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Top 2751-2800 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2751)   Asynchronous Delegates in VB DotNet
This is a simple tutorial in which the author concentrates on basic concepts of using asynchronous delegates. The author gives details about two aspects of utilizing asynchronous delegates.

2752)   Secure Communication
This guidance tool helps the programmers for developing their ASP.NET application with secured communication that provides them message integrity for data flows to communicate between LAN users.

2753)   COM+ to .NET: Fast Forward Your VB Components
This is an online tutorial expressing the views of the author about contacting the existing VB components and component development. This article clearly shows about the possibility of changing the VB component to .NET.

2754)   Handling Language Interoperability with the Microsoft .NET Framework
This is an online tutorial that comes like a reference guide with information about managing Language Interoperability using .NET framework.

2755)   Starting with Web services
Starting with Web services is a simple reference guide for all novice programmers in organizing and deploying web services. The author has given some cool tips on how to get start with the enabling web services.

2756)   Establishing Relationships Between Rowsets with ADO.NET
This is an useful article through which you can gather information about how the business services application retrieve the hierarchical data and makes database modifications.

2757)   Integrating Amazon Web Services on your site
This article is used for gathering the information about the integration of amazon web services on your web site. This article helps the users to display contents of Amazon on their web site.

2758)   Inserting Images to SqlServer in ASP .NET
This useful tutorial teaches the process of inserting a images to SQL server in .NET framework. Through this tutorial the programmers can learn about the process of working with Stream objects.

2759)   XML News
It is an useful article for the .NET programmers to gather information about the procedure for displaying a news headline on the website by using ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author explains about XMLTextReader, which helps in executing the above said process.

2760)   ASP.NET Barcode Professional
Control which generates barcode images for ASP.NET. Linear and 2D Barcode Symbologies (All in One). Cross-Browser Compatible. Real WYSISWYG. Crystal Reports .NET Support! Transparent background support for GIF and PNG. AutoSize, DPI, AntiAlias, etc.

2761)   Creating Custom Controls for the .NET Compact Framework
In this .NET tutorial the author gives you the sample program to create a custom control which provides a custom ListDictionary to contain the elements and makes it available to the client using a property. This article also shows how to add icons to the custom control and test the custom control.

2762)   Code-Behind Programming
This is a simple tutorial in which author discusses about code-behind technology, which helps in seperating HTML page and code in the web form. The author elaborates the procedure for creating the code-behind programme for web forms.

2763)   RapidSpell Web
RapidSpell Web is an ASP.NET spell checker that comes with a multilingual interface with which users can check all text boxes including rich HTML text boxes.

2764)   An Introduction to XSLT
It is an user friendly article in which the author demonstrates about basic principles of XSLT, which offers style sheet for displaying the XML content in different format.

2765)   CountryListBox ASP.NET Web Control, lists countries and automatically detects country of visitors
In this article the author shows you how to add the country names from the Ascii text file in a dropdown list and how to find the country of the visitors using the server vairable colletion of the request object. The author test the perfomance of this control using graphs.

2766)   Create and maintain a links page using XML as the datasource
This is a simple tutorial in which author demonstrates the method of creating and managing the data link in a XML document. The author gives details about GUID identifier, which helps in adding and deleting links from the created admin page.

2767)   Adapt Your Web Architecture for .NET
The main concept behind this online tutorial is about the adaptation of Web architecture for .NET. The author shows about how the business could prosper because of n-tier architecture.

2768)   Aspose.Obfuscator
This is .NET based obfuscating program that helps .NET code programmers to protect their original codes from hackers and persons trying to use it with a malicious intention.

2769)   How To Perform Fragment Caching in ASP.NET by Using Visual C# .NET
This article deals with fragment caching using visual C#.NET in which users can learn about step by step methods involved in utilizing the fragment cache.

2770)   Data Access with ASP.NET
This is an useful tutorial for the novice to learn about how to access the data from the database table using various objects of the ADO. Using this tutorial you can gain more knowledge about the various objects of the ADO.

2771)   Simple XSLT&XPath grouping
This tutorial deals with XSLT and Xpath grouping, which can be utilized in grouping or selecting distinct nodes from the XML documents. The author gives details about the functionalties used in this process.

2772)   Reading, Storing and Transforming XML Data in .NET - Introduction
This is a simple tutorial in which programmers can learn about method of reading, transforming and storing XML data in ASP.NET. The author also explains about the method of providing connection to database.

2773)   .NET Migration Case Study: Using ASP .NET to Build the Web Site
This is a web based tutorial through which you can learn how to develop dynamic, attractive and efficient web sites. In this tutorial the author explains the procedure with diagrams and sample code to the readers.

2774)   Tracing in ASP.NET
It is a tutorial in which author describes about tracking feature which executes the process of debugging ASP.NET pages. In this tutorial the author explains about enabling tracing on a single page.

