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Top 1551-1600 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1551)   Hierarchical Data and the ASP.NET DataGrid
This simple tutorial helps programmers in showing the hierarchical data from the two tables that have parent-child relationship in a datagrid control using ASP.NET. You can get more benefit by this tutorial.

1552)   Accessing Caller ID from the Web - Part 3
This tutorial obviously implements the detailed information about how to access caller ID from the web applications on ASP.NET. It instructs the users in step by step mode.

1553)   SQLWire
This is an online community which offers latest information and development in SQL server. SQL programmers can collect their needed articles from this site.

1554)   Custom ASP.NET Datagrid Paging With Exact Count - Introduction
Custom ASP.NET Datagrid Paging With Exact Count - Introduction is a web based article that deals with the paging behaviour of the datagrid control. This atricle also shows how to get the count of the database records.

1555)   Defending Your XML Web Service against Hackers, Part I
This is an article dealing on the security of your web services. You can refer here about the ways to protect your XML web services from hackers and frauds.

1556)   Introducing ADO.NET and the Typed DataSet
This tutorial concentrates on concepts of ADO.NET and the advantages of using it in .NET framework. The author also discusses about typed DataSet, which is an object which is formed by the combination of dataset object with XML.

1557)   Active Data Online DepartmentStore
Active Data Online DepartmentStore can be utilized by the administrators to run and manage an online store on websites. This program is based on ASP.NET and supports MySQL and MS Access databases.

1558)   JiRo´s Banner System
JiRo´s Banner System can help people who need to maintain a banner system on their website. It can generate reports in Excel as well as Word formats.

1559)   Implementing .NET Role-Based Security without COM+
In this tutorial the author discusses about integrating role-based security with ASP.NET without using System.Enterprise service. This article can be used by the users to learn about an efficient way of securing ASP.NET applications.

1560)   Ask the DotNetJunkies: DataList Paging
This is an article through which you can learn how to perform custom paging in the datalist control using various various properties of the datalist control such as pagesize, AllowCustomPaging, AllowPaging etc.,

1561)   Request Validation - Preventing Script Attacks
This is an article that covers on requesting validation to stop server from allowing content which has unencoded HTML in it. This is for providing security to the scripts.

1562)   Building an Event Calendar Web Application
This is an article in which the author gives you a brief explanation about using ASP.NET calender control. In this tutorial the author explains the step-by-step of creating a database table, creating an aspx page with calender control and storing the selected date on the database table with coding.

1563)   Threaded comments
By using this tool web owners can create a powerful message board which is basically working under ASP.NET. This tool helps them to enhance their site with online newspapers, archives, magazines etc., and it allows their site visitors to send their feedback to the web owners.

1564)   Displaying Records in a DataGrid in Random Order
This is an useful article that discusses about how to show the records in a datagrid control in random order. This article provides two methods to show the records in random order in a datagrid control.

1565)   Lexysoft AuthorizeCC
Lexysoft AuthorizeCC is a program that helps administrators in getting authorization for the electronic check or credit card for payment. It does its process by communicating with payment gateway.

1566)   Creating a Web.config Editor - Part 2
This is an useful article for the .NET programmers to know the way for creating custom properties in the web.config file which is a configuration file of ASP.NET. A sample program shown in this article performs the above operation.

1567)   TierDeveloper
Tier-Developer is a tool which is used for generating a .NET database application to allow users to map their objects to the databases. It allows users to query data, users can call stored procedures etc.,

1568)   ASP .NET Recruiting Software
This is a .NET business management application specially designed for developing a recruitment website. This software provides various features for recruitment management system.

1569) is a website that offers articles and discussions on .net programing related subjects.

1570)   Exporting a DataGrid to an Excel file
It is a tutorial in which author elaborates about exporting a data grid content to an excel file with the help of render control method which is explained in this article.

1571)   BaseValidator.Enabled Property
This is an user friendly ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn about the enabled property of the validation controls. This property accepts and returns boolean type. The author shows you the syntax for using this property in the validation control.

1572)   IP* Works! SSL .NET Edition
This tool is used for providing SSL connection to the .NET application for secured network communications with other systems. This utility has many networking components and it is easy to use.

1573)   Showing and hiding details in a datagrid row
This is an ASP.NET tutorial through which you can know about how to show and hide the details in a datagrid row. This tutorial shows an easy way to the novice.

1574)   How To Create a Pop-Up Calendar User Web Control
This is a tutorial through which you can know about how to create a pop-up calender web control in aspx page. You can place this calender control within the panel control.

1575)   Optimizing Color Quantization for ASP.NET Images
This is an article that discusses about altering the color of dynamically created images in ASP.NET with the help of .Net framework's GDI+. This tutorial discusses about two types of process in reducing color depth on images.

