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Top 2351-2400 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2351)   InSite content management
InSite content management is written in ASP.NET and is an effective content management program that can be used to modify and contribute contents on the websites. This program supports any type of online application.

2352)   ASP.NET Database Select - Advanced Version
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which guides you in accessing the Access database database data with the help of ADO.NET objects. The author explains the procedure with a sample code and ouput to you.

2353)   IPtoCountry
IPtoCountry is an ASP.NET program using which webmasters can have a system which is capable of finding exact language and currency of any country.

2354)   RBarcode for .NET
.NET Components that creates 1D and 2D barcodes for VBnet and C#. Supported symbologies include EAN, UPC, code128, datamatrix, pdf 417 and more. Includes server controls and windows forms controls. The source code is available.

2355)   User Management Utility for Web Form Authentication
It is an article in which author describes about managing the user login and password information inorder to provide form authentication for the users website.

2356)   Rearchitect Your Web Applications for Microsoft ASP.NET
While ASP.NET 2.0 is completely backwards compatible with ASP.NET 1.1, its new features may require you to revise parts of your Web applications. This article provides a detailed analysis of how changes in ASP.NET 2.0 will influence your porting decisions.

2357)   Introducing ASP.NET Web Matrix by O'Reilly
This tutorial is helpful for the web programmers to develop a web site in ASP.NET using ASP.NET web matrix. The web matrix has a visual editor that allows you to create ASP.NET applications and it has a lightweight web server for testing the web applications.

2358)   Internationalize Your ASP.NET Applications (Part 1 of 3)
This tutorial shows how ASP.NET applications can be internationalized and what are the benefits due to that. The webmasters could use ASP.NET which could handle content translated already.

2359)   Building a Yahoo Stock Quote Ticker
This tutorial offers the details about the creation of yahoo stock quote ticker on your web applications using web services. This tutorial is also helpful for learning web services.

2360)   Web Request Class
This user friendly tutorial gives guidelines to the programmers about the procedure to utilize WebRequest class, which resides on System.Net namespace to access data from internet.

2361)   Creating a custom DataGrid delete button
This is an useful tutorial which shows you how to perform deletion in datagrid control by creating a delete button in the html form. This tutorial does not use the delete command of the datagrid control in ASP.NET.

2362)   ASP.NET & Databases : Part 1
It is a simple tutorial in which the author gives detailed description about various namespaces used in managed providers, dataset, viewing data and XML.

2363)   RegularExpressionValidator Control
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which users can get an idea about control validator which checks and detects whether other control has similar expression.

2364)   DB Reporter
DB Reporter is used for generating documentation for database structure and it is used for SQL server. Table of contents are displayed in HTML format.

2365)   RSS Manager Component
RSS Manager is a .NET component, which realizes the full management of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) compatible content.

2366)   CheckBox Web Server Control
This tutorial helps you to learn more about ASP.NET CheckBox Web Server Control with a sample program. In this tutorial the author gives you a sample code which shows how checked property of the control is used to know the stauts of the CheckBox Web Server Control.

2367)   How to do calculations in a datagrid
This article is useful for the novice to perform calculations in a datagrid control using ASP.NET. In this article author gives you an example which helps you to learn how to do calculations in a datagrid easily.

2368)   XML parsing in C#
This tutorial gives information about the procedure for writing XML parsing in C#. The author describes about System.Xml namesapce which helps in executing the above said process.

2369)   BUG: DataGrid Web Server Control Wraps When ItemStyle Wrap or HeaderStyle Wrap Property Is Set to Fa
This tutorial discusses about a small bug while using the wrap function in ASP.NET and the method for overcoming the bug.

2370)   Rap Tier
This tool is used for generating code for database driven application and it works under ASP.NET, C#.NET and SQL. It supports SQL Server and database engines.

2371)   ASP Migration to ASP.NET
It is an article in which author discusses about various changes that can be obtained while adapting .NET framework from their existing applications. This article will be helpful for the web developers and the .NET programmers.

2372)   OleDbInfoMessageEventArgs Class
This is a tutorial which is useful for the .NET programmers to learn about the OleDbInfoMessageEventArgs Class. You can send the data to the InfoMessage event using this class.

2373)   XML transformation using Xslt in C#
This simple tutorial concentrates on XML transformation with the help of Xslt in C#. Through Xslt, data can be transformed into different formats.

2374)   Highlighting Search Keywords in a DataGrid Web Control
This is an useful article for the web developers. This article shows you how to highlight the search keyword in a datagrid web control. This article is more informative to the users.

2375)   Writing a Custom Validator Control in ASP.NET
This is a simple tutorial in which the author gives you the sample code for creating a custom validation control to check the date entries in the ASP.NET page. The author also shows you the syntax for registering this control.

