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Top 2501-2550 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2501)   Create a timed cache with .NET
This is an article that deals with improved version of basic cache which includes the method of eliminating items from cache.

2502)   Online Event Listing Application Template (ASP.NET)
With the help of this Online Event Listing Application Template administrators can build and manage a website for displaying Event listings.

2503)   Embracing the Web Part 3: Paradigm Shifts and Maturity Factors in Web-based Application Development
This online article is about the paradigm shifts and maturity factors in Web-based application development. The author discusses about the various shifts and signifies the SOAP.

2504)   NetCharts Server
NetCharts Server provides a graphical reporting solution for the users. This tool helps the users to create efficient charts.

2505)   Moving from ASP to ASP.NET
This is an article which deals with transferring ASP to ASP.NET and what are all the benefits the programmer can utilize while developing various conversion methods of ASP to ASP.NET application.

2506)   The Low Down on the DropDownList Control
This is a web based article that cleary explains how to populate a dropdownlist box control using arraylist, sortedlist, hashtable, and data reader object of the SQL-Server database.

2507)   XML Web Services: Part 2: Consumption through ASP.NET
This tutorial teaches the programmers to develop web services in XML by using ASP.NET and also it provides steps to consume web services easily.

2508)   ASP.NET: Prepare for a New World
This is a reference article which concentrates on upgrading ASP.NET framework and what are all the advantages that the ASP developers can gain while adapting their field to work with ASP.NET framework.

2509)   Your first ASP.NET page
This is an informative tutorial for the novice to learn about creating an aspx page. This tutorial also shows how to execute an aspx page in the web browser.

2510)   Dynamically Calculating in a DataGrid
Dynamically Calculating in a DataGrid is a tutorial which helps you to do calculations in a datagrid control using the values of the datagrid columns. This tutorial details users with an example.

2511)   iNextAccess
This program is used for accessing the data from the MS acces database from ASP.NET application. It requires no programming knowledge to customize data in MS Access database.

2512)   Introduction to ASP+ web controls
Introduction to ASP+ web controls is a tutorial in which the author gives you a brief summary about how to use various ASP.NET web controls. This tutorial clearly explains the properties, methods and events of the web controls. The author gives you the procedure for handling events of web control.

2513)   PerlASPX
PerlASPX is a program using which programmers can create dynamic content by using PERL for their ASP.NET web servers. This will be useful for the programmers to generate PERL based ASP.NET hosted XML web services.

2514)   DotNetBips - Introduction to ASP.NET
This article gives introduction to ASP.NET. It also discusses about the usage of language, types of controls with its advantages and more.

2515)   Form Validation with ASP.NET - It Doesn't Get Any Easier!
This is an article through which programmers can learn about form validation with the help of validator control. Here author explains about three validator controls which can be used in validating ASP.NET web forms.

2516)   Why should you add C# to your skill set?
This is a tutorial which gives you some tips for learning about the C#.NET. Some key features of the C# language are it supports OOPS, events, declared value and reference types, delegates etc.,

2517)   aspNetEmail
This is an ASP.NET email application which can be installed on the users website. Through which users can create an email control, allowing to parse datagrid along with the email structure, processing various .NET web forms and more.

2518)   Syndicating Your Web Site's Content with RSS
This is a tutorial about how to Syndicate the Web Site's Content with Really Simple Syndication. The author examines the RSS feed and format. This article also tells the users about how to use RSS feeds.

2519)   StorePortal
StorePortal is a server software that can be used either in a multi-user mode or business environment to store all the website data in a database. This program allows several users to alter the web content simultaneously.

2520)   Pagelet Controls
It is a web based tutorial in which author describes about pagelet control which works in the same way as a server control. Author explains the method of creating this control and give suggestion to the programmers to build this user control.

2521)   HttpParseException Class
It is a web based tutorial in which the author tells you about the ASP.NET HttpParseException class. This class involves the exception that is thrown when a parse error occurs.

2522)   Web Services Enhancements
This tutorial helps the users to understand the functions of web services enhancements. This tutorial is comprised with the information like policy framework, enhanced security model etc.,

2523)   Bamboo Prevalence: .NET Object Persistence Engine
This is a tutorial in which readers can find information about Bamboo Prevalence. Bamboo Prevalence is an object persistence mechanism that can be used for Object Oriented Program.

2524)   Caching Multiple Versions of User Control Output
This is a web based tutorial that deals with caching multiple version of control outputs in an ASP.NET framework. The author elaborates about two ways that are adapted to cache multiple version of users control output.

2525)   HTML Wait-Confirm Button Server Control
In this tutorial the author gives you the sample code for creating a custom wait-confirm custom web control. You can download the source code for this custom control from this tutorial.

