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Top 2551-2600 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2551)   Microsoft’s Clout Drives Web Services
Microsoft’s Clout Drives Web Services is a simple article where you will find some of the dictums of professional experts in the field of web service adding credit to MS web based technologies like .NET.

2552)   An Extensive Examination of the DataGrid Web Control: Part 1
This is an ASP.NET article through which you can learn about binding data to the datagrid control from the database table. This article shows how databind() method is used to bind the data to the datagrid control.

2553)   Converting a DataReader to a DataTable
This is a simple tutorial in which the author tells the method to be followed to convert the datareader objects into datatable with the help of helper function.

2554)   CompileX .NET
This is an ASP.NET business application which offers various functionalties for developing business applications. This software provides VB and c# source code for generating various applications for existing databases or new schemas.

2555)   Consuming Asynchronous Web Services
This tutorial discusses about the use of web services in web applications. It also describes entire information and the rules of web services in each field.

2556)   WML Script Functions
This site has full of WML functional keys. Example and sample code has been given for quick reference. It offers more than fifty functional keys of WML.

2557)   Page Templates: Introduction
It is an easy to undersatnd tutorial in which author discusses about page templates. Here the beginners can gather information about creating templates using user control.

2558)   Displaying Cached XML Data in a DataGrid, and Intelligently Refreshing the Data
It is an article in which author explains about caching the dataset in a data cache and the method of binding this cached data to display the cached XML documents which resides on data grid.

2559)   Testing .Net Components Using NUnit
In this article the author explains about NUnit which has the ability to examine the applications. Here the author explains the functions of NUnit by providing two examples.

2560)   Data Integrity in Web Services
This tutorial mainly discusses about what are the possibilities and what basically happens while passing complex data and it helps the users to find whether the data has been passed without losing data.

2561)   Reflector for .NET
This is an effective solution with which users would be able to browse .NET components. This program would be helpful for programmers and developers.

2562)   How to assign a value to password textbox?
It is an article which tells the users about assigning a value to the password field instead of showing the text box without any characters.

2563)   Introducing .NET Remoting
It is an useful tutorial for the programmers can gather information about the basic concepts of .NET remoting, which helps in communicating remote objects between both server and client application.

2564)   HOW TO: Create a Web Control with an Expandable Property in the Designer by Using Visual Basic .NET
This is a simple tutorial in which you can learn about building a custom web control with expandable property using the ExpandableObjectConverter class. The author offers you the complete sample code for better understanding.

2565)   HOW TO: Query and Display Excel Data by Using ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and Visual C# .NET
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which specially concentrates on diplaying the data from the excel spread sheet using ASP.NET and visual C# .NET application.

2566)   Web services: Messiah or mirage?
The author in this article has analyzed the merits and demerits of web services in online applications. This is an useful guide for all webmasters who develop and organize web services.

2567)   ASP.NET Language Structure

2568)   View Source Module
This is an easy to understand tutorial in which author explains the procedure for displaying the source code for a particluar application and secure it from the unwanted visitors.

2569)   ASP Express
This is an ASP.NET content managent component with HTML editor. This tool can be easily integrated into user website for editng the content of the webpage. This tool has various attractive features.

2570)   An Introduction to Visual Studio .NET Whidbey
This tutorial gives an introduction on Visual Studio.NET whidbey and the instructor discusses different categories regarding to whidbey technologies.

2571)   Calling Procedural COBOL from VB.NET
This is a tutorial through which programers can create an object oriented cobol program. You have to add references to the COBOL interface program within the references of the VB project.

2572)   Building Client Interfaces for .NET Web Services
This tutorial discusses about how to build client interfaces for .NET web services easily. Explanations are quite simple to understand.

2573)   Aspose.Spell
Aspose.Spell multilingual spell checking component that can enable you to check spelling in more than 20 languages, including Afrikaans(ZA), Catalan(ES), Spanish(ES) and Swedish(SE) etc.The last version Made Spell and other classes serializable.

2574)   How To Update Server Data Through a Web Service by Using ADO.NET and Visual C# .NET
This tutorial instructs the users briefly about how to update server data through a web service under ADO.NET and Visual C#.NET. For each task examples have been provided.

2575)   SQL Query Provider for Adv. Email Mgr
It is an ASP.NET email application through which users are allowed to generate mailing list from the email campaign with respect to specific SQL query.

2576)   Consuming Remote Web Services in ASP.NET
This tutorial tells about the creation of remote web services using ASP.NET and guides the programmers for consuming their remote web services.

