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Top 2301-2350 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2301)   Configuring SQL Server 2000 Options
This article can be used as a reference through which the users can configure their SQL server 2000 options easily. This article also describes about removed server options and database option on SQL server.

2302)   Aspose.Project
Aspose.Project is a .Net Project management component which enables you to read and write Project documents without utilizing Microsoft Project.The latest version 1.4 adds Possibility to close and reopen database connection; etc.

2303)   The Rotor Architecture Revisited
This is an article that discusses about the microsoft's rotor project. The rotor code can easily mofidied and redistributed and it used as a guide for the people who develop their own CLI implementations.

2304)   ASP.NET User Controls - Notify One Control Of Changes In Other Control
It is a simple tutorial in which author describes about user control. In this tutorial users can get an idea about pair of control which can communicate with each other with the help of delegate mechanism.

2305)   xSQL DataCompare
xSQL DataCompare is a program with which you can compare either entire database or particular tables with ease.

2306)   Persistent and Bidirectional Sorting In ASP.NET DataGrid
This is a web based tutorial which explains the sorting feature of datagrid control. This is helpful for the .NET programmers to perform sorting in the datagrid control of their applications.

2307)   ASPLib Button
This tool is used for creating different styles of button on the web page forms. It is based on .NET application. It is easy to install and to use.

2308)   Document! X
It is an ASP.NET documentation application through which users can generate and manage documentation in various storage elements like Access, SQL server, oracle, XSD schemas, etc.

2309)   Examining the Data Access Application Block
The main content of this online article is about examining the Data Access Application Block. Through this article the author examines the snippet samples which shows the merits of using the Data Access Application Block.

2310)   RangeValidator Control
It is a web based tutorial in which the author describes about the RangeValidator control of ASP.NET. The RangeValidator control helps you to check the values of the input control to determine whether it lies between the specified upper and lower bound values.

2311)   ASP.NET Pop-Up Date Picker Control
This script helps users to create a popup date picker on their websites. This program is compatible on both internet explorer and netscape browsers. Using this script you can select the date and time.

2312)   HtmlInputHidden Control
In this web based tutorial the author gives you more explanation about using HtmlInputHidden control in web forms. The syntax for using this control in html pages is given in this tutorial. The author offers you a sample program for saving view state information across request using this control.

2313)   Web Service and DHTML
This tutorial discusses about how to access web services through DHTML web services behaviour. The author has given source file to enable users to test the program function.

2314)   Setting Culture and Encoding
This is an article that explains about encoding capability of ASP.NET and about the functions of RegionInfo and CultureInfo classes.

2315)   An Introduction to the SOAP Toolkit - Part 1
This tutorial gives introduction about SOAP toolkit and its usage in detail for the learners online. It has provided step by step solution and follow ups about SOAP for the beginners.

2316)   ASP .NET - Data Binding
This user friendly tutorial deals with the data binding, which helps in adding list to particular item from data sources. Here the users can learn about controls which helps in data binding.

2317)   AITOC BackUp Manager
It is a web based database application which allows the users to backup datas from the database, helps in inserting and storing any MS SQL script files into the existing database tables.

2318)   Tricks of the Trace
This easy tutorial concentrates on the method of utilizing ASP.NET tracing features. This tutorial gives an idea about tracing which helps in troubleshooting ASP.NET web application.

2319)   Using the CustomValidator Control
This tutorial deals with flexible custom control validatior, which helps in validating the web forms. The beginners can learn more about principles of custom validation and its excecution process.

2320)   Event Handling in .NET Using C# - Introduction
This article demonstrates about event handling in .NET by using C Sharp. The instructor says this event handling method is familiar for the programmer who has programmed GUI.

2321) XML/A control
This tool is used for controlling XMLA on ASP.NET. It is provided with several user friendly controls to manage XMLA. Users can easily drag these controls on their ASP.NET pages.

2322)   SQL: Language of the Database People
This is an article which deals with the information regarding the different sql statements of the Structured Query Language. This article clearly shows where to use these sql statements with example queries to the users.

2323)   People and code: The two poles of .NET migration
It is a .NET article which concentrates on two main aspects of migrating to .NET frame work. From this article developers can learn more about how the people and code plays a vital role in migrating the application to .NET applications.

2324)   .NET Assemblies - II
This online tutorial is all about the introduction of .NET assemblies. The author presents this article about the .NET assemblies for code reusability and code management. The main focus of this article is about assemblies with their features and concepts.

2325)   Executing Long Running Operations - Part I
This is the first part of the article that elaborately discusses about solving a problem which is getting ‘time out’ error during a long operation in web services.

