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Top 2251-2300 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2251)   Use X.509 Certificates With the WSDK
This tutorial deals with the procedure of utilizing X.509 Certificates in web services with the help of WSDK. The author gives description about the method of importing X.509 certificate for encrypting WSDK based web services.

2252)   Configuration & Application Settings in .Net
This simple tutorial teaches the method of reteiving information from web configure files. The author gives details about procedure for storing web application's string in configuration files.

2253)   Ask the DotNetJunkies: Editing with the ASP.NET DataGrid
This is an ASP.NET article in which the author tells you about editing the information in the datagrid control. This article helps you to change the data of the column by placing the data in the text box that you need to change. This tutorial shows a sample screen shot to the users.

2254)   Read animated GIFs with GDI+ and ASP.NET
This tutorial gives details about the procedure for reading animated GIFs with the help of GDI+ and ASP.NET. The author gives details about the method of utilizing System.Drawing.Imaging.FrameDimension namespace to execute the above said process.

2255)   Creating a Plug-In Framework
This is a simple online presentation showing the method of linking plug-in support in user's .NET applications. The author also highlights by providing a framework which could help the users in adding the functionality.

2256)   Create a Dynamic Database Web Site With ASP.NET
This tutorial is helpful for the web developers to create database websites easily in ASP.NET. You can display the images from the database table on your web pages. This tutorial shows you a sample aspx web page and also provides you a sample source code.

2257)   Customising IBS Portals 2: Hiding tabs
This is an online tutorial that discusses about how to customize IBuySpy portals to put the tabs out of sight.

2258)   Working With Business Objects
This article tells about the creation of business objects, which helps to include advance multi-tier web applications. This article deals with the method of utilizing this business component in the web form.

2259)   Just What Is the CLR
This is a CLR reference that briefly describe about Common Language Runtime. CLR defines a standard set of types that is supported by all the languages. It is easy to write applications and components in any language using CLR.

2260)   Creating and using Web Services with the .NET framework and Visual Studio.Net
This is an useful tutorial which contains the details about web services like how to create web services with the help of .NET framework and visual studio.NET and how to maintain that.

2261)   CodeSnippits
CodeSnippits is a ASP based .NET code libray application. This program can store and control the bookmarks, shortcuts and other source code application.

2262)   C# Syntax Reference Card
Through this site the learners can learn about C#'s basic syntax. A quick code reference has been given for rapid growth in C# development.

2263)   ASP.NET Tutorial: Adding records to a database using ADO.NET, SQL Server 2000 and Visual Basic.NET
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial that helps you to insert the data into SQL Server database. This tutorial uses the ADO.NET objects to add the records.

2264)   Javascript Functions
Its a reference site for javascripts functional keys operation. It explains the learners with accurate example hence the users can easily understand to develop their own javascript program.

2265)   TraceContext Class
This is an useful tutorial for the novice programmers to learn how to get the information about the execution of the web request using the ASP.NET TraceContext class.

2266)   Creating Dropdown list control from Datasource
Creating Dropdown list control from Datasource is a simple ASP.NET tutorial in which the author offers you the sample code for filling the dropdownlist control of ASP.NET with the database data.

2267)   Using the FileSystemObject to Read Text Files
It is an ASP.NET article in which the author deals with the method of reading the text files with the help of FileSystem objects. The author explains about Textstream objects, which helps in reading and writing text files.

2268)   Starting With Paypal
This article deals with creating an easy E-Commerce site with paypal and IPN in ASP.NET. The author describes the database and the application to built an e-commerce site for a virtual store which is called as internet shopping.

2269)   ASP.NET & Databases : Part 2
It is a simple tutorial in which the author gives details about the method of working with databases by using dataset objects. The author gives details about dataset and the method of utilizing dataset objects.

2270)   Adding a New Record to the DataGrid
Adding a New Record to the DataGrid is an article which helps the readers in adding new records to the datagrid control. This article places a textbox web control in the footer of each column by using the footer template for inserting the records into the datagrid control.

2271)   Automate Text Graphics Creation
In this tutorial the author details on letting servers to create text labels automatically. This tutorial clearly explains about generating a LabelMaker web form to automate the text labels in ASP.NET.

2272)   Subscription Web Services
This tutorial discusses about web services and gives tips to the users for web services subscription. This article shows different methods for web services subscription.

2273)   Summary of Available COM+ Services
This online tutorial is a very simple article explaining the services of COM+. The author describes each and every service provided by COM+. The article gives the description of other functionalities of .NET Framework also.

2274)   Event ID 1003 with ASP.NET Deadlock
Event ID 1003 with ASP.NET Deadlock is the concept discussed in this article. This tutorial explains about this problem and also about finding solution to the same.

