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Top 2151-2200 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2151)   Achieve pure .NET development with VB.NET
This is an VB.NET article that shows the migration from Visaul Basic programming to VB.NET framework. Some VB6 features like InputBox, control arrays, and ADO support have no direct framework equivalents. For this Micorsoft provides a class library called Microsoft.VisualBasic.Compatibility.

2152)   Editing XML
It is a easy to understand tutorial in which author describes the method of utilizing the data present in the database for creating a XML file. The author gives details about the procedure for editing the data in the XML files.

2153)   How to Display Child Table Rows as a Column in a DataGrid
This is a web based tutorial through which you can learn how to display data from the child table in the column of the datagrid table. This tutorial clearly explains it step-by-step to the users.

2154)   ASP.NET: Compilation
In this article the author explains you the JIT compilation process of the ASP.NET pages in eleven steps. The JIT compiler converts the IL code to the machine code.

2155)   Simple Code for a Common Footer
This is an useful web based article which guides you in displaying the last modified date and time of the current web form in an user control. The author shows you the various format options for the output. You can get the source code in this tutorial.

2156)   Aspose.BarCode
Aspose.BarCode is a windows Forms component which allows developers to quickly and easily add barcode generating functionality to Microsoft .Net applications; supports most established barcode standards and barcode specifications.

2157)   ViewState: All You Wanted to Know
This is a simple ASP.NET tutorial which shows you the features of the viewstate. Viewstate gives a statebag which is a collection to store the values of all the controls of the form object.

2158)   .NET Email & MX Component
It is an ASP.NET email application for providing email address validation. This application performs four level of validation such as syntax, MXRecord, mailbox and SMTP.

2159)   RndSlide
RndSlide is a program that enables webmasters to show slides on their websites. This program allows webmasters to use any number of images and photos.

2160)   Textbox Web Server Control
This ASP.NET tutorial gives you more details about the TextBox web server control. The sample programs given in this tutorial shows how to get multiline text and password in the textbox using the textmode property of the control. You can see the sample screen shots for this task.

2161)   Dynamic Controls in ASP.NET
In this ASP.NET article the author gives you the source code for adding a label control dynamically to the ASP.NET page using the add method and PlaceHolder control. This article is helpful for the novice programmers.

2162)   Maximize Productivity With ASP.NET
In this tutorial users can find information about the forthcoming ASP.NET version 2.0. Here the author discusses about all features and benefit of ASP.NET 2.0.

2163)   Microsoft JET SQL Clauses
This site explains about the usage of clauses in SQL and it explains briefly about each clause functions. It teaches the learners slickly and the learners can learn swiftly.

2164)   A DropDownList, EditItemTemplate, using Access, and HttpSessionState...Part 4
This is a simple ASP.NET article that contains information about how to add the records of the Access database in the dropdownlistbox control. This is an useful tutorial for the .NET application developers.

2165)   KUpload+
KUpload+ is ASP.Net File Upload component with Pure HTML Progress bar. KUpload+ allows great control over the upload of huge files (Up to 2GB) from client browser to web server through HTTP.

2166)   OpenX ASP Edition
This program is used for generating a HTML form on the web pages. It allows the users to send data to others. It has form validator which checks each field for error.

2167)   .NET Barcode Professional
It generates barcode images for .NET Windows Forms Applications. Linear and 2D Barcode Symbologies. Crystal Reports .NET Support. Save barcode images in image files and in stream objects. Support for Binary, SOAP and XML Serialization

2168)   OleDbRowUpdatedEventArgs Class
This is an easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial which explains you the use of the OleDbRowUpdatedEventArgs class. You can also gather details about the various properties and methods of this class from this tutorial.

2169)   Customizing DataBinded Output in Templates
It is a simple tutorial in ASP.NET in which the author gives details about the process of utilizing template column to customize HTML output of datagrid.

2170)   Calling XML Web Services from Office VBA Using the Web Service References Tool
This is an useful tutorial which elaborately teaches the users about the use of web service reference tool on Microsoft Office that helps the users to create a VBA.

2171)   Serving Images from .NET Assemblies
Serving images in an assembly is the core of this online tutorial. The article discusses about the two methods of serving an image from a custom handler and serving an image from an ASPX page for getting back the images from the assemblies.

2172)   emagiC CMS Lite
emagiC CMS Lite is a content management system that can be used to administer contents and upgrade them to higher versions. This is a cutting edge technology.

2173)   Creating a User Control - .NET Toggle Control
This is an useful tutorial for the web developers to know about how to create a toggle user control using C#. You can download the source code from this tutorial.

2174)   Create Localizable Web User Controls
In this tutorial you can get the method for building a date picker control which is useful for your web application to select the date. This date picker control does not allows you to enter the invalid date values. The author offers you the source code for doing this task.