2526)   OleDbParameterCollection Class
This is a tutorial for the .NET application developers to know where to use OleDbParameterCollection Class. This class contains all the parameters of the OleDbCommand object and it is available in the System.Data.OleDb namespace.

2527)   Writing Your First C# Program with Visual Studio .NET
It is a tutorial through which you can learn how to write simple c# program. The author also explains you the structure of the C# program.

2528)   Editable JavaScript TreeGrid NET
DHTML JavaScript component with ASP.NET wrapper WebControl and DataGrid objects to display and edit data in table, grid, tree view or grid with tree on HTML page. XML and SOAP web services support. Specs: rows dragging, filtering, calculated cells.

2529)   How can I return a random number
This article gives tips to the users about how to return a random number using Random class. Example code has been given in this article for test reference.

2530)   Migration Overview
This is an article which concentrates on various advantages that the programmer can gain while working in .NET platform and what are all the benefits and the features the programmers can utilize using .NET.

2531)   AI Flash'In
AI Flash'In is a simple tool which helps users to add flash movies on their web applications. You simply add the properties of the movie in the parameter and it will create an attractive movie. This software is written in ASP.NET.

2532)   CheckBoxList Web Server Control
In this web based tutorial the author explains you about various operations performed on the ASP.NET CheckBoxList Web Server Control. The sample code given in this tutorial shows you how to display the selected items in a checkboxlist control and assign values to the individual checkbox item.

2533)   Data Objects.NET
This tool is used for creating the data and business tier of databases. It simplifies the database administrators to build business objects on couple of base classes like, Databobject and Dataservice.

2534)   Using ASP.NET to Send E-Mail—Including Attachments
Using ASP.NET to Send E-Mail—Including Attachments is the base of this article. The author explains the art of sending emails with attachments in ASP.NET.

2535)   Web.Config By DAS
This is a tutorial where users can get information about the web.config file of The Web.config file is an XML based configuration file which can be used to store the configuration settings.

2536)   .Net MatchGame
Number matching game.

2537)   Microsoft .NET and Windows XP COM+ Integration with SOAP
This tutorial gives instruction about integration of Microsoft.NET and Windows XP COM+ with SOAP. Users can get guidance in exposing existing COM+ applications with SOAP.

2538)   Web Service Proxy Wizard
This tutorial teaches the developers about the use of web service proxy and how to write a web service proxy clients. Beginners can easily refer the given steps.

2539)   Dynamically Registering an Assembly
This article explains about the process fo dynamically registering an assembly in detail.

2540)   KB100006: Troubleshooting ASP.NET on IIS
This article provides some helpful tips for troubleshooting ASP.NET on Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) web server.

2541)   EasyWebEdit.Net
This is a web based HTML editor and is developed with C# and ASP.NET which helps web developers to create and modify contents on their websites. This program comes with many enhanced features.

2542)   Loading an XSD Schema into a DataSet
This tutorial instructs the programmers about XSD schema, which is used to provide data type to the Data column. In this tutorial the users can learn about the procedure for loading XSD schema into a dataset.

2543)   Snowflake Metric Control
This program contains several controls which can be used on ASP.NET applications that helps business intelligence portals and dashboards. It allows the web owners to display the web page with KPI semaphore concept.

2544)   Dynamic Image Generation with ASP.NET
This is an online tutorial that discusses about the role of System.Drawing namespace in creating images on the fly and guides users to create dynamic images.

2545)   An Extensive Examination of Web Services: Part 1
This tutorial is helpful for the web developers which conducts them an extensive examination of web services. This tutorial has provided a simple definitions for every task about web services.

2546)   HOW TO: Display DataGrid in small screen area without using Paging
This is an ASP.NET article which contains information about how to place the datagrid in a small window area without using the paging. This article is easy to understand and more informative.

2547)   ScheduleAnywhere is a shift scheduling system that allows managers to schedule their employees via the Internet. Employees can view and print schedules online. ScheduleAnywhere can easily integrate with T&A systems for exception reporting.

2548)   Create Web Services and Web Forms Programmatically with the .NET Framework SDK. Part 2
This tutorial is for the learners which instructs them in detail about the generation of web service and web forms using .NET framework SDK. Code snippets has been given.

2549)   Upgrading to Microsoft .NET
This is an article which specially focussed on advanced information about Microsoft .NET framework and VS.NET. This article will be helpful for the VB programmers and developers.

2550)   Introducing the .NET Framework and JScript .NET
In this tutorial the author gives you a brief explanation about the four components of the .NET architecture. You can also get information about the JScript.NET language which is purely an object oriented language.

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