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Top 3051-3100 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3051)   How To Store Data in Application Scope by Using ASP.NET and Visual Basic .NET
How To Store Data in Application Scope by Using ASP.NET and Visual Basic .NET is an article from which you can learn how to store application-wide data.

3052)   Encrypt Sensitive Data Easily
It is a simple tutorial which offers the programmer a simple way of protecting their web applications by using VB.NET module. The author gives idea about the method of calling HashData function, which helps in hiding the sensitive data of the web application.

3053)   ADME Developer's Kit
This is a designing application for custom controls to be used on web forms. The design mode visual editors help users to edit the custom controls.

3054)   Get notified when web content changes – implementing a ‘WebSpy’ using .NET
Get notified when web content changes – implementing a ‘WebSpy’ using .NET. This is the core of this tutorial, which helps the webmasters to create a spy to check the changes of the web content then and there.

3055)   HttpContext Class
It is a web based tutorial which helps you to know about the HttpContext class of ASP.NET. The author shows you the sytax for using the properties of this class in VB, C# and C++.

3056)   Validating Emails Against a Mail Server - Part 1 of 2
This tutorial's main function is to describe how to detect the email address against a Mail Server. The author demonstrates the sample of validating the email addresses.

3057)   Authenticate Web Service Client - An ASP.NET Web Application
This tutorial educates the beginners about how to access authenticate web service client for securing web service from spammers. Screenshot and sample codes for easy reference has been given.

3058)   Events and Delegates
This is an online reference article which allows the programmer to learn about events and delegate classes in C sharp program. This class is used for callback function in C sharp.

3059)   dtSearch Desktop
It is a web based documentation application which offers search facility for searching the desktop accessible files. This tool has several attractive features for users need.

3060)   Encrypt URL query
Encrypt URL query is an imporant encryption tool in ASP.NET development. This tool provides more security by giving new code for the information which the user can send it safer.

3061)   Basic Database Publishing, Part 2 / Data to Table
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial in which you can get the method for showing the database records in the HTML table.

3062)   HTML and ASP.NET Server Controls
HTML and ASP.NET Server Controls is a web based tutorial through which you can know about the difference between the html server controls and ASP.NET server controls.

3063)   Consuming a Web Service with Smartphone 2002
This article briefly demonstrates web service smartphone client creation under ASP.NET applications. This article helps the users to provide their smartphone to display geographical information remotely.

3064)   Synchronize Identity Values Between Database and DataSet During Updates
This is a tutorial for those who needs to synchronize identity data column between database and DataSet object when updating a database table. You can download the source code from this tutorial.

3065)   Popup Image upload form with Automatic thumbnails
This is a program built on ASP.NET that can be used by the users to create a popup image upload form with automatic thumbnails.

3066)   Getting Started with C#
This is a helpful tutorial for the .NET programmers to know about installing the C# software on the system. The author also shows you the syntax for the command that helps you to exeute winform applications in C#.

3067)   True role-based authorization in ASP.NET
This is an ASP.NET article in which the author describes the methods such as using the Roles() method of the Authorizedpage class and tag to carry out the role based authorization. The author provides you a sample program for these two methods.

3068)   Getting on The Same Page With Your DataGrid
This is an article for those who need to implement built-in paging functionality of the datagrid control. This article demonstrates it with an example code to the users. Users can copy the example code given in this tutorial.

3069)   Email Validation Component for .NET
This is an ASP.NET email validating application which can be integrated into email system of the users website for checking the syntax and other DNS of the email address.

3070)   Managing Application State
This is an useful tutorial for the novice programmers to learn about the client-side cookies, viewstate, session and application object. The author shows you the use of these techiques with a sample program and output.

3071)   Creating and Using Custom SOAP Headers
This tutorial helps the users to learn about the process of creating a .NET web services by using SOAP headers. In this tutorial the author explains about the process of including SOAP class into it.

3072)   Vyas' MS SQL programming FAQ
It is a collection of frequently arising questions while developing MS SQL applications, this will be of much use to web masters and web developers.

3073)   More About .NET XML Readers
It is an user friendly tutorial which teaches about .NET XML reader. The author details about methods that this XML Reader provides, which helps in reading the XML documents.

3074)   Custom ASP.NET TraceListener for Debugging
This is an article in which author describes about Debug.Assert(), which helps in writing and debugging .NET code in .NET framework. The author describes about the functions of this debugging process.

3075)   Compare Web Service Security Metrics
This tutorial concentrates on comparing web services with respect to security aspects. The author discusses about HTTPS, SSL, TLS, X.509 digital certificate which helps in tranformming the SOAP message securely inbetwwen the end point.

