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Top 301-350 ASP.NET scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

301)   r.a.d.rotator
r.a.d.rotator is a content management program and is written in ASP.NET that helps users to rotate and personalize contents on their DHTML web pages.

302)   MCFileManager .NET
The MCFileManager .NET is a online file management utility that is seamlessly integrated with TinyMCE. This utility can also be used standalone and it's easy to integrate with your backend system. MCFileManager also integrates nicely with MCImageManager.

303)   Get Your Hands In The Cookie Jar
This tutorial gives some special tips about working with cookies in ASP.NET application. Few problems are also solved in this, which might help the users to overcome these difficulties while they use cookies.

304)   State Management in ASP.NET
This is a tutorial in which the author gives you a brief summary about the various client-side and server-side state mangement methods. The author explains each of the methods with a sample program.

305)   Creating a Text Box Server Control with Color Highlighting
It is a web based tutorial which helps you to create a text box with color highlighting feature. This text box is useful to enhance the attractivity of web applications. The author clealry shows how to test this custom text box control.

306)   HtmlContainerControl Class
This is a web based tutorial in which the author explains the various properties, methods, events and constructor of the HtmlContainerControl class. This tutorial is helpful for the novice programmers.

307)   .NET Screen Scraping in depth
This is an online tutorial which helps the webmasters to learn more about the screen scarping with more different techniques. The author explains the art of submitting the forms and using cookies while screen scarping.

308)   Auto highlight the active Control on a Webform
An ASP.NET based web control that enables an automatic highlighting effect to the fields of the form whenever the cursor is placed on them.

309)   Developing with the Treeview Web Control Part1 : The Basics
This is an useful ASP.NET article for the .NET programmers to know about how to create the treeview control and add the nodes to the control. The author gives the sample programs for the above procedure.

310)   Performing Browser Detection Using ASP.NET
It is a tutorial in which author describes the method of detecting the web browser used by the visitors. Through this tutorial programmers can learn about browser detecting technique using Request.Browser property.

311)   Easy to use Hit Counter
This tutorial explains about the author's creation of a hit counter by a custom control which shows an HTML table. This HTML table has assigned one seperate cell for one of the counter digits. Through this the users could add this counter to visual studio tool box.

312)   Roll your own ASP.NET Chart Control
This is an article that clearly explains about building a web chart control in .NET. This tutorial explains about web controls and uses web chart control creation as a demonstration.

313)   USPS Shipping Components
USPS Shipping Components is a program that provides components to the administrators to have shipping rate and package calculator to be used for calculating for transporting products via USPS.

314)   Joel.Net.WebLogs
Joel.Net.WebLogs is a program that comes with all required functionalities to enable webmasters generate and maintain web logs or blogs on their ASP.NET websites.

315)   Assemblies: The Ins and Outs -Part 1
This online tutorial discusses in detail about the .NET assemblies. The author starts this article by explaining the definition of .NET Assembly.

316)   Joel.Net. Page Comments
Joel.Net. Page Comments is a program built on ASP.NET with which webmasters can facilitate their members to post comments on their websites. This will be useful in getting site visitors feedback.

317)   DotNet Forums
Web developers who want to learn lot of details about web programming languages like ASP.NET, XML, ADO.NET, Visual C# .NET and many more .NET programming can access this onine threaded forums. Includes FAQ system.

318)   C# Wrapper for Verisign PayFlow Pro
This is a C# based program that allows administrators or merchants to access Verisign's PayFlow Pro on their ASP.NET websites to have a credit card payment processor for their ecommerce businesses.

319)   Exception Management Application Block for .NET
In this article the author clearly tells you about the use of exception management application block in .NET. You can also know how to download, install and configure this block with the help of this tutorial.

320)   Finding Your Path
This article tells us how to locate the path where your ASP.NET application is located on. Sample codes are included for better understanding.

321)   Using the SQLIOStress Utility to Stress a Disk Subsystem
This is an article through which you can gather information about the SQLIOStress Utility. SQLIOStress Utility helps you to simulates the read and write heavily loaded server that executes SQL Server database. This utility uses the WAL protocol.

322)   Streaming Dynamic Images into Your Web Page
This is an tutorial that deals with passing dynamically created images into the web pages. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.

323)   Simplifying Deployment and Solving DLL Hell with the .NET Framework
This online tutorial is about the working feature of an assembly and also discusses about the usage of assemblies in .NET Framework in solving versioning and installing issues.

