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Top 1651-1700 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1651)   Using the Global.asax File
This is a tutorial through which you can learn about the use of Global.asax file in ASP.NET. The Global.ascx file is parsed and dynamically compiled by ASP.NET into a .NET Framework class.

1652)   fXgraph
fXgraph is an effective web based tool through which you can generate animated graphs. This tool works with several scripting languages such as ASP, JSP, CGI, PERL et.,and it consumes lot of server resources. This software is written in ASP.NET.

1653)   Active Data Online ThreadedComments
ThreadedComments is a program built on ASP.NET with which website administrators can facilitate their visitors or members to post their comments and feedback.

1654)   Enhancing ASP+ Applications with Javascript
This article describes the tips and tricks that to be adapted by the users inorder to improve their web applications. The author explains about advantages of preferring ASP for the server side programming and javascript for client side programming.

1655)   Session Based Singleton Object
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author describes the advantages and disadvantages of creating singleton session objects in ASP.NET. The purpose of creating singleton object is to group the related session items.

1656)   How to Create and Deploy XML Web Services Using Visual Studio .NET and Office XP
This tutorial teaches about how to generate a XML web services by using Visual Studio.NET and also with the help of office XP. It also helps them to create client applications.

1657)   Web Trees
Web Trees is an effective program that comes with the ability to let webmasters to build extensive tree menus without writing any code. Webmasters can build menus with dragging and dropping facilities to let their visitors navigate their site.

1658)   HtmlImage Control
This is a web based tutorial through which you can obtain more information about the HtmlImage server control. HtmlImage control is used to set and get the properties such as src, width, height, border, alt, and alignment of the image files.

1659)   IEnumerable
This user friendly tutorial deals with the IEnumerable interface, which helps in generating a library class. In this article the programmers can learn about various method of utilizing this IEnumerable inteface for navigating through the collections.

1660)   Visual Input Security
Visual Input Security is a powerful program that comes with the ability to enable protection for ASP.NET websites to preserve from script injection, SQL injection etc.,

1661)   Display a SQL row vertically and column horizontally
It is a useful tutorial for the programmers to learn about the method of displaying column abd rows of the dataset table. The author gives procedure to execute this process.

1662)   .NET Interoperability - Calling a .NET Component from a COM Component
This online tutorial helps the users to show the art of calling .NET component from COM client through this project explained. The author also shows the way of inducing events from the .NET component.

1663)   Active Server Image
Active Server Image is a graphical component used to create charts. The user can draw charts very easily.

1664)   INFO: ASP.NET Does Not Support Pre-Just-In-Time (JIT) Compilation Through Native Image Generator (Ng
This is an article that can be used as a guidance and reference to learn about the factors that make ASP.NET does not work with Native Image Generator.

1665) is a website that provides more information about .NET framework and ASP.NET. This website comes with number of tutorials and articles by several authors.

1666)   ComboBox WebControl
It is an useful web based tutorial in which the author explains you about the ASP.NET combobox web control and the View Link Behavior of this control. The view link feature of the combobox control is used to include document fragments in your HTML component.

1667)   PrintForm .NET
It is a web based printing application specially designed for sending the content of the documents for printing request to the printer.

1668)   dtSearch Engine
This is a .NET database application with search engine through which users can search various content of the text in desktop, internet, intranet site etc. It offers features like providing full text searching, allows search options for searching two dozen text etc.

1669)   More DataGrid/Repeater Tips: Numbering rows in your grid
This is a web based tutorial through which you can learn how to number rows in the datagrid control. This tutorial provides an easy way to do it.

1670)   Calling COM Components from .NET Clients
This is an online article in which the author helps the users to learn about .NET clients and the way it fetches the information from COM server. This also helps the users to understand about the runtime-callable wrappers.

1671)   SSW Access Reporter for IIS
SSW Access Reporter for IIS is a ASP based tool. This program helps users to convert reports from acess to ASP pages. This is a web based application helping users to deliver reports on ASP with ease.

1672)   Exception Handling
In this tutoiral you can get the methods for managing various types of exceptions that arise during the processing of C# statements. The author shows you the sample code which helps you to handle the exception that arises when you divide a number by zero.

1673)   Embracing the Web Part 2: Componentization and Enterprise Services
This online tutorial explains about the Componentization and Enterprise Services. The author explains about the principles and the features of Componentization. The benefits of this is more helpful for the users. In addition to this the author explains about the Enterprise Services too.

1674)   Active Tree
This is an ASP.NET based treeview generator which is used for creating a tree view for list selection. It uses checkbox to select the list. It has very simple source code to set treeview method navigation on the web pages.

1675)   SourceView
SourceView is a program that can be used by the webmasters to display various types of source code on their ASP.NET web pages.