3076)   AmberPoint Management Foundation
AmberPoint Management Foundation is a program that enables administrators to manage enterprise level webservices for running complex businesses. This program can utilized for any type of businesses.

3077)   CSymphony
CSymphony is an easy to use program with which users can produce codes with all .NET languages for creating code graph.

3078)   Storages and Files
Storages and Files is and included component of newObjects ActiveX Pack and comes with readybuilt codint to build an upload system for your website or applications.

3079)   Using XML Bulk Load to Load ADO-Generated XML Data
This is an article in which author explains the procedure for loading the ADO generated XML data with the help of XML bulk data. The author gives suggestion to perform the above said method with the help of mapping scheme.

3080)   How To: Set Up Client Certificates
This tutorial paves the way for the web developers to learn and know about how to configure client certificates on ASP.NET application.

3081)   The role of the .NET CLR
This article discusses about the role of CLR in developing the .NET framework. .NET applications depend on the Common Language Runtime for generating a common language called Intermediate Language(IL).

3082)   Remoting in C#
It is an user friendly tutorial in which users can collect information about creating a server and client side application which helps in offering an easy way of working with .NET remoting.

3083)   Boost Web Power With ASP.NET
This article gives the information regarding to ASP.NET. This article gives the features of ASP.NET which can be easily understood by the novice programmers.

3084)   HtmlForm Class
In this tutorial the author tells you about the use of HtmlForm class. The HtmlForm class helps you to get HTML element on the server. This class is included in the System.Web.UI.HtmlControls namespace.

3085)   HttpCookie Class
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author explains you about the use of the HttpCookie class. Using this class you can create Http cookies. The author shows how to create a cookie using the constructor of the HttpCookie class.

3086)   WebServices and passing an ADO.NET DataSet
This article is useful for finding the solution about how to pass an ADO.NET dataset through a web service. Dataset example for MS Access 2002 and XML file with source is given in this article.

3087)   What is - Moving to ASP.NET from ASP
It is a .NET reference article through which ASP programmers can get enhanced ideas about how to work with .NET applications and what are all the differences that had occur between ASP application and .NET application.

3088)   Cryptography in .NET (part 1)
It is a tutorial in which the author elaborates the principles of symmetric algorithm, which is one of the classes of crytography that helps in securing the data.

3089)   Adding a Default ListItem in a Databound Listbox in ASP.NET
This is an ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn how to add the items in the listbox web control. This tutorial shows how listitem collection class can be used to add the items in the listbox control in ASP.NET.

3090)   Implementing Two-Way Control Binding for Web Forms
This is a tutorial which specially concentrates on databinding and the methods of controlling it in the web forms. Here author offers solutions for databinding problems that occur in .NET framework.

3091)   Updating a Row
Updating a Row is a tutorial which helps you to update a row in the datagrid control using the edit button that is created in each row of the datagrid control.

3092)   Migration : Do you want to?
It is an ASP.NET reference article in which the author discusses about various reasons for migration to ASP.NET framework. It will be helpful for .NET programmers and developers.

3093)   SWAT - A simple Web-based Anomalies Tracker - Part 3
This is an article that comes like a study material to allow readers to gather information about building an admin page for application development.

3094)   Using Forms Authentication in ASP.NET - Part 2
It is an article through which programmers can gain information about authentication method, and the method of integrating it in the users website.

3095)   Remastering Web Form Templates
It is a tutorial which teaches about web form templates. The author describes about the method involved in generating clearing the unwanted information in the web form which occur while working with templates.

3096)   Loading a Form Icon
This is a tutorial that discusses about loading a form icon at the design-time and run-time. The author clearly explains both the topics by providing appropriate sample codes.

3097)   .NET Serviced Components
This is an article explains about the .NET serviced components in ASP.NET. The author focusses the importance of COM+ which could help the users to introduce more business logic in the components. This tutorial is really a landmark for the beginners to know more about COM+ and its services.

3098)   Aspose.ASPXpand
Aspose.ASPXpand is a ASP.Net component that enables developers to bridge the gap between web and desktop development;it provides a set of DHTML functions to make development easier;gives you a chance to bring to ASP.Net what you had in desktop development.

3099)   Use an ASP.NET Application to Query an Indexing Service Catalog by Using Visual Basic .NET
This article gives instruction to the learners about how to build indexing service catalog and how to query that by using ASP.NET application.

3100)   Multithreaded Programming with Visual Basic .NET
This is a VB.NET reference article that discusses about the development of mutlithreaded applications using VB.NET. Multithread is a technology that runs mutliple tasks simultaniously. This feature improves the performance of the application.

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