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Top 3101-3150 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3101)   Security in ASP.Net Applications
Marcus Mac Innes demonstrates how security on a web site can be compromised by taking advantage of holes within the application code. These holes can be discovered by using a series of probes which disclose whether or not vulnerability exists. Source code included.

3102)   How to prevent multiple clicks of a submit button in ASP.NET
This is an useful tutorial through which you learn how to avoid error that fires when multiple click operation occurs on the submit button. The author shows you the source code which gives you the solution to this problem.

3103)   The Datagrid Revisited: Editing a Live Database in Template Columns
This is an article that helps users in making changes in the database table using the datagrid control. Datagrid control contains the data from the database table. This tutorial clearly shows it with an example code.

3104)   ASP.NET Validation Controls Samples For Beginners
This is a web based tutorial useful for the novice programmers to learn about the various validation controls of ASP.NET. The author explains the use of these validation controls with a sample program.

3105)   Tracing in ASP.NET
This easy to understand tutorial deals with process of debugging .NET application. The author gives suggestion to the programmers to choose debugging technique to trace the bugs in the code.

3106)   Combining XML Documents using XSLT - a collection of 5 approaches
This tutorial gives information about the methods of adding multiple XML to a single document. The author gives five different methods to execute this process in ASP.NET framework.

3107)   Create and Consume XML Web Services
This article is helpful for the webmasters which instructs them to generate and consume XML web services. This article gives solution for such enhancements in a simple way.

3108)   WS-I Draft Disallows rpc/encoded Format
In this tutorial the author gives details about WS-I Draft, which prohibits rpc/encoded Formats to be delivered. Here the author elaborates various requirements of WS-I.

3109)   Security Overview
Security Overview is a tutorial that provides brief explanation about ASP.NET security including authentication and authorization.

3110)   Changing Target Web Service At Runtime
This ASP.NET tutorial gives information about the method of creating a web service in VS.NET by using configurable URL. The author gives details about process of changing the target of the web services during running time.

3111)   Automatic Transaction using ASP.NET
This ASP.NET tutorial guides you in implementing atomatic transactions in aspx page. You can easily manage the object's transactional behavior by setting a transaction attribute value on the aspx page.

3112)   Showing DataGrid.SelectedItem in a Separate Web Form
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author describes the method of showing the selected values of the datagrid control in another web form. This tutorial uses the SelectedItem property of the datagrid control to do this.

3113)   Active Server Pages+ Part 1 - Introduction to ASP+
This article describes information regarding ASP+. It explains how ASP differs from ASP+. This article is more useful for the novice programmers.

3114)   How ASP.NET Web Services Work
This is a simple reference article on how to improve the development of webservices through the advanced MS ASP.NET web service methods 'WebMethods'.

3115)   Working with a Code Behind Class and the @Page Directive
This user-friendly tutorial concentrates on ASP.Net @Page directive and process of utilizing it while working with code-behind class. Here author expalins about compiling a VB.NET file for utilizing it in ASP.NET pages.

3116)   Email Notifier
This online tutorial is about building an email notifier in ASP.NET. The main highlight of this article is that it shows the users about emails on the user's email server.

3117)   HTML Server Controls
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which teaches you about the HTML server controls such as HtmlAnchor, HtmlImage, HtmlForm, HtmlTable, HtmlTextArea etc., The author lists all the properties of the HTML server controls in this tutorial.

3118)   Enabling Web Services with BEA WebLogic
All webmasters aiming to develop web services with BEA weblogic application server can refer this article as a guide line for their development process.

3119)   XCache
XCache is a .NET component which can be used to increase the web site performance by using dynamic content caching technology.

3120)   ASP.NET Validation Controls Samples For Beginners
ASP.NET Validation Controls Samples For Beginners is a tutorial in which author discusses about various validator, which helps in validating the form controls. The author explains about each validator control and where to use these controls in the elements.

3121)   Discover the Useful System.Xml.Schema Classes
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author gives an idea about main classes present in System.Xml.Schema namespace. The author gives description about functionalities of each XMLSchema classes.

3122)   Web services architect, Part 2
Web services architect, Part 2 is a simple article focussing on the core issues of revenue models of a business entity and its service oriented architecture.

3123)   Professional VB.NET Design Patterns : Between the Tiers: Design Patterns and .NET Remoting
This article comes as one of the chapters in the discussion about professional VB.NET design patterns. Here the author explains about the role of design patterns in integrating distributed application’s distributed nature.

3124)   Building Secure Web Services with Microsoft SOAP Toolkit
This is an user friendly tutorial which elaborately demonstrates about SOAP toolkit in securing web service. It helps them to build secure web service for both internet and intranet applications using SOAP.

