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Top 251-300 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

251)   Global Web Application Level Error Reporting
Global Web Application Level Error Reporting is a tutorial in which the webmasters learns about how to findout the exceptions present in their Web Application.

252)   Implementing Role-Based Security with ASP.NET
In this tutorial the author explains about integrating role based security with ASP.NET. This article will be of much use for the administrators to provide access to the users on role basis.

253)   ASP.NET Tutorial: Upload Image Files using ASP.NET and Visual Basic.NET
It is an userfriendly tutorial in which author talks about the procedure for uploading the images to the users website. With the help of source code present in this article users can perform the above said process.

254)   FreeTextBox
FreeTextBox is a .NET web based application component which collects data from the browser. Codes are used to search, copy, and print the data.

255)   Overloading Strings in C#
It is a simple tutorial in which author describes about method of overloading string in C#. This tutorial teaches the procedure for utilizing the SuperStringFunction().

256)   Add MouseOver and OnClick events to a Datagrid
This script is an ASP.NET based grid control which helps the user to add the events in a real time. This is a basic utility for the beginners.

257)   PRB: "Requested Registry Access Is Not Allowed" Error Message When ASP.NET Application Tries to Writ
Creating an event source under the application event log in registry editor is the main highlight of this tutorial along with eradicating the event of error message display. When the user generate a new event source using ASP.NET in the event log, this error occurs. The author tells the solution.

258)   Empowering the ASP.Net Button Web Control, Confirm?
This tutorial teaches the methods of building ASP.NET confirm button with the help of VB and javascripts. This button helps in confirming the users cancel and submission actions on web forms.

259)   Dynamic Vertical XML Menu
Dynamic Vertical XML Menu is a menu generating program that builds menus with a popup effect. This program is based on XML, that creates menus in vertical position.

260)   Viewing Active Directory Objects via ASP.NET
This article describes about how to view active directory objects through ASP.NET. This article gives key steps to the users for configuring active directory and the setup of LDAP.

It is an ASP.NET email SMTP component that allows user to send and receive emails messages from the SMTP server and through HTTP mail can be sent to the recipients.

262)   Detecting Browser Capabilities in ASP.NET
This tutorial deals with determining the browser capabilities using HttpBrowserCapabilities properties. The author explains each HttpBrowserCapabilities property with brief description about it.

263)   PopupCalendar ASP.NET
This script is a .NET based online calendar which has all basic functions and this script is shown in a popup window.

264)   HttpPostedFile Class
It is an easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn about the HttpPostedFile class. Using this class you can access the content and properties of each individual files uploaded by the client.

265)   2 Ways of Displaying Data from an SQL Server Database using ASP.NET
This is a simple tutorial which helps you to show the records of the Sql Server database by means of two ways such as with the help of ASP.NET Web Form controls and ASP 3.0 style SqlDataReader class with a sample code to the users.

266)   ASP .NET - The DataList Control
It is an ASP.NET tutorial which tells you about the datalist control of ASP.NET. The author explains you how to bind the XML data to the datalist control with a sample program.

267)   Simple SMTP Mailer
Simple SMTP Mailer is the script which explains how to send mail through SMTP. Using the .NET SMTP classes users could send their emails to any email addresses.

268)   ezEncrypt
ezEncrypt is a program using which users can encrypt or decrypt the data strings in a quick manner. This program is based on ASP.NET and allows users to encrypt or decrypt data with in a dataset.

269)   Moving to VB.Net
Moving to VB.Net is a tutorial which shows you the changes that exist in VB.NET. Some new features that are introduced in VB.NET are Option Strict statement, shorthand syntax operators, System.Object type instead of variant etc.,

270)   How to manipulate sessions and cookies in C#?
How to manipulate sessions and cookies in C# is the description given in this article. The sample code is also given in this article.

271)   Authentication and Authorization
This is an easy to understand tutorial that explains about basics of authentication and authorization with ASP.NET. This article discusses about authentication and two types of authorization.

272)   ASP.NET Controls - Part Two
This is an article through which you can gain more knowledge about the components and custom controls of ASP.NET. The author explains both custom controls and components with a sample program and output.

273)   Masked Edit Control written in C# that uses Regular Expressions
It is a useful article for the users to learn about masked edit control, which is written in C# by using regular expression. Here the author gives details about the process of converting the mask into regular expression for each character in the code.

274)   GDI+ Color processing
This is a tutorial that allows users to perform color processing on images. In this tutorial the author demonstrates about pixel by pixel level processing on an image.

275)   LLBLGen Pro
This tool helps users to generate data access layer and it supports both C# and VB.NET. Users can generate codes for data access in no time. It is an useful tool for the programmers or web developers to save their time from scripting.

276)   Find Files in C#
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author discusses about generating an application in C#, which helps to search a file in the hard disk with the help of classes that is provided by System.IO namespace.

