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Top 1751-1800 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1751)   ASP.NET Migration Summit - Moving from ASP to ASP.NET
From this session, brought to you by Microsoft and DevelopMentor, you will learn the internal details of how ASP .NET works, from the new compiled processing model to the inheritance story of a page and code-behind. Also, learn about the strengths of Web Forms and a completly new Server-Side controls architecture. You will also learn how to scale a Web site by taking advantage of the new state management features in ASP .NET. Finally, you will learn about Web Services - how they work and where they fit in the world of distributed computing. Source code included.

1752)   ASP.NET datagrid scroll and column freeze
ASP.NET datagrid scroll and column freeze is a data grid component that helps users to scroll the body of the table without scrolling the header of the table vertically. This program comes with many enhanced features.

1753)   PayReady
PayReady is a program that enables webmasters or business people to perform a credit card payment processing for selling their products. This program will be essential for ASP.NET ecommerce websites.

1754)   Web UI RSS Manager
Web UI RSS Manager is an ASP.NET web component designed for adding the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) features to your ASP.NET application.

1755)   ConnStr
This is an ASP.NET database application which helps the users by allowing them to select the desired fields from the ADO providers. And allows the users by generating various strings for developing applications in ADO.

1756)   ADO.NET, COBOL and Stored Procedures
This is an ASP.NET article which is useful for the novice to create a stored procedure and acces the database data using the stored procedure in ASP.NET. This tutorial shows how various ADO.NET objects can be used to run the stored procedure.

1757)   VControls README
This is a tutorial which concentrates on validating the web form elements using validation control. In this tutorial author discusses about methods to perfectly utilize these controls in ASP.NET applications.

1758)   How to capture the Double Click event in a DataGrid?
This is a tutorial which gives you some tips for getting the values of the row in the datagrid control when the row is double-clicked. This tutorial also describes you about the OnItemDataBound event and OnDblClick property of the datagrid control.

1759)   RBarcode 1D and 2D for .NET
RBarcode 1D and 2D for .NET is an useful barcode tool that helps to create 1D and 2d barcode symbolgoies. You can upload these barcode images in formats such as jpg, gif, png etc., This tool has been developed for both windows and web applications.

1760)   How to determine what server is given web site running on using ASP.NET?
This tutorial elaborately describes about how to find what type of application is running on and also to check the type of server.

1761)   Simple ADO.NET Database Read, Insert, Update and Delete using C#
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which helps you to insert, read and delete the database records in ASP.NET using various ADO.NET objects such as ADOConnection, ADOCommand and ADODataReader. This tutorial shows you a live demo and offers sample code.

1762)   Use of DATE Jargon in C#
This tutorial uses Date Jargon in C# to display any calendar of any month and year which you prefer to go through. Functions of Date time class is used in this tutorial.

1763)   C# Programming Language Future Features
In this tutorial the author discusses about the four new features of the C# language. This tutorial shows you how to define generics, iterators, anonymous methods and partial types and also tells you the advantages of these new features.

1764)   Clearing Your Address List
This article clearly states the importance of clearing your address list whenever needed. The author gives specific reasons and also explains how to clear it successfully.

1765)   Using the Security Controls in ASP.NET Whidbey
In this tutorial the author contributes to administrators to utilize Visual Studio.NET Whidbey in keeping web resources in a secured manner.

1766)   Dot Net Discussion
Dot Net Discussion is an online utility that is greatly useful to obtain more information about Microsoft .NET material. Solves all your problems with .NET technology.

1767)   IHttpHandlerFactory Interface
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author shows you the use of IHttpHandlerFactory Interface. This interface is included in the System.Web namespace. In this tutorial the author shows you the syntax for using the methods of this interface.

1768)   SqlDataReader.GetSchemaTable Method
This is an easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial through which you can know about use of the GetSchemaTable method of the SqlDataReader object. This method is used to get the information of the DataTable object. This tutorial also tells you about the InvalidOperationException of the SqlDataReader object.

1769)   Databinding to Custom Objects
It is a simple tutorial in which the author gives details about method of binding a collection of objects to a data list. Through this tutorial learners can gather information about GetEnumerator method, to perform databinding process.

1770)   Creating and Using Custom Attributes in VB.NET
This article teaches the programmers about how to create and how to use attributes in Visual Basic.NET. This article really guides the users for attribute creation.

1771)   Object-Oriented Programming for VBScripters
This article is useful for the novice programmers to learn about the various object oriented programming concepts. The author also explains you about the namespace which consists of a colletion of in-built classes. You can see the sample code which implements the object oriented feature.

1772)   An Exception to the Rule, Part 1
Errors are common in all web applications. But how to eradicate it, is something new and easy in ASP.NET which is putforth by the author through this article.

1773)   Blackbytes whois for .NET
This network component is used for finding the registrants of the domain name and their address from whois server. It collects personal databases about registrants.

1774)   Using cookies in your forms
Using cookies in your forms is a tutorial by Luca Ruggiero which explains in brief the usage of cookies for user mangement through forms on web pages.

