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Top 2801-2850 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2801)   Introduction to Web Services
This is a web service article which is helpful for the webmasters to get an overview about web services and its implementation in .NET applications in detail.

2802)   Five ASP.NET Controls You Might Be Craving
Five ASP.NET Controls You Might Be Craving is an article which describes you about the BulletedList control of ASP.NET. The author explains you the use of the properties of this control and shows you how to display the records of the database table in this control.

2803)   TierDeveloper
TierDeveloper is a program built on ASP.NET that can be used by the web developers to develop real-life .NET based complex database applications. This program comes as two versions one is professional and another one is enterprise.

2804)   Using Class Libraries to Simplify Code
The main theme of this article deals with the usage of class libraries which makes .NET applications too simple. The author tells that because of these libraries the developer's code would be reused and readable.

2805)   r.a.d.spell
This is an easy to use spell checking component and is developed with ASP.NET with which developers would be able to check spelling. This program can be customized according to user's preferences.

2806)   Your XML Is in the Mail
It is a simple tutorial in which author describes about MessageML, which serves as XML-based messaging and envelop which has Simple objects Access protocol that helps sending XML messages.

2807)   Make UDDI 1.0 Entries visible to .NET
This tutorial mainly discusses about how to make visible UDDI entries to .NET for web reference. It gives solution for the learners with sample source code.

2808)   RegistrationHelper Class
This is an online tutorial explaining about the installation and configuration assemblies in COM+ list. This RegistrationHelper class could not be inherited.

2809)   Web Services between .NET, Java and MS SOAP Toolkit - Part II
This is a simple article dealing on the techniques involved in constructing differnet web clients and services using the advanced SOAP technology of MS and APACHE.

2810)   Ursa Web Menu
Ursa Web Menu is a program that can be used by the webmasters to build solutions for website navigation and user interface. This program is based on XML and allows webmasters to customize the menus to their entire satisfaction.

2811)   Multithreading in .NET
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author demonstrates about the three methods of generating a thread in .NET framework. This tutorial gives details about the advantages of using multi threading in .NET.

2812)   HttpApplication Class and the ASP.NET Application Object
HttpApplication Class and the ASP.NET Application Object is a tutorial which gives you idea about the HttpApplication class of ASP.NET. The author clearly explains about the Application_OnStart, Application_OnEnd events and the two methods of accessing application state in ASP.NET.

2813)   It's the Content, Stupid
This tutorial can be used for referring about web services and this article helps the developers to display the side bar content on their web pages.

2814)   How To: Use Forms Authentication with Active Directory
This tutorial deals with form validation of the users when they enter their identity in the web forms in the Active server directory with the help of light weight directory access protocol.

2815)   NMath Core
NMath Core is an object oriented ASP.NET based program that can be used to perform different types of mathematical calculations such as, vector, matrix etc by using foundational class.

2816)   DataSet to HTML via XSLT
It is an easy tutorial in which the author clearly explains about the method of loading the records from two tables of database into the dataset. The author also explains about the method of transferring relational XML dataset structure into HTML by using XSLT.

2817)   AspLib component library
AspLib component library is a collection of sixteen components that can be utilized by the webmasters to build web applications with ease.

2818)   ASP.NET Version Switcher
ASP.NET Version Switcher is a switching program that allows web developers to switch the .NET framework imediately and thereby to verify their web applications for the compatibilty with various versions of .NET frame work.

2819)   Writing Server Side Control Validator
Writing Server Side Control Validator is a simple tutorial in which the author gives you the method for creating a validation control that helps you to validate the date values of the textbox control. For this purpose the author defines a class which is inherited from the base class BaseValidator.

2820)   Validators - TheServerSide.Net
This is a tutorial which concentrates on validator framework using parameters, class property and fields. Here the author decribes elaborately about the procedure of combining several validator control for performing the validation process.

2821)   Orchestrating Web Services
From this article you will come to understand the importance of XML interface for web services and the applicability of orchestration in simplifying the web service architectures.

2822)   How do I use the RequiredFieldValidator?
How do I use the RequiredFieldValidator? is a tutorial which shows you about using the RequiredFieldValidator control of the ASP.NET. The author shows you the syntax for using this control in the ASP.NET page.

2823)   Welcome to DAL Helper
This is an user friendly tutorial which explains you how to develop data access layer functions using the stored procedure in Sql Server. This DAL helper utility is much helpful for the application developers.

2824)   The Codebehind vs. Inline Code ASP.NET Debate
This userfriendly tutorial deals with comparing code-behind over in-line code programming model. The author describes about the pros and cons of code-behind and inline code.

2825)   Dom Compliant Validation Controls
Dom Compliant Validation Controls is a program that has a collection of DOM compliant validators that presents developers a simple web control suite to carry out their needs in validating purposes.

2826)   Multiple Forms and Non-PostBack Forms
This article deals with constructing multiple forms in a single ASP.NET page. The author explains about integrating multiple forms in ASP.NET.

2827)   An overview of new features in VB.NET compared to VB 6.0
It is an article which deals with the comparison of various new features between the VB.NET and VB. This article can be utilized by the VB programmers.