1576)   Display the number of Active Users on your website
This easy tutorial gives idea about the method of displaying the number of active users on your website using the Session_Start and Session_End Events within the application state.

1577)   Creating Databound DropDown Lists in ASP.NET
Creating Databound DropDown Lists in ASP.NET is a tutorial useful for the web developers. This tutorial helps you to know about creating the drop down list box control on the html page and add the list items in it.

1578)   Tornado - UR Business Partner
This is an ASP.NET business enterprise solution center which helps the user by offering web based solutions for complicated business application for marketing in the internet and helps in developing and using multilingual business application through intranet.

1579)   Using an ASPX Button to Open a Javascript Window
In this tutorial the author talks to you about including a java script window function in an ASP.NET page with the help of the button control. This tutorial is helpful for the novice programmers.

1580)   ASP.NET Authentication
ASP.NET Authentication is a tutorial which describes about the art of collecting identifications like username and password from the login user and checking it by some authority.

1581)   Transforming XML with XSLT and ASP.NET
What exactly is XSLT useful for and why would you, as an ASP.NET developer, want to learn about it? The answer boils down to the capability of XSLT to transform XML documents into different formats that can be consumed by a variety of devices, including browsers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Web-enabled phones, and other devices that will appear in the near future.

1582)   Defining Custom Entry Points
This is an online tutorial explaining about using the custom entry points. Demonstration to manipulate the IL code is the main highlight of this article.

1583)   Getting to know the .NET collections
This is an useful tutorial in which author gives information about concepts of .NET collections, which helps in storing arbitary objects in a perfect structure.

1584)   MS SQL Database Explorer
It is a simple tutorial in which the author gives details about MS SQL Database Explorer. The author gives detailed method of viewing list of tables, viewing fields and more.

1585)   Generate .NET Code With XSLT
This is a simple tutorial which teaches the method creating .NET codes by using XSLT. The author gives details about basic principles of performing XSLT processing in .NET framework.

1586)   Browser Capabilities Component in ASP.NET
This user firendly tutorial concentrates on HttpBrowserCapabilities, which helps in detecting the web browser information and also helps in generating the browser web pages.

1587)   ASP.NET DataGrid Column Sorting
ASP.NET DataGrid Column Sorting is an easy to learn tutorial which helps novice to learn about sorting the data of the datagrid control based on a particular column.

1588)   Adding Paging Functionality To DataList
This is a tutorial which gives you the method for including your own paging functionality in the datalist control.

1589)   Adding a DropDownList to an Editable DataGrid
This article examines how to add a dropdown list box control to a datagrid. From this article you can get a clear idea about the datagrid and its advantages.

1590)   Barcode Professional ASP.NET Web Control
Barcode Professional Web Control is a simple and easy to use tool that creates barcode images for your web applications. This provides a full design time support and is browser indepedent. This software is written in ASP.NET.

1591)   DropDownList
This is an ASP.NET article through which users can gather information about the dropdownlist. In this article the author discusses about how to build a dropdownlist and insert the data in the list.

1592)   Wittysoft AmzRepeater
Wittysoft AmzRepeater is a program that permits webmasters to display the product catalog of Amazon on their ASP.NET websites.

1593)   Aurigma Flash Chart
Aurigma Flash Chart is an attractive charting tool which helps to create animated charts. These charts are small in size and you can easily change the properties of the charts. This software is written in ASP.NET

1594)   ASP.NET DataGrid Paging Part 2 - Custom Paging
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author discusses about the custom paging solution in the datagrid server control. The custom paging helps to control any number of records that are returned from the datasource.

1595)   deloittes.NET AdServe
deloittes.NET AdServe is a program using which webmasters can facilitate their websites to display ads. This provides entire solution to meet out users needs in creating and managing ads on their websites.

1596)   Retrieving Records without a Dataset
This simple tutorial gives details about the procedure for retrieving recordes from database by using select query instead of datset. Here the author uses OledbReader object which is used as an alternative to dataset to dispaly the content from the database in the web page.

1597)   Email Cloaking - Spam Prevention
It is an .NET application to prevent email addresses from the intruders, spam bots or spammers. This will restrict other resources to fetch the email addresses by cloaking the emails.

1598)   CSS Style Sheets Alternatives to Deprecated HTML Tags
This is a reference article for the programmers which teaches them about the usage of alternative stylesheet syntax for deplored HTML Tags.

1599)   How to Print a DataGrid in C# and .NET
This is an easy to learn tutorial which is useful for the novice for printing the contents of the datagrid control using various methods of the DataGridPrinter class.

1600)   How to Check URLs Using .NET
This is a tutorial in which the author discusses about how to stop broken links on the site with the help of ASP.NET. The author also covers the topic Scraping methods to check for inactive links.

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