277)   Web Forms User Controls
This tutorial deals with users controls and its properties which helps to get control over the web forms. Here author discusses about summerizing several events in the web form with the help of user control.

278)   Technotes, HowTo Series C# Coding Style Guide
This tutorial helps you to write programs in C#. The author shows you various rules that must be followed when using commets, whitespaces, declaring and initializing variables in C# program. This tutorial also shows you a sample C# program.

279)   How do I create a string in C#
This is an easy tutorial in which author discusses about the method of creating a string in C#. The author explains about string builders, which is present in namespace that helps in generating the above said process.

280)   Error Loging in ASP.NET
Error Loging in ASP.NET is rectified through Web.Config file. The author describes the usage of this file and its unique way to manage error handling through logging into an SQL server is the content of this tutorial.

281)   Guest Book Developed in ASP.NET
This tutorial is about a simple guest book development using VB.NET and ASP.NET. This is easy to understand with more .NET concepts. This guest book helps the webmasters in many ways which is shown in the article.

282)   Authorizing Users and Roles
Control client access to URL resources could be controlled using ASP.NET. This article is about the same, stating about the authorizing users and their roles in ASP.NET.

283)   HttpWriter Class
It is a simple tutorial in which the author tells you the use of the HttpWriter class of ASP.NET. You can gain more knowlege about the properties and methods of this class using this tutoiral.

284)   Using the WebClient Class to grab data from other sites
This article explains about using the webclient class, how to collect data from other websites and how to return those data into their own webpage.

285)   Using Enums in C#
This is an user friendly tutoiral which contains information about the enum types in C#. Enums provide you an easy way to control the values and you can easily implement it on your c# programs. The author explains the procedure with a sample program.

286)   NitroScroll
NitroScroll is a web control and is developed with ASP.NET that helps admin to rotate contents with effects on their websites. This program also supports HTML contents.

287)   Developing a Hit Counter in ASP.NET
Creating a web page that can track and show the hit counts for the site is the basic theme of this article. The main highlight of this article is that this web page could be used to provide the functional tasks in more web pages.

288) .Net Technical Interview Questionbank
'4TechnoGuys' is an online Interview Question bank for .Net developers. Our aim is to provide all information related to the .Net Interview.

289)   Regular Expressions in .NET
Regular Expressions in .NET is an article in which author elaborates about new features of regular expressions. Here the author gives an idea about the process of utilizing these feature in the codings.

290)   Email Tracking: Tracking Email Reads using ASP.NET
Email Tracking is a very new concept in ASP.NET. In this article the author explains how to track the read emails. The author used three simple and common techniques to find out.

291)   Consuming the RSS Feed of Amazon using C# and ASP.NET
This tutorial brings out the simplified form of getting RSS Feed from the site and changing it back to HTML to display it back in the users website.

292)   AuthentiX
AuthentiX is an ASP.NET webbased program for user authentication. This utility will be helful in protecting the names and passwords privately. Multiple web users can make use of this authentication system.

293)   ValidationSummary Control
This is an article in which author discusses about validation summary control, which helps in displaying all the list of validated errors in the web form.

294)   Creating a Single Sign-on across ASP.NET Application and Legacy ASP Application
Creating a Single Sign-on across ASP.NET Application and Legacy ASP Application is a tutorial dealing with builing a single sign on for legacy ASP applications and ASP.NET applications.

295)   Evaluate Strings and Convert Data in .NET
It is a tutorial in which author details about evaluating logical, mathematical or string expression and converting data in ASP.NET. This article teaches various methods to perform the above said processes.

296)   Sorting An Array Using Array.Sort()
This useful tutorial teaches the method of sorting the arrays. In this article author describes about IComparable interface, which helps in executing the process of sorting arrays.

297)   EBA: Web ComboBox V2
Web ComboBox V2 (.NET) allows users to choose from long lists through a feature-rich, intuitive interface. It’s designed to help people choose quickly from lengthy lists of data such as customer records, product SKU’s, or even files on a computer. In practice, Web ComboBox will allow web developers to build responsive and attractive dropdown lists, auto complete ‘search boxes’, and more - all with the ability to connect to a database in real-time.

298)   "Analog" clock in ASP.NET
"Analog" clock in ASP.NET is the tutorial through which the author reveals about the display of an analog clock with the help of system drawing functions and draw line method. It displays the system time accurately.

299)   EasyListBox
EasyListBox is a program which can be utilized by the webmasters to include drop down lists to their web pages. This is a highly customizable utility which is based on ASP.NET.

300)   Creating dynamic data structures
It is a simple tutorial in which author discusses about several data structure that has to be used to store data in memory and also the author gives suggestion to the users about the necessity of using different structure for different collection classes.

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