2326)   The Evolution of Web Services - Part 2
This tutorial helps the users to gather more knowledge in evolution of web services with ease. This article also allows users to stride on web services quickly.

2327)   Data Access
This is a data access component which is based on .NET framework applications that allows the users to access the data from any database. It uses single code on entire system for data access.

2328)   A Growing market for Hosted web services
This is an article where you will find some reference for hosted web service providers and how to deploy and employ those web services on your online applications.

2329)   Beware Of Deploying Debug Code In Production
It is an article in which the author discusses about how to perform debugging in ASP.NET using the debug attribute of the compilation tag. The author shows you the syntax for using this tag in the aspx pages.

2330)   iGluon's Calender
This is an ASP.NET utility which can be used for adding date time function to your web applications. This script is an essential tool for the webmaster.

2331)   Ektron CMS400.NET
Ektron CMS400.NET is a program that allows website administrators to obtain an enhanced Content Management System for updating their ASP.NET websites.

2332)   ASP2ASPX
ASP2ASPX is a program which can be used by the webmasters to transfer all their ASP projects into ASP.NET. This program comes in standard, professional and enterprise editions.

2333)   Configuring the ASP.NET Worker Process through the file
This is an ASP.NET tutorial through which you can know about the ASP.NET process. The author clearly shows how to enable, recycle and shut down the process using the tag of the file.

2334)   The 'Ins' and 'Outs' of Using Stored Procedures with Visual Basic .NET
This is an ASP.NET tutorial through which you can gain more knowledge about the stored procedure. Stored procedures contain a collection of Sql statements and it helps you to reduce network traffic, enhances the database security and speeds up the execution.

2335)   Mailyoulike
This is an ASP based .NET component through which user can provide seperate email application for the visitors those who are visiting users website.

2336)   Creating your own web.config section handler
This is a tutorial that describes you the method of creating custom section handler which helps you to handle your custom sections. This tutorial also explains you the three steps that must be followed in order to check the custom section handler.

2337)   Xheo.WebTemplate
Xheo.WebTemplate is a program that enables webmasters to build page templates for their ASP.NET websites. They can utilize this program to create templates in different types of layout.

2338)   Imposing Constraints on DataSet
This user friendly tutorial gives guidelines to the programmers in which they can get idea about adding constraints inside the dataset. The author offers brief description about several constraints.

2339)   MULTITHREADING IN C# by ggarang
This tutorial discusses about multiple threading in C#, which helps to perform multiple task at a same time. The author discusses about System.Threading Namespace, which offers various classes to execute the process of threading.

2340)   Active Reports
This program is for the programmers which can be integrated with VB program that allows them to create the web report using VB. It allows users to use ActiveX, VB code and OLE objects on their web reports easily.

2341)   Two approaches for controlling access to .NET Web services
This online tutorial teaches the developers about how to control access to .NET web services. It steers them in a step by step mode easily.

2342)   Store Session Information in SQL Server
It is an article which gives you some tips for storing the session information in the SQL server database. You can view the InstallSqlState.SQL which contains the information about how to build the database and tables to store the session state.

2343)   ActiveX Logging system for ASP/Net
Hi-performance text file logging for ASP/VBS/VBA applications. Lets you create daily/weekly/monthly log files with variable number of logged values and extra timing and performance info.

2344)   Configuration Overview
This is an article in which the author talks to you about the ASP.NET configuration system. The author explains you the five qualities of the configuration system.

2345)   SOAP in the Middle Tier
This tutorial helps the programmers and web developers to add a new technique called SOAP on their middle tier. It has given introduction about Active Template Library server and also it has provided different steps that the users have to pursue for adding new technique on web service in detail.

2346)   NTP Component
NTP Component is a program that has the ability to execute a stable NTP client and which is entirely compatible with RFC 1305/RFC 2030.

2347)   PatNorSoft Email
PatNorSoft Email is a program that comes with number of IMAP features, SMTP features, POP3 assembly features and security features for enabling enhanced email functionality to the ASP.NET applications.

2348)   Application Layers in a Service-Based Architecture
This online tutorial deals about the application layers in service based architecture. The author shows how to fit an application into logical layers.

2349)   HtmlControl Class
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author tells you about the members of the ASP.NET HtmlControl Class. The properties of the HtmlControl class is inherited by the all HTML server control classes.

2350)   Two-Way Sorting Using Hidden Fields
Two-Way Sorting Using Hidden Fields is a tutorial for the novice to implement ascending and desecing sorting functionality in the datagrid control. This tutorial clearly shows it with an example code.

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