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Top 2451-2500 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2451)   Code Bank
In this tutorial the author gives collection of XML related classes, which can be included to perform various XML operations in .NET frame work.

2452)   Web Header Manager
Web Header is a specially designed .NET component, which manages and customizes all HEAD tags for your web pages.

2453)   Determining How Long Your Users Spend Filling Out Forms
This tutorial deals with generating a timer, which calculates the time spent by the users to fill up a particular form. The author elaborates the procedure to set the timer in the form in the invisible mode.

2454)   Nesting Server Controls
This is a simple tutorial in which the author gives details about nesting server control. The author gives details about the method of hosting the server control with categories and sub categories.

2455)   Simple Data Binding using ADO.NET
This user friendly tutorial offers you the proceudre for databinding in ADO.NET, which helps in binding data in database. Through this tutorial you can collect information about System.Data and System.Data.ADO name space which offers objects to execute data binding.

2456)   Image Web Service
This article contains detailed description about the creation of image web service and also instructs how to handle this web service simply. Easy to understand and to use this image web service on their system by using given codes.

2457)   What is ASP.NET?
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which gives you more details about the ASP.NET. The author also shows you the difference beteween ASP and ASP.NET with a sample code as well as this tutorial lists various advantages of the ASP.NET.

2458)   COM Interoperability in the .NET Framework
The usage of runtime callable wrappers in ASP.NET Web Page to call a COM component is the summary of this online article. The author proves that generating the RCW could be done through the VS.NET IDE or by the help of commandline, which is much easier and very simple.

2459)   Server-Side Data Access
This tutorial discusses about server side data access, which perform the process of transacting set of data retreived from the database. The author explains about datagrid control, which helps to bind the output of SQL queries and XML data files.

2460)   Storing Database Connection String In Web.config
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial which shows how to store the database connection strings in a web.config file using the section. The author gives you the sample code for this operation.

2461)   PRB: Error Messages When You Use ODBC .NET Data Provider in WebForm Applications
This tutorial deals with a solution for one of the error while debugging in ASP.NET. The author describes about an error when the user uses the ODBC.NET data provider. The author discusses the remedy for this error in this article.

2462)   XmlConverter component
It is an ASP.NET documentation application with XML convertor and has the capability of converting various objects documentation into XML. This tool offers various attractive features for users need.

2463)   Row Count and Memory Utilization
This is a tutorial which explains how count(*) function is used to check the count of the rows in a table. In this tutorial the author also tells you the method for getting the count of the rows and pages of each table of the database with an sql statement.

2464)   Using Data Access Interfaces
Using Data Access Interfaces is a tutorial which helps you know how to provide data access for the data providers such as OleDB or SQL with the help of various interfaces. This tutorial also shows how to create a class library.

2465)   Leverage Regular Expressions
It is an easy to understand article in which the author details about regular expression, which helps in searching and replacing a text. The author gives solution for the programmer for the problem that occur while extracting words, datas and numbers.

2466)   Ambientware.Mail
This is a web based email application through which users can generate a email system for sending emails from the users website. It offers functionalities like mail message manipulation, character set manipulation, priority settings etc.

2467)   Interprocess Communication
This online tutorial instructs the programmers how to implement XML-RPC for interprocess communication in any languages and without the participation of any other external application.

2468)   dotNetClipper
This is a content management program written in ASP.NET with which users can create different types of clip contents such as, news, travel information, weather etc and view them on their web pages.

2469)   Server Control Inline Template Syntax
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author describes about the template syntax which helps to regularise the outlook of the web server controls. Through this syntax users can add multiple template properties to perform above said process.

2470)   Enter Null Values for DateTime Column of SQL Server
This is an user frindly ASP.NET tutorial which gives you the sample code for adding the date and time in the date and time column of the table through a text box. The sample code is given for VB.NET and C#.

2471)   HOW TO: Implement Key-Based Dependencies for Data Caching in ASP.NET by Using Visual C# .NET
This tutorial deals with data caching technique with the help of key-based dependencies in the ASP.NET application. Here author explains this topic with the help of examples and source code.

2472)   Declarative ASP.NET globalization
Declarative ASP.NET globalization is an article in which the author describes you the method for creating a globalized web page using the localize attribute.

2473)   Introduction to the .NET Speech SDK
This user friendly tutorial teaches the procedure for creating a speech enabled web users control for including speech facility in the ASP.NET application. The author explains about Speech Application language tag, SDK and its functionalities and its properties.

2474)   QueryCommander
It is a web based .NET application through which user can create object oriented documentation files, create a option for editing the files of the database.

2475)   Converting ASP to ASP.NET
It is an article in which the author gives details about information of data driven application and what are all the methods used in converting ASP pages to ASP.NET applications.

