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Top 1951-2000 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1951)   The RegularExpressionValidator Control and a Primer on Regular Expressions
This ASP.NET tutorial teaches you about RangeExpressionValidator control. Using this control you can validate values of the input controls and thus avoid invalid users input. The author shows you the use of properties such as ControlToValidate, ErrorMessage, ValidExpression etc., of this control.

1952)   Introducing HTTPHandlers
Introducing HTTPHandlers is an useful article which describes about the HttpHandlers of ASP.NET. This article shows you the property, method and interface of the HttpHandler.

1953)   HtmlAnchor Control
In this tutorial the author gives you a brief explanation about the HtmlAnchor control. HtmlAnchor control is used to navigate through the web pages in a web site. This tutorial clearly shows you the syntax for using this control on the web pages.

1954)   A rollover image user control
From this easy to understand tutorial readers can gather information about creating rollover image user control in ASP.NET.

1955)   .NET Memory Profiler
.NET Memory Profiler is a program that enables the memory of various .NET languages to restrict the leakage of memory. It gathers perfectly all instance allocations which are implemented and located on the garbage collected heap.

1956)   IIS Applications and ASP.NET Specifics
This tutorial discusses about IIS applications and about ASP.NET specifications. This article offers huge points related to IIS applications and ASP.NET has been given.

1957)   ImgScratcher
ImgScratcher is a program that allows webmasters to hide the images or pictures and to let their site visitors to view those hidden images by moving the mouse over it.

1958)   CoolWatermark
CoolWatermark is a powerful image manipulation tool which helps you to watermark images with text or overlap photo on images. Using this component you can provide different text efforts such as reflect, titleshadow, block on images easily.

1959)   Iron Speed Designer
This is an ASP.NET content management application through which users can create database, reporting applications and forms in .NET. This tool is very easy to integrate.

1960)   TMS ASP.NET Component Pack
TMS ASP.NET Component Pack is a component suite that has over fifty components to let the webmasters to meet out their needs in developing ASP.NET applications. Webmasters can develop their applications with Webmatrix, Visual studio, C# and also Delphi8.

1961)   ExpandingTable with Design-Time support
In this ASP.NET article the author explains you the procedure for building a custom table control using the base classes such as WebControl and INamingContainer. This article also shows how to provide a design time suport for these custom control using ControlDesigner class.

1962)   Sorting in DataList
In this ASP.NET article you can get the solution for sorting the data of the datalist control of ASP.NET. This article gives you the sample code which shows you how to sort the items of the datalist control using the sort property.

1963)   Cache and Carry With ASP.NET
It is a tutorial in which author discusses about caching technique and the methods that have to be adapted to work with each cache option.

1964)   Building a Custom Validator Control - Part 1
This is an ASP.NET article through which you can know about creating your own validator control in ASP.NET. The author gives you the complete sample program which carries out this operation.

1965)   Microsoft JET SQL Statements
This site guides the SQL learners about the usage of SQL statements. It guides and teaches the learners with example how to use such statements in a program.

1966)   Getting .NET class info with Reflection
This is an user friendly tutorial in which the author gives details about the process of accessing a particular information about the object used in an application by the help of reflection class in .NET framework.

1967)   BaseValidator.Display Property
This is a web based tutorial which teaches you about the display property of the validation controls of ASP.NET. This propery can be used to set the display behavior of the error messages in the validation control.

1968)   A brief introduction to ASP.NET
This is an user friendly ASP.NET tutorial which teaches you about the ASP.NET. The author discusses about the use of web forms and common language runtime.

1969)   Integral Accounting Enterprise
This is an .NET accounting system with open source code for managing accounts and business management in an organization. This software provides multi-tier design to seperate business management and database layer.

1970)   Hello World in C#
This is an interesting article in which the author gives you the sample code which helps you to display the output 'hello world' on the client side using four .NET objects. This article also shows how to execute these four .NET objects.

1971)   Add a Checkbox Control to the DataGrid Control
This is an easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial in which the author shows how to add the checkbox controls inside the datagrid control. You download the sample source code for this process.

1972)   Helper Function
This is an useful tutorial for the novice to know how to display images in the datagrid control, display currency with two decimal points and change the font color from the functions that has been defined in this tutorial.

1973)   Web-based Helpdesk Manager
Web-based Helpdesk Manager is a program that replies to the visitors or clients questions. This program can be used by the webmasters to enhance the FAQ section on their websites with more categories and search facility.

1974)   Click Click E-Mail Reports
It is an ASP based .NET application through which users are allowed to view the reports on the web pages and create the reports and they can send these reports to their friends through email.

1975)   The Power of Base Pages
It is an article in which author describes about generating advanced class which can be used as the base for all the web forms. Here the author describes about the methods of working with base which has to be included in the web forms.