2275)   CentreTEK
CentreTEK Solutions is dedicated to providing ASP.NET services. They offer web solutions, web marketing, and other services.

2276)   Introducing Microsoft DotNet
This article gives an introduction of Microsoft DotNet. It elaborately describes the language, new programming model and more which is more useful for the users.

2277)   Rotated Text Image Overlay Control
This is an online tutorial that can be used by the readers to learn about displaying rotated text, overlaying a specific text on entire images etc.,

2278)   Codease
Codease is a database tool which is used for generating error free codes and it automatically generates SQL stored procedures. It has standard operations and fully customizable process.

2279)   Writing Back Time
This is a reference which tells how to maintain and update your time-tracking application's write-back cube.

2280)   Migrating to ADO.NET
Migrating to ADO.NET is an article in which the author discusses about migrating from ADO to ADO.NET. ADO performs data access with the help of oledb data connectivity and it does not support disconnected data which is supported by ADO.NET.

2281)   Persistent and Bidirectional Sorting In ASP.NET DataGrid
This is a web based tutorial which explains the sorting feature of datagrid control. This is helpful for the .NET programmers to perform sorting in the datagrid control of their applications.

2282)   Storing and Reading Base64 Encoded Connection String in Web.Config
It is a tutorial that shows you the method for hiding the information about the connection strings contained in the Web.Config file by means of Encrypted method. Base 64 encrypt alogorithm helps you to do this encryption and you can also decrypt it using the base 64 decrypt algorithm.

2283)   Inserting Data to an XML Document
This is an user friendly article which specifically concentrates on the process of inserting data into XML document. In this article author gives details about XmlNode and XmlDocument classes, which helps to execute the insertion process.

2284)   SiteLog ASP.NET Enterprise Edition
SiteLog ASP.NET Enterprise Edition is a web statistics reporter that comes with several functionalities for the benefit of the administrators of hosting companies. This program can be used for multiple websites.

2285)   The ADO.NET OleDbDataReader class
This tutorial shows you how to access the database records with the help of the DataReader classes. In this tutorial the author gives you the sample code which executes and return the rows of a table in the data reader object and displays it on the list view control.

2286)   Build A Non-Zero Based Array In .NET
This useful tutorial teaches the method of creating non-zero based array in .NET. The programmers can learn about building multi-dimensional zero-based array objects.

2287)   Testing a Full-Text Search Wordbreaker Using C#
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial which offers you the sample code for checking the output of the wordbreaker. This tutorial also explains you about the wordbreaker component and its features.

2288)   HttpHandlers 101
HttpHandlers 101 is a simple ASP.NET tutorial which helps you to know about the use of HttpHandlers. The HttpHandlers is used to handle the ASP.NET request.

2289)   MasterPages: Introduction
It is an article in which programmers can get an idea about Master page, which has collection of server control. The author also provides online demo for each control from the control gallery.

2290)   Introduction to .NET Assemblies
This article is for the beginners to know completely about the .NET assemblies. The author explains about the .NET assemblies and their usages.

2291)   WSH Objects
This is a learning site which is used to learn about objects of WSH. Explanation has been given using example for quick reference.

2292)   .NET Threading Part I - Introduction
This is a simple tutorial in which the programmers can learn about the basic concept of .NET threading in C#. The author gives detail explanation about various classes present in System.Threading namespace.

2293)   IIS Insider
This article is helpful for the server managers and system administrators which instructs briefly about how to manage Internet Information services.

2294)   Color Selector
Color Selector is a simple and attractive color selection control that displays several colors. Users can choose the colors either by color name or by color values. This tool is useful for the web applications.

2295)   Generating thumbnail images on the fly using ASP.NET and GDI+
This is an online tutorial that can be used by the readers to learn about creating thumbnails dynamically using .NET framework. Here the author demonstrates by using VB.NET in thumbnail generation.

2296)   ASP.NET Dropdown list rewrite
ASP.NET Dropdown list rewrite is an ASP.NET tutorial which contains more information about the dropdown listbox control. The dropdown listbox has a text box in which users can type the text.

2297)   XML Web Services: Part 1: Overview and database interaction
This tutorial completely describes about the creation of web services and database interaction with web services in detail. For quick overview step by step defintions has been given.

2298)   Aspose.Office
This is an ASP.NET documentation application through which users can generate documents in Excel, Word and project. This tool offers various functionalities and each has various features individually.

2299)   A Virtual Future
This is a simple tutorial which deals with the procedure for reading the content from XML documents by using XMLTextReader in VB.NET. The author demonstrates about the method of utilizing this XMLTextReader attributes to execute the above said process.

2300)   C# Formatting Currencies in .NET
This tutorial is used for learning how to setup a string or a decimal to currency format. This tutorial has shown different data class and key management to format currency.

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