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Top 201-250 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

201)   Tour Calendar With Detail Section - Part 1 - Set up the database
This article deals with creating a tour calendar which might be useful for the webmasters to program their tour with dates and events. This is easier because of the built-in calendar control in ASP.NET.

202)   ShoppingCart WebUserControl
ShoppingCart WebUserControl enables administrators to build a shopping cart system for their ecommerce businesses. This program can be easily used by administrators.

203)   Testing a Full-Text Search IFilter in C#
This is an article that helps you to know how to check the output of the filter component using the methods such as IFilter and IPersistFile of the IFilter interface in C#.

204)   ASP.NET Controls to prevent automatic registrations from bots
This is a web based article which helps you to prevent abuse of registration pages by forcing users to enter the security code displayed in a picture using the CodeImage and CodeImageValidator class. The author shows you how to implement these classes with a sample program.

205)   Using Params Keyword
In this tutorial the author discusses about the param keyword in C#. The param keyword is used to pass single dimension array as an argument to a function. The sample program given in this tutorial clearly shows how to access the arguments that are passed using the param keyword.

206)   Deloittes.NET TabStrip
Deloittes.NET TabStrip is a program built on ASP.NET that allows webmasters to build tabulated menus on their websites. This will be of much use for them to let their visitors navigate their websites.

207)   Letter, Alphanumeric Based Paging in ASP.NET
It is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author shows you the method for adding the paging behavior based on the alpabetic letters to the datagrid control. This tutorial gives you the sample source code for this task.

208)   Creating a Proxy
This tutorial helps the developers to create a proxy for web service. This wizard guides the users to make changes in proxy settings using two step process.

209)   Ping IP
Ping IP is used to ping the devices enabled with IP address. It allows the users to set refresh rate which indicates the users automatically. This tool is simple to setup and to operate.

210)   Using NameValueCollection in C#
This tutorial deals with NameValueCollection, which is a sorted collection of string keys and string values that can be accessed through hash code of the key and through index.

211)   ComboBox
This script is used for creating a combobox dropdown input box on the web pages and which are easily customizable. It has several properties and the users can easily change the settings manually.

212)   Simple SMTP mailing with .NET
Simple SMTP mailing with .NET is the article through which the author tells the webmasters how to send direct emails from the user's site using Smtp Mail class.

213)   Redirecting User to Login Page After Session Timeouts
This is a tutorial which provides a soultion for a problem that is faced very often by the webmasters in session timeouts. Here the author tells a way for redirecting user to login page after session timeouts.

214)   FreeTextBox
This is an online HTML editor and is developed with ASP.NET that helps users to modify text contents on their websites. This program comes with many enhanced features.

215)   GalleryNET
GalleryNET is an online tool through which you can generate image galleries. This tool supports any number of sub- folders. You can easily customize the images in the gallery using this tool.

216)   Search engine friendly URLs using ASP.NET (C#.NET)
This article explains how to convert the database-driven query string containing links to search-engine friendly ones.

217)   Testing a Full-Text Search Wordbreaker Using C#
This is a web based tutorial through which the users can learn about testing a full-text search word breaker. In this article the author offers details about word breaker, which breaks the full-text plumbing method.

218)   Inheriting System.Web.HttpApplication
It is a web based article which gives you an idea about how to write functions in the global.ascx file that can be accessed across multiple web pages in a ASP.NET web application.

219)   DateTime Selector
DateTime Selector is a very simple tool which enables the site administrators to add a date and time utility on their website.

220)   Ad Manager .NET Icon Cube
Ad Tracking Software and Banner Management System

221)   Stock Chart
Stock Chart is a web based tool which helps you to generate customizable charts. You can also create indicator using this tool. This tool is written in ASP.NET. This tool is customizable and simple to use.

222)   ASPMultiChat .NET
ASPMultiChat.NET is an effective chat tool which handle unlimited number of users and chat rooms. You can increase sales by means of online customer service using this application and it provides both internal and security.

223)   Easy .NET Screen Scraping
This online tutorial is about using .NET's built in library to screen scrape. The author tells about how to send a webrequest and receive the feedback or result.

224)   ASPHut Guestbook
ASPHut Guestbook is a free, ready to run database driven (MS Access) ASP.NET Guestbook. With the following features: It's FREE, Easy to set up, Cool Smilies that your visitors will love, Admin Panel - remove or edit guestbook entries, Header and footer for easy integration into your existing website, Built in swear filter - add whatever words you like, Customize the colors.

225)   Creating ASP.NET Custom Controls with Style
This is a web based tutorial through which you can gain knowlege about building custom controls with different styles. The author shows how to add styles to the custom control using the WriteStyleAttribute method of the output object.

226)   Self Validating ASP.NET Text Box
This is a web based tutorial which is useful for the web programmers to know about how to create a text box which perfoms various validations on the input of the user. This tutorial gives you the source code and demo file for the users.