2476)   Monstarillo - The developer's code generator
Monstarillo is a solution that helps programmers to create codes for SQL database applications. It can also generate stored procedures to update, delete codes and data.

2477)   DataList Code Samples for Beginners
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial for the novice programmers to know how to perform various operations in the data of the datalist control. You can download the complete sample source code from this tutorial. The author shows how to do this operation using pagesize and pagecount properties.

2478)   SHOWME HOW: Add Static and Data-Bound Items to a DropDownList Web Server Control by Using Visual C#
This is an ASP.NET article that shows you how to create a dropdown listweb server control and insert the records of the database in its list item. This tutorial demonstrates it with a live video.

2479)   MSDN Code Center
MSDN Code Center is an online tutorial where readers can find links that offers sample applications for the developers to use them on their .NET application development.

2480)   Caching in ASP.NET
This is an article which describes about data caching engine which helps in retrieving and stroring data in the objects for any HTTP request which simulataneously increases performance of the ASP.NET applications.

2481)   StateStitch
This is an ASP.NET application which allows migration of session variables between ASP and ASP.NET applications and hence seemless web application can be done with the functionalities of both ASP and ASP.NET.

2482)   Object-Relational Persistence for .NET
This is an interesting article which has three divisions, the first part of the article explains you about the adoption, domain schema standards etc., and second part has information about the ADO.NET API way, object spaces way and third part explains about stored Procedures and cultural barriers.

2483)   ASP.NET: Hiding/Manipulating Databound Items
This is an ASP.NET article which explains you a method for hiding and manipulating the individual elements of the datagrid, datalist and repeater controls. You can get the sample code to accompalish this task from this tutorial.

2484)   Code samples from the book "XML for ASP.NET Developers"
This is an article in which author offers some source code for working with XML in .NET framework. The download source code also includes VS.NET project files, which helps in easy compilation of applications.

2485)   The SQL Guru Answers your Questions
This ASP.NET tutorial helps you to find out the missing transacion number in the table if it contains the transactions in the sequential order with the help of the left join and cursor.

2486)   Sort XML Data Without XSLT Overkill
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author describes about the method of utilizing classes of System.Xml.XPath namespace to sort data of the XML documents.

2487)   ASP.NET "Whidbey" Overview
This article shows the new version of ASP.NET which includes the significant new features which defines a new level of functionality.

2488)   Setting Default Value in a Drop Down list for a Datagrid
This is a web based article which provides you the solution for setting default values in the dropdownlist box that has been placed in the datagrid control.

2489)   Validating Data On Web Forms
This is an article in which programmers can gather information about validating the data on web form using the various types of validator control. Here the users can learn about solving various problem that occur during data validation.

2490)   ASP .NET Maintaining the ViewState
This tutorial helps you to know how to maintain the viewstate of the web form objects. The source code given by this tutorial shows how hidden control is used to preserve the values of the form controls.

2491)   Riccin - Notification Server
This is a web based email sending application which provides various functionalties for sending and messaging emails. This offers sending email in HTML format, email queue, allowing multilingual capability for sending emails and more.

2492)   Highlighted Hovering and Anywhere Selecting A DataGrid Row
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author explains you about how to select a row of the datagrid control using the select button and hightlight the selected row. The auhor shows you the sample screen for this functionality.

2493)   Using Database Schema Information with ASP.NET
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial that helps you to list database schmema information in ASP.NET using two classes. This tutorial gives you the complete sample code for retrieving the database information using two classes.

2494)   PropertiesEditor
PropertiesEditor is an ASP.NET program using which web developers can display their products property pages to the users to enable them to alter the properties to suit their needs.

2495)   Dynamically Changing Database Stored Image Sizes
This is a simple tutorial through which the programmers can gather information about the method of altering the size of the image inorder to display them in web pages.

2496)   Using Session and Application Objects in ASP.NET, Part 2
It is a web based tutorial in which author discusses about data caching, formats that have to be adapted to place the data in in-memory format and and more about data caching.

2497)   Secure Your Web Services Applications
This tutorial can be used as a guide to learn and know about generating web service applications with security. Description has been given in an easy way.

2498)   Retrieving File Information In ASP.NET
This is a tutorial in which author describes about the method of collecting file information like name, time of creation, last access time and more about a particluar file.

2499)   DigitsyHumanTest Web Control
DigitsyHumanTest Web Control is an ASP.NET program which works against the hackers and spammers thereby protecting your websites.

2500)   Custom Attributes in C#, Part I - Basics
This article describes about custom attributes in C sharp with basic steps. Attribute class and custom attributes properties are explained in this article.

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