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Top 2001-2050 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2001)   Caching in ASP.Net
This tutorial deals with caching technique which helps in cache pages, data and particular part of a page with the help of certain codes that the author offers the users in this article.

2002)   Back to Basics
This article explains you about the VS.NET. VS.NET can totally shield you from IIS. You can develop an entire web application without ever even opening the IIS management console.

2003)   .NET Framework and Web Services - Part II
This article describes the users to create a web service with the help of Visualstudio.NET. It teaches the users in step by step method.

2004)   HttpWorkerRequest Class
This web based tutorial contains details about the ASP.NET HttpWorkerRequest class. This class contains base worker methods and enumerations which is used for processing the web requests.

2005)   Real Estate Database Search
Real Estate Database Search is a program that can be used by the webmasters to enable their websites with search functionality to allow their visitors to search for real estate information.

2006)   ATL Server Versus ASP.NET
In this tutorial the author distinguishes the performance of two technologies in generating web application for Windows one is ASP.NET and another one is ATL.

2007)   Cola Report
This program is used for creating database reports quickly in an easy way. It offers several controls that features this database tool and it is user friendly for all users.

2008)   An overview of the CheckBoxList Control in your application
This is an user friendly ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn about the use of ASP.NET CheckBoxList control. This tutorial clearly shows you the syntax for using this control in the aspx page.

2009)   Creating Master-Detail Listings using ASP.NET controls
Creating Master-Detail Listings using ASP.NET controls is an article which provides you information about the master-detail data that is displayed in the datagrid control. This article also tell you the way for hiding and showing the child datagrid.

2010)   Creating Data Bound Grid Dymanically - Using hidden labels to store additional data
This is an ASP.NET tutorial that helps in creating datagrid control dynamically. Datagrid control is used to display the data in rows and columns.

2011)   Introducing .NET Data Management
The .NET Framework includes a series of classes that implement a new data access technology that is specifically designed for use in the .NET world. We'll look at why this has come about, and how it relates to the techniques used in ASP. In fact, the new framework classes provide a whole lot more than just a .NET version of ADO. Like the move from ASP to ASP.NET, they involve fundamental changes in the approach to managing data in external data stores.

2012)   .NET Enterprise Servers Launch
This tutorial discusses about .NET enterprise servers and about its features elaborately. This server is helpful for internet based business solutions and for enterprise integration.

2013)   Internationalize Your ASP.NET Applications (Part 3 of 3)
This online article shows how to handle numbers, dates, currencies etc., for localizing .NET applications. The author gives the complete process about localization of .NET application.

2014)   Increasing the Number of SQL Server Error Logs
This article describes about how to increase the number of SQL server error logs by modifying the registry. The author has given definitions about registry modifications in different steps.

2015)   TreeWeb - custom ASP.NET control
This article helps you to know how to add the items of the tree web control of ASP.NET. In this article the author lists you all the properties and methods of the TreeElement and TreeWeb class.

2016)   Views and Stored Procedures in Microsoft Access
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which you can learn about the query object of the Access database and how it can be used as view and stored procedure. This tutorial explains it with an example code and sample outputs to the users.

2017)   What is a Delegate?
This article gives introduction on delegates and about its features and functionalities in detail with example. Delegates plays a vital role in .NET frameworks.

2018)   Creating Custom Configuration Sections
This is an article that provides you information about creating your own configuration sections in Web.Config file and how to access them in your code. web.config file consists of several configuration sections.

2019)   Filtering a View
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which shows users how to perform filtering using the where clause of the sql statement as well as by manipulating a view. This tutorial also shows how to create filter buttons to display the filtered data in the datagrid control.

2020)   Deleting a Row
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which helps you to delete a row from the datagrid control using deletebutton columns. You have to set the delete event handler using the OnDeleteCommand property.

2021)   Using the DataGrid Server Control - Part 2
Using the DataGrid Server Control - Part 2 is a helpful tutorial for the novice to know how to add data in the datagrid, delete data from the datagrid and making chages in the values of the datagrid control.

2022)   Send and Receive Binary Documents by Using an ASP.NET Web Service and Visual C# .NET
This tutorial guides the users to build their own web services and also it steers them to provide web service client for sending and receiving documents under MS ASP.NET and visual C#.NET.

2023)   ASP.NET Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution : Deploying the Site
This is an useful tutorial for the programmers to learn to organize ASP.NET website and the author offers solution for choosing the best technique for deploying ASP.NET website.

2024)   ASP .NET Barcode Web Controls
In this ASP.NET tutorial the author provides you the source code for building barcode web control. This barcode control supports barcode types such as Code 128, Code 3 of 9, ITF, Postnet, Telepen, UPC and EAN.

2025)   When creating a Custom Control
This is an article through which you can gain knowlegde about the important things that must be followed while creating a custom control. This article is more informative to the programmers.