324)   MVC for ASP.NET
This simple online article deals with the usages and implementation of MVC. Here the author demonstrates about the application of MVC pattern in ASP.NET and how it retains the basic MS Architecture.

325)   MS Access to .NET Converter
MS Access to .NET Converter is an effective solution for .NET framework that can be used to generate Access database applications and to change access forms and reports into online forms and crystal reports.

326)   StoreFront Now
This is a powerful component that allows you to create a fully functioning e-store with all eseential e-commerce functions. This program facilitates users to create any number of folders and subcategories and managed from a web based interface.

327)   Online Quiz
In this tutorial the author shpws us how to create an online quiz using XML. This method of asking questions in the user's website makes the guest to stay on the site for a long time. This is an XML tutorial in ASP.NET.

328)   C# Forums
An adaptive utility for C# learners to obtain more information about C# programming and can get clarifications by posting questions under available topics. Ability to search with forums and supports threaded forums.

329)   SQL Server Gets New Class Of Notifications
This tool is helpful for the database administrators and for the developers which guides them to find the solution about the data transfer from DBMS to external resources.

330)   DotNetEdit
It is an .NET based user management tool through which user are allowed to generate or edit the content of the website. This component is integrated into webserver and this tool performs all controlling process.

331)   DLL object or class with methods or include with functions
DLL object or class with methods or include with functions is a .NET performance test article which helps the user to identify the better object.

332)   Recursion reminds me of Recursion (9 XSLT Recursion examples)
This simple tutorial teaches about XSLT recursion. The author explains this topic with 9 examples with brief description about each example which makes the programmers to understand easier.

333)   Messenger Status
Messenger Status is an ASP.NET based component that helps to find if an instant messenger user is online. This program supports yahoo, AOL and ICQ messengers.

334)   WebCombo.NET
WebCombo.NET is an effective drop down list and combo box component built for ASP.NET applications. Using this utility users can generate combo boxes and drop down lists with grand look.

335)   ASP.Net Project FTP
ASP.Net Project FTP is a program that helps webmasters in uploading files to their FTP websites.

336)   How to Manipulate Files in ASP.NET
This is a simple article in which author demonstrates the procedure for file manipulation with the help of namespace, which offers classes for reading, writing and deleting the files in ASP.NET.

337)   Authentication and Authorization
This tutorial implements several follow ups to the developers through which they can provide authentication and authorization for their ASP.NET application for security.

338)   Popup Calendar in .NET
Popup Calendar is used to show users how to create a date text box. The speciality of this tutorial is to handle both server-side implementation and client-side implementation.

339)   HttpWatch
HttpWatch is a HTTP monitoring system that comes with the ability to log the requests and responses of the web page. This program also monitors the integration of browser cache with Internet Explorer.

340)   Search engine friendly URLs using ASP.NET (C#.NET)
This is a n article where the author clearly explains how to make database based websites listed easily on search engines.

341)   PDF4NET
This is an ASP.NET application specially designed with .NET library for enabling your applications to generate PDF documents. This tool provides all the functionalities for creating PDF documents from the users applications.

342)   Converting Color images to Greyscale
This is an article that guides users to transfer color images into greyscale images. Here the author discusses three algorithms and three methods that enable to transform the color images into greyscale images.

343)   ASPEmail
You can learn how the ASPEmail component is used with web based form data to send email. Explains all functions step by step and makes you feel easy to create your own email program.

344)   Implementing Search in a Web Form DataList Control with Paging
In this ASP.NET article the author discusses about how to show the search result on multiple pages of the datalist control of ASP.NET. In this article the author shows you the sample output.

345)   .NET Assemblies - I
In this article the author defines the 3-tier architecture which is nothing but the number of nodes inside the communication. The author gives more details about .NET assemblies and their implementation.

346)   Simple Web File Download
This is a simple tutorial in which author describes about downloading the file from to the web site. The author describes about HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse classes for requesting and calling the files respectively.

347)   Dual Lists in ASP.NET
This tutoiral is useful for the novice programmers to achieve the task of showing the selected item of a listbox in another list box control. You can get the complete sample source code from this tutorial.

348)   Counting Records in DataSets
This is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author provides you the sample code for counting the records of the DataSet object using the Count property of the DataTable object.

349)   Database access using UDL
It is a tutorial through which you can gather more information about accessing the database connection with or without DSN. This tutorial is much useful for the novice.

350)   r.a.d.tabstrip
r.a.d.tabstrip is a program that can generate tab menus in both vertical and horizontal positions. Menu can contain submenus and also icons.

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