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Top 3151-3200 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3151)   HttpLog ISAPI Filter
HttpLog ISAPI Filter is a program that can be used by the users to log http header and thereby to view IIS service output, verify other filters and to seperate files.

3152)   ANTS Profiler
ANTS Profiler is a .NET based Code Profiling program for .NET Developers. It is designed in such a way that profile nearly all .NET applications on windows systems and web servers.

3153)   lockNetClassWS
lockNetClassWS is a ASP.NET based user authentication program. This is an application exclusively developed for authenticating users from any remote location.

3154)   Browser-based content editing. Simplified.
It is an useful tutorial for the ASP.NET programmers in which they can learn about eWebEditPro, which is an WYSIWYG text editor that helps in creating and circulating the web content.

3155)   PayPal Provider for Adv. Email Mgr
This is asn ASP.NET email application. This tool helps the visitors to purchase their desired items from their inbox itself. Users can create buy now links enabling visitors to shop online.

3156)   Creating Custom Configuration Section Handlers
This is an online article through which the author tells about placing the configuration settings in wb.config file. The author describes the building of a class which could induce IConfigurationSectionHandler interface.

3157)   Quote Responder
This tutorial helps the webmasters in handling their response mails and reply them then and there. This article states about the program checking your stock quote. Mainly the requests are from cell phones and wireless devices.

3158)   404 Not Found Redirection
404 Not Found Redirection is a tutorial in which the author explained about how to generate a document mapper through which the old URL redirects the users to the new URL within the new site.

3159)   ASP.NET Deployment - Back To Basics
This is an article which will be helpful for the .NET programmers. In this article you can get plenty of information about the ASP.NET.

3160)   KUMO Editor
KUMO Editor is a program for Web Automation. This program has the ability to register on search engines, download prices, stock quotes in automatic manner.

3161)   Vedas .NET SMTP Emailer
This is an ASP.NET email SMTP component through which users can sent emails from their .NET applications. This has attractive features like sending emails in HTML format, allowing multiple file attachments and more.

3162)   Writing XML File using XmlWriter
This is an useful tutorial for the ASP.NET programmers to learn about the method of writing data to the XML documents and to create an XML document with the help of XmlTextWriter classes.

3163)   Who is going to benefit from the Web Services phenomenon?
In this article the author has analysed the advantages of dealing with multiple vendors and gives his suggestion on how to choose and deal with multiple vendors.

3164)   An Extensive Examination of Data Structures
This article explains the binary search tree data structure. On reading this article, you can understand the fundamentals of data structure and AVL trees, red-block trees and linked list.

3165)   Slide Menu
Slide Menu is a navigation program that helps webmasters to build menus on their websites. They can create slide menus by using this program and make their site more interactive.

3166)   C# ArrayObject - Dynamic arrays for your C# projects
C# ArrayObject is an ASP.NET application with the functionalities for creating arrays in C# and redimensioning arrays with the help of array object component.

3167)   pinSplit
pinSplit is a program that comes with the ability to split HTML pages or to merge several HTML frames into a single web page of ASP.NET websites.

3168)   How To Debug an ASP.NET Application with the Microsoft CLR Debugger
This tutorial explains about the SDK, a debugger for the process of debugging. The configuration of ASP.NET application for debugging and how to add a worker process with the Microsoft CLR Debugger are the contents of this article. Finally the author shows the debugging process in ASP.NET.

3169)   Hide Hyperlinks From Site Visitors
This is an ASP.NET tutorial useful for the web programmers. In this tutorial the author shows you how to hide the hyperlinks that exist in the web forms with a sample code. You can download the complete sample source code from this tutorial.

3170)   SOAP Version 1.2
This is an article in which the author discusses about SOAP, which is a XML based protocol that helps in exchanging information in distributed environment. The author gives details about various parts of XML protocol.

3171)   ASP.NET Info Center
This is an article which gives the facts on the ASP.NET. This article is very much useful for the novice programmers.

3172)   The life of an ASP.NET Request
It is an article through which you can know how to process the Http request in ASP.NET. The author shows you how IIS web server processes the request before it is sent to the ASP.NET process with a diagram.

3173)   Using the Try...Catch...Finally Statement
Using the Try...Catch...Finally Statement is a tutorial which explains the users about the method of error handling. The author projects the new concept of structured error handling in VB and VBScript.

3174)   Peek at Whidbey - Master and Content Pages
This article previews the features for generating ASP.NET applications. This article describes on the basis of ASP.NET internet site.

3175)   ASP.NET Code Behind Pages
This is a simple tutorial through which programmers can learn about two method of seperating the code and content in the ASP.NET page by encapsulating UI functionalties.

