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Top 1801-1850 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1801)   Creating a Custom .NET Web Control With Events
Creating a Custom .NET Web Control With Events is an article in which the author explains you how to add a dropdown list web control in a web form and how to handle SelectedIndexChanged event of the dropdown control.

1802)   Creating a DataBound List of Radio Buttons
It is a tutorial through which you can know about creating radio button control and populating the radio button with the data of the table.

1803)   DLAuthorizeNet
DLAuthorizeNet is a program that can be used by the administrators to add a credit card processor to their ASP.NET websites for their ecommerce businesses. This proigram is supported by Authorize.NET.

1804)   Consuming an XML Web Service
This tutorial is for the learners which gives complete details about web service and how to consume XML web services easier. It also explains what is the basic usage of web services and how it works normally.

1805)   Repurposing CGI applications with SOAP
This tutorial unveils deeply about CGI applications with SOAP and it guides the learners how to bind an existing web application into a SOAP service.

1806)   Conditional Formatting ASP.NET DataGrid Columns
Conditional Formatting ASP.NET DataGrid Columns is a tutorial which helps users in formatting the columns of the datagrid control using ASP.NET. This tutorial shows an easy way to the users.

1807)   ScrollArea
ScrollArea is a program that can be used by the webmasters to display text with a scrolling effect. This program causes scrolling effect in top to bottom and bottom to top directions.

1808)   .netSHIP
.netSHIP is an useful e-commerce program that can calculate product shipping rates and handling charges. A detailed report on the location, product status, date and time of the shipping is generated for your references.

1809)   Using Object-Orientation in ASP.NET: Inheritance
It is an ASP.NET article through which you can gain knowledge about the inheritace in ASP.NET. Inheritance helps you to create hierarchy of classes. You can also get the syntax for creating inheritance of classes in this tutorial.

1810)   Component One Studio
This script contains several components which is used for building a user friendly web form with fully customizable features very easily. This tool is based on ASP.NET.

1811)   Chapter 3: Customizing the HTML Output
It is a web based article through which you can obtain more information about formatting the output of the datagrid and datalist controls with its various display properties. The author shows you how to set these properties with a sample program.

1812)   activePDF Printer
activePDF Printer is a program that helps users to include their applications 'Print to PDF' capability. It is possible to include print to PDF facility to the applications, which haven’t any native printing functionality.

1813)   3D Data Grid
This is a .NET based database application tool by which the users can create a three dimensional and fully graphical control properties included database table. It offers hidden panel which allows user to control the data easily.

1814)   VS.NET Tip #4 - Column (Box) Selection
This article discusses about the use of codewright which helps the users to add column(Box) mode selection in visual studio.NET. The author gives explanation in detail.

1815)   Intellitask.NET
It is an ASP.NET project management and marketing application with an easy-to-use interface. This tool offers online management facility, share and manage files and more.

1816)   Positioning your UI elements in a WebControl
This is a web based article in which the author gives you the sample code for adding a dropdownlist with a label control in C# as well as for setting different style properties to these controls.

1817)   Object-Oriented ASP.NET - Introduction
This web based article deals with the information regarding the object oriented support of ASP.NET. The author shows how you can customize a datagrid by encapsulating some behavior in a subclass of the datagrid, and thereby making the derived DataGrid class re-usable across multiple form.

1818)   Dev Bistro - Developer jobs
This is an useful website for the IT job seekers. You can find IT jobs in various countries across the world.

1819)   DotNetDating
DotNetDating is an easy to use tool which provides attractive dating service. This application is written in ASP.NET and it uses Microsoft Sql Server for storing data. Using this tool you can add the profile informations on your interface.

1820)   NCTPhotoStudio.NET Library
NCTPhotoStudio .NET is an image library which helps users to make contact with the image pixels directly. This tool helps to manipulate variety of different colour images.

1821)   Make managed code work with .NET's CAS
This is an online tutorial that can be utilized by the administrators to learn about configuring Code Access Security and using managed code with the same.

1822)   Dealing with DllImport
This is a simple tutorial through which the programmers can gather information about DllImport, which helps in importing unmanaged function from DLL.

1823)   Ad Hoc Query Builder
Ad Hoc Query Builder is an ASP.NET based program that helps webmasters to enable their ASP.NET applications to create ad hoc reports with ease. This program permits webmasters to use all databases as backend.

1824)   Aspose.Project
This is an ASP.NET application for generating document reports for the .NET projects. Through which users can create, modify and store MS project documents with windows forms and web forms applications.

1825)   Advanced Cookie Techniques with ASP
This is an article in which the author highlights about the advanced cookie techniques with ASP. This might help the webmasters to update the recent development in using cookies.

