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Top 3251-3300 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

3251)   FlyTreeView
FlyTreeView is a program built on ASP.NET that enables webmasters to create enhanced menus in tree structure. This program allows webmasters to create menu items with icons.

3252)   Directive Syntax
It is a tutorial which deals with directive syntax which helps in various settings and user control in the web forms. Here author explains various directives with description for each of them.

3253)   Develop a Data Access Web User Control
This is an ASP.NET tutorial which shows you how to create a custom data access web control in ASP.NET. Using this custom control you can access MS-Access database. The author gives you the sample code that shows how to bind the database data to the datagrid control using this control.

3254)   Transaction Object in ADO.NET
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn about how to implement transaction using various methods of the SqlTransaction and OleDbTransaction. You must import the System.Data.SqlClient if you want to use the SqlTransaction class and System.Data.OleDb for OleDbTransaction class.

3255)   How to Choose Web Services
This editorial publish gives an outlook for web services along with the suitable methods and factors to be considered while consuming those webservices on your online projetcs.

3256)   Recordset converter performance test
Recordset converter is a performance test report on recordset converter. This testing process involved data source from ADODB recordset and data connections.

3257)   How to empty controls? (working like a "reset" button)
This tutorial concentrates on methods involved to clear the content in the form. The author explains about the codes with description for easy understanding.

3258)   Making Skinned Custom Controls
In this tutorial the author gives you the method for creating skinned controls using the base class called SkinControl. It is easy to update the skins process for your controls by simply changing HTML in the skin file.

3259)   XmlDocument Cache / SQL Server nText Speed Enhancement
This simple tutorial teaches the method of storing the XML documents in cache memory. And also the author explains the method of setting expiry date and time for particular XML documents in the cache memory.

3260)   ASP.NET Hierarchical Forms Suite
ASP.NET Hierarchical Forms Suite provides users three programs as ASP.NET Hierarchical form component, Hierarchical form editor and ASP.NET XML database engine. This will be of much use for the users in creating and managing hirearchial forms on their websites.

3261)   ASP.NET EventCalendar
This script is a web based server control which is used to generate dynamic eventcalendars. It is easy to use and more powerful. This script has been developed in visual C# language.

3262)   Web Methods Make it Easy to Publish Your App's Interface over the Internet
This online tutorial elaborately conducts learners about how to publish their own applications over internet on web services with the help of SOAP and HTTP protocols.

3263)   Inserting Form Responses into Databases
This article teaches the method to construct a form to insert the data filled by the visitors in the contact form into the database.

3264)   Web Forms User Controls
In this ASP.NET article you can gain knowledge about how to create user control of ASP.NET. The author clearly shows how to create the user controls using the LoadControl method of the System.Web.UI.Page class with a sample code.

3265)   Developing with . NET Delegates
This is an user friendly and complete reference article about delegates. This article teaches the programmers about delegates and about its features with example in detail.

3266)   ASP.NET "Whidbey" Overview
A presentation from Nikhil Kothari at the last MVP Summit on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Slides include an animation that presents an overview of the Whidbey ASP.NET stack, and the demo code contains a custom control that integrates an HTML editor control into a custom Web Part.

3267)   Data Operations Returning Single Row Entities
It is an ASP.NET tutorial which gives you the solution for getting a single row of the database table and modifying the resulted row with the help of ADO.NET objects. This tutorial shows you five ways for accessing single row from the database table.

3268)   MasterDetail.aspx
MasterDetail.aspx is a tutorial which explains the users about the making of a master-detail page. The author used the nesting repeater controls to create this page.

3269)   The Rich Text Editor
The Rich Text Editor is a web control that can be used by the webmasters to let the users add the HTML formatted rich content to the ASP.NET web pages and thereby to perform a content management.

3270)   Understanding Access Modifiers in VB.NET
This simple tutorial teaches several methods of accessing class and class members with the help of access modifier in .NET framework. The author gives explanation about five accessibility levels in VB.NET.

3271)   .NET Remoting Security
This tutorial can be used to refer about how to secure .NET remoting infrastructure for trasferring data between remote systems with full security. This tutorial gives easy solution for the learners about .NET remoting tool.

3272)   Basic CMS
Basic CMS is a content management system and is built with ASP.NET that helps users to create and change their site contents. This program uses MS Access database to store contents.

3273)   Amazon Keyword Search Module
Amazon Keyword Search Module is a program that enables webmasters to allow their visitors to search through Amazon's product catelog on their ASP.NET websites.

3274)   Property: Encapsulation
This useful tutorial discusses about concepts of encapsulation property in C#, which helps in encapsulating data in the class. Users can learn about implementing encapsulation technique in data structure.