3176)   Using Images and Files with SQL Server: Part 2
This is a tutorial in which the author clearly shows you the method of fetching the Sql Server database image and displaying it on the Html page using the BinaryWriter method. This tutorial offers you the complete sample code which helps you to perform this operation easily.

3177)   Edit XML Documents with XmlEmend
This tutorial teaches about XmlEmend, through which new XML files can be created and also allows editing of structure and data of XML files.

3178)   GenX.NET
This program is used for translating data to different formats like HTML, Excel, XML, CSV etc., i.e- the users are allowed to save their dataset to any file.

3179)   XML Serialization using C#
This is an easy to learn tutorial in which the author gives detailed description about basics of serialization, which helps in saving state of an objects into stream. In this tutorial the author elaborates the procedure for using the method XML serialization in C#.

3180)   Developing multilingual applications in ASP.NET (Part - III)
This easy tutorial gives guidelines to the programmers about satellite assemblies, which has hosting of resource data. Here the author gives details about the method of reading resources from assemblies.

3181)   SevenEditor
SevenEditor is a WYSIWYG editor and is written in ASP.NET that can be used to generate professional webpages. This program comes with many enhanced features.

3182)   ViewState: One-Stop Shopping for Maintaining State
This article helps you to gain knowledge about the viewstate of ASP.NET page. Viewstate helps you to retain the users input when they will be posting-back to the same page. The author shows you the code for preserving the input values using the hidden field.

3183)   COM Security Primer, Part I
The important problem about security system in COM is discussed in this summary of this article. In this the author gives the detailed description about the activation security and the access security. This article helps the webmasters to learn and understand more about COM security.

3184)   Using ASP.NET/WebServices For UPS Shipping Quotes
This article is about using ASP.NET and web services for UPS Shipping Quotes. The author shows how to utilixe this web service named as UPS, which is explained in this article step by step.

3185)   Creating HTML and Windows Clients for Web Services
This tutorial instructs users in a friendly way to build web services using .NET applications and also it allows the users to learn and to create HTML and Windows clients for web services.

3186)   ASP.NET Whidbey
This useful ASP.NET article helps you to gain more knowledge about the new version of the ASP.NET sofware. This article list various features that is added in the beta 1 and pre beta 1 version of the ASP.NET 2.0.

3187)   ASP.NET Localization Part 1: CultureInfo
This is an online tutorial that can be used by the users to learn about localizing .NET objects in the web applications.

3188)   A web based dialup Internet application
This online article is very interesting one for the web developers through which they could learn about creating a web application to access and signout from a dial-up internet session.

3189)   Multi-threading with VB.NET by Srinivas Sivakumar
This article deals with process of generating multi threading application in VB.NET. The author offers details about free threading in VB.NET with description about the example source code.

3190)   Unsafe Image Processing
This is an article that covers on unsafe image processing by using the Bitmap classes of .NET framework. This will be useful for the users to process their digital pictures.

3191)   DigitsyGrid ASP.NET Web Control
This is a datagrid controller which helps the users to query and recreates database records. Paging and sorting grids are available to control huge data.

3192)   An Overview of Code-Behind in ASP.NET
This simple tutorial teaches the concept of code-behind in ASP.NET, which allows the users to sepearte the logic and business rule either in text file or in compiled dll.

3193)   Speed SQL Server Data Access
This is an article which has enhanced information about migration of ADODB.connection, record set objects to ADO.NET SQL client's command. This article will be helpful for the SQL server users.

3194)   The .NET Common Language Runtime
The .NET Common Language Runtime is a reference that contains information about the CLR. Some key features of the Common Language Runtime are cross-language inheritance, exception handling, debugging etc., CLR provides a common execution environment for all the languages.

3195)   HTML Client for Web Services using DHTML Behavior
This web service guidance article gives introduction on HTML client for the web services. The author asks the users to use .NET framework on client side with the help of DHTML behaviour.

3196)   Filtering and Sorting XML using the DataView Class
It is an easy to understand tutorial through which the users can collect details about the data views, which help in filtering the XML data which is strored in a particular row of the datatable.

3197)   DataGrid Output Formatting
DataGrid Output Formatting is a tutorial through which you can learn about how to format the datagrid data. This tutorial also shows the method for making changes in the datagrid output.

3198)   Threading Extensions for .NET
Threading Extensions for .NET is a program that enables users to obtain a comprehensive object model to create custom thread pool. This program comes with number of features for users benefit.

3199)   Boxing and Unboxing of Value Types in C#: What You Need to Know?
It is a tutorial in which author describes about boxing and unboxing value type in C#. The author offers solution for the problems that occurs during programming boxing and unboxing value type.

3200)   Aspose.Flash
Aspose.Flash is a non-graphical, .Net Flash management component which allows developers to dynamically manipulate and generate Flash content directly from their ASP.Net code.The new version has ability to combine several flash files into one.

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