1826)   AllDb
This is a database tool which is used for enabling developers to access multiple databases within .NET framework. It averts them to create duplicate source code for each databases.

1827)   Call a Web Service Using Client Certificates from ASP.NET
This tutorial helps the users how to access web service using client certificates from ASP.NET applications. Explanations are given in a simple format hence the users can easily perceive the functions rapidly.

1828)   SWAT - A simple Web-based Anomalies Tracker - Part 2
This tutorial contributes to developers on performing user authentication by building a logon page. This tutorial will be of much use for the administrators to learn about securing their ASP.NET applications.

1829)   Bean Software Search Control
Bean Software Search Control is ASP.NET web control that creates whereclause of SQL Query to database. It is R.A.D. tool intended for web designers and web developers to easily add searching features without advanced knowledge of database programming.

1830)   Display jpg in a dbase with asp
This is a web based tutorial which specifically concentrates on displaying the records from the Access database with the help of ASP applications.

1831)   Command Line Compiling in .NET
The author explains through this tutorial about how to generate an assembly with the help of the command line compiler.

1832)   MMS SDK
MMS SDK is a program built on .NET that can be used by developers to create mobile messaging application in ASP.NET. This program post files by using nowSMS gateway.

1833)   Amazon Explorer - An adventure with ASP.NET & the Amazon Web Service
This presentation shows about creating an Amazon Explorer which could use the amazon web service to view the's catalogs. The author proves that API with useful components and controls has more powerful functionalities.

1834)   ZXValidator
Library providing functionality for credit card numbers validation without connecting to a payment gateway.

1835)   Multiple Column Sorting with a DataGrid
This is a tutorial which tells you a simple solution to do sorting by multiple columns of the datagrid control. This tutorial is useful for the novice to do multiple column sorting with a datagrid control.

1836)   SessionBridge
This is an ASP.NET component which helps the users by allowing sharing of session variables between ASP and ASP.NET. This tool can be easily integrated into users website.

1837)   Migrating from ASP.NET 1.1 to ASP.NET 2.0
This presentation will cover the following topics: Migrating from ASP.NET 1.X to ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2003 to Visual Studio 2005 Conversion. Source code included.

1838)   XML and DataGrids
This is an ASP.NET tutorial that helps you to bind the contents of the XML document to the datagrid control. This tutorial performs it using XmlDataDocument object.

1839)   GeneralLedger
It is a web based accounting application which helps the users by providing applications of ledger records, store and query accounts in the ledgers, profit and loss statements etc.

1840)   How to handle optimistic concurrency violations in ADO.NET
This tutorial concentrates on the method of handling optimistic concurrency violation in ADO.NET. The author discusses about optimistic concurrency, which occurs while a user edits a particular application, by neglecting other users to access the file at the same time.

1841)   Dual Mode Banner Ads - Text or Pictures
Dual Mode Banner Ads - Text or Pictures is an ASP.NET program for displaying ad banners on the web pages. This program displays banners as both pictures and text.

1842)   Common .NET Libraries for Developers
The main theme of this online tutorial is about giving some details of the commonly used .NET libraries which would be useful fot the developers to develop their .NET applications. This article shows the users to recognize various .NET namespaces and also describes it.

1843) is a website that offers visitors an opportunity to include their own experiences, FAQs, code snippets and any content related to .NET.

1844)   Required Field Validation in ASP+
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial in which the author shows you the use of the RequiredFieldValidator control with a sample program. This control is used to check the blank entries of the input control and displays the error message if there is no entry in the input control.

1845)   VisualASP ListView Component
It is a listview component to sort or arrange columns. Users can add unlimited listview in a single page. file system can be loaded into listview control. An useful component for the webmasters.

1846)   ASP.NET Namespaces for Mobile Controls
One can know about namespaces available in mobile .NET in detail after going through this article.

1847)   Lexysoft ValidateCC
Lexysoft ValidateCC is a program that has the ability to authenticate the credit card before posting the details to the payment gateway. This program is built in ASP.NET.

1848)   Team Coherence
This is an ASP.NET management application with the various development tool for generating business management technologies. This tool provides various tracking facility and built-in functionalitity for developing management projects.

1849)   Simplest way to add calendar for your application
In this tutorial you can get an easy method for displaying the date that is selected in the ASP.NET calendar control on the client side. This tutorial is helpful for the novice programmers.

1850)   Barcode ASP.Net Web Control
Barcode ASP.Net Web Control is an useful and interative control that can create 20 different types of barcode images. This tool executes on IIS server and it is very small in size.

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