1976)   DS WebStats
DS WebStats is a website traffic analyser which is used for tracking the website traffic and produce the report statistically. It allows users to provide password for protecting the traffic report.

1977)   MMSSDK Wallpaper Composer
MMSSDK Wallpaper Composer is a program with which users can generate and customize wallpapers for their hand held devices.

1978)   XHEO Licensing
XHEO|Licensing is a ASP.NET based program that can be used by the programmers for their project licensing purposes to protect their softwares. This program provides multilingual support and powerful RSA encryption to sign XML license files.

1979)   Grouping Data in a DataGrid
Grouping Data in a DataGrid is a tutorial for those who need to group the rows of the datagrid control based on category. This tutorial shows an example to the users. You can see a live video demo in this tutorial.

1980)   ecFormBuilder
This component is used for making a powerful forms on .NET framework web applications. It uses template to change the layout of forms and form validation is included with this utility.

1981)   Executing Transact-SQL UPDATE statement using SQLCommand
This is an user friendly tutorial through which you can know about updating the records of the database table using update statement in the SQL query. From this tutorial you can get the sample code.

1982)   ASP.NET Process Killer Revisted [C# -BETA 2]
It is a simple tutorial in which author describes the method of utilizing ASP.NET to stop a particular process in a remote webserver. Here the author describes about System.Diagnostics, which helps in executing the above said process.

1983)   An Examination of .NET and How and Where ASP.NET Fits In
This is a web based article in which you can get the details of the .NET technology. ASP.NET is platform independent and so it is portable. While ASP.NET pages use blocks of HTML like classic ASP page and it has many Web controls for desiging the web pages.

1984)   Basic Database Operations using ADO.NET
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial which gives a clear idea about using ADO.NET object to retrieve the data of the database table. In this tutorial the author creates a web page through which you can do all the database operations as well as you can also navigate through the records.

1985)   Content Editor & Web Service
This article gives introduction about web services and shows graphical layout about how the web service works. Use of SOAP request and SOAP response has been implemented with sample code for transferring data.

1986)   Writing Assemblies in multiple languages
Assemblies in multiple languages is one of the online tutorial dealing with coding of assemblies in various languages. Through this the webmasters could learn about using more languages to code one single assembly.

1987)   HttpException Class
It is a simple tutorial through which you can know the method of handling exceptions using HttpException class of ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author shows you how to create an object for HttpException class using the 7 types of constructors provided by this class.

1988)   Programming in ADO.NET By Andrew R. Phillips
This is a tutorial which describes you about using ADO.NET objects to access the database in ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author shows the step-by-step process of creating the database connection using the ADOConnection class, accessing the data using DataSet object and show it on the datagrid.

1989)   Read POP3 Email with ASP.NET
This tutorial describes how to read a POP3 Email with the help of ASP.NET. The author also describes how could the webmasters delete and send emails.

1990)   Parabola Time Recording system
This is a .NET time recording web application which helps in tracking and recording the employees work time in organisations. This application provides solution for timedata sheet, speed management to perform particular task and to record the time spent to do particular project.

1991)   DataSet to HTML via XSLT and the asp:Xml Server Control
This easy to understand tutorial instructs the users to learn about the method of loading records from two SQL databases into dataset. Here the programmers can learn about the process of converting relational XML structure into HTML by using XSLT and asp XML server control.

1992)   NetCountry PRO
NetCountry PRO component is made to install in the webserver which can identify the customers physical location.

1993)   Comparing C# and Java
Comparing C# and Java is an article in which the author compares the features of C# with java and C++. The author compares the data types, loopings statements, constants, object oriented features such as inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism, interfaces etc.,of C# with java and C++.

1994)   Using IComparable to perform custom sorting
Using IComparable to perform custom sorting is a tutorial which helps you to sort the data in the datagrid control using IComparable interface. This tutorial compares each elements in the list to perform sorting.

1995)   NoSpamEmailHyperlink: 1 Design
NoSpamEmailHyperlink: 1. Design is an article that tells the users various methods to protect the email addresses on their websites.

1996)   An "Average" Class
It is a tutorial in which author elaborates the procedure for storing average running values in arrays. The author explains each and every properties used in this array creation.

1997)   Running ASP.NET within a Command-Line .exe (Outside of IIS)
This article gives details about how to run ASP.NET outside of IIS by using a command line. The author has given three different steps for performing this feature.

1998)   IIS Applications and Virtual Directories
From this tutorial users can have an overview about IIS and virtual directories and also the users can receive guidance from this tutorial for IIS configuration.

1999)   Developing Microsoft .NET Web Service Clients for EJB Web Services
This online tutorial teaches about how to create web service clients for EJB web services by using .NET framework SDK. This article also discusses how to invoke web services.

2000)   Code Declaration Blocks
This tutorial deals with code declaration blocks which specifies the compiled member variables and methods in the newly created dynamic web pages.

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