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Top 151-200 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

151)   Simple ASP.NET Email
Simple ASP.NET Email is the articles very much useful for the beginners sending emails in ASP.NET. A set of questions asked by the users are given along with the solutions by the author.

152)   WebSchedule
Web Schedule is a calendar program which is helpful for the webmasters to create their website with event calendar to allow their site visitors to enter their events. It displays in monthly view, weekly, daily and time modes.

153)   Dynamically access a database through a Web Application
This is a tutorial useful for the novice to get the database records using a web page. In this tutorial the author shows you a sample web page designed for this purpose. You can also get the sample code from this tutorial.

154)   EasyPictureGallery
EasyPictureGallery is an effective tool which helps you to create image galleries. You can customize the images in the gallery easily. This tool supports all types of browsers and it is written in ASP.NET.

155)   Sorting Template Columns of ASP.NET DataGrid
In this web based tutorial you can get the solution for sorting the template columns of the datagrid control. You have to set the CommandName to true to accomplish sorting in the template columns. This tutorial defines a stored procedure which helps you to implement custom paging behaviour.

156)   Display hierarchical data with TreeView
This article tells us how to display hierarchial data with treeview on ASP.NET applications, this article is easy to understand for everybody.

157)   C# DateTime Structure
This is the tutorial for the users to show how C# Datetime Structure works. This gives you the age when you feed your date of birth. It's nothing new, but the speciality lies on that it would give your age very accurately.

158)   Building Dynamic SOAP Requests with ASP.NET [C#]
This is an online web service tutorial which instructs and guides the learners how to create dynamic SOAP calls based on ASP.NET and C sharp.

159)   ASP.NET Guestbook Application
This tutorial is about a project which permits the clients to sign a guestbook whenever they visit the website. The author describes about the process of signing the guestbook and viewing the guestbook. The author make use of XML in creating this guestbook.

160)   Databound Vertical Popup Menu (ASP.NET)
Databound Vertical Popup Menu is a database driven program that helps webmasters to display vertical popup menus on their websites. It is easy to use and customize this program.

161)   BitWise Operations in C#
This web based tutorial guides you details in knowing about bitwise manipulations in C#. This tutorial explains you the C# bitwise operators with its truth table and an example code.

162)   Manual File Downloads In ASP.NET - Introduction
It is a easy to understand tutorial in which author decribes about an ASP.NET application which helps to store the transcripts as plain text for specfied time frames in a single file system folder.

163)   HarrisonLogicForums
This forum tool is based on .NET framework and it uses MS Access database to store data. It is used on the website by the webmasters to allow their site customers to communicate with others.

164)   Create HTML Image Maps Dynamically With .NET
In this tutorial the author discusses about generating dynamic HTML image maps using .NET framework. This will be useful for the users to create their charts by using ChartFX.NET.

165)   Yet Another
This tool is used for creating a discussion board to develop online communities and it develop covalent relationship between the web owners and the website visitors.

166)   Mixing Images
Users can utilize this tutorial to learn about mixing the images with each other by using .NET framework. In this article the author uses several namespaces to perform this process.

167)   Create a Site Search Engine in ASP.NET
This is a tutorial about performing site search with the help of ASP.NET. From this article users can search for their sepecific keywords. The author also suggests this will count the number of times the keyword is fetched.

168)   .NET Image Gallery - Frunder Gallery
Frunder Gallery v2.1 can create a fully functional, dynamic on-line image gallery, with no programming knowledge necessary. You can easily control key Frunder Gallery features with the change of a variable.

169)   ASP.NET Web Service
This tutorial gives introduction about web services using ASP.NET and its main functionalities in detail. It offers different methods with sample source file regarding to web services.

170)   Remove White Space from Text
This is a tutorial that can be used by the users to learn about removing white spaces from the string. Here the author discusses about a code which was used to strip out the HTML and thereby to change entire white spaces into single spaces.

171)   Web Application Error Handling in ASP.NET
Web Application Error Handling is one of the important measure to be noticed in ASP.NET. The author explains about the new ways to handle errors in ASP.NET.

172)   Get IP Address of a Host
This is a tutorial explaining the webmasters about the usage of the .NET DNS class. The author describes about getting the IP address of a host using Visual C#.NET.

173)   Efficiently Searching a Sorted Array
It is a tutorial in which author describes about sorting array using Array.BinarySearch method, which searches a sorted array using binary search algorithm.

174)   Load an image from a remote server
This is an article that can be used as a reference for reading images from any online location with the help of HTTP. In this tutorial the author uses .NET framework to perform this process.

