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Top 1701-1750 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1701)   MTS Transaction
MTS Transaction explains about the operation of transactional method in .NET supported database. Supported transactional attributes has been explained in this site.

1702)   ASP.NET Forms Authentication, Best Practices for Software Developers
ASP.NET does an excellent job of providing out of the box support for multiple forms of authentication using the classes in System.Web.Security namespace. In v1.1 of the framework, there exists support for forms-based, Microsoft Passport based and Integrated Windows (or NTLM) based authentication.

1703)   aspNetIMAP
This is an ASP.NET web based mailing component for providing email service. This component has IMAP protocol for sending or retrieving email messages from the mail server.

1704)   Select Random Row Using Stored Procedure
This is an interesting ASP.NET article which provides you information about generating random numbers using the rand() and get the random row with the help of the stored procedure. You can use the sample code given in this tutorial for your application.

1705)   How To Control Page Output Caching in ASP.NET by Using Visual C# .NET
It is an useful tutorial for the ASP.NET programmers in which they can get idea about output cache technique using visual C# .NET and its attributes with examples and sample code.

1706)   HOW TO: Set Current Culture Programmatically in an ASP.NET Application
This user friendly tutorial deals with process of transforming current culture and current UI culture by using cultureinfo classes in ASP.NET. The author explains about the System.Globalization namespace, which offers classes to execute the above said process.

1707)   EaseSoftLinearControl
EaseSoft Linear Barcode Web Controls support most barcode symbologies.

1708)   System.Web Namespace
This tutorial gives you a brief explanation about the System.Web namespace of ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author lists you all the classes, enumerations, interfaces and delegates of this namespace.

1709)   Sockets4AIM
Sockets4AIM is an ASP.NET program tool which has messaging facility which providing instant messenger service by sending and receving the instant message.

1710)   The .NET Framework
This is a web based article which contains information about the .NET which is useful for the novice programmers. Some key features of the .NET technology are cross-language inheritance, XML support, having consistent class library, portablity, pure oops etc.,

1711)   Server Side Repeater Control
It is an ASP.NET article which helps you to learn various topics regarding repeater control such as creation of repeater control, handling the ItemCommand event of the repeater control, various templates supported by the repeater web server control etc.,

1712)   Consuming RSS feeds on your web site
This is a web based article in which you get the solution for consuming the RSS feed which is an XML markup with the help of DataSet object. You can easily consume the RSS feed exposed by others on your web site by using the source code given in this tutorial.

1713)   Jasper
This is an ASP.NET based software that helps users use their own developed java classes exposing as a COM object. The ActiveX component in jasper is capable of even converting visual classes.

1714)   NMath Matrix
This is a numerical program written in ASP.NET that helps users to perform various types of matrix calculations such as, sparse matrices, general matrices etc.

1715)   Security in ASP.NET
This is a tutorial that elaborates about the function of ASP.NET in providing security. This article will be useful for the users to learn about basic security features of ASP.NET.

1716)   ADDA - Advanced Data Dictionary Architect
ADDA helps user to generate and to manage database table on any application. This tool supports several enhanced customizable features and it is fully automated.

1717)   Flecto
Flecto is a development environment for .NET programmers with MySQL. This program comes with two applications, one is standalone and another one is visual studio addin. This program will be of much use for the ASP.NET developers in using and managing MySQL database in Visual Studio.

1718)   Data Adapter Events
This is an easy to learn tutorial through which you can learn about the various events of the DataAdapter class. This tutorial explains each of the event clearly to the users.

1719)   Hierarchical data with ADO.NET
This tutorial gives details about the process of working with hierarchical data with the help of ADO.NET. This tutorial gives information about the method of accessing and storing data into the database.

1720)   HOW TO: Format Data and Handle Null Values in a DataGrid Web Control
HOW TO: Format Data and Handle Null Values in a DataGrid Web Control is an article with more information about the datagrid control. This article explains the method of binding data to the datagrid control, format the data in the datagrid control and handling the null values in the datagrid control.

1721)   Filtering XML using the DataTable Select() Method
This simple tutorial instructs the programmers about the method of utilizing Select() method to filter a particular row in a database table and about the method of binding the row with the datagrid.

1722)   ASP.NET v2.0: Introducing BulletedList Control
This is an ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn about the BulletedList control of ASP.NET. This control is used to list the text items with different styles by setting the BulletStyle property . The author also shows how to create a list of link button and hyperlink using this control.

1723)   activePDF Server
activePDF Server is a program that can be utilized by the users to include PDF coversion capabilities with their web applications or enterprise applications.

1724)   WebForm
This program allows users to create non-post back forms and also they can generate unlimited number of forms in an easy way. It supports several control features with search facility.

