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Top 1601-1650 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1601)   Aquest Resource Directory
Manage your own resource directory with unlimited nested catagories, and unlimited resources. Customize the setup of each catagory, such as changing the information displayed, star icons, number of stars, and more.

1602)   Remove Unwanted Words in C#
This is an article for removing bad words posted by the visitors to the websites. In this tutorial the author makes it possible by using code based on C#.

1603)   Selecting a Row
This is a web based tutrorial which demonstrates the users the method of selecting a row in the datagrid control using buttons. This tutorial gives you the sample code to perform this operation easily.

1604)   ASP.NET and Perl.NET Database Access Example
This is a simple tutorial in which the author gives you some tips for adding the database data in the datagrid control using Perl.NET. You must set language property of the page directive to'perl' in order to invoke the perl compiler.

1605)   HOL - Converting a JSP project to an ASP.NET project
This tutorial deals with converting JSP applications into ASP.NET applications with the help of java language conversion assistant. Here author explains about methods that have to be adapted by the users to perform the above said process.

1606)   nGallery Photo Gallery
nGallery Photo Gallery is .NET based program that helps users to create an online image gallery for their digital images. Users can upload, edit or delete the images from a web based interface.

1607)   Customizing Tables in ASP.NET
This is an user friendly tutorial which helps you to customize the tables of the ASPX page in various ways. It also shows the sample screen and offers an example code to the users. This tutorial fetches the data using the recordset object and adds the data to the table using the response object.

1608)   NT Printers Web site
NT Printers Web site is a program using which webmasters can allow their visitors have a printing facility of the displayed data. This program allows webmasters to post their data by floor, queue name and location.

1609)   How To Copy DataRows Between DataTables by Using Visual C# .NET
It is an article in which the programmers can learn about the process of copying a specified data row in a datatable with the help of Visual C#.NET in a .NET framework.

1610)   Dependent List Box
This program is used to show list of sub categories for the given main category. Users have to select the name for which they want to view the list of that particular name on sub categories.

1611)   Registry for .NET
Registry for .NET is a program that can be used by the administrators to manipulate the system registry.

1612)   Sticky Table Headers
This simple article guides the programmers to learn about Sticky Table Headers, which is one of the characteristic of table, that allows the header row to be stationary and allows the data row to scroll.

1613)   Creating a DataGrid that auto-scrolls
Creating a DataGrid that auto-scrolls is an article which gives a sample code to .NET develpers to automatically scroll to a row when the row is put into "edit" mode.

1614)   OleDbPermission Class
This is an user friendly tutorial in which the author discusses about OleDbPermission class. This class allows the OLE DB .NET Data Provider to ensure the user security level for accessing the OLE DB data.

1615)   DomainWatcheR
This is a solution for copying files and directories from an old domain to a new domain. This is a very to use program.

1616)   Building a data grid using ADO.NET and SQL Server
It is an useful ASP.NET article which guides you in showing the database data in the datagrid control using various ADO.NET objects. You can download the sample source code from this tutorial.

1617)   True Image Resizing
Users can find information about determining the image size (height and width) with the help of System.Drawing namespace. This will be useful for the users to learn about building a simple image gallery with thumbnails.

1618)   ASP.NET Maker
ASP.NET Maker is a powerful yet easy-to-use code generator that creates a full set of ASP.NET Programs quickly from your Data Source.

1619)   Creating a Web Service
This tutorial teaches the learners about how to generate a powerful web services with ease. It describes every function of web service in a simple way.

1620)   Secure your .NET smart client apps with CAS
In this tutorial the author elaborately discusses about achieving security using .NET framework’s Code Access Security in application development.

1621)   IonGate
IonGate is a program which can be used by the administrators to perform payment processing through credit cards. This ASP.NET component is supported by IonGate to do its process.

1622)   Book Review - Introducing .NET
This article reviews the book Introducing .NET. It gives the information of the book chapterwise and it is more helpful for the visitors.

1623)   InstantKB.NET
InstantKB.NET is a program which helps business administrators to manage their customers online by providing knowledge base tool. It comes with effective search functionality and an easy to use category navigation.

1624)   EndEventHandler Delegate
It is a tutorial through which you can know about the use of EndEventHandler delegate of ASP.NET. This delegate is used to call the asynchronous events and it is called when completion of the asynchronous operation is signaled by a callback to the BeginEventHandler delegate.

1625)   Security Enhancements in Internet Information Services 6.0
This article gives introduction on security enhancements in IIS which helps the users to secure their web server. System administrators can refer this article and then they can try to enable this facility on their IIS.