1775)   Loading a true type font with GDI+
Loading a true type font with GDI+ is the topic discussed in this tutorial. The author explains about loading a font, which is not available in the server during the run time.

1776)   EasyListBox
EasyListBox is an easy to use tool and is a replacement for ASP.NET list box, this can be used to create easy list boxes on the webpages.

1777)   Efficiently Displaying Parent-Child Data
This is an ASP.NET article which guides you in displaying the parent-child data in the datagrid control. The author clearly explains the algorithm and you can get a clear idea about binding the parent-child data to the datagrid control with the help of the live demo shown in this tutorial.

1778)   AmberPoint Express
AmberPoint Express is developed using ASP.NET application. It is used to monitor your web service. This can be integrated into any custome sites.

1779)   web.config
This is an ASP.NET article where you can get details about the web.config file of ASP.NET. You can know the use of this file from the sample code given in this article.

1780)   ASP.NET Validation Controls
This is a tutorial which specially concentrates on validator control, which helps in validating the web form. The author discusses about the advantages of using this validator control and the method of using this validator control in the right way.

1781)   GDI+ with code behind
This is an article in which author gives details about code-behind method and the process of utilizing code behind method on ASP.NET GDI. The author give source code with description about it.

1782)   Aspose.Chart
It is an ASP.NET documentation application specially designed for generating charts in the .NET documents. Through which users can draw 21 chart types in the documents, create chart effects like 3D, anti alias, gradient, etc.

1783)   Net DDE to DOTNET Remoting
It is an easy tutorial which deals with the process of tracking the remote service in .NET. Here the author gives details about Remote procedure call and remote method invocation.

1784)   EventMonitor component
This is a web based online tool which is used to notify the events. It queues and transfers the data into XML files. It is simple and easy to use.

1785)   Using a DataGrid To Edit And Delete Items
Using a DataGrid To Edit And Delete Items is a tutorial that explains you the addition and deletion of data in the datagrid table in ASP.NET. This tutorial is useful for the .NET beginners.

1786)   Multi Namespaced Assemblies
This online tutorial is about the assemblies including the implementation of sub namespace assemblies and multiple namespace. The users could understand about this multiple namespaced assemblies easily through this article.

1787)   A Practical Comparison of ADO and ADO.NET - Part II
It is an article which discusses about working with recordset and rowset of the ADO and ADO.NET. The recordset contains the result of the SQL query and you can loop through the results with the help of the movenext method. The OleDbDataReader and SqlDataReader classes of ADO.NET has rowsets.

1788)   HtmlInputText Control
This simple ASP.NET tutorial helps you to learn more about how to use HtmlInputText control in the web forms. The HtmlInputText control helps you to create an input control that accepts only single line text entries from the users. The sample codes are helpful to know about the use of this control.

1789)   Working with MS Access Stored Procedures in VB.NET. Part 2
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial in which you can obtain information about data tier which is used to implement the stored procedures that is created in MS Access database. In this tutorial the author shows how to run the stored procedure using the ExecuteNonQuery method of the command object.

1790)   ASP.NET Multilanguage Applications
Only a language independent website could be more useful to which you should generate a multilanguage website. This tutorial explains the same by generating a website which could change the page into any language which is preffered by the viewers.

1791)   activePDF Portfolio
activePDF Portfolio is a program that comes with a set of six products that enables users to effectively perform dynamic PDF documentation. Each product comes with salient stable features for the users benefit.

1792)   Using Images and Files with SQL Server: Part 1
This is a simple and easy to learn tutorial through which you can easily export the binary data to the Sql Server database using ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author explains the procedure with an example code which will be helpful for your applications.

1793)   RADGui
RADGui is a rapid application development solution with which developers would be able to generate .NET applications in quicker time. This program comes with many enhanced features.

1794)   ASP.NET: Master or Detail View using a DropDownList and a DataGrid
This is an easy to learn tutorial which explains you about the creation of datagrid and dropdownlist box control in ASP.NET. This tutorial is user friendly and more informative.

1795)   Buba Chart
Buba Chart is an interactive chart utility which helps you to draw different types of charts in svg format for both web and windows applications. This tool is simple and ease to use.

1796)   Sending Email in C# for Asp.Net, Part 1
Sending Email in C# for Asp.Net, Part 1 is a tutorial which explains the art of sending basic text or HTML messages with or without attachments. Along with that this article shows how to restore fields in the message body along with database values and the ability to send email.

1797)   Aspose.Network
Aspose.Network is a suit of flexible and .NET network programming components which aims for providing a more comprehensive and complete solution for professional network application development on .NET platform.

1798)   New AcctSync SDK Version
New AcctSync SDK Version is a tool kit that provides quick book solution for quick book developers. They can find components in this program to meet out their quick book developing needs.

1799)   WebTimer - a server control, (setTimeout made easy)
This is a web based tutorial in which you can get the details about web timer control. This control helps you to get the auto postback after n millisecs. You can use this web timer control on your web applications.

1800)   Manipulate IIS in .Net
This article teaches the programmers how to manipulate IIS in .NET applications. This article helps the users to provide Active Directory for IIS manipulation included with LDAP and WinNT.

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