2828)   The Evolution of ASP and the Benefits of ASP.NET
We are now at the next stage of Active Server Pages development. ASP.NET takes Active Server Pages and rapid web application development to a whole new level. All of the benefits provided by Active Server Pages to web development have been expanded upon and improved. Many of the inherent hurdles and barriers that caused struggles and difficulties for web developers in earlier versions of ASP have been lowered or eliminated altogether.

2829)   Using Remoting in 3-Tier Scenario
This online tutorial explains about the remoting, which serves as a communication between different distributed pieces of different user's application. In this article, the author proves about how any remote object contacts with some other objects through remoting.

2830)   File Uploading to Server Hard Disk using ASP.NET
This is a simple user friendly tutorial in which author describes the procedure for uploading single or multiple file from the browser to server hard disk in the absence of any components.

2831)   Customizing XML for ASP.NET Web Services
Out of the box, ASP.NET is a very powerful platform for writing XML Web Services. But what happens when you need to format the XML to match an existing XML grammar? Not surprisingly, this can be accomplished using the XML Serialization Engine. In the first part of this two-part article, Justin Rudd shows you the basics of the engine as well as how the engine works with ASP.NET.

2832)   Basic Database Publishing, Part 1
This is a tutorial which shows an easy way to access the database data with the help of both DSN and DSN less connections. A DSN connection uses the ODBC for data conectivity and DSN less uses the ADO.

2833)   Clear 10 Hurdles to Web Services Success
The author of this article has given ten valuable source grounds by which you would be able to enhance your web service programs on your online applications.

2834)   INFO: Determine the JPEG Quality Factor by Using Visual Basic .NET
Using this tutorial users can learn about determining the JPEG quality factor by using System.Drawing namespace of .NET framework.

2835)   Serial Killer
This is a simple tutorial which teaches the progammers about serializing an object to XML. Here the programmers can learn about concepts of serialization and the method of utilizing it.

2836)   More XSLT & XPath grouping
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which author describes the advanced technique for grouping in ASP.NET frame work with the help of XSLT and Xpath.

2837)   Creating Web Services with ASP
This tutorial contains the basic information with examples about how to create a web service by using ASP. After referring this tutorial the users can easily create web service with full feature.

2838)   High-Performance .NET Application Development & Architecture
This online article deals with the method of planning an effective strategy for a new .NET application. This shows about how a model should serve the real architecting n-tier applications. The article discusses about the presentation, business rules and data access.

2839)   Encrypting passwords with SHA1 in .NET and Java
Encrypting passwords with SHA1 in .NET and Java is a tutorial demonstrating how to create an SHA1 message digest. This could be produced in both Java and ASP.NET which could be interchanged according for the usage of the webmasters.

2840)   Export Wizard
ExportWizard is a step wizard for database exports. In a few simple steps, users can choose a SQL Server database object (table, view, or query) and export its data in any of the standard formats (XML, CSV, TXT, or HTML, or generate the SQL script with "INSERT" statements).

2841)   .netCURRENCY
.netCURRENCY is an ASP.NET currency exchanging program that enables webmasters to let their visitors view the product cost on their own currency. This program supports all important currencies.

2842)   ImageButton Control in ASP.NET
ImageButton Control in ASP.NET is a tutorial in which the author gives you the source code to disable the imagebutton control of ASP.NET. This tutorial will be very useful for the .NET programmers.

2843)   peerTranet Help + Business Tool
peerTranet Help + is helpdesk / project management system that is designed to help you solve your customers queries. It can greatly improve your customer relations as you will be able to track their issues in an organised way.

2844)   How can I use the Range Validator?
It is a web based tutorial through which you can know how to use the validator control in aspx pages. The author shows you the syntax for adding this control in ASP.NET with its properties. The key properties of this control are maximum value and minimum value.

2845)   .NET DropDownList Combo by Dennis West
This is a simple and easy to learn tutorial for the users. This tutorial helps users to create a dropdownlistcombo in ASP.NET.

2846)   Servers and Relationships under the .Net Infrastructure
This is simple article where you can refer on various types of servers such as windows 2000, IIS, and COM+, application center 2000, biztalk server 2000 etc., that are useful in developing web services.

2847)   Selecting information from a database
This is a tutorial which teaches you about the select statement of the Sql used for displaying the records of the database table. This tutorial clearly shows how to create dynamic Select queries and passing variables to it.

2848)   In-depth Look at Caching: Part 1
It is an article which concentrates on page caching, fragment caching and data caching which helps in reducing the execution time. Here author describes about types, step by step method which are involved in caching technique and advantages on page caching.

2849)   All You Need To Know About ADO.NET: Part 1/2
This is an ASP.NET article through which you can gain more knowlege about the features of the ADO.NET and how to use it for getting the database records. ADO.NET uses the com based approach to access the data and it is useful for the .NET framework.

2850)   Page Events: Order and PostBack
This is an tutorial in which author discusses about the step by step procedure to create a events in the web page and the method to provide server control to the events in the web page.

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