3125)   Extend DNA Systems to ADO.NET
This reference site is used for refering about the upgradation of ADO's distributed system to ADO.NET.

3126)   Aspose.License
Aspose.License allows administrators to have a licensing system for their software products on their websites. By using this program they can manage the license fields in all aspects.

3127)   Adding Items to a DataView and DataTable
Adding items to a DataView and DataTable is a tutorial which helps you to learn how to add the data into the data table and data view. Data table is made up of rows and columns. Data view is a customized view of a data table.

3128)   RequiredFieldValidator Control
In this web based tutorial you can get more information about the use of ASP.NET RequiredFieldValidator control. This control helps you to avoid the blank data in the input controls. The author shows you the attributes of this control.

3129)   Data Binding in WebControls
It is a simple tutorial in which the author gives details about databinding in web control. Here the author offers details about adding data source to the web control.

3130)   .NET SMTP Mail Component
.NET SMTP Mail Component is a mailing program that allows users to post mails from ASP.NET applications. It is possible to post email straight to the recipient’s mail server by using this program.

3131)   WML Quick Reference
This site gives full information about WML in a simple way hence any programmer can easily understand and work with WML.

3132)   Aspose.Word
Aspose.Word is a .Net Word document reporting component which enables you to read and write Word documents without utilizing Microsoft Word.The latest release added new document object model ; etc.

3133)   Charon Cart.NET
Charon Cart.NET is a powerful program that allows webmasters to setup and run fully organized online store with all essential e-commerce functions.

3134)   Style Picker
Style Picker is a program that provides web developers a font style picker for their web development. This program can be used for any ASP.NET website.

3135)   Invert the colours of an image
This is an easy to understand tutorial in which the author deals with inverting the image color. Here the author uses an algorithm to perform this process.

3136)   In Depth ASP.NET using ADO.NET - Introduction
In this article the author gives you a complete example code for retrieving, showing and updating data using server controls of ASP.NET. You can also know about handling various events of the server controls and getting attributes from the control.

3137)   Use IPSec to Provide Secure Communication Between Two Servers
This tutorial is used to learn about IPSec on web service to secure data transfer between different servers. Users can easily follow the given steps quickly and the explanation have been given simply.

3138)   Implementing roles in WSFL
This tutorial gives definitions about WSFL i.e- Web Service Flow Language which allow service consumers and service providers to improve their business.

3139)   Email Validator
ASP.Net Email Address Validator Control finds invalid email addresses without actually sending an email, in your mailing list or in your website form ! ASP.Net Email Address Validator Control will make sure you keep valid email addresses of your customers and stay connected !

3140)   Storing Your Own AppSettings within Config.web
This is an easy to understand article for beginners and intermediates. From this article you can learn the best way to store data, MSMQ queue and path location etc.

3141)   Quick .Net File Download Security
It is a tutorial in which author discusses about providing security to the file systems of ASP.NET application. Here the author discusses about the method of securing the files in the database as well as in the folder of the web server.

3142)   Two Visual Basic tips to make your life easier
In this article the author discusses about the use of performance counters and sourcesafe automation components. The performance counters has four attributes which are explained in this article.

3143)   An XML Eye for the Database Guy
This user friendly tutorial guides the programmers to learn about basic of XML and the method of working along with SQL. The author gives enhanced information of working with SQL server with the help of XML.

3144)   Binding XML to a DataList Control
This is an ASP.NET tutorial that helps you to bind the contents of the XML document to the datalist control. In this tutorial you can see how dataset object can be used to integrate the data to the datalist control.

3145)   MailValidate
This is an ASP.NET email application for validating various email addresses through various levels like syntax check, domain check and SMTP check.

3146)   Handling optional parameters in C#
This is an article in which you can get the solution for how to manage the optional parameters in the functions of the C# language. In this tutorial the author explains it with two methods.

3147)   Databinding With List-bound Web Controls- Part 1
This is an useful ASP.NET article in which the author gives you the method for binding the database data with the repeater control using the objects such as DataTable, DataView and DataRow of the ADO.NET. This article provides you the complete sample program to carry out this process.

3148)   Prepare to Unleash Your Web Site's Potential with ASP.NET 2.0
This presentation provides a sweeping overview of the new features in ASP.NET 2.0. The first half of this presentation previews topics that are covered in detail in the next eight decks. The second half (beginning with the first slide after the Web Parts demo) introduces features that, with the exception of what's new in localization, won't be covered again later on.

3149)   Displaying Custom Classes in a DataGrid
Displaying Custom Classes in a DataGrid is an article that briefly describes about the N-Tier Architecture. This article is much useful for the application developers.

3150)   Using Visual Studio .NET to Build and Deploy Applications
In this online tutorial the author explains about creating and installing the user's web applications using Visual Studio.NET.

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