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Top 2051-2100 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2051)   Fill a DropDownList server control with data and add a default item
Fill a DropDownList server control with data and add a default item is a tutroial which explains how to fill the dropdownlist control with the database records using the executereader method of the sqlcommand object.

2052)   Wittysoft ListLibrary
This is a list library which provide various HTML lists for your websites to list your products or information. Many enhanced features are available with this server control.

2053)   ASP .NET: Web Forms Let You Drag and Drop Your Way to Powerful Web Apps
This tutorial helps users to learn and generate their own web application by referring the given sample codes in this article. Its just like a drag and drop method hence its easy for the beginners to learn quickly.

2054)   Viewing, Adding, Editing, Removing Records from MySQL using ASP.NET DataGrid control
This is a web based tutorial which helps you to display the MySql database records in the datagrid control of the ASP.NET. You can insert, edit and delete the data shown in the datagrid control easily. This tutorial offers you the complete sample source code to the users.

2055)   PagingRepeater Control with Page Navigation
This is an user friendly tool which helps to navigate through the pages. This pagingrepeator tool will be helpful for the web application developers.

2056)   ExcelEverywhere for HTML
It is an ASP.NET application which helps in generating HTML spreadsheets. This tool helps in converting Excel spreadsheets to HTML spreadsheets and has full functionalties of actual spreadsheet through which various tables, 2D charts, formats etc can be created.

2057)   Understanding Classic COM Interoperability With .NET Applications
This article explains about the exposure of classic COM components to .NET application. The author tells about the usage of existing COM components from the managed code. In a nut shell the author covers almost every part of Classic COM interoperability with .NET Applications.

2058)   Creating and Saving Images to a Database in ASP.NET
This is an useful tutorial for the web developers to know how to fetch the images from a database and displays it on the client side. This tutorial also shows how to add images in the database table using a stored procedure. You can download the complete sample code from this tutorial.

2059)   Building a composite server control with VS.NET design-time support, part I
In this article the author shows you the method for creating a logon custom server control in ASP.NET with its various attributes. The author shows the five steps for providing design time support to the custom server controls of ASP.NET.

2060)   C# and ASP.NET Tutorials for beginners
"dotnetspider" is an online tutorial and guide for the latest Microsoft technologies, aimed to help new graduates acquire programming skills and learn the best programming practices.

2061)   Smart headers and footers using ASP.NET User Controls
In this tutorial the author explains the procedure of creating header user control in a web sites. The header user control is included in any web page of the web site which is similar to the include file of the ASP. The author shows it with an example code.

2062)   Customizing the DataGrid Control
Customizing the DataGrid Control is an article that disusses about how to change various properties of the datagrid control. This article also shows how to perform sorting in the datagrid control.

2063)   DevPartner Profiler Community Edition
DevPartner Profiler Community Edition is a web based application to enhance software tool there by increasing the standard of the code. Visual Studio.NET 2002 and 2003 supports this utility.

2064)   How to avoid double-click-button problem
This tutorial offers solution for double clicking button problem. Using the code that the author mentioned in this article user can solve the above said problem.

2065)   Create a restriction class for your ASP.NET application
It is an user firendly tutorial for the programmers through which they can learn about method of creating a restriction class in ASP.NET which prohibits certain users to access a particular section or page.

2066)   How do I get querystring and form information in C#
This simple tutorial deals with accesing query string in a web form using C#. This article will be helpful for the ASP.NET beginners.

2067)   Regular Expression Library
It is a simple tutorial through which programmers can gain an idea about regular expression library which is butilt in ASP.NET. Through this tutorial users can learn about searching a expression using sub string or keyword.

2068)   AspLib HtmlDropDownList
This program is used for creating an user friendly web application form with dropdown list input box to allow web users to give inputs easily. This drop down list box is built in HTML.

2069)   UPS Rate Calculator .NET
UPS Rate Calculator .NET is a program that allows webmasters to display a rate tracking calculator on their existing ASP.NET websites. It is easy to use and customize this program.

2070)   Building a Stock-Quotes Web Service
This article gives introduction in web services and describes more about that. This article guides the programmers to provide a stock quote facility on their web service. This article also teaches them to create, consume and deploy web services.

2071)   Lattice.SPGen
This is an ASP.NET database application through which users can generate, edit, delete, select any field records according to users desire from the database. It supports oracle and MS SQL server.

2072)   HOW TO: Create a Generic ASP.NET Web Form to Test XSLT Transformations
This is an article in which author discusses about creating ASP.NET web forms to evaluate the XSLT documents which can transform XML documents with out any cahnge.

2073)   Starting with ASP.NET basics
This is an easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial through which you can get clear idea about ASP.NET.

2074)   OrElse and AndAlso operators: moving to DotNet part 5
This tutorial discusses about AndAlso and OrElse operators, which helps in executing short circuit checks. The author describes about short circuiting.

