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Top 1901-1950 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1901)   Dynamically access a database through a Web Application
This is a tutorial useful for the novice to get the database records using a web page. In this tutorial the author shows you a sample web page designed for this purpose. You can also get the sample code from this tutorial.

1902)   ASP.Net Enterprise Manager
ASP.Net Enterprise Manager is a program built on ASP.NET that can be used as a web based interface for MSDE design and MS SQL server.

1903)   Assemblies: The Ins and Outs - Part 2
This article helps the webmasters to know about assemblies and its types. The author shows the art of generating a shared assembly. Few utilities for working with assemblies are discussed by the author in this tutorial.

1904)   ASP.NET Directory Lister
In this article the author shows how to filter files using ASP.NET. The sample source code is given in this article through which the author describes about filtering and to display only few important file types.

1905)   To VS.NET or not to VS.NET
This article is helpful for the readers through which they can learn more about Visual Studio.NET. This article is a good guidance for VS.NET developers.

1906)   Using Object-Orientation in ASP.NET : Encapsulation
This easy to understand tutorial which concentrates on principles of encapsulation, which helps in masking the internal process of an object's behavior in OO environment. In this tutorial users can learn about the procedure for utilizing this encapsulation method.

1907)   Crystal Report .Net Tips
This is a tutorial that comes with several tips about crystal.Net in relation to VisualStudio.Net. These tips are derived from Crystal.Net mailing list.

1908)   Editing a Data Grid Control
This is a simple ASP.NET tutorial which shows you how to edit the data of the datagrid control by creating the edit buttons in each row of the datagrid control.

1909)   ACME Corporation Demo Web Service
This article contains the demo about the web service of ACME corporation which shows the catalog of product on other site due to integration and also it shows up-to date data from the database using different web methods.

1910)   Transaction Processing Fundamentals
This site explains about the fundamentals of transaction process in a .NET based database tool. It teaches the users with ease about transactions step by step.

1911)   Selecting an Item in a DataList using C#
In this ASP.NET tutorial the author guides you in displaying the selected datalist item on the screen. The author explains the procedure with the complete sample source code with the output.

1912)   Reading Data Reader Secrets
This is an interesting article through which you can know about the DBDataReader classes of the ADO.NET and recordset object of the ADO which are used to retrieve the database data. ADODataReader and SQLDataReader are the derived classes of the DBDatareader class.

1913)   More DataGrid/Repeater Tips: Showing data from multiple tables effectively
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which gives you the tips for creating relationship between two tables that have a common column using the DataRelation Class and shows it on the Datagrid control using DataSet. The procedure explained in this tutorial is also useful for listing data in repeater control.

1914)   How To: Use SSL to Secure Communication with SQL Server 2000
This tutorial can be used as reference tool through which the users can learn how to configure SSL for secured communication under SQL server 2000.

1915)   Sorting a DropDownList by Value
This web based tutorial is useful for the web developers. You can know how to sort the items in the dropdown list box control with the help of this tutorial.

1916)   Required Field Validation in ASP+
In this tutorial author teaches about RequiredFieldValidator server control, which helps in validating the fields of the web form for checking whether the form field has any unfilled fields.

1917)   Oracle vs. SQL Server
This is a small reference utility which teaches and gives some information about the complexities found in an Oracle and SQL server. This utility really helps the developers and programmers.

1918)   HttpResponse Class
This tutorial helps you to gain more knowledge about the HttpResponse class of ASP.NET. You can display the processed request in the clientside using the write method of the object of this class.

1919)   SWAT - A simple Web-based Anomalies Tracker - Part 7
This is an article that can be used by the developers to learn about avoiding simultaneous updates to the database. This tutorial is like a guide to develop application with ASP.NET.

1920)   HttpModule Skeleton
HttpModule Skeleton is an ASP.NET tutorial through which you can know how to create HttpModules using the iHttpModule Interface. The author gives you a sample program also shows you a live demo for creating a Httpmodule.

1921)   ASPRunner.NET
ASPRunner.NET creates set of ASP.NET pages to access and modify any database.

1922)   Comparing Performance - ASP 2.0 vs .Net - Updated
This is an ASP.NET article in which the author compares the coding of both beta 1 version and the final version of the ASP.NET. The author also shows you the sample coding for both version with outputs.

1923)   DataGrid with Multiple DropDownLists
This is a tutorial through which users can get more information about the datagrid with multiple dropdown list. This tutorial is helpful for the novice.

1924)   ASP.NET Applications Overview
In this online tutorial the author explains about .NET web applications and their scope on a Web server.

1925)   ASP.NET Community Starter Kit - Creating a New Module
Every community site will have different requirements to fulfill. Although the existing CSK framework offers a great deal of flexibility, having the entire source code available means you can add additional functionality to a site in an elegant manner. In this chapter, we will concentrate on creating a new module for the CSK. We will see how creating a new module allows you to add entirely new features which integrate seamlessly with the rest of the framework. In this chapter, we will implement a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) module.