1725)   Integrate .Net into Other Platforms
This tutorial makes the programmers familiar in integration of web service in different platforms from .NET. This article has provided resources for the learners to collect more information regarding to web service integration.

1726)   SQL Direct
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn about executing the action Sql queries with the help of ExecuteNonQuery method of the command object in ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author also explains about the dataset object. This tutorial gives you the sample code.

1727)   Parabola Time Recording system
This is a .NET time recording web application which helps in tracking and recording the employees work time in organisations. This application provides solution for timedata sheet, speed management to perform particular task and to record the time spent to do particular project.

1728)   Export.NET
This is an ASP.NET based program with which users would be able to export data into different types of applications such as, XML, Excel, HTML etc.

1729)   File Encryption
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which programmers can gather information about symmetric encryption, which utitlizes single private key for both encryption and decryption process.

1730)   Deloittes.NET RichTextEdit
Deloittes.NET RichTextEdit is a program with which webmasters can include rich text editing functionality to their ASP.NET applications.

1731)   Start Optimizing Where It Matters Most
Start Optimizing Where It Matters Most is an article on different optimization techniques which can enhance the performance of .NET applications.

1732)   DbNetGrid
This tool is a HTML based data grid component that helps the web developers to use on their database tables. It offers several components that navigates the users to sort, store, search etc.,

1733)   Barcode Professional ASP.NET Mobile Web Control
Barcode Professional mobile Web Control is a ASP.NET based tool that generates barcodes. This does not require any third party component. You simply drag and place it in your mobile webform.

1734)   SockServer Component
SockServer component is a program using which webmasters can build their own socket server application for .NET websites. This C# based program is very scalable in nature.

1735)   Cobol for Microsoft .NET
It is a tutorial in which the author helps you to know about developing applications in cobol using .NET. The author clearly explains the installation procedure for cobol in .NET and offers the sample code for developing applications in COBOL.

1736)   A Portal for My Data
This tutorial deals with using a single data portal to handle the data retrieval in a unique way. This discussed data portal will take care about calling services, methods or objects during data retrieval in an n-tier application.

1737)   ActiveQ
ActiveQ is a mail service program which enables users to sent several emails in no time. Unlimited number of mails can be sent. It is written using C#.NET.

1738)   Side-by-Side Execution of the .NET Framework
This is an interesting article through which you can gain knowledge about constructing the .NET framework applications. The method for configuring the .NET applications depend upon the nature of the application that you are constructing.

1739)   Introducing Web Forms
This is a easy to understand tutorial in which the author gives details about process of creating ASP.NET web forms, through which web pages can be created to be used in server.

1740)   Web Methods Make it Easy to Publish Your App's Interface over the Internet
This online tutorial elaborately conducts learners about how to publish their own applications over internet on web services with the help of SOAP and HTTP protocols.

1741)   How To Retrieve and Display Records from an Access Database by Using ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and Visual C#
This is an article through which you can learn about how various ADO.NET objects can be used to display the Microsoft Access database data in the datagrid control. This article is more informative to the users.

1742)   .NET attributes
This article demonstrates about the usage of attributes in .NET framework. Users can refer this article to learn attribute easily by using the given sample codes.

1743)   How to get list of tables in a database
This is a simple tutorial that describes you the method of getting the tables and view of a database with the help of OleDbSchemaGuid class in ADO.NET. You can get the sample code for this task from this tutorial . You can use OpenSchema method of the Connection object to list the tables in ADO.

1744)   Simple Web Service with Notepad and ASP.NET
This tutorial easily instructs the learners about web services and guides them to create a web service by using ASP.NET with the help of notepad.

1745)   Wise ASP - ASP+ Web Forms ?
It is an article which deals with ASP+ Web Forms which helps to create dynamic web page. Users can learn about ite advantages of using it in various aspects.

1746)   Viewing Assembly Permissions
This is an online article which describes about the assembly permissions. The author shows the hello.dll module output as an example. The author uses the CASPol utility to check and view any assembly which would allow to find the permission needed to execute the assembly.

1747)   ASP .NET - Web Pages
This is an useful tutorial for the novice programmers to gain more knowledge about creating web forms using ASP.NET. An aspx page has the extension .aspx. and if the browser requests an ASP .NET page then server processes any executable code in that page before it is sent back to the client.

1748)   An Exception to the Rule, Part 2
Through this tutorial the author describes the two events, application Error events and Page Error events. Handling the errors is easy in ASP.NET which is proved by the author.

1749)   Intense Web Design
Webmasters can use this program to build their site with flash effects. It offers various categories with multiple designs. Installation is quite simple.

1750)   An Introduction and Overview of the Microsoft Application Blocks
This is an article through which you can learn about the application blocks. Application blocks helps you to maintain consistency and efficiency in your applications. You can download the data access and exception management application blocks from this article.

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