2175)   The .NET Architect: Enterprise Template Policy Files
This article demonstrates about enterprise template policy files in .NET. The author describes different tasks about template policy files and TDL in this tutorial.

2176)   An Extensive Examination of Web Services: Part 3
This tutorial contains the collection of information related to web services and from this article users can get basic instruction of WSDL, proxy class creation etc., with example codes.

2177)   HttpApplication Class
This is a tutorial in which the author lists you all the properties, methods, constructor and events of the HttpApplication class of ASP.NET. The syntax for setting the property and calling the method of the HttpApplication class is shown in this tutorial.

2178)   Use File Share Mode for a Share Other Than the Default wwwroot$ Share
This article teaches the users in detail for creating their own project on remote web server which uses file share mode instead of wwwroot$ share.

2179)   Enhance The .NET ListView Control
Enhance The .NET ListView Control is an article in which you can obtain information about the listview control of .NET. The author shows you how to use the properties and methods of this control with a sample program in C# and VB.NET.

2180)   Creating a Data Access Layer in .NET - Part 1
This is an interesting article in which you can get more details about the Data Access Layer. This article presents the basic N-tier model diagram to the readers. The Data Access Layer has some key features such as maintainability, concurrency integrity, Security, transactional integrity etc.,

2181)   Introduction to ASP.NET
This is a tutorial for the novice programmers to know about the feautures of ASP.NET. ASP.NET is a server side programming language that supports Common Language Runtime environment, type safety, inheritance etc.,

2182)   ConnStr
This component is helpful for the users to check and create connection with ADO from the list of ADO providers who generated on their workstation.

2183)   All About .NET
This is an article through which you can gain more information about the features of .NET technology. The author says that .NET framework is purely OOPS based and it is portable. The .NET Framework contains a collection of tools and compilers that helps you to make a productive environment.

2184)   Creating banner ad ASP.NET usercontrols know your impressions and click-throughs!
It is an article in which the author shows you how to mointor banner impressions and display the impressions for an advertisement by creating an user control. You can download the complete source code from this tutorial.

2185)   Using the .NET Framework Classes
This article deals with the usage of .NET Framework classes. The author explains completely about the .NET framework along with the example through this tutorial.

2186)   Making GET and POST Requests on Web Pages
This tutorial discusses about the method of creating a HTTPGet and POST requests on the web pages by the use of System.Net.WebRequest and System.Net.WebResponse classes.

2187)   Review: Dundas Chart
This online tutorial updates the topics including installation, documentation and few usages. The author explains about the IDE integration and design time support. The configuration and samples given in this might help the users to understand faster.

2188)   DynEdit
This is a WYSIWYG Editor for .NET framework that helps users to change text contents on their websites. This program has cross browser compatibility.

2189)   ASP.NET Tutorial: Delete records from SQL Server 2000 database using ADO.NET and Visual Basic.NET
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which is useful for the beginners to know about how to delete the records from the SQL-Server database using ADO.NET objects. This tutorial is easy to learn for the readers.

2190)   Using Interfaces In .NET Remoting
It is an article in which the author gives details about the process of utilizing interfaces in .NET remoting, which helps in seperating server side code and client side code.

2191)   Email Sign-Up User Control in C#
Email Sign-Up User Control in C# is a simple tutorial in which the author tells you the steps for creating an email sign up user control using C#. You can download the source code from this tutorial.

2192)   Retrieving Images from SqlServer and displaying in a DataGrid - ASP .NET
This is an article in which the author discusses about occupying datagrid with images to display them after retrieving from the SQL server database.

2193)   Diving into the data grid: Page changing and deleting
Diving into the data grid: Page changing and deleting is an interesting article that describes the process of combining the deletion and in-built paging functionality in the datagrid control.

2194)   Creating an ASP.Net Pingback Handler
This tutorial discusses about Pingback handler on web services based on ASP.NET applications. Pingback is a method of site notification by using XML-RPC.

2195)   Active Whois
This is an ASP.NET based network component which is used for finding and to collect the information about the domain name registrants name and their address.

2196)   Using Web Services with Excel
This tutorial guides the users how to use web service with Excel data sheet. It helps them to store data on the database backend server. It works only on client side system.

2197)   Creating transactional ASP.NET pages
In this tutorial readers can find information about generating transaction pages with ASP.NET. The author starts this tutorial with an introduction to transaction and its two types of transaction and explains the page transaction in detail.

2198)   IISTracer
IISTracer is an .NET website monitoring tool for Microsoft IIS server. This tool tells compeletely about the performance of IIS server which helps the users to know the server status.

2199)   VTune Enterprise Analyzer for Web Applications
This is a web based tutorial which deals with V tune performance analyser which analyzes web tier, business object tier and database tier that helps in increasing the performance of the website.

2200)   C# Concepts: Value vs Reference Types
This is a web based tutorial which compares the reference type and value type of c#. In this tutorial the author clearly explains it with struct and class of C# with a sample code.

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