their websites from Google.

1508)   4ASPNET Parole Lite
This is an ASP,NET security component through which users can create pronouncable passwords easily. This tool helps in securing various programming systems of the users.

1509)   DNN Resume Manager
DNN Resume Manager is a program based on ASP.NET with which website administrators can display categorized resume listing on their websites.

1510)   Handling Concurrency Issues in .NET
This article gives details about data concurrency, which occur when an application with single data source is accessed by mulitple users. The author offers solution for data concurrency problem.

1511)   Ad Wizard Server
Complete banner management software system to manage multiple websites, unlimited advertisers, banners, and zones. With campaign weighting and Geo-Targeting, you can create advanced banner delivery from an easy to use web interface.

1512)   Introduction to Web Services
This guidance article instructs the beginners of ASP.NET programmer about web service in detail with syntax for easy creation of web services.

1513)   HOW TO: Add Static Items and Results from Data Binding to a DropDownList Control by Using Visual Bas
This is an ASP.NET article in which author discusses about how to add the records of the database table in the dropdown listbox control. This article explains it step-by-step to the readers.

1514)   Managing Application State
Managing Application State is the tutorial which explains about the working of cookie in web application. The authors describes about using session state, application state, view state and client side cookies.

1515)   OleAccessControl - Forms Based Access Control
OleAccessControl uses ASP.NET forms based Authenication. It is very easy to use user authentication system for websites.

1516)   Creating a Fully Editable DataGrid
It is an ASP.NET article which is helpful for the novice and .NET advanced programmers for changing the data of multiple rows of the datagrid control at a time by selecting the checkbox control on each row of the datagrid control.

1517)   How To Set Up Multiple User Debugging in Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0
From this tutorial one can learn how to setup multiple user debugging in IIS web server. The author discusses and guides about this pattern in detail.

1518)   Methods for Active Directory Management
This ASP.NET article instructs the programmers to learn about several methods of Active directory database management. From this tutorial the users can gather information about System.DirectoryServices, which helps in querying users information such as changing users accounts.

1519)   CC Processor
CC Processor is a program using which webmasters can include their ASP.NET applications with real time credit card processing system. This program is supported by AuthorizeNet gateway.

1520)   ImageDraw for ASP.NET MOBILE
Use GDI+ in ASP.NET. Deliver real time dynamically generated images such as charts, diagrams or any other graphical application. You will not have to create, never again, an image file for each image format supported by mobile devices. It renders an image file (wbmp-gif-jpg-png-bmp-ico-tiff) to the image format preferred by client mobile device.

1521)   Dig Into WS-Security With the WSDK
It is a useful tutorial for the programmers to gather information about generating WSDK-based XML web services. The author gives details about the method of using WS-Security class for encrypting message content.

1522)   Aspose.Excel
This is an ASP.NET document application with spread sheet reporting components, through which users can create spreadsheet in Excel with the support of formatting, pictures, addin, comments, etc.

1523)   Executing Transact-SQL DELETE statement using SQLCommand
Executing Transact-SQL DELETE statement using SQLCommand is an user friendly tutorial which guides you in deleting the records from the database table. This tutorial shows how SQL delete statement can be used to delete the database records.

1524)   System Data MySqlClient
This component contains seven different components to communicate with MySQL database to store and retrieve data and each component is very useful for accessing data.

1525)   Aspose.Word
It is a .NET document application with word reporting component which helps the users by generating reports of documents in the MS Word like environment just by single line of code snippet.

1526)   .NET Disaster Recovery: "Safe Computer", Best Practices, and Spyware
ASP.NET Disaster Recovery is a very suitable title for this tutorial as the author explains in detail about how could the users recover their computers from disasters. The author also projects the real essence of a safe computer and getting rid of the spyware.

1527)   User Input Validation in ASP.NET
This is a simple tutorial in which beginners can learn about validating the users input in the web forms, problems that occur while validating the user input and the resolution that has to be taken for solving these problems.

1528)   Using a transacted VB component (leveraging COM+) from ASP.NET
This is a web based article in which you can get information about using COM components in .NET as well as sample code for to building a simple transacted VB class and use it within an ASP.NET page using VB.