1926)   How To Execute SQL Parameterized Stored Procedures by Using the ODBC .NET Provider and Visual C# .NE
It is an article in which you get the method for executing SQL Parameterized Stored Procedures by means of the call syntax of the ODBC.NET data provider. This article gives you an exmaple for the call syntax and it uses the add method to insert the input parameters to the stored procedures.

1927)   FrontPage Add-in
This tool allows users to add Xara modules to their website. This tool is helpful for the webmasters that allows you to add custom graphics to their web pages on the database tools.

1928)   ListBox Control Overview
ListBox Control Overview is a web based tutorial which helps ASP.NET application developers to populate a listbox control in their web forms. This tutorial also explains various properties, methods and events of the listbox control in ASP.NET.

1929)   Contrasting C# and Java Syntax
This is an useful tutorial for the developers to know the difference between the syntax of C# and Java program. You can see the differece in defining class, struct, properties, access Modifiers etc., of both C# and java.

1930)   Data Binding Server Controls
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author gives basic principles of data binding and the various databinding methods. The author gives details about data binding syntax, which executes databinding process.

1931)   Ask the DotNetJunkies: How do I add a DropDownList to a DataGrid EditItemTemplate?
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which explains users about how to add the dropdownlist box in a datagrid control in ASP.NET. This tutorial offers sample code to the users.

1932)   First C# Program using VS.NET
This tutorial teaches the users about the development of C Sharp program by using Visual Studio.NET. This article guides them with sample syntax and codes.

1933)   Display Conditional Data In DataGrid Column
Display Conditional Data In DataGrid Column is a tutorial that helps in showing data in datgrid column based on the specified criteria. An example is shown in this tutorial.

1934)   ASP.NET Barcode Professional by Neodynamic
Control which generates barcode images for ASP.NET. Linear and 2D Barcode Symbologies (All in One). Cross-Browser Compatible. Real WYSISWYG. Crystal Reports .NET Support! Transparent background support for GIF and PNG. AutoSize, DPI, AntiAlias, etc.

1935)   ATL Server Tutorial
This tutorial can be used for learning about how to create ATL server application which allows the programmers to develop ISAPI extension easily.

1936)   How to traverse or loop controls?
How to traverse/loop controls? is an article in which the author shows how to get all the information about the sub controls of a root control using the TraverseControls method of the ControlUtil base class in C#.

1937)   ASP.NET and C# - Component Based Development - Introductory Article, part I
The author of this online tutorial discusses about the programming of ASP.NET pages with C#. The features of ASP.NET is explained in detail by the author. The main summary deals about how C# is used to accept the component based development of web pages in VS.NET.

1938)   How to use GetDirectories
This is an useful tutorial for the .NET programmers to learn about the method of utilizing Getdirectory class to execute the process of listing all the directories in a folder.

1939)   Bean Software Search Control
This program is used for creating a search field that helps the web users to search their required information or to query the required data easily from the database.

1940) - CheckBoxList Validation Tutorial
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial which shows you how to display the value of the selected CheckBoxList control in ASP.NET. This tutorial shows you a sample application as well as you can also see the output of this application.

1941)   Understanding the Differences Among the DataGrid, DataList, and Repeater
Understanding the Differences Among the DataGrid, DataList, and Repeater is an article that discusses about the merits and demerits of the datagrid web controls such as datagrid control, datalist control and repeater control.

1942)   TCDesigner
TCDesigner is a program that comes with the ability to generate source code for ASP.NET projects in a quick manner.

1943)   ADO.NET's Primary Objects
ADO.NET's Primary Objects is a tutorial through which you can learn about the objects of the ADO.NET. This tutorial is helpful for the novice to create database connections using the ADO.NET objects in their .NET applictions.

1944)   The Mysteries of Distributed Garbage Collection
This article demonstrates elaborately about distributed garbage collection which checks the objects and provide object reference graph. It helps the programmers to prevent their memory fragmentation from heap of objects.

1945)   ASP.NET Programming Languages Primer
It is an easy to learn tutorial through which you can know about how to create basic code snippets in your ASP.NET pages using C#, Visual Basic and JScript. This tutorial teaches you about using arrays, conditional statement, looping statements, variable declaration etc., in these languages.

1946)   Design a Custom Paging Solution
In this tutorial the author explains you the solution for performing custom paging in the datagrid control.

1947)   Client-side state management techniques for .NET architects
This is an useful ASP.NET article through which you can get the procedure for retaining the state of the client side controls using cookies, viewstate, querystring and hidden fields. The default method that the aspx uses is the viewstate method.

1948)   Getting the Id on a New Record in SQL
This is an user friendy tutorial in which the author tells you the way for retrieving the identity number of the newly inserted record in the database. This tutorial is simple and easy to learn.

1949)   CurrentPageIndex Property Shows Up as 0
CurrentPageIndex Property Shows Up as 0 is a tutorial which will be useful for the novice. In this tutorial the author shows how to display the page number of the datagrid control in which user is currently working.

1950)   Chunky interfaces for .NET distributed components
A new concept, Chunky interface which is explained top to bottom in this online tutorial. The author describes about the task of this chunky which helps the webmasters in building a distributed .NET applications.

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