2376)   Using .NET Components in ASP.NET
This is an online tutorial describing the uses of .NET components in ASP.NET. The author clarifies almost all frequent doubts in using .NET components.

2377)   Using Object-Orientation in ASP.NET: Polymorphism
In this article the author contributes to ASP.NET users in performing data access for Object Oriented Programming with ASP.NET.

2378)   An Introduction to Working with XML in .NET
This is an user friendly tutorial which gives basic concepts of working with XML in .NET framework. The author gives details about two APIs which help in accessing the data found with in XML documents.

2379)   Introduction to ASP.NET
This article gives introduction of ASP.NET. It shows the advantages of ASP.NET over ASP, features of ASP.NET, etc. which is easily understood by the users.

2380)   .Net XML Classes from Web Services
This tutorial discusses about the use of .XML classes from web services. It allows the learners to serialize or deserialize data types to enable users to change SOAP between distributed systems.

2381)   Using Web Services Instead of DCOM
This tutorial discusses and teaches the users about how to use web services other than that of DCOM to implement an XML web service. It also describes more details about XML web services and its functions.

2382)   ASPBridge IncludeControl
It is an ASP.NET application through which users can use the functionalities of ASP at the middle of the ASP.NET pages and also provides session syncronisation for accessing session variables from ASP to ASP.NET applications.

2383)   Cross-Browser display of XML, XSL
This user friendly tutorial gives details about the procedure for displaying the output with pure HTML by combining ASP along with XML or XSL in server side which can work with all browsers.

2384)   Automate Data Export using DTS and ADO.NET
This is an article which helps you to upload the data from various datasources using data transmission service tool. This article clearly explains how to create a DTS package and how to run it on the aspx page with an example code to the users.

2385)   Creating Web Services in .NET
This article completely provides detailed information about web service from basic to high level. The steps given in this tutorial are understandable by every user to create web service in .NET.

2386)   Use DataReader Cleverly
This tutorial instructs the programmers to learn about basics of Datareader, which helps in fetching and modifying the data in the data rows faster. Here the author gives suggestion to utilize datareader in a right way inorder to execute data access promptly.

2387)   activePDF Spooler
activePDF Spooler is a program built on ASP.NET with which users can redirect PDFs to their desired printer on their network.

2388)   Reusing and Creating Server Controls
This is an useful ASP.NET article for the .NET programmers to know the process of creating custom web controls in ASP.NET. The author shows you how to build a custom label control in ASP.NET with a sample program using two methods.

2389)   Custom Paging results in ASP.NET using A Better Way
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which will be helpful for the .NET programmers. In this tutorial author clearly shows how to divide the database results into mutiple pages.

2390)   DataGrid Code Samples for Beginners
DataGrid Code Samples for Beginners is an useful tutorial for the novice to get detailed information about the datagrid control. This tutorial provides you the sample code.

2391)   Adding a Default ListItem in a Databound Listbox in ASP.NET
In this article the author provides you the sample code for displaying the data of database table in the listbox control of ASP.NET. The author also shows you the sample screen for this control.

2392)   Manipulate Controls With Code-Behind
It is an easy to understand tutorial in which author gives details about utilizing the code-behind method, which helps in seperating user interface from business logic codes.

2393)   Porting Unmanaged Legacy C++ Applications That Interact with DB2 Mainframes into .NET and C#
The main objective of this online tutorial is to clear the issues in changing the .NET platform. The article shows the solutions through the features and availability in ASP.NET.

2394)   Go MAD for ASP.NET with Graymad!
This tutorial is for the beginners to encourage them using CSS to format text and for giving a steady look for the webpage. For multiple browser type it is hard to create a .css file. As all styles in it are not same, it is difficult to create a single stylesheet. The solution is given here.

2395)   Validation Controls in Web Forms
This is an article in which author discusses about validation control which helps in validating the input of the user in the web form. In this tutorial users can learn about the purpose of using this validation control and about various types of validation control.

2396)   Binding ASP.NET Controls to Data
This tutorial discusses about data binding, which helps in accessing a data from any source and associates the data with property through a control. Here the author gives information about Data-bound controls and their uses.

2397)   10 Tips To Create Effective ASP.NET Server Controls
10 Tips To Create Effective ASP.NET Server Controls is an user friendly ASP.NET tutorial in which the author gives you ten useful tips for creating server controls in aspx pages.

2398)   Applying Attributes to Configure COM+ Services
This online article gives the value of every design time attribute in the System.EnterpriseServices namespace. The author describes how could this be helpful for the users to erase or delete the unwanted attributes in the code.

2399)   Displaying Data in a ListBox Web Control
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author gives you the sample program for displaying a particular column of the database table in the listbox web control of ASP.NET. This tutorial is useful for the novice programmers.

2400)   Defect Manager
This is a bug and defect tracking solution using which webmasters can track bug and defects those can be reported by their clients for the specific product and ensure them.

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