2075)   Stratago
This enterprise application helps the users to develop various real time application in business management and through this application users can develop various reports in finance with respect to business management.

2076)   Nevron HTML
This is an ASP.NET documentation application which helps the users by providing all the help functionalities for generating help documentation for the .NET platform based applications.

2077)   Obtaining Image Information on your own
This tutorial guides users to create their own ImageInfo component by using .NET framework. This will be useful for the users in determining size of the images while uploading image files.

2078)   Can I use JavaScript with ASP.NET web controls? How?
This is a simple ASP.NET article which shows you how to handle the problem that arises when you cannot able to write the OnClick DHTML event handler for the ASP.NET button control in two ways.

2079)   ASP.NET, a first example
This is an easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn about the ASP.NET. ASP.NET has in-built support for various object oriented languages such as C# and Visual Basic.NET.

2080)   XML, the DataSet, and a DataGrid
XML, the DataSet, and a DataGrid is an article which shows an easy way of displaying the contents of the XML documents in a datagrid control using dataset object. You can see a live demo in this article.

2081)   pbAuthorizeNet
pbAuthorizeNet helps administrators in obtaining authorization by communicating with Authorize.NET. This program can be used on all ASP.NET websites for credit card payment process.

2082)   Antechinus C# Editor
This is an ASP.NET content management system with c# editor. This helps the user to edit, create, run and compile c# script. This tool has various enhanced features.

2083)   .NET Assemblies - III
This is a very simple online tutorial in which the author discusses about the implementation of a simple .NET assembly. He also describes about the implementation of more pre-built assemblies and highlights the flexibility of components generated in the form of assemblies.

2084)   Creating a DotNetNuke Module using notepad
This is an online tutorial in which the author details about building DotNetNuke Module with the help of notepad.

2085)   Invalidating an ASP.NET Web Application Cache Item from SQL Server (Part 1 A simple example)
It is a web based article in which author explains about invalidating the stored item in cache memory when there is a change in that particular item in the database.

2086)   Nina's New Free Skins
Nina's New Free Skins is a program that comes with a collection of skins for the users to let them use for their own purposes.

2087)   Managing ASP.NET DataGrid Columns Dynamically
Managing ASP.NET DataGrid Columns Dynamically is an article that shows the users about adding columns to a datagrid control at run time. You can use the source code offered by this article for you application to create the datagrid columns dynamincally on your web forms.

2088)   ADO.NET: Data Classes
This site explains about database classes and what are the data classes available, where to use that etc., are given. Every user can easily understand the functions of data class from this site.

2089)   AyloNNTP
This is a .NETs networking component which is used for adding news on .NET based web applications. This script is built by using C#. It is simple and useful for the web owners for news publishing.

2090)   Apply Hit Highlighting and Keyword Context to Your Search Results
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author provides you the sample program for highlighting the keywords of the text being searched and display the keyword on the screen.

2091)   Probability and Statistics for .NET
This is a statistical application for ASP.NET that includes four modules such as discrete probability, hypothesis testing, standard probability distributions and statistics. Users can perform statistical calculations by using this program.

2092)   ComponentOne WebSpell IDE for ASP.NET
ComponentOne WebSpell IDE for ASP.NET is a program that enables web developers or programmers to perform spell check constant string, web forms and HTML code while they develop a website in real time.

2093)   Proverb Web Service: Creating Xml aware Clients - Part 3
This tutorial contains brief descriptions about Proverb Web Service client and teaches about web services with simple examples for enabling users to understand easily.

2094)   COM+.NET
The core essence of this online tutorial is about using COM+ under .NET. The author explains about how .NET components uses the services of COM+. This might help the users to learn about the structure of COM+ and .NET components.

2095)   The Low Down on the DropDownList Control
This is an useful web based tutorial in which the author lists all the properties, methods and events of the dropdownlist control of ASP.NET. The author shows you the method for getting the value and text properties of the selected items in the dropdownlist control.

2096)   CompareValidator Control
This is a tutorial which deals with compare validator control which helps in comparing one control over another control by using comparison operators.

2097)   "Includelets" - or How to Encapsulate ASP layout includes in ASP.NET Web Controls
It is a tutorial in which author describes the method of using the ASP include files to work along with ASP.NET application.

2098)   .NET Applications on UNIX?
This online tutorial explains the possibilities of executing .NET Framework in UNIX platform. This twindles the developers about this concept and helps them to improve in the same path.

2099)   ASP.NET Server Controls: Treeview
In this ASP.NET article the author gives you a brief summary about using the treeview control in ASP.NET. This article gives you the syntax for registering and placing the treeview control in the ASP.NET. In this article you can see an example screen for the treeview control.

2100)   ASP.NET & Databases : Part 7
This is an useful ASP.NET article for the readers to know about how to sort the data of the datagrid control with the help of the DataView object. You can see the sample screen shots for the datagrid control and sorting operation both in ascending and descending manner.

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