1529)   Creating a Custom DataGridColumn Class
This is a web based tutorial which helps you to learn about how to create your own custom columns in a datagrid control using the BoundColumn class. This tutorial clearly shows how to create bound column and template column in a datagrid control.

1530)   C# DataGrid with DataSet
It is an easy to learn tutorial through which you can learn how to populate a datagrid control and bind data to it using the dataset object of the ADO.NET.

1531)   Building and Configuring More Secure Web Sites
This is an article that comes like a study material to allow the programmers to gather more information about creating and configuring websites with more security.

1532)   Hire a programmer Hire a dedicated developer
HIRE A PROGRAMMER / HIRE A DEDICATED DEVELOER You can hire a programmer, dedicated developer, from us according to your needs, on monthly contract basis. A good experienced Php/ASP/.Net programmer will work dedicatedly for you ,8 hours a day,6 days a week .

1533)   Multi-Select Using Check Boxes
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which gives you information about how to select multiple rows in a datagrid control using check boxes.This tutorial shows you the method for creating the checkbox column in the datagrid control.

1534)   Enterprise Services Security
If the users want to know and learn about securing enterprise service application this tutorial deliberately explains and teaches in simple steps.

1535)   HttpServerUtility Class
This is a simple tutorial which helps the .NET programmers to learn about the HttpServerUtility class of ASP.NET. Using this class you can process the web requests.

1536)   Data Access Security
This tutorial really helps the users to provide a secured data access on their database under ASP.NET application. It provides easy steps for the users in a simple format.

1537)   Why .NET Will be a Successful Technology
This article gives information about ASP.NET success. It describes that the independent of language and more which is easily understood for the beginners.

1538)   An Introductory Guide to Building and Deploying More Secure Sites with ASP.NET and IIS, Part 2
This online article works as a guide book to creating and installing many secure sites with the help of IIS and ASP.NET. Forms authentication is one of the main subject discussed.

1539)   Cookies 101 with ASP+
As Cookies are one of the main component for the webmasters in building their site, they should know the basic details about the cookies which is done here in this tutorial.

1540)   How Web Services Mean Business
How Web Services Mean Business is an online ASP.NET reference article where you will find a huge repository of several refernces related to the ASP.NET web service programs.

1541)   FarPoint's Spread for Web Forms
This is a data grid control tool which is helpful for the users to control their ASP.NET data on their spreadsheet component. It allows the users to edit, delete and update data easily using this controller.

1542)   AspLib HtmlDropDownList
This program is used for creating an user friendly web application form with dropdown list input box to allow web users to give inputs easily. This drop down list box is built in HTML.

1543)   HtmlSelect Control
HtmlSelect Control is an ASP.NET tutorial which demonstrates about the HtmlSelect control of ASP.NET. This control is used to show a list of elements from which the user can select the required one. The author explains you how to add the elements in this control list using the Items property.

1544)   URL Rewriting with ASP.NET
URL Rewriting with ASP.NET is the concept discussed in this online tutorial. The author clearly explains this process by providing procedures one by one.

1545)   CSharpFriends
Using CSharpFriends forum utility one can build their own forum on their websites, the full source code is given for free and the user can use this as they wish.

1546)   SockClient component
SockClient component is an efficient C# based .NET program that enables webmasters to create Socket Client application for their applications which utilize high traffic.

1547)   Visitor Information Graphic
Visitor Information Graphic is an effective tool which displays the information of your website visitors in a graphic box. This information include visitors Computer name, IP address and proxy settings.

1548)   ASP.NET ImageDraw by Neodynamic
Use all the potential of GDI+ in your ASP.NET Application. ImageDraw allows you to deliver realtime dynamically generated images such as charts, diagrams, or any other graphical application in formats such as GIF-JPG-PNG-BMP.

1549)   DigitsySureLink and DigitsySureButton
DigitsySureLink and DigitsySureButton is a program based on ASP.NET, using which webmasters can let their web pages URL links to be in an active and faster manner. This program has the ability to keep track of all the linked URLs without link failure.

1550)   Binding, Sorting, and Paging XML with a DataGrid
This is a web based tutorial which deals with the information regarding how to bind the data of the XML file to the datagrid and how to sort and page the XML data within the datagrid control.

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