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Top 2701-2750 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2701)   Microsoft ASP.NET Developer Center
This is an article which helps the users to built web applications. This article describes the features of new security forums, visual web developers, etc.

2702)   Post an ASP.NET form with JavaScript
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author explains about the method that have to be adapted to transfer form data into other ASP.NET pages with the help of java script.

2703)   Configuring Applications in .NET
This article deals with the configuration process of applications in ASP.NET. The author discusses about the configuaration values at run-time. At the end of this article the developers could know about customizing their applications.

2704)   Line Numbering Utility in C# and Java
This is an useful tutorial through which you can know about inserting line numbers in the source codes of Java and C# using LineNum utility. The LineNum utility contains two pass design that helps in calculating the number of lines and printing the padded line numbered input source files.

2705)   XML Generation and ASP.NET Part 1
This tutorial gives information about a simple way of creating XML file by using ASP.NET. And also the author gives idea about creating the XML files for the data strored in SQL server.

2706)   xSQL Object
This is an ASP.NET database application which is specially designed for MS SQL server. Through which users are allowed to generate scripts, compare the contents of different databases etc.

2707)   Displaying Browser Capabilities in ASP.NET
This simple tutorial teaches the method of determining the users browser details using HttpBrowserCapabilities object in ASP.NET. Here the beginners can learn about several properties of this objects and their description.

2708)   Manual Transactions
This site is used to learn about the processing of manual transactions in ADO, OLE DB, ODBC etc., The scripts are mentioned in an understable manner.

2709)   Using the ASP.NET Runtime to Extend Desktop Applications with HTML Scripts
The main theme of this online article is about utilizing the .NET runtime for building desktop applications with HTML capabilities. The author also describes about making use of this technology in a client-side application with the help of the Web Browser Control.

2710)   Migration from J2EE to .NET
This is an artilcle in which author give some useful tips regarding the transfer of J2EE application to .NET application. This article give some highlights of migration strategy for few functionalties.

2711)   Testing a Full-Text Search Stemmer in C#
This is an article through which you can get the solution for testing the stemmer component. The author offers you the complete sample source code to perform this operation.

2712)   Creating a Custom Web Control To Consume an XML Web Service
This article helps you to create a custom web control for consuming an XML web service. The author clearly shows how to use these custom control in VS.NET environment.

2713)   Sending e-mail with attachments from an ASP.NET page
This tutorial explains about how to send email with attachments from an ASP.NET. The author demonstrates the action of sending emails using System.Web.Mail Namespace.

2714)   The Web services insider, Part 3: Apache and Microsoft -- playing nice together
It is a tutorial in which the author gives description about generating web service which uses Apache SOAP-based Web services along with Microsoft SOAP Toolkit Beta 2. The author gives details about the method of interoperatability of SOAP.

2715)   HttpValidationStatus Enumeration
In this tutorial the author tells you about the ASP.NET HttpValidationStatus enumeration. You must import the namespace System.Web inorder to use it in the aspx page.

2716)   The DataSet Object: At Your Web Service
This web service article instructs the users about the dataset objects used on web services to transfer XML data on .NET components. This article has provided n-tier architecture for the programmers.

2717)   Using Access, OleDb.NET and Access Queries
This tutorial is helpful for the programmers to know about generating Sql queries with OleDb.Net provider in Access database. The main idea behind this is that parameters must be in the same order as they are in the query command.

2718)   Implementing XML Key Management Services Using ASP.NET
This guidance article contains complete instructions about how to generate ASP.NET web service by their own using SOAP interface on their applications.

2719)   Tid-bits and ASP.NET Newbie FAQs Part 1
It is an article in which author answers for various .NET programming questions which are sent in emails by the web developers and .NET programmers.

2720)   How To Update a SQL Server Database by Using the SqlDataAdapter Object in Visual Basic .NET
This tutorial deals with the process of updating SQL server database with the help of SQLDataAdapter object in Visual Basic.NET. In this tutorial the auhtor gives idea about method of utilizing SqlDataAdapter objects to update the modified data on the dataset.

2721)   Syntax Changes in ASP.Net
This site is used to refer the information about the syntax changes in ASP.NET. It shows the syntax of Data, Templates and Misc of .NET.

2722)   Pass Classes in ASP.NET with LosFormatter
This is an article that guides readers to perform a new process of persisting, which is serializing a new class and passing it to another ASP.NET page and de-serializing the same into a new instance.

2723)   Aspose.Workflow
Aspose.Workflow is a .Net Workflow engine,The heart of Aspose.Workflow is built around the WFMC standard and utilizes XPDL definitions in order to manage workflow information.

2724)   Consuming an RSS Feed with ASP.NET
Consuming an RSS Feed with ASP.NET is a tutorial in which the author explains about checking how to use an RSS feed through an ASP.NET Website. The RSS fundamentals are also discussed in this article.