1626)   DL Commerce Shopping Cart
DL commerce Shopping Cart is a program that enables webmasters to create shopping cart system on their ASP.NET websites. This program allows webmasters to design custom templates for their ecommerce businesses.

1627)   Accessing .NET Components from COM Clients and COM components from .NET Clients
If you want to go through a .NET component from a COM client, it is possible and proved in this online tutorial. The author explains about COM components from .NET clients.

1628)   VB.NET: Not Your Father's Visual Basic
This is an useful article for all the VB.NET programmers. This article shows all the key features of VB.NET. This article is informative to the readers.

1629)   ASP.NET : “Paged” DropDownList control
ASP.NET : “Paged” DropDownList control is a tutorial which helps you to create a dropdownlist box control with paging functionality. PagedDataSource class has been used to implement paging in dropdown listbox control.

1630)   HOW TO: Write a Simple Web Service by Using Visual C# .NET
This article describes in detail about how to create a simple web ervices by using visual c sharp.NET and also it guides the learners to consume web services.

1631)   Chilkat XML.NET
This script is a .NET based online XML parsing tool which provides improvement in performance over validating parsers. This program saves the binary data and zips and encrypts content into XML documents.

1632)   ssException
ssException is a program built on ASP.NET that can be used as an error handling tool for ASP.NET objects. This will be useful for the users in issue tracking.

1633)   Death of the Database
This is a tutorial which will be helpful for the novice and advanced programmers to know about the advantages of the XQuery. XQuery is similar to the SQL language. This tutorial also discusses about the various clauses of the XQuery.

1634)   Device Support
This article deals with the device support offered by Microsoft for Mobile.NET like device updates and how to apply device updates.

It is an article in which the author gives detailed description about the process of multiple threading by the help of classes present in System.Threading Namespace.

1636)   Indexers in C#
This is an easy to learn tutorial for the programmers to know about the indexers in C#. The sample code given in this tutorial is easily understandable by the novice programmers.

1637)   Deploying Web services with WSDL, Part 2: Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
This tutorial teaches the developers about SOAP and WSDL. It also discusses what are the main features of this component. The author gives instruction with graphical architecture representation for better reference.

1638) is a portal featuring ASP.NET how-tos, tutorials, events watch, latest syndicated headlines (articles, blogs, forums postings, KB alerts), resource directory, and storefront.

1639)   Building a Fully Functional DataGrid
It is an easy to learn tutorial for the readers. This tutorial gives you the explanation for builing a datagrid control using different base classes of ASP.NET.

1640)   Hive Multi-Validating Self Textbox Control (Final Version)
This is a tutorial through which you can know how to create a text box control that performs multiple validations on the users input and send the error reports to the user. The author also list various properties and enumeration of this custom control with its definition.

1641)   Display Excel File Contents in a DataGrid
This is an ASP.NET article that helps users to know how to get the data from the Excel file and bind it to the datagrid control using OleDbDataAdapter object. You can use the sample code shown in this tutorial.

1642)   Importing Remote RSS Files
Importing Remote RSS Files is a tutorial which demonstrates an example of requesting for a distant RSS file and then introduce all individual item one by one into a database.

1643)   Chart a Course With ASP.NET Graphics
Users can utilize this online tutorial to generate and display pie and bar charts using graphic classes of .NET framework. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.

1644)   Conversational C# for Java Programmers, Part 1
This simple tutorial shows you the difference between Java and C#. In this tutorial the author compares the naming conventions, exception handling, creating instance for a class, handling packages and namespaces etc., in c# and Java.

1645)   Using Dropdowns in the DataGrid
It is an useful tutorial through which you can learn how to integrate the dropdownlist box in the datagrid control. This tutorial shows you the sample code which will be helpful for your web applications.

1646)   Creating a Web.config Editor - Part 1
This is a simple ASP.NET tutoiral which guides you in knowing about the web.config file and its default parameters. The author shows you the use of the parameters of the web.config file with a sample program.

1647)   EMS MS SQL Manager
It is an ASP.NET application specially designed for users who are concentrating on developing SQL database application. Through this tool users can generate SQL database objects, manage the data in the database, displays the data in various available formats etc.

1648)   eCoolWebPanelBar
This tutorial focuses on integrating ASP.NET and DHTML for developing client side GUI development. From this article you can find that the combination of ASP.NET and DHTML is the best choice to develop client side GUI interface.

1649)   MP3 Player Server Control
This is an easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial in which the author talks you about the MP3 player control of ASP.NET. This control is used to play MP3 audio files. The author shows you the synax for creating this control in the ASP.NET page.

1650)   Transactions in ASP.NET
This is an user friendly tutorial which helps novice to know how OleDbTransaction class can be used to complete and rollback the transaction. The author shows the sample output screen and code to the users.

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