2577)   HOW TO: Read and Write BLOB Data by Using ADO.NET Through ASP.NET
This tutorial discusses about the method of writing binary large object data to MS SQL server by using file stream object in .NET framework. This tutorial gives details about the process of utilizing byte array in ASP.NET to perform the above said process.

2578)   DMB Dynamic Buttons
DMB Dynamic Buttons is an effective image maniputation tool which helps to create any number of image buttons from a single image button. This software is written in ASP.NET. This tool helps you to save your time.

2579)   Web Services, Part 1
This tutorial discusses about web services and that usage in detail with example to make learners easy to understand. After referring this tutorial users can easily work with web service by their own without help.

2580)   Calender Popup
This is an ASP.NET based online tool which allows to include date selection in your web applications. You can select any one of the displayable version by using this script. Javascript generates the actual calender which is displayed.

2581)   Resourcer.Net
This tool is an editor for XML files and for .Net binaries and which is generated from .Net platform. From this tool the users can integrate any type of files and images.

2582)   Authentication for Web Services
This article mainly discusses about how to provide authentication service on web service for securing web service from unauthorised users. Steps given in this tutorial are easily understandable.

2583)   Hosting Windows Custom Controls In Web Forms
This is an ASP.NET article through which you can know how to create a custom Windows control in ASP.NET. You can download the source code from this article.

2584)   How To Deploy an ASP.NET Web Application Using Xcopy Deployment
This tutorial guides the programmers to use Xcopy command for deploying a Microsoft ASP.NET web application. This article also has the solution for how to troubleshoot deployment of ASP.NET web applications.

2585)   Subclass Controls in .NET
Subclass Controls in .NET is an interesting web based article in which the author gives you the procedure for creating an owner-draw listbox control using Visual Basic.NET.

2586)   OleDbException Class
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which shows you about how to throw an exception when the data provider of the .NET framework come across an error from the datasource using the class OleDbException. The OleDbException Class is available in the System.Data.OleDb namespace.

2587)   Text Input Validation
This tutorial concentrates on methods to be followed to validate the user input and restricting them to avoid inserting acceptable amount of characters in the form field.

2588)   Publish And Subscribe with C#
This tutoiral is helpful for the .NET programmers in publishing and subscribing data of the C#. In this tutorial the author explains about the FakeTicker, publish, publisher, subsribe and subscriber projects and also shows how to execute a project.

2589)   Web Services Intermediaries
This is a simple refernce article for intermediary services and its architecture where you can learn and gain knowledge on how to script intermediaries for web services networks.

2590)   Improving Web Application Security: Threats and Countermeasures
This is an article that guides users to create and configure web applications based on ASP.NET in a secured manner. This will be useful for the users to generate hack-resilient ASP.NET applications.

2591)   ASP.NET Up Close
This article is helpful for the web programmers to learn about the ASP.NET architecuture and its advantages. The author also lists all the configuration files of the ASP.NET and also explains about the System.Web.UI.Page which is the core interface of ASP.NET.

2592)   OleDbError Class
This is an useful tutorial for those who need to use the OleDbError Class in their Database application to know the reason for the error that occur in the datasource. An object for the the OleDbError class is created using the OleDbErrorCollection class.

2593)   Using COM+ Services in .NET
This online tutorial explains about the components needed to generate a .NET application using COM and COM+ applications. The author also explains about building and installing a serviced component.

2594)   Online C# Language Specification
This site is for the beginners who can gather more information about C# language specification. It is an user friendly article that helps the users for a short time reference.

2595)   Using the ASP.NET Application Cache to Make Your Applications Scream
It is a tutorial which guides the users for constructing faster ASP.NET applications utilizing better cache techniques.

2596)   ASP.NET Tutorial
This is a tutorial which gives you an idea on the of ASP.NET. ASP.NET is a server side programming language which helps for building dynamic and data driven web applications and it contains about 4,000 in-built classes. This tutorial explains you how to create and export a text file in ASP.NET.

2597)   Allowing Only Numbers in ASP. NET TextBoxes
This is an user friendly ASP.NET tutorial through which you can perform validation in the text boxes of your web pages with the help of the CustomValidator control. The author explains the procedure with a sample code which shows how CustomValidator control takes care of the validation process.

2598)   Building an Email Tracking System
This article tells the users about the construction of an Email Tracking System. Along with tracking the author includes the redirection function also to find the origin of the user.

2599)   Create a MultiRotator Server Control
The main objective of this tutorial is to create a multirotator server control which could show a number of banners from one source data and prevents the fake.

2600)   netSpark's E-commerce
netSpark's E-commerce is a powerful commerce component using which you can develop a fully featured online e-commerce application to intregrate it on your website.

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