2725)   Invoking Web Services with Visual Basic .NET
This tutorial briefly discusses about web services and its main function and what are the features that are available in the web services.

2726)   HTML Server Controls Tour
This is a web based tutorial through which you can learn about the use of various ASP.NET server controls. This tutorial is helpful for the .NET programmers to develop the web application using the ASP.NET server controls.

2727)   Accessing Server Variables From Within Web Services
This tutorial gives tips to the programmers for accessing IP address of client browser within the web services and also access web server variables.

2728)   Database Query Within WebServices
If the users want to learn how to query database within web services this article really helps them efficiently. Code snippets for them has been provided.

2729)   Building an N-Tier Application in .NET
The webmasters could annex an n-tier application with the help of this online tutorial. This article teaches the method of moving the components from machine to machine.

2730)   Deploy email marketing software
Our email marketings software is designed to deploy 100,000 emails per hour using our direct sending technology to ensure accurate deliver of emails. Built-in WYSIWYG editor, can track links automatically including hyperlinked images, bounces, real-time reporting, simple campaign setup ,import and export your unsubscribes,bounces or all data.

2731)   Why Stored Procedures to Dasets?
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which helps you to convert a report that is created using Crystal 8.5 version to the .NET version with the help of stored procedure. This tutorial is much useful for the .NET programmers to generate reports in .NET.

2732)   Page Templates Revisited
This tutorial teaches the method of creating the page templates. In this tutorial author gives answers for the important questions asked by the programmers regarding page template.

2733)   sembleWare Visual Welder
Visual Welder is a solution for creating robust .NET applications in quicker time. This can be used as a plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

2734)   Optimized Master, Detail DropDownList
This is a web based tutorial which is much useful for the web programmers. Users can learn how to create a master/detail dropdown list with the help of this tutorial.

2735)   Forms-Based Authentication
This tutorial concentrates on form-based authentication which helps in providing security to the website, validating the visitors username and password, helps in tracking the visitors movement and also secure some important information from unwanted users.

2736)   Rs232
Rs232 is a program with which users can include serial communication with their Visual Basic.NET applications.

2737)   Editing XML Schemas in .NET
This is an article in which the author gives information about XML Schemas, which helps in validating the XML documents structure and its data. In this tutorial the author details about System.Xml.Schema namespace. Classes which helps in executing the above said process.

2738)   Web Based Content Management System
Web Based Content Management System is a program built on ASP.NET. This program provides all basic functionatilies that are needed to perform content managent on the websites.

2739)   Two principles to help create robust, reusable object-oriented design apps
In this tutorial the author explains about well designed application development using OOD elements. At the end of this article, the developers could generate a reusable application from any one of the author's design principles.

2740)   Creating an ASP.NET based directory explorer
It is an article in which author teaches about generating a directory explorer using System.IO namespace classes. This tutorial teaches the method of utilizing these classes in a right way.

2741)   Web Services between .NET, Java and MS SOAP Toolkit
This article can be used for learning more about web services, its basic functions and its features with example. For every section it has provided sample source file for testing.

2742)   Reflector
Reflector is a program based on .NET that can be used as a class browser for .NET components. This program provides support for XML documentation, Delphi and C# disassembler etc.,

2743)   Deploying an ASP.NET App Using Visual Studio .NET
This online article helps the webmasters to develop web based applications much easier with the help of VS.NET. With the help of HTML the task of generating an application for distribution over HTTP is discussed here.

2744)   eStream PanelBar.NET Pro
eStream PanelBar.NET is a flexible component for building side menu systems.

2745)   A Detailed View of the Global.asax File
It is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author describes you the contents of the global.asax file and its uses. The global.asax file is placed in the root directory of the ASP.NET application.

2746)   Persistent and Bidirectional Sorting In ASP.NET DataGrid
This is a web based tutorial which explains the sorting feature of datagrid control. This is helpful for the .NET programmers to perform sorting in the datagrid control of their applications.

2747)   Edit XML with a DataGrid
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which helps users in making changes in the XML document with the help of a datagrid control. You can use various methods and events of the datagrid control to perform editing operation.

2748)   Part 1: Retrieving Data From SQL Server 7.0 with C#
This is a simple tutorial through which you can learn about accessing data of the Sql server database using C#. This tutorial gives you the sample source code for doing this task.

2749)   Deploying Web Applications using Visual Studio .NET
An easy ASP.NET Web project is built up and for installation the author of this article generates a setup project using VS.NET, which is the main core of this online tutorial.

2750)   Migrating Delimited Files into XML
This is an easy to understand tutorial in which author describes the procedure for converting Delimited files into XML file or dataset. The author explains about the purpose of converting these files through dataset objects.

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