2026)   SOAPing without a Web Server
It is an article in which the programmers can learn about the method of utilizing ATL server to build SOAP server and SOAP client over various transport channels.

2027)   Forms authentication in ASP.NET
It is a tutorial in which author discusses about deploying form authentication. Here author offers procedure to deploy form authentication.

2028)   RegisterScripts
RegisterScripts is a simple utility for registering your scripts, it also allows you to choose the order of the scripts.

2029)   Lanap BotDetect for ASP.NET - website security solution designed to prevent automated registrations
Server side CAPTCHA ASP.NET web control designed to prevent automated registrations on your website. Fully customizable, 7 different algorithms, custom size and image format. Free trial, source code included, royalty free!

2030)   Using the Japanese Calendar
This tutorial discusses about the process of utilizing System.Globalization namespace class to work with different cultures date, time and calendar. Here the author specifically concentrates on utility of these classes to work along with Japanese calendar.

2031)   Displaying a List of Scaled Images
This is a tutorial that elaborately discusses on listing out the files in a directory and obtaining the image's size by using Image class of .NET framework.

2032)   Using the Calendar control to choose a date and submit it to another page
This is an easy to learn ASP.NET article which is helpful for the .NET programmers to know how to use the Calender control of ASP.NET. The author explains the procedure with a sample program which shows the date selected in the calender control on the ASP.NET page.

2033)   Using a web form and server controls, part II: adding validator controls to the webform
This tutorial teaches the method of using the validation server control for form validation. Here programmers can learn about various types of validator control and the procedure to use it in right way.

2034)   Getting started with SQLXML
This tutorial teaches the principles of SQLXML, which allows the users to post queries to SQL data base inorder to retrieve the data from the database for using it in several ASP.NET application.

2035)   SSW Code Auditor
SSW Code Auditor is a program built for .NET framework with which website administrators can manage the quality of their code with ease.

2036)   Specifying Configuration Settings in Web.config
This is an article which narrates the basics of web.config file. The author explains the use of and tags of the web.config file.

2037)   XML Strengths & Weekness' with DOM, ASP & XSL
This is an easy to understand tutorial in which author describes about the procedure for utilizing XML in ASP and VB. In this tutorial author offers various advantages and disadvantages of using XML in various aspects.

2038)   Data Paging in ASP.NET
This tutorial is helpful for the web programmers to perform paging in their web forms. Paging helps you to present the data in a user friendly manner. This tutorial gives you the sample code which helps you to display the result of a search in various web pages.

2039)   SQL-strings considered harmful
This article helps the developers to create SQL statements with the help of objects without using SQL strings to prevent SQL injection from hackers.

2040)   HTML Text Pattern Matching
This article demonstrates about how to generate a proxy for client for any URI. The author discusses about the HTML text pattern matching. The sample and the source code is downlodable.

2041)   FTP Server in C#
This is an easy tutorial through which the programmers can get an idea about basic concept of FTP server and its advantages. The author explains the method of integrating FTP protocol, which can be written in C#.

2042)   Creating a Login User Control
It is a simple tutorial in which author describes about creating an user control for handling user authentication. Through this user control users can create a login user control, which helps in authenticating web forms.

2043)   Sorting in DataList
In this article the author describes briefly about how to place the datalist control in the web form and defines a method which contains the coding for sorting the rows of the datalist control based on the column of the datalist.

2044)   Developing multilingual applications in ASP.NET (Part - II)
Creating a resource files and how to get back the resources at run time is the main content of this online tutorial. The author also describes the two methods of using .resources files in an application.

2045)   DotNetNuke (DNN) 2.x Module Architecture, Part III
This is an article that elaborately discusses about DotNetNuke 2.x module architecture's database provider class and about module installation in DNN.

2046)   HandyHTML Studio
It is an ASP.NET application through which users can create ASP web pages. This tool provides easy hand coding to generate project based web development, customizable templates, built-in-FTP clients, etc in multiple languages.

2047)   LLBLGen
This database tool is used for generating data access layer for .Net and also it generates stored procedures automatically for SQL database. This tool can be used with any applications when the code is compiled by .Net or VB.Net.

2048)   4ASPNET Parole Pro
4ASPNET Parole Pro is a .NET component, which allows generate Pronounceable Passwords very fast – about 50, 000 unique passwords per second, so it can be a good for programming ASP.NET systems. It’s easy to use and consist only of one file.

2049)   Synchronizing Cache Access in ASP.NET
It is an article which specially deals with synchronizing cache access using ASP.NET applications which helps in improving the performance of the ASP.NET application.

2050)   ASP.NET Impersonation
This is a tutorial detailing the webmasters about the ASP.NET Impersonation facility. This tutorial details the characteristics of impersonating in ASP.NET applications.

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