3275)   Loading and Binding XML in a DataSet
This is a simple tutorial through which programmers can collect information about various methods of loading XML into a dataset. Here the author also explains about the method of binding dataset into datagrid.

3276)   Remoting in .NET by Manish
This is an easy to learn tutorial which concentrates on the priciples of remoting in .NET, which helps in communicating between server and client application. The author offers details about remote objects which can be accessed through channels.

3277)   Creating sitemap of a website
This article clearly explains you the method for creating a sitemap of your wesite. From this article you can get a sample source code which you can use on your site.

3278)   Using XSLT and .NET to Manipulate XML Files
This useful tutorial concentrates on the principles of XSLT, through which XML data can be manipulated and transformed. In this tutorial author explains about several transformation concepts of XML files using XSLT.

3279)   Caching Oracle Data for ASP.NET Applications
This tutorial deals with data caching feature that stores frequently accessed data in the oracle database which helps in improving the performance of ASP.NET application.

3280)   Automatically Upgrade Your .NET Applications On-the-Fly
This article explains about upgrading user's .NET applications automatically with the help of class library. The main theme involves about the .NET Framework's built-in deployment abilities.

3281)   Storing Session State in SQL Server
In this tutorial the author elaborates how to store the session state in the SQL Server database. This tutorial shows you the design view of the table that stores session state.

3282)   Place XML Message Design Ahead of Schema Planning to Improve Web Service Interoperability
It helps the learners to read the information of how to improve web service interoperability using XML message design instead of schema planning.

3283)   Creating Web Services in ASP.NET
This tutorial is helpful for the beginners which offers great tips related to web services. It guides them to create web services quickly. Definitions are quite simple to work normally with web service by own.

3284)   How to dynamically set a users access to a web application
This tutorial covers on arranging users access dynamically to the web applications with ASP.NET. This tutorial provides step-by-step procedures that have to be followed in authentication.

3285)   Encrypting QueryStrings with .NET
This is a tutorial where readers can find information about preserving user information using .NET framework’s Cryptography classes.

3286)   Get a grip on ASP.NET security by editing web.config
This article deals with managing web.config file in securing ASP.NET applications. Here the author illustrates the entire settings of the web.config file.

3287)   Understanding and Using Views
This is an useful tutorial which helps you to know about the views. Views are defined with the queries that contains more than one table, subqueries, aggregate functions, columns with the arithmetic expressions etc.,

3288)   Creating a Data Access Layer in .NET - Part 2
This is an informative article for the programmers to know about the DAL, various objects of the Data Handler classes and Data Adapter object. Here the author gives you the sample source code for creating insert, delete, update stored procedure and also shows how to set permission for them.

3289)   Implementing a Background Process in Visual Basic .NET
This is an interesing article which deals with the information regarding multithreaded concept in Visual Basic.NET. The author explains it with sample diagram and code.

3290)   .NET Data Caching
This article concentrates on data caching which helps in improving the performance of the .NET application. Here author explains about data caching and its advantages.

3291)   IL Reader for .NET
IL Reader is a class library that enables accessing IL codes by extending the existing Reflection API with functions. This program also comes with a disassembler for demonstrating the API’s usage.

3292)   WYSIWYG Editing for the Portal
WYSIWYG Editing for the Portal is a content management program and is developed with ASP.NET with which web developers can implement WYSIWYG editing capability into their web pages for editing different types of data such as, announcements, event modules etc.

3293)   How Long has the Web Server Been Up?
This tutorial teaches the programmers about how long the web server has been running without reboot. It helps the users to find the date, day and time of web server has been working.

3294)   Optimization Tips For ASP.NET Applications
It is a web based tutorial which deals with tips that have to be adapted to optimize the ASP.NET application. These tips helps in maximizing the performance of ASP.NET application.

3295)   A Delete Engine
This is an useful ASP.NET tutorial for the novice. This tutorial gives you the information about the deletion of records from the database table.

3296)   Exceptions in ASP.NET
Exceptions in ASP.NET is very easy method which is proved in this tutorial. In ASP.NET, the author uses System.Exception class to handle the exception.

3297)   HTML Cute Submit Button (Server Control )
This is an ASP.NET tutorial through which you can know about creating your own submit button control in ASP.NET. The author also shows how to place it in web form. In this tutorial you can download the complete source code for doing this operation.

3298)   DynamicIntranet
DynamicIntranet is an ASP.NET based script and is an effective content management program that helps users to publish contents on their websites. This program also minimizes site maintenance costs.

3299)   Monstarillo
This is a web based .NET database application through which users can generate ADO.NET codes for the database applications. Through which users can create, edit and modify the data from the stored procedure.

3300)   Image Authenticator
Image Authenticator is an effetive image manipulation tool which helps you to control access to your images files. This tool also supports image caching to enhance the performance. You can easily download and install this tool on your web applications.

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