227)   Transparent Gifs with GDI+ or System.Drawing
It is an useful tutorial for the programmer to learn about the process of generating images by using GDI+ and System.Drawing namespace. The author elaborates the procedure for utilizing the classes present in System.Drawing to create an image.

228)   A Feedback Form in ASP.NET
This tutorial deals with generating email form using ASP.NET applications. Here the author explains the above said procedure with the help of examples with source code.

229)   Dynamically Adding Controls
Dynamically Adding Controls is a simple ASP.NET tutorial in which the author shows you how to add the controls dynamically in an ASP.NET page. This tutorial also shows how to add the controls in the PlaceHolder container control of ASP.NET.

230)   How To: Call a Web Service Using SSL
Web developers can use this tutorial section as a guidance for understanding and knowing about the use of SSL on web service for secured communication.

231)   IIS Application Pool Recycler
IIS Application Pool Recycler recycles or starts the crashed, hanged or stopped application pools.

232)   How to customize the header of a datagrid
How to customize the header of a datagrid is an ASP.NET article that helps users to know about how to change the header of a datagrid control. The header of a datagrid control contains the name of the database table columns.

233)   How to deal with multiple "run-at-server" forms
This is an article in which author elaborates about the methods to submit multiple forms with one run-at-server on ASP.NET page with various functions and events.

234)   Windows Forms Tutorial: Part 1
This tutorial teaches about generating Windows forms in ASP.NET application. With the help of code present in this tutorial web masters can construct their own Windows web form with various elements in it.

235)   Preventing Multiple Logins in ASP.NET
This is a tutorial in which the author elaborately discusses about how to stop several users from logging into the website simultaneously.

236)   Pronounceable Password Generator
Pronounceable Password Generator is a tutorial which explains about the password generators. The author classifies the generators in two main categories which is explained through this article.

237)   Global Error Handler in C#, Part 2
This is an article explains about the global error handler in C#. The author has used Global.Asax file for this error handling.

238)   Creating Lookup Screens using ASP.NET, XML and JavaScript
This tutorial specially concentrates on constructing a look up screen in a webform using ASP.NET, java and XML. User can learn more about creating data grid programmatically, manipulating XML documents and more.

239)   Generating Random Number Using RND Function And Randomize Statement
This is an article stating how to generate the random numbers using RND Function. The author explains with neat description about how the random numbers are produced for the upperbound limit given.

240)   MCImageManager .NET
The MCImageManager .NET is a combination of .NET, HTML and Javascript, possible to integrate with the MCFileManager. The purpose of the MCImageManager is to be able to preview images through thumbnails and conduct basic file operations on them, such as upload and delete. The perfect tool to integrate with your CMS system, or TinyMCE.

241)   MD5 Integrity
This library allows the generation of MD5 hashs of strings and files. This is a .Net library, with COM interfaces, so it can be used within .NET projects and has a COM component. This component is ideal to assure integrity of data or files.

242)   DataBound Dynamic Menu using a DataList and DataGrid
DataBound Dynamic Menu using a DataList and DataGrid is a program that enables webmasters to display dynamic navigation menus on their websites. Using this program they can create any number of menus with submenus.

243)   Example - URL Extractor
It is an article through which programmers can learn about URL extractor, which helps in identifying URLs in HTML files. The author gives details about the method of identifying and extracting the pattern through regular expression.

244)   ASP .NET - The TextBox Control
This web based tutorial is useful for the novice programmers to learn about the textbox control of ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author shows you how to set various attributes of the textbox control such as height, width, text and textmode.

245)   A DropDownList for U.S. States and Canadian Provinces and Countries
A DropDownList for U.S. States/Canadian Provinces and Countries is an interesting article that discusses about the dropdownlist box that is preloaded with U.S. States and Canadian Provinces. This tutorial also shows you the sample code for creating the dropdown list box with this list.

246)   Retrieving Images Stored in SQL Server
This is an article for retrieving stored images from database to display them. Here the author demonstrates this process by retrieving images from SQL server database.

247)   HtmlGenericControl
HtmlGenericControl is a tutorial which gives you more tips about the HtmlGeneric control. The HtmlGeneric control gives you server control implementation to the Html server control tags such as , , and , etc., It is necessary to use the open and close tags for this control.

248)   Creating Search Pages with Index Server and .NET
Creating Search Pages with Index Server and .NET is a search engine article. From this search engine you can make customizable search page. From this article you know how the query is generated and how it searches the database.

249)   Role-Based Security in ASP.NET
Role-Based Security in ASP.NET is an article which denotes the webmaster about the partition of website according to the role of the visitor. With the help of basic authentication, the guests are restricted.

250)   activePDF WebGrabber
activePDF WebGrabber enables users to transform all HTML, URL streams and HTML file into PDF dynamically. This program has several enhanced features and more scalable in nature.

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