2775)   What's Neat in ASP.NET?
This article describes about the language that are used for ASP.NET. This article is more helpful for the novice programmers.

2776)   Exploit .NET Objects
This article describes about how to exploit the system objects to produce robust and efficient code. The author guides the users with sample codes hence the users can easily understand its basic function.

2777)   Master-Detail Data on ASP.NET Form
Master-Detail Data on ASP.NET Form is a tutorial in which the author shows you the method for displaying the data of the two tables that have a parent child relationship in two datagrid control.

2778)   Tourney Bracket Control
Tourney Bracket Control is a program using which users can create tournament applications based on ASP.NET. They can utilize this as a tool to build applications for any tournament.

2779)   Prepare for .NET 1.1 and Beyond
This article describes the information regarding ASP.NET. It also describes about the two kinds of .NET assemblies in an easy way.

2780)   Applying .Net to Web Services
Applying .Net to Web Services is a simple editorial publish from which you can refer on the technical terminologies, possibilities and potentiality involved in developing web based applications on a .NET environment.

2781)   SevenLicensing - Add licensing to your Visual Studio project
SevenLicensing is an ASP.NET program that allows programmers to have licensing functionality for their projects. With the help of this program they can generate software keys in readable status.

2782)   Choosing Data Containers for .NET, Part 1
This easy to learn tutorial teaches the method of utilizing datareader as a base line with respect to performance. The author gives details about different data container for .NET.

2783)   Web Progressor
Web Progressor is a .NET server side component used to create and manipulate client side progress bar. It is an easy progress bar for the user to use.

2784)   Interpolation for .NET
This is a ASP.NET based numerical program which provides effective schemes of interpolation and extrapolation. Cubic splines, lagrange's formula, newton polynomials and burlisch stoer algorithm methods are included in this program.

2785)   Insert Form Data To Database
This is an tutorial which concentrates on saving the data of form in the database. In this article author offers codes through which users can save the content of the form in a database.

2786)   A Beginner's Guide to Microsoft's shared Source CLI
This article discusses about the Common Language Infrastructure. CLI is the ECMA standard that clearly explains all the technologies of .NET framework. This CLI standard is implemented by rotor.

2787)   ASP.NET Database Code Builder
This article is about building SQL query for connecting the database. The author describes the functions of it and its features.

2788)   Increase Web Service Performance
This tutorial is a complete reference article about web services which helps the users to increase web service performance using ASP.NET application objects.

2789)   How To Export Data in a DataGrid on an ASP . NET WebForm to Microsoft Excel
This is an article that helps the .NET programmers to upload the contents of the datagrid web server control to the Microsoft Excel file using two techniques such as Excel Automation and Excel MIME Type.

2790)   Garbage collection in .NET
This article gives introduction about Garbage collection in .NET framework. It helps the users to reduce the hyped objects from memory to make free.

2791)   Exploring XML Encryption, Part 1
This is a simple tutorial in which author discusses about XML encryption, which provides security to the applications while performing data transfer in data structure. Through this tutorial the programmers can learn about the procedure for creating XML based encryption.

2792)   Barcode Professional for Reporting Services by Neodynamic
Barcode Professional generates Linear and 2D Barcode Symbologies. At design-time in Visual Studio .NET, it shows the barcode image in the specified image format GIF-JPEG-PNG-BMP. It supports all export file formats such as PDF-TIFF-Web Archive-Excel.

2793)   DataGrid Edit and ListBoxes: Filling from SQL, and Matching Values
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which guides you in making changes in the datagrid data. This tutorial also shows how to integrate listbox control with datagrid control.

2794)   Doing Drag and Drop Using C#
This is an article that deals with including dragging and dropping capabilities in Visual C#.NET. This tutorial covers on the uses of the properties and events provided by Microsoft in this process.

2795)   User Tips: Using the .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle
In this article author shows you the way for using the oracle data provider in aspx page to connect to the oracle database. OracleConnection, OracleDataAdapter, OracleCommand, and OracleDataReader classes are used to access the database data if you use the oracle data provider on your application.

2796)   Easy E-Mail—It's About Time
Easy E-Mail—It's About Time is the article tells about how easy to send emails using ASP.NET. The article proves the significance of ASP.NET in sending emails.

2797)   XML Stream Project
This is a simple tutorial which teaches about XML stream project. The author gives details about four methods which help in converting the objects into an XML stream and XML stream into objects.

2798)   ADO vs. ADO.NET Webservice
This tutorial discusses about the usage of ADO and ADO.NET and finally it gives conclusion about the use of COM components and COM based technologies using .NET classes.

2799)   Web services architect: Part 1
From this article you would be able to get a clear idea of what actually is a web service and its applicability in developing dynamic e-businesses with common architecture and open standards.

2800)   Preventing SQL Injection Attacks
This tutorial teaches about SQL injection and guides the users about how to prevent SQL injection attacks with example codes. The author describes in different steps how the intruders attack your web site.

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