175)   Encrypting Cookie Data with ASP.NET
Encrypting Cookie Data with ASP.NET is the output of the author when it is about the security of the cookies. This tutorial helps the webmaster to safeguard their cookies.

176)   Authentication in ASP.NET: .NET Security Guidance
Authentication in ASP.NET: .NET Security Guidance is a tutorial dealing with users security guidelines while designing server application. The author highlights the security channel also.

177)   How to store multiple database tables in a DataSet
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author gives details about the method of storing datas of multiple data table in a single dataset. The author gives source code which executes the above said process.

178)   Creating a SHA1 Hash value for storage in a Web.Config file
In this web based tutorial the author shows you how to create the SHA1 hash value with a sample program. You can perform this using the SHA1 hash algorithm.

179)   Masked Text Box
This program is used for creating a masked text box i.e- it does not show the text while typing on the given text box. It hides the text from the user.

180)   RichTextBox
RichTextBox is an easy to use content management program and is written in ASP.NET with which users would be able to administer ASP.NET text contents on their web pages.

181)   Use Data in XML Web services
This article demonstrates about the use of Data in XML web services. This article has provided examples and snapshots for better reference.

182)   Selective Validation Using ASP.NET Validation Controls
In this article author elaborates the principles of validating the web form with the help of validation controls. Here the programmers can learn about method of calling validation control for validation.

183)   How To Create an Assembly with a Strong Name in .NET Framework SDK
Creating an assembly with a strong name in .NET Framework is that all discussed in this online tutorial. The author explains the need of a strong name and the procedures in generating this type of assemblies with a strong name.

184)   Body Fat Percentage Calculator in C#
This article can be utilized by the users to create a calculator with the capability to calculate body fat percentage.

185)   Adding Web Services to Your ASP.Net Application
This tutorial can be used for referring about web services and to allow users create web services by their own and also it gives steps for creating web service client applications.

186)   Display active users with VB and ASP.NET
Display active users with VB/ASP.NET is a tutorial that describes about how could the webmasters count the active online clients.

187)   Jmail Email Form Wizard
This article provides required coding to include a web based form into your website to enable sending messages and mails. For this the component JMail is used and you can copy and paste the resulted coding.

188)   .NET Threaded Forum Source Code
This is a tutorial in which the author just writes a threaded .NET forum for the user's site which is displayed. This really helps the webmasters to create their own custom threaded forum in ASP.NET.

189)   teeChart for .NET
Native C# NET charting components for .NET environments.TeeChart includes hundreds of Graph styles and mathematical and statistical Functions, has multiple export formats for use in your desktop, server based, ASP.NET and PocketPC / WindowsCE appls.

190)   ComponentArt TreeView
Use Component Art TreeView to build enhanced menus in tree structure for your ASP.NET web applications. This program facilitates for an easier data binding.

191)   Writing Binary Files to the Browser in ASP.NET and Visual C# .NET
This article deals with the process of writing a binary files into the browser and the method of accessing the data from the files with the help of ASP.NET and Visual C#.

192)   Build A Global Exception Handler In ASP.NET
Debugging is one of the important task of the webmasters after coding. The author gives a solution for this by building a global exception handler in ASP.NET.

193)   Opening popup windows with ASP.NET
This tutorial teaches the method of opening a popup windows with the help of Attributes.Add method in ASP.NET. Through which java events can be added with any of the server control.

194)   Creating Graphics with XML
This is an online tutorial that can be utilized by the users to learn about generating dynamic images with XML. This article can be used as a reference guide to gather knowledge on performing graphics with XML.

195)   Coordinate User Interface Development with VB.NET and the MVC Pattern
This is an article which describes the users about coordinating user interface development with VB.NET and the MVC Pattern. This article is mainly meant for the collaboration of more different groups of developer while creating complex desktop application.

196)   PopForums
By using this tool the web owners can facilitate their site with a message board. It helps them to create online communinities easily and it handles multiple forums.

197)   An ASP.NET thumbnail solution
This is an online tutorial that covers on utilizing ASP.NET tools for creating tumbnails and thumbnail views. The author uses C# HTTP handler and C# class for dynamic thumbnail generation.

198)   Use an HttpHandler to stop bandwidth leeching of your images
This is a tutorial in which the author explains you how to stop the bandwidth leeching of the image files by defining the Httphandlers with a sample program in C# and VB.

199)   Using a PagedDataSource and your own data pager links
It is a simple tutorial in which the author gives details about page data source class, which helps bind just the data you want to display.

200)   Ask the DotNetJunkies: DataList Paging
This is an ASP.NET article which provides you the solution for accomplishing the paging behavior in the datalist control. The author shows you the sample code for both datagrid and datalist control.

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