1676)   LLBLGen Pro
This is an ASP.NET application development tool that helps developers to develop n-tier .NET applications with ease. This program has several enhanced features including support for typed lists and all data types, advanced lazy loading on demand etc.,

1677)   Rewrite.NET -- A URL Rewriting Engine for .NET
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial in which the author explains how to create a URL rewriting engine using the HttpModules in ASP.NET. You can download the complete source code from this tutorial.

1678)   Using the AdRotator Web Control in ASP.NET
This is an useful web based tutorial which tells you the method of using AdRotator Web Control of ASP.NET in the web pages for displaying the banner advertisement. In ASP.NET the advertisement file is in the XML format.

1679)   Accessing COM and COM+ Objects Within the ASP.NET Environment
This is an online article narrating about changing the COM and COM+ component within the same environment. The author proves the way to move the ASP application to ASP.NET without altering the components.

1680)   Competing for Directory Services
This is a reference article aimed to give a better introduction for the common object request broker architecture (COBRA) and the method of developing webservices.

1681)   Code Snippet - Selecting an Item in a DataList using C#
This is an useful web based tutorial in which you can see the solution for binding the database data to the datalist control by choosing an item in the dropdownlistbox control.

1682)   Creating a RollOver Button Server Control
This is an useful ASP.NET article which gives you some tips for building rollover buttons in web pages. This button helps you to enhance the attractiveness of the web pages. The author shows you a live demo for this button and also provides you the source code.

1683)   An improvement to RegisterClientScriptBlock
This article demonstrates about the use of RegisterClientScriptBlock which helps the users to register blocks of client-side script. Sample code snippet has been given.

1684)   HttpRequest Class
It is a web based tutorial in which the author explains you about how the use of HttpRequest class of ASP.NET. This class is used to get the request from the client.

1685)   Microsoft's Role In Transition To VB.NET
This is an useful VB.NET article that explains the features of VB.NET. VB.NET has enhanced features that it got from the .NET Framework Common Language Runtime (CLR). This article is simple and informative.

1686)   Hiding Exceptional Code
This tutorial concentrates on the process of hiding exceptional codes in ASP.NET. The author gives suggestion for the programmers to choose a perfect way to hide their exceptional documents.

1687)   Handling Polite Requests
This is a web based tutorial which helps you to know about the request object of ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author explains you about the use of querystring and form collection of the request object with a sample code.

1688)   INFO: ASP.NET Data Binding Overview
This is a simple tutorial in which ther author gives details about the basic principles of ASP.NET data binding. The author discusses about System.Data and System.Data.SqlClient namespace, which offers objects to execute the above said process.

1689)   Maintaining Sorting while Paging in an ASP.NET Datagrid
This is an ASP.NET article that helps users to maintain sorting when you move to a next or previous page in the datagrid control using the viewstate object. This article shows a live demo to the users.

1690)   .NET ICMP & Ping Component
This tool allows users to permit their .NET applications for delivering packets with internet control message protocol. It helps them to ping any host, route etc.,

1691)   ASP.NET State Management: View State
This web based article helps you to learn about the viewstate which is a client side state management technique. The author explains about how to create the view state and what information must be stored in the viewstate.

1692)   FTP Access with WebRequest
This easy to learn tutorial gives information about WEB request class and the method of accessing FTP protocol by using FTP classes. The author discusses about WebClient, WebRequest and WebResponse classes which help in executing the above said process.

1693)   Calculating tax on an item
This is an online tutorial that can be utilized by the programmers or developers to perform calculation for the total prize of any item.

1694)   ASPDB.NET
This component is used for making code for ASP based database applications quickly and the users can make database interface and web handling method invisible.

1695)   Screen Scrapes in ASP.NET
This is an article that deals with performing screen scrapes with the help of ASP.NET class. Here the author uses System.Net.Webclient class to succeed this process.

1696)   C# Class Wrapping
This is a tutoiral through which you can know how to define a function with the same name in more than one class. The author explains this operation with a sample program.

1697)   Creating an ASP.Net Trackback Handler
This tutorial teaches the learners about how to create a trackback handler and to build trackback pointer based on ASP.NET.

1698)   Building ASP.NET User and Server Controls, Part 2
This is an ASP.NET article through which the web programmers can know the method for creating the custom controls. This article gives you the source code for the above procedure. The author also shows you the difference between the custom controls and built-in server controls.

1699)   Confirming Deletes in DataGrid
This web based tutorial is useful for the .NET programmers to delete the items in the datagrid control after getting confirmation from the users. This tutorial explains it with an example.

1700)   Server Side Repeater Control
Server Side Repeater Control is an article in which the author briefly describes about the ASP.NET repeater control and its properties. This tutorial also presents you the syntax for using the properties of the repeater control in aspx pages.

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